Life with My 2 Girlfriends Pt. 03

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Let me tell you in advance, this part is not as erotic, but trust me, you’ll need to go through this before jumping on to the next one, as this is a necessary plot for what happens next. This is just the build up, before everything takes the turn for what has been promised in the title.


We went for a romantic candle light dinner, I don’t know if the dinner was actually that great or was it just the fact that we hadn’t ate anything all day & the company of this amazing girl who happened to be my girlfriend. Main highlights of the dinner being champagne and the romance that was generally in the air. After dinner as Megan had wanted we did take a long walk by the ocean, it was getting late and not many people were around, we walked to a secluded place, where she turned looked into my eyes and kissed me

Megan: Baby, we really need to talk.

Oh boy, where did this come from? It was sudden and I knew that look, I was in some deep shit.

Romeo: Umm..Yes baby, tell me?

Probably she read my expressions, or she just knew me too well.

Megan: You don’t need to be worried about anything, it’s just. Umm..Just that every time we argue or we are close to a fight, why do you keep blaming me, for being lonely? Baby, for one you are not lonely, I am with you and if even though we are together and you still feel lonely then we are not meant to be, we should break up.

I could feel the pain, she was going through. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with her or I felt lonely. No, it was totally the opposite.

Megan: Secondly, more than me, it’s your friends who are at fault, ethically they should have stopped you from dating both of us simultaneously, and if they didn’t stop you in the first place, then they shouldn’t have come to me telling me everything, that too when we were going through a bad phase, it’s like they wanted to hurt you. My only fault was that when I got to know about what you had been doing, I should have just walked out of your life, you already had Pearl and we were going through a bumpy phase, I feel it wouldn’t have affected you as much, probably you wouldn’t have even noticed.

Well, that was true my friends had betrayed me, they were the ones who had fueled up the fire of Megan’s anger, had it not been for them, things would have been different.

Romeo: Megan baby, I suppose you don’t understand what I mean, I am not lonely with you, I just miss being with her, I won’t be able to explain it to you. I love you both, I wanted to be with you both. I know this sounds ridiculous, and I am being unreasonable. But the fact of the matter is, I tried to confess my feelings of wanting to be with two women and both Pearl and you were offended, how could have I told you two about each other? If only for once either one of you would have taken my confession openly, I would have told about the other. I know it was my friends who stabbed me in the back, but Pearl and you were not supportive of me either. If I would have ever received a call like the one you received from my friends or when you called her, I would have never trusted against either one of you. I loved you both, equally.

Megan: Baby, I hope one day I am able to make you feel my love is enough for you, and you don’t need anyone else, just like it is for me.

Well, that was all. On the way back to hotel none of us said a word. The night was uneventful.

We just cuddled and slept, what hurt was that the cuddle was cold and it was out of habit, not love.

It had been almost 2 years since that vacation. We were much better and stronger as a couple. We had also been very comfortable around each other’s families. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Even on family events we were a couple, and our families had accepted us. But the tension around the topic of my ex girlfriend was always there, like not on the normal days, when we were just a happy couple. It usually came up during the big fights.

Anyway, once we were having an argument about something silly, I don’t even remember it now and my ex was again one of the agendas, and Megan was really hurt this time.

Megan: If you want her that much I will get her back in your life, you can have us both as long as I am concerned, I’m not sure about her.

Romeo: Yeah, as if you can. Do you even realise it’s been close 2 years since that horrible and devastating night.

Megan: I know, I have really delayed it, I should have done this back on that first vacation when you moaned her name and then mentioned wanting both of us.

Romeo: Please! It’s not like you understand it any better now, why would you do that?

Megan: Because I love you and I know now that I’ll never be able to keep you happy single handedly, you’ll always want her, no matter what.

Now even I was fuming, she probably didn’t even know what she was saying anymore, or atleast that’s what I thought.

Romeo: Yes, I wouldn’t deny that. But, do you think you’ll just call her out of nowhere and ask her to share me with you and she’ll just jump on that opportunity?

