Mirror Masturbation

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The doorbell rang. My nerves jumped at the sound, heightening my already anxious state. I crossed to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it. There stood my friend Jenny, looking as nervous as I felt. Unlike the other times she had visited, she arrived empty handed. But the reason for today’s visit was different. Today she only needed to bring herself.

I invited her in to my apartment. She hesitantly stepped through the door and sat down on the far edge of the couch. I could sense her nervousness, which matched my own, and offered a drink even though it was still early afternoon. I figured we both could use one, and she immediately agreed to it.

As I came back into the living room and handed her the cocktail, I was afraid she might be having second thoughts. This was something we had talked about at length before and finally agreed to try. Both being bi-curious, it seemed the best way to safely explore without taking the dramatic first step. Her husband had the kids today and mine was out of town, so this was a perfect opportunity to try it. I was just about to ask her if she wanted to change her mind when she tilted her head back and downed the drink in one gulp before setting the empty glass back on the coffee table. I immediately understood she wanted to do this and took a large sip of my own drink.

Sitting on the opposite end of the couch facing her, I asked her how we should start. She replied that we should start by taking our clothes off and I was to go first. I didn’t think that was fair seeing how she probably was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol already while my sip had yet to hit me, but I wasn’t about to argue. I stood up, keenly aware of her gaze on me. Grabbing the bottom of my top I pulled it up and over my head. Still not making eye contact, I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my hips, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. Finally I got up the courage to look at her. Her eyes travelled up and down my body taking in my black and white polka dot bra with my cleavage spilling out over the cups, and the matching black mesh boy shorts with white lace trim. Feeling bahis firmaları slightly embarrassed from her scrutiny, I said it was her turn to strip down.

She stood up, staying at her end of the couch. I bent over to grab my drink and take a sip, aware that my full breasts threatened to spill out of my bra as I did. Her quick intake of breath told me she enjoyed the view, and I smiled as I straightened back up to watch her disrobe. She unbuttoned her top excruciatingly slowly, one button at a time as she stared at my curves. With each button I got a further glimpse of her slim body, the turquoise lace of her bra peeping out as she finally reached the end and slid the shirt off her shoulders. Her breasts, although not as large as mine, were beautifully shaped and I could see the edge of her nipples through the lace. I caught my lower lip in my teeth, staring at her while she wiggled out of her knee length skirt and dropped it to the floor. Her matching bikinis barely covered her most private parts, and I felt my body physically reacting to hers.

As we both stood there in our lingerie, she gave me a look meaning it was time for me to continue. After taking another long sip of my drink, I slid my bra straps down my shoulders, one at a time. I knew I was teasing a little, but after waiting for her to take her shirt off I thought I was justified. I reached around behind me to unclasp my bra, freeing my breasts and letting it drop off my body. Standing there topless in front of her, I felt my nipples beginning to harden; whether it was from the air conditioning or the clear arousal on her face, I couldn’t be sure. She seemed to enjoy the sight of my pale breasts with their light pink nipples jiggling slightly from my movements. I gave her a look meaning she needed to take her bra off next. She reached around behind her and with one quick movement her bra was gone. It was my turn to stare at the sight of her tan breasts, her rosy brown nipples hardening as mine had.

I knew what was next. Hooking both thumbs into the waistband of my panties, I slid them down over my hips and to the floor, exposing the last part kaçak iddaa of my body to her. Her eyes instantly went to my pussy, and apparently she approved that I was trimmed. As she stared at me she slid her own bikinis down and revealed herself, showing that she too was trimmed. We both stood there for a bit, staring at each other’s naked bodies and feeling our own bodies respond.

I took a last sip of my drink and sat down on my end of the couch facing her. She sat down on her end, our eyes never leaving each other. My hands slid up to my breasts, fondling them and feeling their weight. Her hands did the same, mirroring my actions with the same deftness and care. I watched her play with her breasts in the same manner as I did mine, wishing desperately that I could suck on one of those lovely nipples. But I knew that today was only for self-exploration.

I pinched my right nipple, letting out a sigh as I did. So did she, her sigh matching mine. I found this game rather interesting, and pinched my left nipple hard. Of course she did too, pleasure clear on her face. Smiling wickedly, I snaked my right hand down to my pelvis, opening my legs and showing her my most private area. Her eyes narrowed but she did the same, opening herself to me. I could see the inner lips of her pussy, slightly glistening from her juices proving how excited she was. Seeing this made my own juices flow more, which did not go unnoticed. I wanted to watch her play with herself, so I started caressing my labia, waiting for her to do the same. Her hand moved as mine did, cute little sighs escaping her lips as we watched each other.

This game was driving me crazy, so I brought my hand up to my clit and rubbed slow circles over it. The instant I did it felt like electric sparks shooting through my body. She also began rubbing herself and her eyes closed for a half a second before they snapped back open to focus on me. I understood her dilemma. I too wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the sensations, but didn’t want to miss watching her as we masturbated together.

I picked up the pace, and so did she. It felt so good, and it was so kaçak bahis erotic watching her do exactly what I did, that my moans were coming louder now. Hers were too, but I could tell that wasn’t part of the game. Sitting on the couch naked, facing each other with our legs spread, rubbing our own pussies was getting me so hot I could feel myself dripping. While still rubbing with my right hand, I pushed two fingers of my left hand inside me just to see how wet I was. They slid in without any resistance, making a slight sucking sound as I pumped them in and out for a few seconds. Although I could have told her just how wet she was by looking at her, again she mirrored me and plunged her own fingers in. Both of our faces had looks of ecstasy on them as we rubbed our clits and fingered our pussies to the sounds of our moans.

Another wicked idea crossed my mind. I withdrew my fingers from inside me, and put them up to my face. She did the same. My eyes never leaving hers, and my fingers continuing to rub myself, I opened my mouth and cleaned off my slippery fingers. Her eyes grew wide, but after a moment of hesitation she did the same. Seeing her licking her own juices off herself and obviously enjoying it made my pussy pulse. I could feel myself getting closer as my breathing picked up. Hers did too, our eyes never leaving each other. My orgasm kept building as I watched hers do the same, a perfect visual of what I was experiencing. As I got closer so did she, and I was very aware of her watching me doing a very private and personal act. I told her I was about to come; she breathlessly replied she was about to too. That pushed me over the edge, as the intensity hit me and everything went white for a split second. Her screams matched mine as she came too, both of us rubbing furiously, screaming unintelligible words and watching each other in the peak of pleasure. It was strong and lasted a long time, as if neither of us wanted it to ever stop. Eventually it did, our rubbing slowing down as our breaths came in pants, our heaving breasts in rhythm as we came down together.

As she was leaving I was afraid this might have been a one time thing. My fears were unfounded though, because as she walked through the door she looked back at me, her eyes twinkling, and wanted to know if I was free for lunch again sometime next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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