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The morning started for them well after sunrise. They didn’t stir until the sun and the noises outside made further sleep impossible. They called for coffee, hard boiled eggs, and sliced fruit for breakfast and headed into the shower together. After thoroughly washing each other including their hair, Tim placed his hands on Michele’s shoulders and guided her down to her knees. She took his cock into her hands, kissing it, licking it and sucking it into her mouth as the water sprayed down onto them. He loved the way her mouth felt around his cock, the way she sucked and licked and twirled her tongue around him. He soon came while firmly planted at the back of her mouth and she swallowed it all straight down.

They dried off just as room service arrived. Walking out of the bathroom naked to room service would be a surprise almost anywhere else, but Michele was quickly getting the hang of people see her naked. They took their breakfast out to the beachside porch and enjoyed the morning and slowly came back to life. They were watching the people and ocean, touching fingers, and enjoying their light breakfast when they heard, “Hello?”

Tim responded, “Out here.”

“Hi, I am Helen and I will be caring for you and your room while are here. Am I interrupting?”

Michele, “No. Not at all. Pleased to meet you, Helen.”

Helen was holding their clothes from the night before. “I found these outside. I assume they are yours?”

“Oh, gosh, yes. We’re sorry about that. I guess we were anxious last night and then forgot.”

“No apologizes, please. You are the newlyweds, right?”

“Why, yes, we are. That seems to be a topic of interest here. Why is that?”

“The people who come here are almost always more established in their relationship and looking for expansion of that relationship. It is truly rare that a young couple such as yourselves is here. As you may have noticed, most couples are middle aged or even older with a few in their 30’s. I will leave you to your coffee and makeup your cabin. I will check, but do you know of anything that you need replenished?”

Tim said, “Yes, I think more wine. Thank you.”

Tim and Michele finished their coffee, got the suntan lotion, towels, and sunglasses and headed for the beach. They claimed a couple lounge chairs outside their cabin by the water, lathered up with lotion and picked a direction and started walking along the edge of the water. They frequently stopped for an interesting shell and soon discovered their hands were getting full. As if on cue, a Resort employee appeared next to them holding a mesh bag. He asked if that might help them with their shells.

Michele was astounded. “This place is amazing. I am sure it is not cheap but they seem to anticipate so well the needs of their guests without being in the way or intrusive.”

They continued their walking, picking up shells they knew they didn’t need and probably wouldn’t take back home, but it was so relaxing. They looked behind them and realized they had walked quite a way but knew the resort was back there somewhere. As they were digging out a shell that truly looked promising for beauty, two sets of bare feet were sudden in front of them. They looked up to see a naked couple of about 40. They indicated that if they were interested in shells there was a yacht that could be chartered from the other side of the island and it would take us for a cruise around the island and also stop at a nearby island that was known for its shelling. They, too, agreed that it was very relaxing to just walk along the water edge and worry about nothing more than finding a different shell.

Returning to their cabin area, reapplying sunscreen, they lay back on their lounges. Tim watched the people walk by in front of them and looked at Michele. He said to her, “Raise your knees and open them.”

“But I’ll be completely open for them to … Oh, yes, sir.”

He then caught the attention of one of the beach attendants and requested two rum drinks for them. The attendant stopped in front of them and kept glancing at her open, bare pussy.

After he left, Michele said, “Wow, that was so wicked. Being spread out wide open for a strange man and anyone else who might walk by. Walking around naked is one thing but to be totally spread. I could feel my lips opening in front of him.”

“That’s nothing, baby. canlı bahis This is just the beginning of new experiences and exposures.”

They finished their drinks, reapplied lotion and headed for the volleyball area. There was a game just underway with mixed male/female teams. As they approached, they were asked if they wanted to play because they only had four to a team. The agreed and split up. Michele surprised Tim at her prowess at volleyball. The other players were impressed, also. She actually seemed to know how to play rather than just hitting at the ball in the direction of the net. She not infrequently would dive for the ball and come up covered in sand as it stuck to her sweating body. She would brush some of it off, but Tim met her at the net at one point and suggested to her to ask one of the other players to help her brush the sand off from her back. Her choice of male or female.

The next time she dove for the ball she came up and asked a woman if she could help her get some of the sand off her back, it was sticking to her due to sweating under the sun. They stopped play for a moment while the woman brushed her hands over Michele’s back, then her butt, her thighs and back up to her butt. Someone suggested they consider getting a room which broke them up. But they both looked into each other’s eyes. The woman was about 50 but athletic. The next time she ended up on the other side of the net and, thinking she knew who the woman’s husband was, asked him if she would assist her. While he also took considerable care to remove the sand, Michele looked the other woman in eyes and blew her a kiss.

