Mistis’ Adventures Part 45

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 45
Since everyone was so tired, they all took their showers and turned in for the night. The two Moms had decided to share a bed, Cathy and Billy had gone to their regular room, and Dave slept in the room that Sharon had used. She had been in it for long enough that her scent still lingered. It made it smell so nice. Carol was in her and Dave’s bedroom with the baby. Betty, since she had a habit of getting up during the night, and checking on Carol, decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Dave wouldn’t mind a bit for her to share his bed, but, she enjoyed sleeping on the sofa. It was sooo comfortable.

She let the others take their showers first, before going in and taking her shower with Dave. He more than appreciated his big sister in all ways. She had always, in spite of just being 2 years older, been the consummate “big sister.” She looked after him, helped him, and protected him. When they were in school, SHE had picked out his clothes to wear every day. She was more like a Mother in attitude, than a sister. She would have kept it up if he were still on the farm.

She got a blanket and a pillow from the cedar chest, and took them down the stairs, after checking on Carol, and kissing Dave “Good Night.” She stretched out on the sofa, and was soon fast asleep. She only got up twice during the night, checking on Carol, who was nursing Sarah, and going to the bathroom. She would have to watch how much coffee and tea she drank in the future. It made her go like a Russian racehorse.

Her last time was at 3:30, so she went ahead and started the coffee maker. Going back to the sofa, she slept until 5:30. This time going into the kitchen to start breakfast. She automatically poured herself a cup of coffee, adding a touch of milk, and sitting down to take her first few sips. She got up and went to the kitchen counter and pulled out the built in breadboard, sifted flour onto it, and added her other things, pouring fresh buttermilk onto them, and mixing it all. She sifted more flour onto the board, poured her dough, and rolled it out cutting her biscuits, and placing them on her greased pan, and putting them in the oven. They would take about 30-45 minutes to bake.

She mixed more batter to make the pancakes, and peeled some potatoes for hash browns. She cooked bacon and sausage, and used their grease to cook the potatoes. Just then both Moms came in, kissed her, and checked to see what needed to be done. Satisfied, Mama Breen started setting the table, and Mama Campbell started making gravy. The eggs wouldn’t be cooked until everyone was at the table.

Dave was the first to come down. His Mom, from long experience, had his coffee just as he liked it, and set it in front of him. Soon after Cathy and Billy came down. Cathy, first thing in the morning, just wanted a glass of milk, and Billy wanted his coffee almost exactly like Dave’s.

Betty excused herself, and went upstairs to check on Carol, and help her down the stairs. In spite of her protestations, she was still a bit wobbly legged. Cathy, seeing her go up, arose to follow her. She would put Sarah in her Johnny Board, and bring her down.

The back door, which Betty had unlocked, slid open, and Sharon and William came in. Kisses and hugs went all around, and they sat down at the table, to THEIR coffee. Mama Breen had poured them as soon as they came in. Betty came down the stairs with Carol, and Cathy was just behind them with the baby. She came in and was seated with a cup of hot tea. Her Mom had insisted that she forego coffee while Sarah was nursing. Everybody kissed her and Sarah and Mama Campbell asked how many eggs each of them wanted, and how they wanted them cooked.

Everything was consumed except a few biscuits, and a little bacon and sausage. Dave would take those with him for his lunch. His thermos was filled with coffee, and he told everybody “so long,” and was out the door to work. He met Misti as she was coming in, after seeing Mike off, and kissed her. He was gone.

Misti took a cup of coffee and sat down to hold the baby for a few minutes, while they talked. Sharon and William had dressed before they came over, and Sharon was soon out the door for work. She and Mary had long since started going in together. Billy and Cathy wen up to get dressed after Misti told them it was a bit chilly out, and, as soon as they finished cleaning the dishes, went up to dress. She had told them that she was going out to the farm with them today. She wanted to help with the unloading and cleaning, and see the livestock. She had a special feeling for horses, and it showed in the way they responded canlı kaçak bahis to her. She fell on love with every horse she saw. She liked cattle, but not the way she loved horses. She was just as good with the stock on their farm as any of the men.

The three of them were soon dressed, and came down, and, with Misti and William, were soon gone for the day. The Moms helped Carol up the stairs, carrying Sarah, and, putting her in her crib, helped Carol undress and take a shower.
Cleaned, Carol nursed Sarah, burped her, and went to sleep. The Moms would clean the house.

They had all gone in Billy’s truck, and pulled in front to unload it. Everything was carried in first, and sar in the living room. Misti, Betty, and Cathy carried things up and put them away, or where she wanted them. Soon two of the bedrooms looked like the typical little girl’s rooms, and all the clothes were in closets or drawers. The place was as neat as a pin.

Satisfied, they went out to the barn, taking Billy’s truck and parking it just outside the door. They went in to see the horses. Billy and William had already put out fresh hay, and oats for the mare. They would carry corn out to the horses in the pasture. Cathy noted that they had taken the small tractor, and a trailer, so they must have had several sacks. What they didn’t use now, would be stored in the little shed out there.

