Lockie 1 Bi Now

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Lockie 1 Bi Now

Lockie appears in my Mason series. This is the first in a planned series of spin offs from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.

“Good night guys, thanks again to everyone that sent me tokens, as always it means so much to me. Check my social media for the times of my next show. Peace.”

Lockie clicked the log out button and closed the tab. It had been a slow night, tokens wise. He sighed as he grabbed the grey singlet that was hanging over the edge of his computer chair and wiped off the thick creamy load from his toned torso. He had just wanked on camera for his 50 thousand plus followers. It was one of his first shows back after the feature length movie shoot. The viewing figures topped just 8K.

“Fuck.” He muttered as he poured himself another drink, the days seemed to pass by in a haze lately. It all started when he had gotten his former best friend Mason a test shoot at the porn studio he worked for . Lockie was only trying to help his mate out but Mason’s star soon rocketed to the top. He hated that he felt so jealous, but more than that he felt lonely.

He used to really enjoy camming. It was his escape from the world, he had grown accustomed to all the praise from his viewers and followers but now since reports were spread on social media that he acted like a difficult diva on the set of the feature shoot, he had lost nearly a quarter of his fans.

He had no doubt who had spread those rumours.

He quickly swallowed the first drink, the amber liquid stinging as it went down, poured another and then laid down, naked, on his bed.

“Fucking Dylan O.” He said out loud to no one.

His boss Curtis had offered him a lucrative contract which he had signed but after the mini backlash against him, Curtis didn’t seem to be answering his calls as frequently as he had done in the past. Neither were under any illusions that the only reason the contract was offered or signed in the first place was to spite Mason. Curtis was hurt that Mr. Gent, Mason’s agent, had advised against signing an exclusivity deal with “In”DaMan’d”.

Lockie could feel himself falling asleep when he heard the familiar ping that announced he had an email. He slowly got off the bed and stretched. Admiring his tanned, toned body in the mirror. He ran his hand through his dark blond hair as he grabbed the laptop and opened the email.

It was from his highest tipper, Wife Life. She had been his number one fan for the last 7 months straight, he sent her his personal email after a record breaking contribution. They had exchanged mails for the last few weeks, she had told him that she had finally plucked up the courage to message him after reading the shit about him online. Her words were just what he had needed and found himself looking forward to her messages. Her husband was currently deployed, Lockies cam sessions made her feel less lonely.

To: LockStar
From: WifeLife

Lockie, how have you been great show tonight as always. You body looks amazing, glad to see that you are back in the gym. Has your agent called you back yet, he is a fucking idiot if he is still freezing you out.
I feel silly to be even saying this but you know how a few weeks ago we discussed maybe meeting up?

Well, I was talking to my husband on Skype and he told me he is coming home tomorrow. I have to be up early to drive to the airport to pick him up. These last 9 months have gone so quickly. I was just wondering if you would consider coming over to our hotel room on Friday night. I, of course, would love to meet you and I know my husband would love too as well. I think it would be a nice surprise for him, and for us to finally meet. We would cover all costs. I know it says in your Bio that you would never meet fans outside of the site but I just said I would put it out there.

Here is his picture just so you can put a face to the name.

Best wishes always.

He quickly finished his drink as he waited for the picture to open. It was not the first time a fan had asked to meet. He never entertained the thought before but after the last few weeks Monroe had been his one positive. She was 24, a part time pin up model, judging from her pictures Lockie couldn’t deny that she was pretty, white blond hair, full red lips, big tits, tiny waist and a full ass. She had sent him a thirty second video to verify that it was her.

Her husband’s picture had finished downloading. It was of topless man showing off his tanned muscular body in camo pants and beige boots. Lockie zoomed in on his face. He had a very strong jaw line and dazzling blue eyes, his dark hair was shaved close to his head. He looked to be the same age as Monroe. Very box next door.

Locking poured another drink, his cock stirred a little as he pulled up Monroe’s picture alongside her husband’s. They were an extremely attractive couple.

He held the glass to his forehead while he thought. He was in a deep funk lately and thought to himself that meeting up with someone who was really into him might help him out of it. The fact that her husband supposedly knew all about him was a big turn on. He set the glass down and opened up her email once again, quickly hitting reply.