Megan: I don’t know, maybe I’ll tell her she can have you back and marry you and I’ll just be your ‘MISTRESS’. Maybe that way you’ll have both of us and probably she wouldn’t mind sharing you either.

This fight really escalted and before I knew it Megan had already texted Pearl.

Megan: I just texted her that “She should call you, cause you really need her. Maybe there is something you have to talk to her.”

Romeo: Are you insane or what?

Megan: You want her back, and I’m just doing what I can. All you have to do is sit back and wait for her call. Also, please keep in mind when she calls you, avoid talking about me, and don’t tell her we are still together, for it’s been 2 years she might not be comfortable talking to you, later maybe a week or so when you feel she is comfortable around you, tell her what you want and how I have accepted to be your MISTRESS.

None of this happened though, instead Pearl texted Megan back

Pearl: Why? What happened to him? Is he alright?

Megan: Honestly, I don’t know. He just wouldn’t tell me. It’s a personal request could you talk to him.

Pearl: I don’t know, give me some time to think about it, it’s been so long. I don’t know if I am comfortable talking to him anymore or not.

When Megan told me about the texts that had been exchanged between them

Romeo: See, I told you it’s been too late now, anything you do is futile. You are being as unreasonable as me.

Megan: It’s already been done now, I can’t undo it. Let’s just wait and see how it unfolds now.

A little while later, Megan received a text from Pearl

Pearl: I really thought about it, but he no longer exists in my life anymore, I don’t have anything to do with it anymore. I am completely over it now, and I’m happy this way. Also, I am with someone now and he really keeps me happy. And I hope this would be our last conversation about my ex.

When, Megan informed me about this, I noticed she was even more upset than I was.

Megan: I am sorry, I couldn’t make things happen the way you wanted.

Romeo: You shouldn’t say that, and there is nothing for which you need to apologise. It’s all my fault. And I am sorry.

I really güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri meant what I said. Every word came from deep within me. With that, Pearl was a topic that was left behind for good, but not for too long.

Megan: I know this is hard on you. I love you and I’ll do everything I can to make things better for you.

Romeo: Baby, it’s okay. I’ll be fine. And honestly you don’t have to do anything. You have already done to much for me. I know what you did was already too humiliating for you.

Megan: Baby, I promise you, everything is going to be fine. Let’s do one thing, how about we just put the past behind us and both of us put in our best and see where that takes us, if incase nothing changes by my birthday this year, we’ll try something else.

Romeo: Baby, it’s more than 6 months to your Birthday, and I promise, to give in my best, I want you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

With that being said, things became better as we were both trying to avoid arguments and anything that could arise one. Also the sex was really good.

Though almost 4 months later, we again had an argument, which was sorted out soon, but not without mentioning Pearl into it, but this time it was Megan, who dragged her in the conversation. Although the argument was cooled down soon, but Pearl’s name was still hanging in there.

Megan: Baby, can you ever get over her? I’ve literally given you everything.

Romeo: Baby, honestly I don’t know, I’ve been trying really hard, specially after how you humiliated yourself by making an effort so that she would talk to me, and also here reply was harsh, not just for me, but for you as well. Trust me, I have been trying and I did succeed in it majorly, honestly though there are still some days, when she pops into my head and I feel so helpless.

Well, for me that was the end of the conversation, but for Megan, it was a start for a turmoil, she was overwhelmed with her love for me, and her disgust for having to share me with someone else, wasn’t leaving her. She just couldn’t figure out what was happening, why was she feeling like that. A couple of days later, when she couldn’t brush off the constant feelings and weird thoughts about the three of us, her head was a total mess. One night she was so frustrated with all that, she opened Pearl’s social media account and scrolled through her pictures, with only one agenda in mind, there must be something that Pearl has, which Romeo wants so dearly and Megan couldn’t provide it to Romeo. Scrolling through the posts, her thoughts changed