They took the large tractor, with Betty driving, and went out to see the guys. Jerry had arrive as they were coming out the door. He had gone in to see if the parts he had ordered had arrived, yet. They hadn’t, so he came on out. He joked about “women drivers,” and was playfully punched several times, then kissed soundly. He got in with the ladies, enjoying the closeness of the cab, and the feeling of their bodies rubbing up against him. He passed out more than a few touches himself. They ALL enjoyed him “feeling them up.” This would be repaid in kind as soon as possible. Misti, still bra-less, as usual, held the bottom of her sweatshirt out and placed his hand on her breast. She enjoyed the way he held it for her. His hand was just rough enough to give her a thrill. Almost as much as when he put it on her pussy.

They found the guys where they thought they would. At the fence with the horses. Billy was checking their hooves, to see if they were okay. They were. He gave each of them a carrot, and petted their necks. He would, before long, need to trim their manes. They were getting a little shaggy. The ladies crawled through the fence, while the men held the wire for them, and started petting the horses. Betty looked them over carefully, with a special eye for their build and conditioning. She pronounce them to be some of the best she’d ever seen. Her next time here she wanted to ride them. Especially the big sorrel stallion. She was taken by the way he held his head high, and had his ears perked. It showed more than the usual spirit, and intelligence.

They climbed into, or on the tractor and headed for the barn. Billy and William had already checked the cattle. They were just fine. They were near the outer pond, and had plenty of graze, and the hay that had just been carried out. It was a twenty minute ride back to the house. Betty took the opportunity to teach Cathy and Misti how to drive the tractor. It was simple without the equipment, so they learned quickly. Billy would teach Cathy what she needed to know.

They got up to the barn, and put the tractors away, and went into the house. As soon as the door was closed, the three women shucked their clothes. The house was nice and warm, and they all felt more comfortable in the raw. Taking the hint, the men followed suit. Soon all were naked. Betty, with a little more sway to her hips than usual, went into the kitchen. She opened several cans of soup, and made sandwiches. When the soup was hot, she dished it into bowls, set it on the table, and made sandwiches. She called them in for their lunch, and joined them at the table. They talked and ate, enjoying the simple repast.

They kitchen was cleaned, and they went into the living room. They all had drinks with them. They sat laughing, and just enjoying each others companionship. Betty had sat next to Jerry, and was rubbing his leg, moving her hand a bit higher with every stroke. She had sat near enough for him to put his hand over her shoulder, and his hand was gently rubbing her breast. Her nipple was fully extended from his touch. He had made love to her twice during their visit, before, and she wanted more of his kind of loving. He leaned over and kissed her, with her returning his kiss with her own. She stood canlı bahis and, taking his hand, led him up the stairs. She didn’t want ANY distractions. Misty did the same with William. Billy and Misti were left by themselves. Billy was enamored by this exotic lady. The more he had her, the more he wanted. If he hadn’t been so in love with Cathy, he would probably made a fool of himself, but, knowing she was nearly always available for him, he was determined to make the most of the situation. He took her in his arms kissing her with all the passion he felt. They were both holding each other, glorying in the feel of their partners bodies, and kissing and caressing each other. They slid to the floor, with Misti turning and opening her legs, while massaging Billy’s manhood. Billy had placed her legs under his arms to hold them open and up, and had begun kissing and tonguing her clit, her pussy, and her mons. She had taken him into her mouth, and was stroking him with her tongue and lips, squirming from his touch. She thought he was a VERY good lover, and vowed to make the most of her time with him. Soon, unable, AND unwilling to resist her ministrations, he ejaculated into her waiting, and VERY willing mouth, where she swallowed every drop of his first, she hoped, of many more, offerings. She had cum several times herself. Once hard enough to shake her whole body.

They turned, and, with her knees around Billy’s elbows, he slowly entered her, sinking eventually, balls deep inside of her. She squealed and moaned as he sunk deeper and deeper inside of her. She put her hands around his head to pull him down to kiss anything near enough for her lips to touch. He began to thrust into her, and she raised her hips to meet him, swaying from side to side as he withdrew. They stayed with it until Misti was begging him to cum, and to fill her completely full of his love. Her butt was off the floor, enabling her to do her version of a hula, biting him with her internal muscles, until, with a groan, he plunged into her and gave her his all. They held their embrace, unable and unwilling to release each other. They remained locked together for several long minutes, loving the feel of the intimate contact.

Upstairs, Betty had laid Jerry on the bed, and was kneeling at his feet, with all of his cock in her mouth. The head at a point which made most women gag, She was going up and down his full length, and, when he was fully in her, her tongue would dart out to lick his ball sack. He tried to turn her, so he could reach her groin, but she held her position. She wanted to feel his cum shoot straight down her throat, and didn’t want any distractions. She was determined to give him the best head he had EVER had. After she had paused for the second time, she allowed him to cum, opening her throat so it would go directly down into her stomach. It was the best dessert she could imagine. She bobbed her head swiftly, pulling every drop of his love juice out of him. Once she had it all, she turned. After all, she enjoyed 69 as much as anything as she could be part of.