To: WifeLife
From: LockStar

Great to hear from you as always, that is great that your husband is coming back . No word from agent yet, will call him again in a few days. I’ve thought over your offer and think I can make a visit work, I will email you tomorrow with some questions to see if we can’t come to some kind of arrangement.

Glad you liked my show.


The last few days had been a drunken haze, Curtis still wasn’t returning his phone calls so all he could do was go to the gym, sleep, perform online and drink. Monroe had been messaging him for the last few days, updating him, she had booked the hotel room in the city, her husband was over the moon that they were all going to hang out, she even described in vivid detail their first fuck after his tour of duty. He could feel her happiness radiating in each message.
Lockie’s mind was racing as the day of the meet up drew closer, he had had threesomes in the past but they were either on film or with two girls, he had never done male, male, female. The fact that he sometimes got a boner looking at the husbands picture confused him. He loved the canlı kaçak iddaa money he received from doing male scenes for Curtis, he classed it as a job. The fact that people got off on his scenes and cam sessions was his biggest turn on, this would be different though, it would only be the three of them.

To ease his confusion he had sent Monroe a big list of demands. He had hoped it would turn her off or make her realise that this was a type of business meeting for him but she had complied to every request and even added more. They really wanted to meet him.

During the day of the meet he kept picking up his phone to cancel but something always held him back. He put the phone on charge in his small living room and went into his bedroom, sitting at his computer he did what he usually did when he was pissed off, he loaded Mason’s first scene on the site. It was his test shot with Lockie. Seeing both of them together naked, smiling and looking carefree, gave a pang in his chest. He missed the way they were, Mason truly got him and Lockie had fucked it all up through his stupid jealousy. He cursed himself for ever suggesting Mason to Curtis.

He felt hollow as he walked to the kitchen and poured himself a drink. His phone beeped, it was a MMS message from Monroe. It was a picture of her in her underwear in front of a full length mirror, in the background her husband was lying down on the bed, his back to the camera ,he was naked.

“Just arrived!” The caption read.

Lockie drained the drink and zoomed in on the picture, Monroe’s body looked amazing in her red and black polka dot bra and panties, her giant gothic fairy tattoo on her thigh really stood out. Her husband’s tanned, muscular back and peachy ass cheeks vivid against the white sheet sealed the deal. Lockie quickly fired back that he was just getting ready and would see them soon . He ended it with a smile and wink emoji.

“Fuck it.” He thought as he stripped off and walked to the bathroom to shower.

He could feel his cheeks flush, the hotel bar was packed full off well dressed people. Lockie looked around as he waited, men in business suits were laughing and joking really loud to his left. Two older ladies were at a high table whispering to each other, if he wasn’t mistaken he thought they were staring at him. Un-nerved he moved to a booth and signalled for another drink, not that he needed another one he was still buzzing from the drinks he knocked back before he left. He had a hard time choosing what to wear, in the end he reminded himself that he was about to meet his biggest fans and it didn’t really matter what he wore. He settled for a pair of skinny jean shorts with grey sneakers and a black tee, which hugged his muscles and enhanced his tanned skin and sleeve tattoos.

He seen Monroe’s husband first, he walked in and held the door for her. She was wearing a navy blue summer dress, he was in a wine green shirt, rolled up to his elbow and black pants. Both looked very well. She seen him first, a huge grin crept across her face as she half ran to Lockie’s table.

“It’s so good to finally meet you in person.” She boomed hugging him.

“Yes, you too.” He replied quietly.

“This is my husband Carter, Carter this is Lockie.”

Carter extended his hand. Lockie couldn’t help noticing his thick forearm as he shook his hand.

“Very nice to meet you. I can’t tell you how excited we both are. We have not done anything like this before.”

“Let’s just get a bottle or two first and then we can talk.” Lockie said, trying to fight the second thoughts that had just begun to creep into him.

They drank a full bottle of whiskey between them. The conversation began to flow easier about three quarters in.

He already knew Monroe’s life story, she started modelling at the age of nineteen, did a bit of glamour shoots before deciding to adopt the retro pin up girl persona. Her and Carter were high school sweethearts, they got married pretty young once he joined the army and was about to be deployed for the first time. Carter didn’t say much, saying how most of his family members were also in the army so it was a no brainer what he was going to do with his life, he asked Lockie how he got started in camming, what his family thought of it and had he ever been recognised. It was pretty standard questions that Lockie had heard before. He noticed that Carters hand never left his wife’s leg throughout. Lockie found that sweet.

