Mile-high Club

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Travis lets out a sigh of frustration as he taps his foot on the concrete and waves down a taxi. He has been waiting for ten minutes. Where’s a cab when you really need one. It’s early enough. There’s usually at least 5 or 6 nearby. He opens the cabby’s door with a firm grasp and wastes no time.

“Hi. I need to get to the airport,” he says in a resolute tone.

“Sure thing. Get in! You going to Miami International?”


It’s Tuesday morning and Travis is in one of his moods. He doesn’t want to chit-chat with the taxi driver. He wants to get to the airport and get this over with.

He received a message from his boss early yesterday morning asking him to meet in his office. It was unusual for Mr. Peterson to call a meeting at such an early time. He was never in before 10:00 a.m. on a good day, but when the boss calls you don’t say no, even if it is at 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.

“Travis,” Mr. Peterson said. “Good to see you, please sit down.”

“Good morning, sir. You look pretty happy for a Monday.” Travis took a seat in the oversized leather chair.

“Yeah, well we just landed the Jefferson account,” Mr. Peterson said with a big grin.

“Wow, congrats, sir. That’s great news.” Travis could see it coming from a mile away. What was he to do? Go for the kill, of course. “So, I’m heading to Houston, boss?”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, well…Mr. Wilder! Cutting right to the chase. I like the way you operate. Actually, I was going to ask you to take on the Hunter file, while Silverman took on this new client, but since you’re so eager…the new client is yours. Have fun. By the way, the meeting’s tomorrow afternoon. I’ll expect your report first thing Wednesday.”

That’s how Travis got to book his flight at the last minute, the day before a big meeting with a new client, and was now heading toward the Miami Airport to catch a flight for Houston, Texas.

To be fair, all new clients are important clients and saying no wasn’t an option, even if he did already have 15 clients and was traveling in and out for the next 10 days. He knows the drill, suck it up, buttercup! He’s too proud to say ‘no’ anyways, and of course he wants to be in the boss’s good graces. Who doesn’t?

Getting in the taxi, he throws his small suitcase and his carry-on bag, which contains his laptop and files, on the seat. That’s all he needs for this trip. He’ll be going back home the following day to gather the rest of his clothes for his other meetings. He’s used to this lifestyle. Always on the go and living out of suitcases. He always gets his suits pressed at the in-house laundry service, at whatever hotel he ends up staying in. It’s become somewhat of a routine for him, never being in one place. Although he likes to think he wants to settle down and get a ‘normal’ lifestyle, he’s not quite sure he’d be able to adapt after all this time.

Travis Wilder is a businessman. He works for a company called CCE, Conformity and Compliance Enterprise, a financial and technology solution. Officially, he’s one of the Senior Principal Consultants who deals with small to mid-size broker-dealers that don’t have adequate in-house compliance. His job is to answer any type of regulatory questions they may have. He also leads annual independent audits, for his clients, to ensure they meet the requirements regarding anti-money laundering.

No one around him really understands exactly what that means. Time and again, he even needs to start by explaining what a broker-dealer is. In layman terms, he often simply tells people that he used to work has a former examiner for the New York Stock Exchange, and that his current job consists in helping his clients identify potential money-laundering problems before they happen. That usually does the trick, but he knows that people soon just lose interest in trying to understand what his job really is.

“Hey man,” he says firmly to the taxi driver while scrolling through his emails. “Can you put the pedal to the metal? I’m tight on time and I don’t want any unnecessary delays when I get there.”

The driver takes a quick glance in his rear view mirror as Travis says that, and shakes his head. Can’t even take his eyes off his damn phone when talking to me. Typical!

Taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, he says, “Of course, sir. I’ll get you there in no time. No time at all.”

He can’t help but think that this guy is just another suit going to yet another important meeting. They all act like big shots. Reaching out he turns the radio on and chuckles when he hears what’s playing. But Travis is too absorbed in his reading to notice.

I’m the man, come round

No-no-nothing can break, no-nothing can break me down

I’m the man, come round and

No-no-nothing can break, you can’t break me down

I got gas in the tank

I got money in the bank

I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man

I got skin in the game

I got a household name

I got news for you baby, you’re canlı bahis şirketleri looking at the man

That song was fitting, because Travis is the man.