Jerry placed his hands on her soft butt-cheeks, and used his thumbs to open her vagina. He dipped his tongue in as far as he could reach, licking her thoroughly. She was, this time, licking and kissing his full length, occasionally taking tiny nips with her teeth, teasing him to readiness. She was SO glad he had maintained himself. He was as virile and strong as many men MUCH younger than he was. She saw him as being as capable as her own two Fathers. Mary was lucky to have a husband such as he. And SHE was so very lucky that Mary enjoyed sharing him.

He insistently pushed on her body to turn her over on her back, and she followed his lead. Once she was over he lay full length on top of her, spreading her legs while he kissed her. She opened them as far as he indicated, feeling the tip of his dick touch her pussy, and begin to enter her. She raised her legs to open herself more and he slid inside smoothly, until he was in her fully. She began to gurate her hips, as he sawed in and out of her. GOOD GOD!!! she thought. He’s fucking like he was a 17 year old. He thrust into her hard, pulling back slowly. The combination made her feel like she was going to climb the walls. He was UNBELIEVABLE!!! A scream tore its way from her throat. She wanted to dig her fingernails into his back, but, she resisted. Instead, she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles, holding him as tight as she could. THIS is what she had hoped would happen when she came out here. Her dream was coming true. He was laying the pipe to her like a master. kaçak bahis She was actually whimpering it felt so good. Suddenly, it felt like a bomb was going off inside of her. She was kissing everything she could get to, and was actually crying. She felt his hot goo pulsing inside of her and raised her hips to receive it all. She collapsed under him, hoping that he didn’t roll off of her. She wanted to feel his weight, his warmth, and his manhood inside of her. This was HEAVEN!

Cathy and William were in the room next door. Cathy had giggled when she heard the sounds Betty was making. She kissed William lightly. “Do you think you can make me make sounds like that?” she asked with an impish grin. “I want to come out of here a well-fucked little girl.” William smiled back at her. “I’ll certainly do my best. It helps to have someone like you to work with. It makes it so much more fun.” They began kissing and fondling each other, enjoying the feel of their partner. He felt like he was one of the luckiest men on Earth to have been taken into such a wonderful family. When their neighbors were added, it was beyond description.

He started kissing her at her scalp-line, working slowly downward, kissing, licking, and sucking everything. He nipped at her earlobes, and she gasped, he stuck his tongue in her navel, and she squirmed. He kissed her mound and she groaned. She had her hands on the back of his head, and was pushing him inward, while raising her but up to him. He licked her slit, and she pulled his leg, indicating that she wanted him to turn around. She rolled to her side, lifting her slender leg for him, and tugging him near enough to take his cock into her mouth. She started fucking him with her pursed lips, massaging his testicles, and holding him where she wanted him for her best efforts. She gave him as good as she was able, receiving his best in return. She massaged him with her lips and tongue, and his head with her inner thigh. His hair tickled her, and felt so nice rubbing her. His hair was just long enough to feel really soft, not scratchy. Not like those boys at college, with their long, shaggy hair. One boy had tried to pick her up that had hair down to his waist.

They devoted much more time to each other, and each others pleasure. Cathy had had so many orgasms it was unbelievable. She added pressure to her lips, and soon heard William gasping for breath. Then she felt his cum shooting into her mouth. It had been hard, but she had swallowed fast enough that she got it all down, without any running out of her mouth. She waqs breathing as fast as William was. It was as if they had just finished a marathon, but MUCH more pleasant. William kissed the juncture of her legs several more times, and she sucked him to another full erection. He turned to face her, and kissed her on the lips.

She smiled with anticipation, and he moved between her thighs, raising and separating them. She took his dick and put it in the right place, and felt him spreading her vagina wide enough to slide inside of her. It felt marvelous. Her whole body quivered with the feeling. He supported himself on his hands, her knees around his elbows, and slowly slid inside if her. He began to pump into her, gradually picking up the pace. She was swirling her hips to match him as in and out he went. She began to cum. Over and over, one spasm after the other, time and time, again. “OH MY! OH MY! KEEP DOING THAT!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!! NAIL ME GOOD!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! HARDER!!! HARDER!!! BANG MY LITTLE CUNT!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! I’M COMINNNGGG!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! She screamed with the passion she had joked about, before. She held him with her arms and legs, smothering his face and neck with hot, wet kisses, until she simply collapsed. He collapsed on top of her, nearly u*********s. They were in a world of their own. They lay there for the longest. Finally able to rise, they held each other and staggered to the shower. They slowly soaped and rinsed each other, and dried each other off. This was one of the best days they could remember.

They all regathered downstairs, got another cup of coffee each, and sat back down. None of them was strong enough, yet, to stand for very long. The clock on the wall said it was 3:30. They would have to head home, soon, but, for now, they would sit and enjoy the sensations coursing through their bodies. They were delicious.

Billy looked over at Cathy. “Do you want to take your Jeep home, or take my truck?” Jerry laughed. We could take my truck, but, some of you would have to ride in the back.” Betty looked over at him. “I’ll ride back with you, but they’ll need a way back in the morning.” Billy commented, “Looks like this will be our last night there. We’ll stay here tomorrow. Maybe some of you can spend the night here.” They would decide on that later. In the meantime….

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