Makes Me His Bitch

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Makes Me His Bitch
I’m just a regular 21 year old girl, I’m 5’6¨, slim
and quite top heavy. But then that doesn’t really
matter as you are going to imagine your own fantasy
girl as you are reading this. I would like to say now
this story is based on truth. So allow me to begin to
tell you all on how it came about me becoming Casper’s
little slut.

As I was growing up as a little girl I have always had
an affinity towards dogs, they just seem to get me if
you can understand that and as I was growing up I
relied more and more heavily on my Alsatian Casper. I
have been lucky enough to have Casper since I was 7
years old. Casper and I did everything together, he
slept in my bed with me, ate dinner with me, he even
led on the floor whilst I bathed. However growing up
and reaching puberty the dynamic of our relationship
slowly yet surely started to change for the better.

It was in 2005 when our love affair began. My parents
had left me alone in the home for the night safe in
the knowledge that Casper would look after me. Being a
15 year old girl being left at home I was pretty
limited as to what I could really do to entertain
myself. So I decided to take a bath and as always
Casper followed me in and sat next to the bath whilst
I bathed. As I was washing myself my whole body seemed
to become all tingly and as I started working on the
top of my legs I accidently brushed my finger across
my clit a gasp escaped my mouth.

Wow that felt incredible, I thought to myself so I
tentatively started playing with myself soon my left
hand was wandering up to my supple breasts as I got
closer and closer to my first ever orgasm. I canlı bahis was
gently moaning when all of a sudden a felt Casper lick
my face. I instantly stopped what I was doing and
sighed when I realised Casper thought I was hurt and
was just comforting me. Realising that today wasn’t
going to be th e day I was going to orgasm I decided
to get out of the bath and towelled myself dry.

Wrapping the towel around my damp body I bent over to
pull the plug out of the bath when I felt Casper’s
tongue once again on me but instead he took a swipe of
my pussy from just below my pubic mound to my ass, a
jolt of instantaneous lust and disgust flared up. “Bad
Casper” I scorned ” You can’t do that to me when I
have just been playing with myself, it just isn’t

Casper’s tongue took another swipe at my pussy and I
could feel him trying to push it in “mmm Casper stop
that now” I sighed whilst spreading my legs a little ‘
Sarah you can’t let your pet lick you out it’s so
disgusting no matter how lovely it feels’ I thought to
myself so I pushed Casper away and went into my
bedroom to sit on my bed and dry my hair with Casper
following closely behind.

As I sat down I noticed that there was a slight bit of
pink poking out of Casper’s sheath “Oh Casper seems
like you are just as wound up as I am,” I said gently
as I gave him a hug. “There there boy we will get you
a lovely girlfriend to play with soon I will ask Mum
and Dad.”

Not realising Casper’s nose was close to my pussy from
the angle i was hugging him at I was surprised to say
the least when he started nipping gently on my clit.
The sudden jolt of random intense pleasure mobilbahis güvenilir mi made me
moan out load and lie back. There was no point in
fighting it any longer, I leaned back on the bed and
spread my legs letting Casper get full access to my

“MMMM Casper thats it boy keep eating mummy make me
moan out for you Casper, mmm” Casper was licking my
pussy with gusto and started snaking his long tongue
into mu cunny trying to get more of my juices, I
couldn’t hold back any longer “Ohh fuck yes Casper,
unnn please deeper” I moaned as I started fucking his

Just before I peaked, Casper stopped and started
whining at me whilst gently humping the air.

“Oh Casper, you’re just like all the other boys always
want something back” I sighed as I got down onto my
knees, tentatively i started stroking him getting
closer and closer to his sheath, as I brushed passed
it Casper licked my face in encouragement. I couldn’t
even believe I was thinking of jacking off my beloved
pet let alone lusting to do it. I gripped his sheath
and gently began coaxing his doggy cock out.

It was so warm and quickly started dripping with doggy
juice. Casper really started to move his hips in time
with my hand and was licking my face so much it
started getting gross. “Ohh you like that boy? You
like it when I play with your doggy dick?” I said as i
started jacking faster “Well boy if you won’t finish
me off it’s only fair that I don’t finish you off” I
said as I stopped.

Casper whined and started pushing against me humping
his doggy cock towards my body I couldn’t help but
laugh and started mobilbahis giriş to get up. Casper must have saw this
as an opportunity as all of the sudden I felt this
weight land on my back and quick as lightening Casper
was trying to find a hole to bury his doggy dick. I
was scared, very, very scared “Casper DOWN” I said in
my sternest voice as i tried moving away from him but
his front legs were holding me in a death grip.

His dick was stabbing wildly at my pussy and ass hole
and it really bloody hurt if I am honest then all of a
sudden he managed to bury two inches into my pussy, I
let out a gasp, and him sensing he finally had his
bitch where he wanted her rammed himself fully inside
“Ouch fuck” I cried as he started fucking me really
hard, it was as if he was thinking that I shouldn’t
have messed about with him before and should’ve
finished him off.

His strokes were hard and fast and I soon started
moaning out loud “Oh that’s it Casper, make me your
whore make me crave your dog cock forever” his head
was on my shoulder and hearing him pant in my ear made
me go buck wild. I started meeting his thrusts trying
to get more of his cock in me and very quickly I
started to feel my pussy getting fuller.

“Yes, ohh god yes, god damn what is that it’s making
me feel so full” Caspers humping started to get harder
but shorter in its strokes, I leant on one arm and
used my spare hand to play with my clit. “Mmm that’s
it boy,” I moaned. “Spunk in my cunt, give me your

Suddenly Casper’s short erratic thrusts stopped and he
just led there on my back but the big ball in my pussy
was throbbing, soon i found myself having a huge
orgasm. “MMMmmm, Casper. Oh yes, that’s it, breed me,
shoot your spunk in me, mmmmmmmm…”

As my orgasm subsided I noticed that I couldn’t move
from Casper without him shifting with me, we were
stuck together…
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