Long Distance Ch. 01

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Alright, I’ll be honest. I haven’t written any erotic stories in at least a year or longer. I’d like to say that life got in the way, but that wouldn’t be completely true. Though life did play a small role in why I haven’t written, the main reason has been because I haven’t had any inspiration as of late. So to those of you that have enjoyed my stories and asked for more, I apologize for having taken so long to write again. And now I’d like to share with you my first erotic story since I stopped writing. This story comes by way of inspiration and feedback from a fellow Literotica reader and writer. His encouragement has given me what I needed to start writing erotica again. I hope that you all enjoy the story.


Chapter 1 Cybersex and the Real Thing

Jurindha kicked off her heels as she entered her apartment and let out a sigh of relief while wiggling her stockinged toes. It was good to be out of those heels and home from work. Walking to her room and stripping as she did so, Jurindha wondered if she had gotten any messages from Grant while she was gone. It would be nice to hear from him again. He was such a wonderful man and they shared a wonderful connection, even if it was long distance.

Pushing the power button on her lap top she slipped into a semi-loose pair of shorts and a black sports bra while the computer booted up. Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge in the kitchen she drank deeply of it while she headed back to her room. Settling in with her feet tucked under her, Jurindha opened up her mail and began sifting through the messages. It was mostly a bunch of junk mail, all of which was thrown in the trash. An e-mail from her mom asking when was she going to come visit again got a quick reply of “When I’m not working.” Another e-mail from her friend Sango reminding her about the party this coming weekend, also got a quick reply of “I’ll be there!” Sadly though, there wasn’t a single message from Grant that she hadn’t already read and responded to. She pouted briefly but then shrugged it off. There were times he took awhile to respond and she was ok with that, though sometimes when she was really looking forward to hearing from him, his tardiness in responding did grate a little on her nerves.

Slipping on her flip flops, Jurindha made her way downstairs to pick up her mail, before returning and taking stock of what was in her fridge and pantry. There wasn’t much and payday was still a week away. She should never have splurged on that new dress for Sango’s party, but she knew it would be well worth it, especially because of the fact that the dress could be considered more than scandalous. Putting a pot of water on the stove to boil, she took a box of spaghetti noodles down from the pantry and grabbed a can of sauce as well. It wasn’t really what she wanted to eat, but it would have to do.

As she finished putting everything together on the stove to cook, Jurindha heard her instant messenger buzz. Someone was wanting to talk to her. Leaving the food to cook, she padded into her room to see who it was, thinking that most likely it was just Sango or maybe even her friend Macey. To her surprise it was neither one of them.

grant_s2131: Hey beautiful. Are you home?

Jurindha smiled, liking it when he called her beautiful, and typed back.

j25miles: Yea. I’m here. It’s good to hear from you handsome. It’s been awhile.

grant_s2131: Yea, sorry about that. Things have been rather hectic around here. So how are you doing? Any new prospects in the boyfriend or girlfriend department lately? *evil grin*

j25miles: lol I wish, but no, no prospects so far. Though I’m hoping that will change this weekend when I go to my friend’s party. She told me there would be TONS of cute guys there.

grant_s2131: TONS huh?

j25miles: Yea, that’s what she said. But she tends to be over optimistic at times. Although I can say this for her, even if there are only a few guys at the party, each and everyone will be a real hottie. That is one area she never skimps on.

grant_s2131: lol

j25miles: Oh hold on a sec. Gotta check on dinner. I don’t want it to burn.

grant_s2131: Ok. Hurry back.

j25miles: Sorry about the wait.

grant_s2131: Np. So what’s for dinner?

j25miles: Spaghetti

grant_s2131: Sounds good.

j25miles: Eh, it’s ok. Don’t have much around the place. And payday isn’t till next week.

grant_s2131: That stinks. So tell me about this party and those that will be there.

j25miles: My friend casino oyna Macey is having her 26th birthday this weekend. It’s a surprise party we’re throwing for her. Sango hired both a male and female exotic dancers as a special treat for her.

