Love Thy Neighbor Ch. 04

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Being more exhausted than we thought, all three of us fell asleep in each other’s arms while watching the Walking Dead. I had some truly strange dreams as a result, but at least in my dreams I got a chance to fuck Lori, and then Andrea. That was nice enough. I even ended up screwing Maggie, surprising as that was to me. I woke up just as I was about to have to kill Shane, though … but why did I have to do that again?

I never got the answer in that dream, as I awoke to a phone call from my boss, Nina, of all people. Why was she calling me at this early hour … wait, what hour was it? Did I dream the threesome with Rick and Jessica, and if so, why did I watch the Walking Dead last night? I went to the john, washed my hands, and then answered Nina’s third attempt to reach me. Why didn’t she text me?

“Hello,” I answered very slowly and cautiously.

“Um … Bruno … there’s a … situation. I’m … pregnant. And I don’t know if it’s his … or yours. I’ve been fucking both of you often enough that either of you could be the Daddy. He doesn’t know, you know. He really has no fucking clue that I’m stepping out on him like this. It’s just full-on cheating on my part.

“Here’s the problem … I don’t want to leave Matt. Sorry, I just don’t, so if you had fantasies of me leaving him for you … it won’t happen. I like having my cake and eating it, too, trust me. I know you well enough to know that you’re not faithful to me, so spare me any protestations, please. I never asked you to be faithful, and it would be a very odd request to make of an adulterous lover.

“What I want from you is … a DNA swab, please. I need to know. I have to know, because this determines … possibly the fate of my marriage, my unborn child, all of that jazz. Most of all, I have to know in case he or she ever needs a perfect match for organs and blood, you know. I can’t keep a secret this big from him … if it’s not his baby.

“The baby’s not far enough along yet to test its results via, but at least I can store the data for comparison later. I’m not even gonna tell him about the pregnancy until I’m sure. I’m not ruling out an abortion, so let’s be clear. That IS an option that I have considered in case it’s necessary to save my marriage. I’ll do anything to save it … except be faithful. It’s not possible to be faithful. It just isn’t an option for me. It’s hard to explain,” Nina told me rather bluntly.

“Well, that sounds like me. I never did fidelity very well at all, as you might have guessed by now. So I can relate. Is that why? A similar promiscuous or at least polyamorous bent? You can’t bear to swear off others and limit your options, or is it something else?” I wondered now.

“To be honest, it’s the same reason that I got with Matt in the first place, the same reason that I cheated on my last boyfriend with him … and left him for Matt. The same reason why I accepted Matt’s proposal of marriage, and then married him basically when he was good and ready. The same reason that I broke a thousand rules just to be your lover. Well, one of your lovers. I … I have a specific weakness, and in some ways, perhaps, it can make me … polyamorous or whatever.

“But here it goes. I can’t refuse an aggressive man. A guy gets rough and ready with me, pushes my limits, takes charge … I’m putty in his hands. I’m such a bitch most of the time, but when a guy makes me HIS bitch, I tend to surrender. I can’t be faithful to Matt because whether we stay together or not, and I hope that we do, I’ll always be ready to bend over for the next aggressive, assertive, forceful man who takes me how you did … and how Matt did.

“I know why it doesn’t bother you that I’m cheating on him. You can’t stand him, so your empathy for him is lower than for most guys. You have no scruples about putting horns on a man who you consider to be a jerk or a prick. And frankly, at times, you’re right. He can be like that. He certainly had no hang-ups about taking me off Steve, I can tell you that. Oh, Steve was pissed, too, but Matt got him to leave me alone and that guaranteed that I was Matt’s bitch.

“Now, I’m YOUR bitch, too! But I’m still Matt’s … bitch … and his wife. That’s just how it is. I won’t stop putting out for you … or for him. He wants me, he can have me. You want me. You can have me. If Steve came back aggressively and wanted me, he could have me, too. That’s how he got me in the first place. He’s ugly as sin, but he was assertive, domineering, pushy, and that’s what I need in my men.

