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Testimonies of victims :

“I was bought like catle ,those niggers were free to feel everywere before they bought me.Fingers entered me, wiggling their way inside ,my breasts were groped and squeezed, nipples pinched and yanked and twisted. I squealed and sobbed and moaned to the endless crowd of eager black men ,my body jerked to and fro as big black dicks slapped against my upraised buttocks.They all let me feel I was just fuckmeat?

” Upon arrival in their brothel , without any ceremony, they roughly jammed a huge glob of vaseline up my bum-hole. Pausing for a moment they put some more on their fingers and rubbed it all over their cocks. After completing this chore, without any ceremony, one after the other jammed his willy up my dirt-pipe. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt like a motherfucker. I tried to relax and push out like i was taking a shit, but it didn’t do much good. . Not as long as they were using their pecker as a battering ram. After the first came the next nigger was ready to resume sodomizing me. The whole first 48 hours i must be ready for the next anal onslaught”

” There was a lot of laughter when they were gangr****g us during the first week.They were a bunch of sick black bastards making disgusting comments while they ****d us .”You girls are gonna be three holers.You know what that means?”

“Every hour was the same ,some black waived me over. I got up and walked over to him. He stood up and pulled his pants and shorts down and sat back down. He didn’t even bother to tell me what he wanted. He didn’t have to. I squeezed in between his legs and bent over and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth and sucked him off with little difficulty. He came soon and I swallowed his double mouthful of cum and then I licked up the last few drops from the end of his cock and straightened up again until the next black will call me”

“It was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. This nightmare had no end, and it was my fault for everything that had happened. At best, we would be sold to some disgusting pervert after we served at least 40 years in those black pimps brothels “TOURING “for the rest of our lives from one to the other whorehouse to serve 50 blacks each day,mostly two or three at a time to get our quota done”

“They ****d us each morning without any feelings of remorse. To these criminals, a naked woman who was once a member of high society and now nothing but a cheap prostitute ,still was an exciting sex partner canlı bahis . It didn’t take long for them to begin groping our tits and poking their unwashed hands into our cunt, they enjoy former high class white woman’s sex flesh. It proved to be a revelation and made every pimp excited about having a chance to enjoy our cunt, tits, mouth and tight asshole.”

“There was nowhere to go. Not with fifteen horny negroes surrounding us hungrily.Then they make their choice: blonde or brunette, schoolgirl orcheerleader, front or back, standing, sitting, or prone. They had no time for any nonsense.Get ‘us, fuck us, and go … next!.”

“We all preferred been brutally ****d and sodomized then those forced presentations as a whore for “blacks only “to give the client a precarious erection.Mostky walking in the middle of a crowd of admirers,forced smiling,forced provoking. We are certainly not educated to entertain a whole gang of criminals as a sort of party b**st,humiliated and probed by all black gangmembers .”

“From the moment a client unzip and show his monstercock we have to open our mouth and wait until he put the tip of his cock in it before we are allowed to close over the head of his stiff member.Mostly the client will force us to sit like that before he makes his choise or use us all one after the other before he puts his load in one of us”

“Three-minutes of intimacy” — that’s all those negroes in the ghetto brothels need as they lined up to use us as a thoroughly fucked, ****d-a-100-times-a-day black pimps prostitutes ,they only got to ram us for three minutes because so many other blacks were lined up to do the same.”

“The sexual enslavement in the black pimps brothels is beyond any imagination.We are treated like garbage being forced to endure the ‘turnstile’ sex of 5 men an hour .Imagine the tremendous emotional damage resulting from this — in addition to the inflammation and swelling and pain from so much sex. How disgusting it is to serve one black after another.”

“I am a mattress for “Blacks only” now.My last client spent six hours sexually assaulting me and calling me obscene names.”

“that lifestyle, it really does rip you apart until you have absolutely NOTHING left–and, you will even lose your soul ! “said some of the victims.

?I was d**gged in a bar, a*****ed and sold into sexual slavery in a secret underground facility along with hundreds of other slaves, coerced into total submission by various means including severe beatings and total isolation in a pitch bahis siteleri dark rat infected concrete pit for days on end by a white slavery ring . Then, after a brief period of intense practical training and motivational conditioning, displayed, chained in a line-up for selection scheduled to be sold to blacks who would employ me as a prostitute in a black pimps brothel .?