grant_s2131: Mmm. Sounds kinky. Too bad I can’t be there.

j25miles: Yea. I wish you could come. I’ve been dying to meet you.

grant_s2131: I’ve been wanting to meet you too gorgeous. But there haven’t been any business trips to take me out your way as of late.

j25miles: *pouts* I know. But it still doesn’t change anything.

grant_s2131: Aww. You’re so cute when you pout.

j25miles: *blush*

grant_s2131: Haha. I made you blush too!

j25miles: Oh stop it! You’re such a bad boy. Do I have to get out the paddle and spank you?

grant_s2131: Ooo. That’d be fun. But I’d much rather you spank something else for me. *pulls you into my arms and guides one of your hands to my cock while I kiss you full on the lips.*

j25miles: Oh Grant. *returns the kiss eagerly, my hand stroking your cock through the fabric of your khaki’s feeling you harden with my gentle touch.*

grant_s2131: Damn Jurindha. You sure do know how to make a man’s blood boil. *cups your ass with my hands, pulling you hard against me, your breasts smash against my chest, my hard on poking you just above your most private of areas.*

j25miles: God how I need you Grant! Can’t you please find someway to come see me? *Lifts one leg, wrapping it around your waist, my hand still working your cock and my lips teasing you with playful kisses along your neck and ears.*

grant_s2131: I’ll see what I can do. But you know I can’t promise anything. *Lifts you up, cupping your ass to hold you in place as you wrap the other leg around my waist. Turning I push you against the wall, letting it hold you up as my hands explore your luscious thighs and gently stroke your warm, bare pussy.*

Jurindha was horny beyond belief. Grant always made her feel that way regardless of if they had internet sex or not. There was something about him that just made her so wet and eager. Slipping a hand down her shorts she played with her clit, imagining it was him doing it instead and continued typing with one hand.

j25miles: I know. *I moan with the pleasure you give me, my breath hot against your skin. I whisper in your ear how badly I want you, before I nip at your earlobe playfully.*

grant_s2131: Do you want to feel my cock in your tight wet pussy Jurindha? Do you want me to make you scream in pleasure?

Jurindha was now sliding a finger in and out of her dripping cunt, wishing it was Grant’s cock.

j25miles: Please Grant. Love me. Give me your cock and make me scream my pleasure.

grant_s2131: *Reaching down I undo my khakis and let them fall to the floor, then push my boxers down far enough for my hard cock to spring free. Lowering you just a little, I slide it in to your dripping pussy and groan with desire as I feel your tight pussy muscles grip my cock as I slowly start to pump in and out of you.*

By now Jurindha had taken off her shorts and panties and was vigorously pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy while her thumb worked at her clit. She was close to climax and she knew that Grant could tell this. Otherwise he would not have moved so quickly in their internet sex. Just as she was about to get herself off the doorbell rang.

“Dammit all,” she cursed out loud, hating that she was getting interrupted when she was so close to finishing things off. Quickly she typed to Grant;

j25miles: Damn. Doorbell. Back in a bit.

Quickly she slipped back into her panties and shorts before heading to the bathroom and quickly washing her hands. There was no need for the person at the door to know what she had been doing. The doorbell sounded again and Jurindha called out, “Just a minute!” Drying her hands she all but stalked to the door and pulled it open, ready to send whomever it was away. Yet when she saw that it was Sango she smiled and gave her friend a warm hug that was just as warmly returned.

“Hey girl. Come on in.”

Sango eyed her friend up and down in an appraising manner and whistled. “You been workin out again Jurindha? Cause you look damn good!”

“Not as much as I should but enough I suppose,” she answered as she shut the door behind her friend and followed as Sango walked to Jurindha’s room. Moving in front of her friend, she started to close out her conversation with Grant, but Sango took a hold of the mouse canlı casino first and playfully pushed her friend aside.

“Cybersex again Jur? You seriously need to get laid and soon,” Sango teased as she read over the conversation Grant and Jurindha had been having, or rather the so-called conversation.