“So what made you want to get a friend to play with?” Lockie asked looking at Monroe. Her platinum blonde hair was almost white.

“We always wanted to try it out but were always too nervous and we couldn’t really agree on what type of person we wanted to join us. But then I found your room on the site and we began talking and something just clicked. I asked Carter to view one of your sessions to see what he thought and he agreed nearly straightaway.”

Carter looked down shyly.

As he began to feel tipsy he looked at them both through different eyes. He would have no problem sleeping with a girl like Monroe if he met her in a club and he would quiet happily film a scene with Carter if it was work. His thoughts turned to sex then and he began to get horny.

“I just need to run to the bathroom real quick, then you can show me your room if you want?” Lockie said standing up.

“Yes.” Monroe answered instantly. Lockie looked at Carter.

“Sounds good mate.” He said looking into Lockie’s eyes.

Lockie half stumbled to the washroom, he put one hand above the urinal and leaned against the wall. He could feel someone beside him.
“Lockie, I just wanted a quick word with you on our own.” Carter said standing three urinals down.

“What is it, you gonna lay down the law.”He said shaking his cock and doing his fly up.

“No, it’s not that, I want this as much as she does and now that I have meet you I feel better. I was scared earlier but now I am fine. I always wanted to try it with a guy if I am being honest.”

Lockie raised an eyebrow at him.

“Monroe knows.” He said joining him at the sink. “I was just wondering where you stood on it, I have seen your clips.”

“That’s work though, this is play.”

“Ok.” Carter said dejectedly. “I understand.”

Lockie felt bad, he hadn’t grasped how much that his married couple wanted internet casino this to happen with him.

“Let’s just see how we go, alright.” He said placing his hand on Carters shoulder. It was broad and rock hard under his touch. “But whatever happens I am sure we will all have a good time.”


“Here you go.” Carter said handing him a drink, “Monroe said it was your favorite brand.”

Lockie nodded as he accepted it now that he was in their room he was starting to relax a bit. Monroe was in the bathroom putting on some sexy lingerie. He looked around, one queen sized bed dominated the room, it had a small area that housed the kettle and two cups. A flat screen TV hung from the wall, the news was on but the sound was down.

Carter kicked off his shoes and poured himself and Monroe a drink.

“Cheers.” He said and extended his glass, “Here’s to a fun nights.”

Lockie too slipped off his shoes.

“If it’s ok with you and you feel comfortable doing it, I was thinking maybe you and I could put on a bit of a show for her. She has been having it tough with me away the last few months and I thought it would be nice for her. She told me that she isn’t expecting you to do anything with me but I just thought I would throw it out there.”

Lockie sat on the edge of the bed, his drink buzz really kicking in. He thought of all the money and messages that Monroe had sent him these last few weeks.

“I am sure we can do that.”

Carters body sagged with relief.

“But you need to chill and relax man, your stressing me out.”

“OK I am coming out guys.” Monroe called before she emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a dark red bra and panty set. On her feet she had black stilettos. Carters eyes nearly popped from his head.

“Babes you look so fucking gorgeous.”

“Very nice.” Lockie said as he drank in the woman before him, he could feel a chub coming in his pants. “How about you sit beside me on the bed.” He patted the mattress beside him and leaned back to rest on his elbows. Carter gave his wife a passionate kiss before letting her walk towards Lockie.

She stood before him before sinking to her knees.

“Not just yet. I think Carter should strip first, what do you think Monroe?”

“Yes,” She replied quietly, her eyes never leaving Lockies.”

“You heard the woman. Strip.”

Carter stood momentarily dazed before he began to unbutton his shirt. He slowly dragged it off his muscular frame before throwing it on the floor. Underneath he was wearing a black vest. Lockie pulled himself up to the top of the bed.

“Lie between my legs.” He said to Monroe who complied quickly. “It’s easier to enjoy the show.”

Carter stood and watched as Lockie began to rub Monroe’s breast while he kissed her neck, he hadn’t seen such wanton desire on her face since their wedding night.