“It’s canlı bahis not rape, but it is aggression. Dominance. Forcefulness. It’s what it takes to get a good Assyrian girl like me to go against my … upbringing. Religious, traditional, conservative, etc. It takes a man who will just take charge, fuck me, and make me wet for him. If a guy asks nicely, I’m gonna turn him down. That’s just how it is. If he just takes me out back and does me, as you did, I’m going to give up the pussy, the booty, everything.

“I’m not to be had for the asking, but I am to be had for the taking. It’s just something about that factor that makes me wet and makes me weak for a man. I have such a bitchy personality in many ways that many guys would never guess that fact. But I think that … somehow, it’s a test. Once a guy starts just … grabbing me and using me, I can’t resist. It’s just not in me to resist.

“Which is why I can never be faithful to any man. Because as soon as another man starts fucking me, I let him. I cannot refuse that kind of forceful advance, you know. It’s like … wow. Men like that, like you, and Matt … and Steve to a lesser extent, men who just take me … those men, you guys, you’re my Kryptonite. I completely cave when a man just has his way with me,” Nina finally confessed her true nature, and it actually made sense.

“It’s the absolution effect, isn’t it? I get it. I’m Catholic,” Jessica broke into our convo, since I had turned on speaker, “sorry, I overheard. I’m Jessica. The other married woman who’s sleeping with Bruno. Oh, and my husband, Rick, is sleeping with him, too. You know that he’s banging his cousin, too, right? Yeah, it’s kinda clear that he is. I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night. I’ve seen how she behaves around him. Hands all over him and eyes unable to tear themselves away from him. Besides, he confirmed it hours ago … after a threesome with Rick and me. Face it … we’re sharing a pretty hot stud and we just need to get used to it, right?”

“True, but by ‘absolution effect,’ you mean that because he’s the aggressor, I feel relieved of guilt and responsibility? I suppose that’s true enough. I was brought up in a fairly strict Assyrian household. I got seriously lectured about a number of things growing up, to say nothing of other, nastier punishments. I was also pampered like crazy whenever they were happy with me. When Papa died … a lot of that went away. I guess that I’ve always been drawn to strong, aggressive men ever since,” Nina admitted now.

“Well, that has been a boon to Uncle Vito’s company, which is why you’re my boss. I pulled strings. I knew that Aunt Lisa would never allow me to be promoted to that spot, but you, on the other hand, you would do. Uncle Vito’s gonna leave the firm to me when he dies, since they have no kids, but by then, Aunt Lisa won’t be able to stop me. And in the meantime, you’re the bitchy boss who helps keep the workers in line, you know. Uncle Vito’s super pleased with you, just so you know,” I confessed my role in getting Nina her job with my uncle’s firm.

“Wait, Vito is your uncle? I had no clue! I thought he might be related to you, there was a good chance with both of you being Italian, but I didn’t know that he was your uncle at all. What’s Aunt Lisa’s beef with you, by the way, the one that got me this job? Not that I resent the position, but I’m curious,” Nina asked me now, even as Rick stirred and started sucking my cock.

“Well, it’s two, maybe three things. One, I’m very irreverent, irreligious, that sort of thing. She’s a rather pious Catholic and hates that I seldom go to Mass. She also doesn’t like that I’m a lecher. To her, I’m the poster boy for every stereotype about Italian guys. And more to the point, she knows that I fuck my cousin, their niece. Her niece by marriage. I’m a rebellious type, not to mention very aggressive with ladies. That sort of thing.

“The funny thing is that Uncle Vito cheats on her and she knows it. She puts up with it, looks the other way, no doubt citing the fact that divorce and remarriage are mortal sins in the eyes of the Church. But she’s also in love with the guy. Madly so. And resentful that they still don’t have kids. Sure, she gets jealous, but she also loves and enjoys him. So she takes her anger and bitterness out on me,” I explained while Jessica began sucking Rick’s dick and he kept giving me a rather intense blowjob.