“Oh shut up. You know I’m not going to sleep with just anyone. And this gives me an outlet until I find someone.”

“Uh huh. Sure. So who’s this guy?”

“That’s Grant. I told you about him a long time ago.”

“Ah the infamous Grant. Him I’ve got to meet,” Sango said as she put her hands on the keyboard and started typing in the messenger box.

“Hey now!”

Sango sniffed the air and paused in her typing. “Is something burning,” she asked, wrinkling her nose.

“Oh shit! The spaghetti sauce,” Jurindha exclaimed and bolted out of the room to take care of her dinner, leaving Sango alone with Grant.

j25miles: Hi Grant. This is Sango, Jurindha’s friend. She’s battling with dinner right now so I’ll keep you entertained.

grant_s2131: Hi Sango. I’ve heard a lot about you.

j25miles: Oh. What have you heard? Nothing good I hope.

grant_s2131: lol I heard about the male and female exotic dancers you’re getting for Macey’s birthday party. That’s really generous of you.

j25miles: Yea, but she’s worth it. Macey’s a great friend.

grant_s2131: So tell me about your relationship with Jurindha. I get the impression that there is more that she isn’t telling me.

j25miles: Haha! You’re probably right. I doubt she’s told you all of it.

grant_s2131: Why don’t you tell me then.

j25miles: I bet she hasn’t told you that not only are we friends but we’re lovers too.

grant_s2131: Mmm. Nice. She never told me that. What else?

j25miles: Did she tell you that her, Macey and myself; that the three of us are lovers?

grant_s2131: No, she didn’t.

j25miles: Damn she has been holding back on you.

grant_s2131: So it would seem.

“Hey Sango. Dinner is ruined and I don’t have much else. Do you want a yogurt or something,” Jurindha called to her friend from the kitchen.

“No. Let’s order a pizza and be sinful tonight. We can work out extra tomorrow,” Sango hollered back.

“No can do. I’m broke until payday.”

“I’ll cover it. Why don’t you go ahead and call. You know what I like.”


j25miles: Yea, sometimes on the weekend we’ll all three get together and have a slumber party. Which ultimately turns into a very pleasurable threesome.

grant_s2131: I’d love to see it sometime.

j25miles: Well….Macey isn’t here but I am feeling rather randy. I read what you and Jur were doing and it’s got me worked up. Maybe I’ll give you a little taste of Jur and I.

grant_s2131: How do you plan to do that?

j25miles: With the web cam of course.

grant_s2131: Nice!

j25miles: Ok. She’ll be back in the room soon. I’ve got to get it set up. You turn things on on your end so you can watch.

grant_s2131: Will do.

Sango hurriedly set up the web cam, angling it towards the bed then sent the laptop into screen saver mode so that Jurindha wouldn’t know what was going on. She had only just finished as Jurindha walked back into the room.

“It’s going to be about 45 minutes. Apparently lots of folks want pizza tonight,” she reported.

“That’s cool.”

Jurindha looked at the screen of her computer. “Did he have to leave?”

“Yea, but he asked me to tell you he’d be back online tomorrow.”

Jurindha pouted just a little. “Darn it. Oh well. It’s not that big of a deal,” she said as she plopped down onto the edge of her bed, totally unaware that her web cam was on and the show was just beginning.

Sango planted herself next to Jurindha on the bed and wrapped an arm around the other woman’s waist. “You know,” she said softly as she moved in to kiss her friend’s cheek. “I could help you finish what you started with Grant,” she whispered huskily into Jurindha’s ear before playfully nipping at her earlobe.

Jurindha growled playfully then kissed Sango full on the lips, her arms slipping around the other woman’s neck, holding her close. Sango snaked her olive skinned hands through Jur’s dark brown hair then lowered her hands to the other woman’s heavy breasts. Already her nipples were hard and Sango latched onto them, twisting them slightly and eliciting soft moans of pleasure from her friend. Jurindha’s own pale hands followed suit as her lips nibbled along kaçak casino the olive skin of her friend’s neck. She smelled of lavender and chamomile, a scent that Sango knew drove her crazy. Jurindha inhaled deeply and renewed her playful teasing and touching, brining the same moans of pleasure from her friend that her friend had brought forth from her.

