Mature lets loose – Part 1

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Mature lets loose – Part 1
After 20 years of marriage our sex life had become non-existent. I had been of it for a while, not sure why probably a number of things, and work stress had left my husband tired and lacking drive. After about 12 months he started to come out of it but I still little desire to have sex. Even when I was horny, I preferred my vibrator to having sex.

Eventually he confessed to me he had cheated on me, the circumstances being a little bizarre. We have a nudist beach about an hour drive from our house, he had gone down there ‘just to feel something’, and had wandered into an area regulars knew as a pick up area, and hooked up with a woman there. At least that was his story. After a week or two of soul searching and arguing, we decided on a trial separation, which I found out he used to hook up with other women.

A few stressful months later I was going through a horny phase, and out of spite decided to check out the nudist beach my husband had been to. It was out of character for me, as being chubby my whole life I was very self conscious, and always wore a loose shirt over my bathing costume, let alone casino şirketleri go naked. After sitting in the carpark for a while, I saw a number of people not much different to me enter, so I eventually plucked up the courage. I had a robe on, and as I entered the beach let it hang open, and although people glanced at me there was no stares or judgment, so I relaxed a little and found a quiet secluded spot, undressing completely.

A short time later a couple around my age sat near me, with the husband between us. After a few minutes she started to play with his cock. She must have seen my surprise, and asked me if it bothered me. I said no, and offered to leave, but she said it was OK if I wanted to watch. I found out later that I was in the area where people came to have sex, away from anyone who didn’t want to see it.

When he was fully hard, she started to play with his erection with her mouth, just teasing with her tongue and gentle sucking at first, before slowly sliding up and down his shaft. The man moaned gently and whispered words of encouragement as she worked. I found myself highly aroused, I had never casino firmalari seen live sex before and I was loving it. After a few minutes she stopped sucking, but continued to stroke slowly with her hand.

“Want to join in? the woman asked. I was stunned.

“Don’t be shy,” she continued, motioning me over. I looked at the man, and he smiled and nodded his approval. I thought for a moment, before moving to a poition where I could touch his cock. I took over the stroking, the first cock I had in my hand other than my husbands for years. I loved the feel of it, and when the wife prompted me so take it my mouth I didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t remember the last time I tasted pre-cum, wondering why it had been so long.

I worked my mouth up and down his shaft for several minutes, pausing a few times to suck the head hard. I spent some time teasing the full length with my tongue, and took each of his balls in my mouth in turn, massaging them with my tongue and sucking them hard also. Then I returned to working his cock again.

“Is that good baby?” the woman asked, and the man muttered words of approval.

“She looks güvenilir casino like a good cocksucker,” she said, and the praise made me feel good.

“You look ready to cum baby,” she continued.

“God yes!” he agreed. I don’t swallow so I stopped sucking and began jerking him off.

“Pump that cock hard,” the woman ordered, “Make him squirt a big load!”

I did as I was told, and a minute later the man let out a series of loud groans as he ejaculated high in the air, covering his chest and stomach with his cum. I let out a squeal of pleasure as came. The smell and feel of cum excited me, and I continued to play with his cock, smearing the cum on my hands all over his cock and balls, stopping when he softened.

The man thanked us both for the ‘service’, and I giggled with both pleasure and embarassment. I couldn’t believe what I had done but I loved it. The man went down to the water to wash himself off, and the woman and I chatted. The man was indeed her husband, they were named Dave and Jenny, and over the last few years had started swinging a little. I told them a little about my situation, and she invited me to join them some time for some more ‘naked fun’ as she put it. We swapped numbers and a few days later we arranged to meet up for a drink. That part of the story to come.

I left the beach shortly after, and my vibrator got a workout that night as I relived the experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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