“And she’s attracted to you. Clearly, if you’re two peas in a pod and she’s turned-on by him, even while resenting bahis siteleri him, she feels that same pull toward you and is angry about that. I’ve seen how she looks at you, so it’s not just a theory. She stares at your butt when she doesn’t think that anyone’s watching her. She’s even ogled your package now and then. You know, your fine cock! Trust me, your auntie on some level wants to ride that prick of yours,” Nina shocked me with her insight into Aunt Lisa.

“Well, I’m not going to hit on her, because Uncle Vito would likely disinherit me if I did. And because he’s never done anything to piss me off. Quite the opposite. Oh, and he knows that we’re fucking. He told me so himself. I think that he wouldn’t mind some of that action himself,” I observed, even as Rick and Jessica now took turns sucking my cock.

“Hey … you’re fucking that couple … can you fuck them on the phone with me? I want to listen in on your devil’s threesome. Pretty please? And yes, I’m aware that your uncle would hit it if he could, but your aunt would find out and I’d lose my job for sure for that. I’m not saying that I’d refuse him, though. I couldn’t if he made the first move,” Nina urged me and I grinned at that thought.

I lined my cock up at the outside of Rick’s backdoor and positioned him behind Jessica so that he could fuck her while I buggered him. We lubed up pretty well, and soon I was in his ass while he took her butt for a ride as well. Yes, he really started sodomizing his wife even as I did the same to him, turning both of them on very hot and heavy. I could hear Nina moaning in the background as she jilled off to the sound of this train.

“Damn … I wish that I could have a threesome with you and Matt, or even a gang-bang including Steve! All three of you are just grabbing me and having your way with me! You in my ass, Steve fucking my face, and Matt underneath me, impaling me with his nice, big dick! Making me airtight for the first time ever! You’d be fresh from fucking Jessica or Rick … or both or Lauren, damn! You’d be able to hold on for a while and really pound my bottom as it needs!” Nina expressed her fantasies as she heard me still plowing Rick’s backfield.

“Fuck, yeah, Rick … fuck me harder while he takes your ass! Fuck him harder, too, please, Bruno! Ravage his asshole while he takes me even rougher! Can you feel how much Bruno stretched my butthole, Rick? Yeah, it feels just as good as how he is plundering your booty, too! Is he stretching you, babe? Does it feel as good for you as it does for me? Better, even, since you have a prostate and I don’t?” Jessica kept up the dirty talk where Nina could hear it, making my boss all hot and bothered from the realization that this really was happening.

All of the sudden, we heard a very loud scream and I recognized it as Nina’s orgasmic shriek. It was a very guttural, animalistic one, too. She began shouting in Assyrian, too, though I had no idea what she said. I just kept pronging Rick’s cornhole, enjoying his firm, tight, olive-skinned, toned, muscular butt for the treat that it was.

The harder I slammed into Rick, the more his hips worked overtime and he also rammed his wife’s lovely tush as it deserved. Jessica craved very rough anal, that much was clear to all of us. She was as much at her husband’s mercy as he was at mine, and neither of us showed much mercy at all right then. It was one the hottest things ever, reaming Rick that hard while he did the same to his gorgeous blonde wife.

That was when Rick came … a bit faster than expected. To be fair to him, it was rather tough not to cum when you had your cock engulfed by your sultry wife’s tight, slick ass and the thick prick of your rather aggressive neighbor up your bunghole. The tickling of the prostate itself would be enough at times. He spilled his load and Jessica came to the slimy feeling of her husband’s spunk in her delectable derriere.

I knew how to salvage this, of course, not that there was a real problem. I just knew that Rick was embarrassed that he came before his wife. He, like I, tended to want to ensure the satisfaction of the lady in his arms first, as a matter of pride. So, yes, he was a bit flustered that he got his rocks off first this time around. Jessica saw that look on his face and pulled him close for a very passionate kiss.

“It’s okay … you helped make me cum, baby! Does it really matter if it was caused by your cumming rather than preceding it? I love that you want me to cum first … but sometimes, it’s okay for the man to bahis şirketleri come first … I don’t mind being unselfish, too … and I DID cum, okay? Now, let me suck your dick while … oh, God, yes … while Bruno takes my backdoor! Fuck, yes!” Jessica assured her loving hubby while I began driving deep up inside her bottom.

