Melissa’s first time

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Melissa’s first time
Finally the day that Melissa had dreamed of for so long had come. She had been chatting to Sara online for several months and they had hit it off from the start. They were so alike in many ways, both had been dressing in private for years and both longed to meet another dresser but had not yet taken that big step of meeting in real life. They had planned the meet carefully, it was to be in a hotel mid way between their respective home areas. Sara had made the booking and would check in first and get ready before Melissa arrived. Melissa would go straight into the bathroom to get dressed when she got there whilst Sara stayed in the bedroom, that way they would not see each other in guy mode. Melissa parked her car in the hotel car park and her heart fluttered with nervous excitement as her phone buzzed. Sara was in the room and ready, their careful planning had worked well.

Melissa grabbed her overnight bag and locked the car. As she walked through the hotel entrance she was relieved to see that the girl on reception was busy on her computer and scarcely gave her a glance as Melissa spied the stairs and quickly leapt up them to the third floor. Room 308 was just along the corridor. She saw that the door was slightly ajar with a ‘Do not disturb’ card hanging from the doorknob, all as arranged. She entered, whispered ‘Hi’ to Sara who was hidden from view by the open bathroom door, closed the door to the corridor and went into the bathroom as Sara replied with ‘Hi hunni, don’t be too long I’m waiting for you’.

She closed the bathroom door. Sara had packed all her guy gear away in her bag as agreed but the aroma of her perfume was still in the air. Melissa plonked her bag on the floor, unzipped it, took out all her girl gear and arranged it carefully. She quickly stripped off and packed her guy clothes into the bag and zipped it up. She had showered and groomed herself before leaving home so there was no time to waste getting dressed. She had decided to wear her favourite outfit, the one she had cammed with Sara in, but with one adjustment, stockings instead of tights.

She looked at herself in the large bathroom mirror as she dressed. First her favourite black thong, then her breast forms with her black bra. Usually she would pull on her black tights next but she had decided that stockings would be more appropriate for a meet with Sara, so she pulled on some black holdups she had just bought. She then put on her short, tight, bum clinging black dress. It was not quite long enough to reach her stocking tops when she pulled it down and it made her feel very slutty. She wondered about taking the stockings off and putting her tights on, she would feel more comfortable that way and still look sexy enough, but she finally decided to stick with the stockings, they would after all make access easier if things went that far!

Finally to complete her clothing she pulled on her black knee length high heeled boots. These were probably her most prized possession with illegal bahis siteleri six inch heels and platform soles. She then grabbed her wig and put it on. Over the years she had experimented with different hairstyles but had settled on this big, auburn hairstyle, centre parted at the front and long, flowing down over her shoulders and reaching midway between her bra strap and her waist. She heard Sara call to see how long she would be, ‘Just a couple of minutes babe’ she called back as she carefully applied some subtle make up to her lips and eyeline. Finally her necklace, bracelet and a spray of perfume. She was ready to make her entrance into the bedroom!

Her heart was racing as she walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Sara had closed the curtains and the room was dimly lit by a bedside lamp. Sara was sat on the edge of the kingsize bed and stood up as Melissa appeared. They both gasped as they saw each other and smiled, ‘Hi sexy’ said Sara and they gingerly touched each other and kissed quickly on the lips. ‘Gosh its so great to finally meet you’ Melissa said as they hugged.

They moved apart again a few feet to admire each other’s outfits. Sara looked absolutely stunning, dressed in a short, tight black skirt and a black satin top. She too was wearing holdups, black fishnets, which the skirt barely reached, ‘I’m not the only slut in the room’ Melissa thought to herself smiling approvingly. Sara’s outfit was finished off with extremely high black platform court shoes and she was wearing the long, straight, centre parted dark blonde wig she usually wore on cam.

Sara turned and walked to the other end of the room and then back again, tossing her hair as she paraded her outfit for Melissa. ‘OMG you are so sexy’ murmured Melissa as she gazed intently at Sara’s gorgeous bum and shapely legs as she strutted up and down in her towering heels. ‘Now your turn for me’ said Sara and Melissa then paraded herself in front of Sara putting on her best catwalk, trying to keep herself calm and under control as she felt her thong begin to bulge. ‘I shall have to sit down’ she said and rushed back to sit on the side of the bed before it became too obvious. Sara laughed, ‘That’s ok, I’m getting excited too!’ and she too sat down and put a hand on Melissa’s knees as she gazed longingly into her eyes.

They kissed, a few short pecks on the lips at first but soon they were kissing deeply, their tongues entwined as they both moaned and groaned with pleasure, their hands frantically exploring each other’s bodies, brushing up and down stockinged legs, fingers feeling for the bulges which were growing in their panties through the material of their outfits.