The game broke up and Michele ran to Tim, took his hand and led him out into the waves. Once they were waist deep, she pulled them both into the water and came up kissing him. “Tim, I am so hot. Did you see how she was looking at me as her husband played with my butt? I actually blew her a kiss while he was doing it.” She jumped into him and wrapped her legs around his waist. “I need you to fuck me, right here, right now, under the sun, and in front of all these people. Am I a wanton whore for wanting that?”

“No, you’re not acting like a wanton whore. But you are acting like the slut you wanted to be. This is the second time already you have said, ‘I need you to fuck me, right here, right now’. Congratulations, slut. You are progressing wonderfully. Now, that fucking you wanted.” And he took hold of her hips, moved his cock to her pussy and slipped it inside. There was no question about her stimulation. He then cupped both her hips and raised and dropped her so she was taking his full length. This went on for some time when Michele realized that he was carrying her as he moved her up and down. When she opened her eyes, they were near the edge of the water in full view of everyone and he walked her to their lounges where he laid her on her back and continued fucking her. As his hips raised and lowered into her, people walked past not far from them. Some stopped and watched, others just slowed down to watch as they went by. Michele finally screamed out her orgasm and Tim grunted his release and collapsed on top of her. Michele’s eyes opened and looked straight into the eyes of the older woman from the volleyball game. She was standing holding two drinks. Tim sensed something from the look on Michele’s face and turned over and stood. Michele was left with her legs spread wide and their mixed cum leaking from her pussy lips.

That was when they also saw her husband, also with two drinks. She stepped up to them, “We don’t want to intrude, but that was beautiful. We’re Marge and Bob, by the way. I wish we had thought of fucking like that when we were young enough and strong enough to pull it off. Walking out of the water and over here while joined in fucking was … Anyway, the way you selected us at the volleyball game to play with your body, yes, we know you were being deliberate, we were hoping you would join us for dinner tonight.” She kept glancing between Michele’s leaking pussy and Tim’s shiny cock covered with their juices.

Tim accepted, “I asked her to pick out someone. She chose you two. So, yes, we would love to have dinner with you tonight. Name the time and we’ll be there.”

They finished their drinks, agreed on a time and went their separate ways. Tim looked at Michele and said, “Tonight it truly starts. Saturday bahis siteleri night when you fucked all those people, you knew who they were. Tonight, you will fuck someone, maybe both of them from her looking at you, who you had never seen before this afternoon.”

That night, Michele was dressed very similar to the previous night except that it was essentially red. Red heels, red lace thigh highs that were elastic tops, red lace see-through baby doll nightie that also left her bare pussy exposed. Around her neck she wore her mother’s pearl necklace wrapped around twice.

The met the older couple at the entrance. They were the couple they saw walking by last night while they were fucking outside. She was wearing heels under a nearly floor length sheer night gown with a thong. She looked at Michele and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Dear, we have seen you being fucked twice now. Just this afternoon, but also last night when you couldn’t wait to get inside. You are truly beautiful. Every woman should be so lucky to have a body like yours to keep her man happy.”

They had a wonderful meal, again, and shared talk about the resort. They had been here before and knew about the charter that could take them around the island to the shelling location. They would send the contact information.

Tim finally asked what he had been thinking for tonight, “Marge, you are a beautiful woman. Outside on the beach you had no problem being completely nude. I am just curious why you are wearing a thong now. Your breasts show lovely. Why not let you pussy also show?”

Her husband interjected, “That’s exactly what I have been trying to get her to understand. Maybe she’ll listen to you.”

Michele added, “Marge, we are all in agreement but it is your body. But you really should consider taking the thong off. The idea of everything being exposed, in a very sexy way, while eating a top-level dinner among so many other people is a turn-on.”

Tim didn’t wait as he saw her actively considering it. “Marge, I want you to stand up next to me at the table and I will raise your gown and remove your thong. Then I want you to take them, walk to your husband and hand them to him, bend over with straight knees and kiss him passionately on the mouth. Then you can return to your seat and we’ll enjoy dessert.”

She did exactly as instructed. She stood up from her chair walk over to Tim and stopped in front of him. He moved his chair sideways, reach down to the floor and raised her gown to her waist, put two fingers into the top of her thong and slowly lowered them to the floor for her to step out of. She could see other diners watching and blushed deeply. But Tim didn’t release her immediately. He once again moved the hem of her gown to her waist and kissed her pussy. She shivered and moaned. He dropped her gown and she walked around Tim to her husband. Extended her hand as she approached him and handed him her thong. She then bent over, with knees straight, and kissed him deeply and long. When she stood and returned to her chair, the surrounding diners clapped. Marge was a deep shade of red.