“Now thepants.” Lockie said not looking up, he started to lick her ear lobe and pull down her bra exposing her nipples. He slowly began to tweak them as Carters pants fell to his ankles.

Monroe moaned under his touch, the sight of her husband stripping and getting groped by another man at the same time was driving her wild. She had always be adventurous sexually but this was on a whole other level.

Carter stood at the end of the bed wearing just his socks, vest and underwear which now housed his boner.

“Lose the vest and socks.” Lockie said increasing the pressure on her nipples.

Carters mouth began to get dry, he was worried that seeing another man with his wife would make him angry but it had the opposite effect it was the biggest turn on. He started to pull down his jocks but Monroe held out her hand for him to stop. She instead pointed between her legs.

He slowly eased his way on to the bed, gently kissing her legs as he separated them . He rubbed his nose against her pussy, a move he knew drove her wild.

“Fuck.” She moaned. Reaching down she placed her hand on his shaved head and pushed his face deeper into her crotch.

Lockie was throbbing now, his erection was pressing into Monroe’s back. He was really enjoying this.

“Eat her pussy.” He said as he cupped both breasts and began to massage them forcefully.

Carter moved the fabric of her panties to one side before spitting on her gash. He slowly began to fan her opening with his tongue. Her pussy was so wet that it made a squelching noise as he slurped up her juices.

She was writhing now, her hand was rubbing her clit while her husband ate her out and her favourite cam star was playing with her tits. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“I need your cock Lockie.” She muttered breathlessly.

He whispered in her ear, “I know.” He slowly pushed her up and slid out from behind her. Carter didn’t stop but Lockie could see him staring at him. He quickly drained the remains of his drink. He was caught up in the moment now.

“Carter, give me a hand.” He slurred. Monroe stared at them agog as Carter moved away from her and towards Lockie.

He slowly began pulling up Lockie’s black tee. Monroe had moved to the edge of the bed, her hands rubbing between her thighs furiously as she watched her husband undress another man. He made quick work of the shorts. Carter stood to his side rubbing his hand up and down Lockie’s torso slowly. His muscles put his own to shame. Lockie ran his hand up and down Carter’s strong bicep. He looked him in the eyes before slowly pulling his face towards his. Carter replied hesitantly at first before their lips connected, then he eased into it, massaging Lockie’s tongue in kind. Monroe was driven wild. She never thought her husband would kiss another man.

Lockie pulled away, he had kissed men in the past but it was usually for a drunken joke, he tried to push the conflicting thoughts running through his mind, he couldn’t deny that he had a stiff cock after the kiss.

He moved back towards Monroe, pushing her onto the mattress and kissing her deeply. He could hear Carter once again go back to work on his wife’s cunt. Monroe’s hand snaked down his six pack and into Lockie’s underwear. She grabbed hold of his meaty dick and began to pull it slowly at first before quickening her pace as their kiss intensified.

He pulled down his jocks his cock springing out. He moved up her body as she still lay on her back, guiding his prick into güvenilir casino her mouth. Her full red lips soon parted as she took him in her mouth.

Carter looked up, his wife was now licking the full length of Lockie’s cock, he felt a sensation in his body that he had not felt before. He couldn’t contain himself any more, he kicked off his own underwear and grabbed his wife’s legs, lifting them up and resting them on his shoulders. He spat on his hand and rubbed it over his helmet before he stuck it into her. Her body reacted instantly. A huge moan escaped her and her hand flew to her pussy.

Lockie looked down at Carter, his body was better in person, the V line between his hips was so defined it could have been made of marble. His cock was about 6.5′ and nearly as tanned as the rest of his body, his balls hung close to the shaft, he was smooth. Monroe continued to give him head, her mouth was like a vacuum. She could take all of his 7′ with ease. Feeling her lips press against his bollocks was driving him crazy. Her tits began to jiggle with the motion of Carter fucking her. He slapped one of them, instantly it turned pink.

“You like doggy style.” Lockie asked. Her only reply was a nod, she kept slurping on his cock.
“Let me get in that.” He said looking at Carter.