“Yeah, and you gave me some lube to take your wife’s lovely ass!” I pointed out while Jessica gave him some serious head, too.

I reamed Jessica very hard now, but I couldn’t keep it up much longer. Between Rick’s sloppy seconds in her tush and the wonderful view below me of her delightful cheeks, not to mention her curvy hips … and the sight of her going ass-to-mouth that way, I lost it. Knowing that Nina still listened in didn’t help my cause, either. I exploded about the same time that Jessica did, after which I lowered my mouth and began eating that anal creampie much to her delight. It just looked too damn yummy not to lick it all up.

I also spanked Jessica’s buns as she squirmed, wiggled, moaned, and kept sucking her husband’s cock. We knew that nothing between us could ever be the same. My boss, my married boss, was privy to my menage a trois arrangement with my neighbors. This sweet, sexy couple that I adored clearly felt the same way. Nina knew about that. They both knew about Lauren. Lauren knew about Nina. It was only a matter of time before Lauren knew about Rick and Jessica.

My lovers all knew about each other, or all would soon enough, and the only one still in the dark would be Matt. I was fine with that, but how much longer could that last, me smirking behind that asshat’s back until he found out that I hung horns on him just as he did to Steve? How long could Nina keep up the secret herself before she felt guilty? And what would we do if the baby was, in fact, mine? Maybe get her to let Uncle Vito and Aunt Lisa adopt?

In the meantime, Jessica told us, “Guys, how about swapping places? That was … great, but I want to taste my husband’s ass on Bruno’s cock. And I want to feel my loving husband’s tongue back there, eating my booty! Best to do it now while there’s still some creampie left, right? Save some for my hubby!”

It didn’t take me much convincing, or Rick, for that matter. The next thing I knew, Jessica slurped up and down on my prick while her husband licked her butt with serious gusto. He rimmed her like her crack was a Dairy Queen sundae. He particularly made her moan when he lapped up the rest of the mixed loads of both of us from her asshole itself.

Nina moaned yet again and I knew that this wouldn’t be the end of it. I had one idea that sounded good, at least in theory. But it would require me to face each of my regular lovers. I would sit down and talk it over with all four of them. Like civilized, rational adults. And then I would enlist Steve to put more horns on Matt. It was likely that he was salivating at such a prospect, anyway. A balm to his wounded ego and pride.

When Jessica moaned and we all stopped, I told Nina, “Why don’t you come over in the morning, or maybe afternoon, don’t bring Matt, just your lovely self … Rick and Jessica can skip Mass tomorrow, and I’ll invite Lauren over as well. We need to clear the air … and find a solution in the event that this baby is mine, anyway. She encouraged me to fuck you, after all, and I’m glad that I listened to her.”

“Matt’s out of town until next weekend, so that works for me. He doesn’t come back until a week from tomorrow. Sunday afternoon at the latest. That’s how I could pull this off. I’ll be there, babe. Count on it. Oh, and can you call Steve for me … I need … I need to make amends. And you know what I mean by that,” Nina intimated that she thought much like me on that point.

Steve really should be back in her life, fucking her just like Matt and me.

“Sounds great … and in the meantime, I’ll spit in a little dish for you. You can get your DNA from me that way. I’ll keep it frozen. Maybe we should let someone else get the results and keep it from us, only telling us if there’s a medical emergency that requires us to know. I honestly hope that it’s Matt’s … mostly. There is an evil part of me that wants it to be mine instead,” I confessed now.

“Oh, I wouldn’t call that evil. Just a little wicked, that’s all. And I must confess that a small part of me wants that, too. Mostly as comeuppance for what a prick he can be, even as much as I love him, and yes, I do. And perhaps a bit of karma given that he took me from Steve that way, babe. Anyway, thank you guys. It’s been fun, trust me!” Nina hung up on us just as I took Rick and Jessica by the hand and led them back to our shower.

What an evening! Now I just had to call Lauren … and Steve.

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