He’s the envy of all his college buddies. Tall and easy on the eyes, he has a well-paying job, a house and the latest Lamborghini Huracan in his driveway. The only thing missing, maybe, is a long lasting relationship. He has no problem hooking up, but things never seem to last more than a few months. He just hasn’t met Miss Right and is quite content with any Miss Right-now.

I’m just 32, after all. The way he sees it, if no relationship withstood the test of time, it’s simply wasn’t meant to be. He still enjoys looking around and testing the merchandise.

After a thirty minute cab drive, he finally sees the airport appear around the corner.

“Finally,” he groans.

“Yeah, sorry man. The traffic is always heavier at this time in the morning. We still made good time though.”

“Uhmm.” Brushing off the drivers comment, he gets out of the car, leans back in to grab his suitcase and carry-on bag, pays the fare and walks toward the airport’s entrance.

He looks at his watch and decides to pick up the pace. Fuck, I’m cutting it close.

Deep in thought, he doesn’t notice the luggage parked in the middle of the way. He trips forward and ends up face-first in the glass door.

“Oh for fuck sakes! Dude, watch where you put your stuff.” He’s head is pounding and his hand naturally goes up to his jaw for a firm rubbing. He bends down to grab his bags and since he doesn’t hear the ‘sorry’ he’s expecting, he turns around in a rage, ready to tell this guy to go jerk off.

Instead, what he sees is this gorgeous creature standing mouth agape, pulling her sunglasses off to give him an up-and-down glare.

Travis’s breath catches and his eyes wander over her body, starting at her feet. She’s wearing an open toe black heel, and he figures that it probably gives her that extra 2.5 inches needed for her to be at his eye level. Toned and silky legs, followed by the beginning of a stunning red dress hugging her body perfectly. Wide hips and a curvaceous butt, just the kind that makes his cock twitch with excitement. His eyes continue their ascension to a small waist and deep cleavage that make him want to take up mountain climbing. There she stands, at arm’s length and all he can do is admire her long amber locks shining in the sun.

She looks at him, sunglasses in her left hand, and puts her right hand on her hip, jutting it out, showcasing that perfect round ass. She clears her throat to snap him out of his trance.

“I’m sure you weren’t referring to me as ‘dude’, right?” she says in a nasty voice.

Travis manages to bring his thoughts back into focus. “Sorry about the language, miss. I meant no offence really. I’m running late and didn’t notice your luggage. To be fair, it was kinda in the way and still is.” He puts on his best smile and hopes that she doesn’t take him for a creepy moron.

She’s standing there, not saying a word.

“Here, let me give you a hand.” As he bends down to grab the handle of her pink suitcase, he feels her hand on his. It’s a gentle hand with long fingers and a red manicure. Instinctively, he removes his hand and looks at her before standing again. It was as if lightning just ran through his body.

“That’s quite okay. I agree with you. I should’ve put it to the side. I was just taking a quick look at my phone before heading in. The boss has been riding my ass for the last 24 hours. But you’re right, it’s no excuse.”

Yeah, I’d be riding your ass too if I had the chance. “Yeah, I get that. My boss is on my case too about this new client I’m heading out to see. Don’t worry about it, my head will feel fine in a few minutes.”

Moving in closer, she extends her hand and says, “I’m Heather, by the way. Sorry for that,” pointing at his head. “It’s been one of those weeks. I just can’t seem to catch a break.”

Extending his hand to shake hers, he says, “Hey, don’t apologise. I wasn’t looking where I was going. My head’s pretty hard anyways.” He gives her a wink and a smile. “The name’s Travis.”

He gives her his best smile again before taking a quick look at his watch.

“Well, it was a pleasure bumping into you, Heather,” he says laughing,” but I really need to get going if I want to make my flight.”

“Yeah, me too.” Heather bends down to grab her bags, which gives Travis a clear view of her round and lusty breasts. She stands and turns to head toward the doors. That gives him the chance to check her ass out again, openly this time, without being seen. Damn, what an ass. Nicely round and perky, like two perfect globes. His cock agrees with him.

As Heather walks away from him, his eyes follow, hypnotised by the swaying of her hips and the movements of her butt cheeks. If I could only put my face in there, I’d eat her all up! Suitcase and carry-on in hand, he follows behind like a little puppy following its master, waiting canlı kaçak iddaa for a treat, a look, anything she’s willing to give. But she doesn’t turn around.