They stopped for a moment and looked each other in the eyes, each knowing what was coming next. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for this?’ Sara whispered, knowing the answer instinctively. ‘Of course, darling’ Melissa replied, her voice trembling as her heart pounded in her chest. Their lips came together again perabet güvenilir mi as Sara brushed a hand up Melissa’s legs beyond her stocking tops and under her dress. She felt Melissa’s hardness bulging in her thong and she pulled back her dress to reveal the shiny, black material. She fingered Melissa for a few moments through the thong and smiled into her eyes as Melissa gasped with pleasure and anticipation. Then she bent down and gently kissed Melissa’s girl cock through the lycra. This was almost too much for Melissa who let out a huge groan of pleasure as she felt Sara’s tongue teasing the tip of her cock through the sexy material. Sara carried on teasing her, running her tongue up and down along the length of her cock and repeatedly flicking the tip with her tongue.

Melissa was ecstatic. The years of dressing on her own, perfecting her dressing, her hair and makeup, the years of chatting online to other girls hoping to find that special friend to share her experience with, the months of chatting with Sara building up to this day, all of that had now culminated in this dream meeting. Sara was every bit as sexy as she had hoped and more and she was awash with excitement, pleasure and raw sexual energy as she felt Sara playing with her. She thought she could not imagine a higher degree of sexual pleasure than this moment, but things were about to go up to an even higher level.

The black, shiny material of her thong was wet from Sara’s tongue on the outside and from her own precum on the inside. Sara pulled down the thong and Melissa’s hard cock sprang out. Sara looked at it as she salivated. It was the perfect girl cock, completely shaved, long and medium girth, veins bulging as it throbbed with sexual excitement. Sara pulled back the foreskin and salivated some more at the tip which was glistening with Melissa’s precum. She licked the slit gently with her tongue and Melissa thrashed about with her arms as she squealed with pleasure. Sara tasted her precum, it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. She moved her tongue across the tip for a few more moments, mopping it all up before taking Melissa fully into her mouth. She licked and sucked Melissa’s girl cock, moving up and down the shaft as her lover squirmed and moaned seemingly uncontrollably. She rubbed Melissa’s shaft with her fingers as she sucked. ‘Don’t make me cum yet Sara’ gasped Melissa as she tried to hold back her rapidly approaching orgasm.

Sara stopped sucking Melissa and moved her head away. Part of her just wanted to keep going until Melissa shot her load into her mouth, she wanted to taste every drop of cum her lover could produce. But she respected Melissa’s wish to delay the climax and in any case she was very keen to reverse the roles with her lesbian lover.

The two girls were now so excited that the time elapsed for Melissa to lift Sara’s skirt, pull her panties down and pounce on her cock was minimal. She licked and sucked Sara frantically as her tipobet hands busily worked their way all over her girlfriend’s sexy legs and bum. Sara took very little time to reach the pre orgasmic heights of pleasure her friend had experienced earlier. She knew that at this rate Melissa would make her cum soon.

‘Melissa stop a moment’ she cried out in anguish, not wanting to cum so soon. Melissa pulled her mouth away, panting with the lust she felt from sucking Sara. ‘Sorry hun I got carried away’ she gasped. ‘Its ok’ replied Sara, ‘come over here’ and she moved into the middle of the bed guiding Melissa to join her. They kissed and put their arms and legs around each other and rolled around on the bed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths whilst their hands and legs wrapped themselves around each other, their hard girl cocks rubbing against each other as they moaned with pleasure. ‘Are you ready to cum hunni?’ Sara panted as their mouths parted for a moment. She need not have asked. Instinctively the two girls arranged themselves in the sixty nine position as tongues and mouths found willing cocks once again. They sucked each other lustfully, moaning and squirming on the bed. Melissa felt herself reaching a climax and she sensed Sara was at the same stage. Then suddenly she exploded into Sara’s mouth, a second later her mouth was flooded with Sara’s delicious cum. She swallowed it ravenously as she writhed with orgasmic pleasure.

The two girls moved back to face each other, they kissed passionately and moaned with post orgasmic lust as they swapped saliva and what remained of the cum which had not been swallowed. ‘You taste fantastic’ Melissa whispered as she smiled lovingly at Sara, swallowing the last drops of cum mixed with saliva. ‘That’s probably yours as well’ Sara replied and they laughed together and kissed once more.

Exhausted from their passionate lovemaking they lay side by side staring into each other’s eyes, touching and caressing each other gently and lovingly. ‘I’m so relaxed and happy now’ Melissa whispered to her lover who smiled back knowingly. They lay there for ages gazing at each other savouring the peaceful joy they both felt.

Some time later Sara sat up. ‘I’ll leave first’ she whispered and stood up to go into the bathroom to get changed. Melissa wanted her to stay for ever but knew that they had to leave. She knew that there would be many more meets with Sara after this. A short time later the bathroom door opened again and was left open so that Sara could exit, back in guy mode, without Melissa seeing her. ‘Good bye for now darling, I’ll see you online’ she whispered as she left and closed the door to the corridor.

Melissa felt sad as she made her way into the bathroom to get changed, it had all been over too quickly and she didn’t relish the thought of getting back into guy mode. But her spirits perked up as she entered the bathroom. There on the ledge were Sara’s cum soaked panties and a post it note which read ‘Melissa, a souvenir for you :), Love Sara xxx’. She held them to her face and kissed them.

As she drove home Melissa replayed in her mind the wonderful time she had spent with Sara and smiled. Her first time had definitely lived up to expectations and she couldn’t wait until the next time!

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