The rest of the dinner went well and they agreed to go to the dance club. At the club Tim asked for a side alcove for them to share. They quickly ordered more drinks and settled into the U-shaped couch/alcove set into the side of the club. They were slightly raised so they would still have a view of the dance floor. The women were seated between the men. Tim leaned over to kiss Michele and initiated passionate play with her including going inside her nightie to stroke her breasts. He whispered in her ear, “I am going to take you out to the dance floor but when we return, I want you to sit next to Bob after I ask Marge to dance. Before the end of the night I want you to fuck Bob.”

They danced for four songs including a slow dance song. He squeezed close to her and rested his hand on her bare butt and pulled her into himself. She felt him grow, “You get turned on by all this, too, don’t you?”

“Absolutely. My interest in this game is to provide you with pleasure you might not otherwise have tried, but as I said before this is extremely exciting for me, too. They have not come out. So, when we get back, I will ask Marge to dance with me and insist, you sit with Bob and start working on him. I will do the same with Marge. Do you get the impression that bahis şirketleri they are here but not very active? That they are interested by neither is ready to make the first move?”

“Interesting that you say that because that is what occurred to me when she was in the thong. And, yet, when you took control, she just let you take the thong off her and in the process draw much more attention to herself. And Bob was very excited by it. I don’t think they know how to get started.”

“So, we’ll get them started.”

He led Michele back to their alcove. Upon arriving he stopped just inside the U, leaned to Marge taking her hand and stood her up. He encouraged her and putting his arm around her waist, stated that he was taking her out for a few dances. She tried to protest but only managed to sputter as they walked off.

Michele picked up her drink and sat down next to Bob. She turned to him and said, “Bob, would you dance with me?”

On the dance floor she kept him away from Tim and Marge but made every effort to use her body to touch and rub against him. During a slow dance she said, “Bob, do you think Marge is attractive?”

“Yes! I think she’s beautiful.”

“Do you think she is sexy, do you get excited watching her? Especially dressed the way she is tonight? Without her panties under her sheer gown?”

“Definitely. That’s why we are here, you know. We want to expand our sexuality. We know we’re older but we agreed we want to strengthen our sexual relationship and felt this week might be the way to achieve that.”

“And, yet, did you want her to wear the thong? How many times have you made love to her since being here? Have you made love outside?”

“No to all of those. I was disappointed that she chose to put on the thong, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And, no, we’ve been here for two days and have not made love, yet. Much less outside. It’s as if we are waiting for the other to make the move so we won’t offend the other.”

“But when Tim took action earlier tonight, she let him take off her thong. A man she didn’t really know.” She had been watching Tim and Marge while talking to him and turned him around and said, “Now look over my shoulder. See how Tim is dancing with Marge? He has her gown up around her waist with his hands on her bare butt. He has her pulled in tight to him and they are slowly grinding themselves together. They are both moving. She is a very responsive woman. But she needs you to be direct and aggressive to initiate action. Can you do that for her?”

“I can try.”

“Bob, I am going to take you back to the alcove now. Once there, I want to make out with you. When Tim brings Marge back, he is going to do the same thing to her. Bob, I want to make love to you, or to fuck you, whichever you feel more appropriate at the moment. Tim will do the same to Marge. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No … thank you. Ironically, that might be what we need to get past our insecurity. Have somebody else take charge.”

As soon as they were back in the alcove, she sat him down and sat in his lap and started kissing him. She opened her mouth and sought his tongue with hers. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. Undid the tie of her nightie and shrugged it off. His fingers found her nipples and teased them, pinching, stroking. When she looked up, Tim had Marge in a similar position. Michele got Bob’s attention to Marge just as Tim was lifting her night gown over her head. She was now sitting on Tim’s lap in the dance club naked except for her heels. Michele caught Tim’s attention and twirled her finger to indicate turning Marge around. She then got up, took hold of Bob’s boxer waist and tugged them down and off his feet. She then turned and backed into him, took his rigid cock and sat down on it. Looking up she saw Tim just then getting Marge into the same position. Michele leaned back and told Bob to look at Marge and not take his eyes off her. She felt him tense inside of her as he watched his wife moving up and down another man. Tim was whispering to her in similar fashion as she watched her husband’s cock going in and out of another woman.

Michele’s mind was coming to grips with this new twist. Here she was to prepare her for her new life of pleasure and she was instead helping another couple find their way through the maze of comfort and acceptance of their pursuit of their own pleasure. And with that going through her mind she felt Bob stiffen further and begin to climax. As she felt his release, her own orgasm crashed over the edge as she watched Marge and Tim across from her.

* * DAY 3 – ADVENTUROUS will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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