Monroe switched to all fours as her husband lay in front of her face. She wrapped her and around the base of his shaft and plunged him right into her face. He cupped his balls and moved them closer to her lips, rubbing them against her chin. Lockie pulled on a condom and lubed himself up. Her full ass was moving from side to side, it was hypnotising. He slapped both cheeks before slowly spreading them Her pussy was pink from the pounding she had just taken, she had thin pussy lips and a clit piercing. Lockie bent down and sucked the jewellery between his lips, licking it gently. He released it and spat on her twat as she continued to deep throat her husband. Lockie rubbed his helmet against her hole before slipping it in. He had not fucked a pussy before that had just had another dick. She was ready for him.

He grabbed her hips and slowly moved her back onto him. She groaned, Carter grabbed a handful of her platinum blond hair controlling the motions of her bobbing up and down on his cock.

Ball deep, Lockie let out a moan, after all the crap that had gone on in his life the last few weeks this was just the escape that he needed. He thrust into her deeper, he could feel her clit ring against his ball sack as it slapped off her. Monroe’s ass acted like a cushion, the smacking noises it made as it bounced off Lockie’s thighs, soon filled the room, coupled with the moans and slurping sounds it was a symphony of pleasure.

He could see the couple whispering to each other. He continued to slam into hard and fast as Carter moved away from his wife’s face and walked behind Lockie. At first he was confused but then he felt Carters wet mouth on his balls, sucking them gently as he fucked. The sensation was mind blowing.

“Fuck me Lockie!” Monroe moaned. Her hand returning to her pussy, rubbing her clit. “Just like that.”

Lockie spanked her again, pulling her harder and deeper onto his cock. Her moans increased in frequency and volume, Carter had now grabbed Lockie’s meaty ass cheeks. Kneading them slowly, he was even helping by pushing him deeper inside of his wife. He moved away and sat in front of Monroe again. Scooping the hair from her face and kissing her sloppily.

“That’s it babe, take his dick.”

Monroe nodded before spitting on his dick and swallowing it once again.

Lockie continued to pound her, his stamina showing no sign of stopping. His cock slid in and out of her slit ferociously, he hadn’t had a fuck like this before. Every time she gagged on Carters dick it tightened her cunt around his shaft. He could feel his balls tighten, the drink had dulled some of his senses but he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“I am going to cum!” He moaned withdrawing from her and pulling off the rubber. Monroe moved off the bed and squatted before him, legs spread.

“Come on my face and tits Lockie, give me every drop.”

Carter was now standing beside him, Monroe was jerking him off.

Lockie grunted before the first squirt of jizz erupted from his swollen cock, it landed on her chin, the next splashed on her chest before dribbling down to her tits.

“That’s it.” She said grabbing his dick with her other hand, trying to yank out every bit. She wrapped her lips around his helmet, licking his piss slit vigorously. Lockie’s toes started to curl and the relaxed feeling seeped through every inch of his body. Beside him he could hear Carter moan.

His first stream of white gunk hit his wife on the cheek, she pointed his cock towards her tits and watched as he emptied all over her. He was breathing raggedly now. Monroe stood up, the cum hanging from her chin.

“Stay there.” Lockie commanded. “It’s your turn now.”

He slowly squatted in front of her. Carter copying him. Both men extended their hands and entered her pussy with a finger each.

“Oh Fuck!” She screamed, grabbing a hold of the edge of the bed, her head tossed back. Lockie moved his hooked finger up and down quickly, feeling her warm wetness, while Carter slowly twisted his inside of her. It didn’t take her long to climax, a ripple spasming through her body. All three of them sat on the floor, sweaty and spent.

“Fucking hell,” Carter said after a few moments. “Who wants a drink?”


They had offered to book him a hotel room after he had showered, the scent of sex still hung in the hotel room. He had declined, once he had came, familiar thoughts had begun to nag him. He just wanted his own space. They both thanked him for the experience and said they would love to do it again sometime. He said maybe, deep down he knew that he wouldn’t. He took the rest of the bottle home with him, drinking it in the taxi.

He entered his apartment without turning on any of the lights and lay face down on his bed fully clothed. Lockie soon fell asleep.

The sound of his phone beeping woke him the next morning. He slowly rose and reached for it. He followed the prompts on his phone and pressed play to hear the voice mail. It was Curtis, telling him that he had booked him a club appearance to promote the site now streaming offering female cams. He threw the phone on the floor and turned over. He just realised that besides the hangover it was the best night sleep he had gotten in weeks.

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