Eager to give her more pleasure, Sango straddled Jurindha’s lap and gently pushed the other woman back onto the bed, before pushing up the black sports bra and exposing heavy milky white breasts. Hungrily, Sango latched onto one of the nipples, sucking it between her lips then rolling her tongue about the perimeter before suckling some more. Jurindha arched her back, a moan escaping her lips and lifted her hands to the small and perky little breasts hiding behind a white blouse above her. Her fingers made quick work of the buttons on the blouse, exposing her friends bare breasts to her. Sango rarely wore a bra, she didn’t really need one anyway what with her breasts just as petite and perky as she herself was. Jurindha’s hands massaged Sango’s breasts for awhile before making their way down to caress her tight little butt and stroke her warm cunt through her shorts.

Already both women were moaning softly as they stroked and teased one another, never going too far, but far enough to bring some intense pleasure. Finally Sango got up and pulled Jurindha to the edge of the bed, then she removed the shorts and panties before eagerly spreading her friend’s legs. Tender kisses along the insides of her thighs sent shivers though Jurindha’s body and she was anxious for more as Sango moved slowly up towards her steaming, wet pussy. A gentle kiss on the outer lips and in the next instant Sango was happily going to town, licking and kissing Jurindha’s dripping wet cunt and teasing her clit. Jurindha’s moans turned into squeals of delight as her own hands worked her tits and Sango’s expert tongue worked it’s magic. Her hips bucked as Grant secretly watched the two women pleasuring each other and stroked his own cock in the process.

After what seemed an hour of pleasurable torture Jurindha orgasmed, screaming her pleasure and squirting her womanly juices into Sango’s waiting mouth. Sango lapped up the juices and licked her friend clean, pleased that she had done such a good job. It gave her great pleasure when Jurindha came like that and she always looked forward to being able to do it. Panting, Jurindha sat up and smiled at her friend. “That was wonderful. I swear you get better at that every time.”

Sango laughed and kissed Jurindha on the lips. “Thanks hun, but I think you exaggerate sometimes.”

“Honest, it’s better every time.”

“I know,” Sango answered with a wink. Just then the doorbell rang. “That must be the pizza,” Sango said as she stood up and reached into her pants pocket for her money. She handed Jur a twenty and her shorts, before pushing her towards the door. “I’m gonna check my e-mail real quick like and then we’ll eat and pop in a movie.”

“Ok, but I’m picking the movie,” Jur said as she scrambled into her shorts leaving her panties where they lay on the floor and then headed for the front door.

Sango sat back down at the computer and made the screen come back up again.

j25miles: So what’d you think?

grant_s2131: NICE! The two of you have some great bodies and I came loads.

j25miles: Cool. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I told Jur you’d be back on tomorrow to talk to her. Can you be?

grant_s2131: Sure can.

j25miles: Great. We’ll I’d better go. Food is here and we’re going to watch a movie.

grant_s2131: Np. Have a good night Sango.

j25miles: You too. Nice to finally meet you Grant. Bye.

After signing out Sango shut down Jurindha’s computer and went to join her friend in the living room where she was digging through her DVD collection in search of a good movie. “Do you want to watch comedy, action, drama or romance,” Jurindha asked from her kneeling position on the floor with her butt in the air.

Sango licked her lips, liking the view and answered, “How about comedy or romance.”

“Ok…” Jurindha said as she continued searching through her movies. “Ah here we go. This one should do nicely. Why don’t you get the soda and some napkins and I’ll pop this baby in.”

“Alright. So what movie did you pick?”

“You’ve Got Mail.”

Sango chuckled at the irony of it all. “Sounds good to me,” she said as she headed to get some glasses, the soda and some napkins. Once everything was ready to go the two friends snuggled together on the love seat, a slice of pizza in each hand and their drinks nearby as the movie began to play on the screen and the night continued on.

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