Both heading toward the check-in area, Travis stays lost in deep admiration of her buttocks. It truly is the perfect shape with just enough meat on it in all the right spots. Her ass is calling out to him and his hands can barely resist the urge to grope her. His cock twitches. He envisions rolling up her dress, and caressing her inner thighs before slowly getting on his knees to pull her cheeks apart. His nasty thoughts are causing him more than just a little discomfort, so he carefully shifts and moves his junk around in a discreet way. Thank God for my carry-on bag.

When he hears her getting upset, he shakes his head to force himself back into reality.

“What to do you mean the flight was overbooked? I need to get to this meeting.” The sound of her voice has this high pitch to it, and Travis knows enough about women in general to know that isn’t a good sign.

“What’s the problem, Heather?”

“The problem? The problem, Travis, is that they overbooked their flight…again!” As she says that, Travis can imagine how feisty she’d be in bed. Oh the fantasies, but that would need to wait, for now at least.

“Oh! What flight is it?” he asks, trying to give her all of his attention.

“Flight 2386, going to Houston.”

“Shit! Are you kidding me?” He takes a deep breath to calm his nerves. Okay dude, calm down. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of the sexy lady. Cool and collective. You got this.

She chuckles looking at him. “Don’t tell me, that’s also your flight?”

“Yeah, it is.” Letting out a deep sigh and putting his hand through his brown, below the ear, thick hair, Travis has a look of discontent. “Listen, miss” – he looks at the ticketing agent’s nametag – “Jenna…Hi, Jenna. I’m Travis and this here, is Heather. We need to get to Houston today, we both have really important meetings in the morning. Any chance there’s another flight going out?”

She gives them a smile of compassion. “I understand, sir. Let me take a look in the system. Just a moment.” Her eyes dip to her screen as her fingers frantically click away on the keyboard.

Remembering the breathing techniques he learned while attending a seminar on ‘Handling stress in the workplace’ Travis knows it isn’t good to get worked up over things he has no control over. Trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one, Travis turns to Heather and asks, “So, what’s the important meeting you need to get to?” Engaging in a conversation with her seems like a good distraction, both for him and for her.

“I’m an event coordinator for private companies. I oversee projects from start to finish. I don’t always need to travel, but this one is a big fish. The boss wants to make sure everything is perfect.”

“Nice. When’s the big event?”

“Tomorrow night. Thankfully, my team is already on site and the prep work has already started.”

Travis nods.

“It seems like another flight was added,” Jenna says. Travis and Heather both turn their attention back to the ticking agent.

“Great! When does it leave?” Travis asks, feeling hopeful.

“6:00 p.m., sir.”

His hand goes through his hair again. He sighs.

“Are you sure, there’s absolutely nothing before then? It’s a total waste of my day.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve looked at everything and it’s the only available flight.”

“Ok, then,” Travis says a little louder than anticipated. He’s trying the best he can to keep his cool, especially with Heather standing by his side. She keeps looking at him, studying his face. He’s wondering what’s going through her beautiful mind and notices for the first time how mesmerizing her eyes are. Hazel with a hint of green specks around the irises. Simply beautiful.

“I’ve already taken the liberty of looking for two available seats, side by side, and was able to find two at the back of the plane, middle and aisle.”

Travis looks at Heather in an inquisitive way. She simply shrugs her shoulders and gives him a big smile.

“Well then”, Travis says. “I guess we have some time to kill, Heather! Up for a bite to eat or a drink?”

“How about both? We have a lot of time on our hands.” As she says that, Heather gives him a wink and a smile which immediately gives Travis a warm tingling sensation that travels right to his cock. God, you’re sexy! Come and put those lips on my cock. But being the self-controlled man he his, he keeps his thoughts to himself and simply gives her the biggest grin his mouth is able to form.

“Here you go,” says Jenna, handing them their boarding passes.

They give their thanks to Jenna and head toward the restaurant, it is lunch time after all. They settle on Beaudevin’s bistro, renowned for pairing their wines with their gourmet entrees and appetizers.