?The clients never understand how the pimps turned us , classy white ladies into dirty sluts for niggers.We know better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The pimps starved us, beat us u*********s frequently, whipped our front and back with various implements, had them ****d us dozens of times daily, kept awake with stimulants that scrambled our mind, forced gallons of water and urine down our throats, fisted us to the point that our reproductive organs were irreparably damaged and had us tattooed with the word “BLACKS ONLY” or other humiliating and obscene pictures on various parts of our body’s, not to speak of the frequent dog and horse ****s which they considered as educating how to serve giant black monsterdicks.?

?They broke me completely with sodomizing while he held my head under water. He would fill the bath tub to its limit and tie my hands behind my back. He would bend me over the edge of the tub and work his cock into my tight ass. Once he built up a head of steam he’d plunge my head into the water, hot or cold depending on his mood, and hold me there as he sawed away inside my puckered asshole. Naturally more times than not i would wind up ingesting large quantities of water before he had the good sense to let me up so i could catch a breath before her next dunking .After 3 hours i did and promished all perversities he wants to hear.?

?Now I know better and smile to every nigger who can help me to get the quota done , trying to handle the sexual needs of 50 niggers each day while breached and battered, penetrated, plundered and pummeled, skewered, stretched and split,not to mention being filled and drilled, reamed raw and sore, slammed, jammed , rammed ,sucked and swallowed,smooched and slobbered, slathered and slithered and did whatever movements were required to harden, soften and cleanse the big black monsterdicks of my clients.Not to say that i ignored my obligations to the guards and the pimps whenever they needed me for personal abuse.?

?I had seen the look in his eyes. And I was not sure I liked what I had seen. I was shit-scared , helpless,this big black nigger could let me do whatever he bahis şirketleri liked . The only thought in my scrambled brain was to get it over as soon as possible. He will fuck me hard and strong …. He could always fuck me again. And again and again and again. Just whenever he wanted.I understand now the true torment of sexual slavery in the black pimps brothels. ?

?My lips were trembling, my cheeks twitching.. i fought down the bitter fury in my heart. I had to accept… had to submit….. my prime object was to please the niggers. I had become quite unstinted in my efforts to please the niggers. That was my duty. My duty as a white sex slave. My arrogance, selfishness and short-temper had been subdued and eradicated in a matter of 3 days. I had been through so much with so many niggers,dogs,pigs and horses that there did not seem to me now any lower depths to which i could sink. The guests of the brothel had to be treated with courtesy and their requests fully complied with. I had become an object merely to be used only for blacks pleasures.?

?I was turned into a fucking machine with no mind. I wondered if the clients knew how i’d been pimped in. I doubted they’d care. I wondered what my husband would say if he saw me like this. This whole thing was so totally perverted, so disgusting and filthy. I was trussed up like a pig, and lewdly prepared for the black men’s sexual amusement. I came to hate every single one of those niggers.?

“My attempts to please both of them resulted in just more physical abuse. There was no winning and it might just drive me mad.This was it; the moment they’d really ruin me. These monsters were about to dirty me in a way i could never wash away. I knew it was pointless to try and stop them, I’m your snooty, pudgey, pale assed, black cumdump, i was forced to say in the end .”

?After been transported to a new brothel my new pimp will have constant demands on my body.His hands roamed all over my body, my hips and thighs, my waist, my breasts and pussy.It was most satisfying to him and was moaning his pleasure constantly as he fondled me, his new sex slave ,in a heated caressing and forced kissing of deep sexual arousal and tonging. If I showed any reluctance at all i would find myself dog or horse ****d. I would provide his entertainment during the coming years and would surely suffer much in the course of my duties when i serves his many black clients.?

“I was a very happy girl before they k**napped me. These men were monsters. They didn’t see me as another human being, but just a fun, little distraction. I was meat to starving a****ls and they wouldn’t think twice about putting a bullet in my head. If i wanted to make it alive, I’d have to be and do everything they wanted. ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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