Their chit-chat is pleasant and Travis is happy to see that not only is Heather a beautiful canlı kaçak bahis woman, but she is also intelligent. This only makes him more attracted to her. She’s being mildly flirtatious with him too; laughing at his jokes, touching his forearm and playing with her hair. He loves every minute of it. It has been a while since he last had an encounter with a career-driven woman.

He quickly learns that she wants to break out of the corporate world event planning to start her own event company. She still wants to attract big ticket spenders, but wants to do it on her terms. Putting all her energy into her work and not getting full rewards and pay is looking less and less appealing. She’s being patient for the moment, putting her ducks in a row and building a name for herself. Her patience and determination are very admirable and having drive is something Travis finds particularly sexy in a woman.

Heather also lets slip that she’s single and has been for a while. She feels like she has a hard time finding a genuine connection with men. She put an end to her last relationship when the guy started making comments about her putting too much energy in her work and not paying enough attention to his needs. Travis could relate to that one. A lot of women had walked out on him because of the drive he had toward his work, and also because of his insane schedule and travel requirements.

It’s as if time is standing still for Travis and he can’t help but think that this is turning out to be a good day after all, and not a waste of his time whatsoever. Across the table, all he can see is Heather: her warm smile and the little dimples on her cheeks, her contagious laugh, the way she flips her hair and brings her finger to her bottom lip whenever she’s thinking. He can smell her sweet perfume and hopes that he’ll get the chance to get closer to take more of her smell in.

Talking to her for hours only feels like a few minutes to him. The meals and drinks were okay too, but Travis would have eaten fast food for all he cared, as long as it was in Heather’s company. Spending time getting to know her left him with a warm and unfamiliar feeling. A feeling of comfort and ease, like they had been friends for a long time, simply meeting to catch up.

Soon enough, though, it was time to board the plane.

Heather touches Travis’s arm. “Travis, I must say…I haven’t had this much fun chatting with a man in a long time. Usually, all I get is polite chatter and lustful looks. You’ve been quite the gentleman and I’m not used to having a man genuinely interested in my career goals. Or just plain interested in what I have to say.”

Travis winks. “It’s all a plot to get you right where I want you.”

They both laugh. She touches his hand and smiles at him.

“And where is that exactly, Travis?” There it is, that flirty little look in her eyes.

Gosh, what a beauty. I wish I could kiss those lips. Travis smiles back and gets up from the booth. He waits for her to get up and as she walks past him, places his hand on her lower back, and leans in to inhale her perfume. He guides her out of the restaurant and they walk toward the terminal.

“Is your hand going to say there the whole way?” she asks with a grin.

Travis wasn’t expecting her to say anything. He didn’t even realise his hand still rested on her lower back. After all the time they spent talking, it was a natural thing for him to do. He hesitates but decides to leave his hand there and presses firmly to bring her closer to him.

“Yep, that’s my plan, hon,” he says with assertiveness, a wink, and smile. Her only response is a loud giggle and lustful look.


The plane has been in the air for an hour and the passengers all seem settled in. The back of the plane where Travis and Heather are sitting is fairly quiet and most of the passengers are all busying themselves. Heather received a call from one of her employees just before boarding and she’s taken out her laptop to work on a last minute redesign of the sitting arrangements.

Her hazel eyes are focused on the screen and that means Travis is free to stare all he wants. She has flawless skin and a few freckles. She’s so beautiful. His eyes go down her calves, Toned legs, just the way I like them. His sexual desire for her keeps rising. His cock pulses and twitches, and his eyes move up to her thighs. He can barely see them due to the tray table where her laptop is. Heather’s dress has risen up in her sitting position, and Travis is enjoying the extra show of skin, even if he can’t see as much as he’d like.

I wonder if any guy has ever fucked those thighs of hers? Her skin looks so soft. I bet I could just slide it in, with her on her side and just rub a good one out. His eyes continue moving up and lingers on her cleavage. Or maybe I could just fuck her tits. Look at them, God! As round as her ass. I wonder what her nipples look like? I’d nuzzle my face in there and squeeze them so they’d swallow my face. I’d make her wrap them around my hard cock and thrust between them…make her lick the tip. Oh fuck yeah! I’m sure they’re soft and firm all at once. And as a reward, I could give her a nice cum facial. Yeah, that’d be nice…but…her ass, dear gosh, I can’t forget that beautiful ass of hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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