Megan: Well, there is nothing to compare. We are so different, we have different body types, different family backgrounds and up bringing, we look so different. She is Shorter than me, but I am slimmer, her ass is a perfect bubble butt, although mine is smaller, but I do compensate with my teardrop shaped soft boobs, her boobs seem to be firm, but mine are spongy and squashy. Our hair are different as well, though I can’t deny the fact she definitely looks hot, no wonder he wanted her, but he wanted me aswell, well they say everyone wants variety, probably that’s what he craves and maybe he was right throughout, a few centuries ago it was a common practice for men to have multiple wives, even now there are communities where it is still a common practice. I wonder how he wanted us, did he wanted to have threesomes? Oh, I am just horny I miss him and his cock. I wish he could have been here to fuck me. I really need a hard pounding right now to think straight.

She picked up her phone to call Romeo, but was greeted to a sight of Pearl, in a swimsuit looking ravishing and Megan was possessed, güvenilir bahis şirketleri well she always thought she was ‘bi-curious’, she had even confessed that to Romeo as a joke a few times, but she never felt anything like she was going through right now. She didn’t even notice her hand traveling south, her palm reached her crotch and was massaging it from outside her shorts, by the time she had noticed, it was too late, her hand was already inside her shorts and her index was doing numbers on her clitoris, while her middle finger was vigorously fucking her sopping cunt. She had never masturbated in her life and this was her very first time, and it was for a girl, that too none other than her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. That was too much for her, she wanted to stop but she just couldn’t. So much was she turned on, that for the first time in her life, her ass was a part of the action, her little finger plunged downwards and was already petting her virgin rosebud. She knew Romeo wanted to try anal, but she wasn’t ready for it and he was considerate enough to never go close to it, although she sometimes felt good when he flicked his tongue or licked it from outside, but he didn’t do anything further, as if he had drawn a line there. Yet here she was, in a dilemma, everything that previously had offended her was now giving her forbidden pleasure and relief. Her own actions conflicted her. She wanted to stop but was helpless, as if her hand had a mind of it’s own.

Megan: What the fuck is happening to me. Seriously, am I masturbating myself for the first time and it’s not for Romeo not even for a man, it’s for a girl and not just any girl, it’s Pearl, I can really feel close to cuming, her face, her ass, her boobs, no she can’t be turning me on like that. I shouldn’t do this, I should not have such thoughts, this is disgusting yet so pleasing. Oh I’m gonna cum from masturbating on my Boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.

The orgasm was so intense and she couldn’t even believe it was her first self induced orgasm, it left her drained and powerless. When she finally could move, she went straight for a cold shower, a cold shower had always helped her calm down and clear her head. She was in for a surprise this time though, if anything the shower made her even more hornier, as she cleaned her pussy, her thoughts became more dirty and naughty.

Megan: After a good fuck, she could clean my pussy like this, or maybe i could do the same for her! How does her pussy taste? Maybe once I wash it she would let me lick it, oh I love Romeo’s cum, washing it out of her pussy would be a waste of that tasty cum, I’ll lick it clean for her, that way we wouldn’t waste it, also I’ll get to taste her and his cum at the same time. Maybe watching me lick his cum out of her pussy would turn him on again, he doesn’t need to say anything, he could just come right behind me, and fuck me doggy style, while I drank his cum out of her freshly fucked cunt. And her boobs, they look so firm, if only I could rub my puffy nipples against hers.

With such perverted thoughts she came again in the shower. By the time she got in the bed, she was tired and her body really needed some rest after two masturbatory sessions back to back, she also needed some sleep to clear her head. But sleep didn’t come to her, instead the more she tried not to think in such a perverted manner, the more she thought about it. And each thought being more perverse than the previous. Before she could finally sleep she did it one more time, this time with a 3 year old image of Romeo hugging Pearl from behind. For her perverted mind’s imagination, Romeo was impaled balls deep in Pearl’s perfect ass, while she would be down on her knees, behind Romeo, licking his delicious hanging balls and her pussy. Her orgasm had knocked her breath out and she slept, with more perverted dreams of sharing Romeo and his cock with Pearl.

What Megan did next was so unexpected, that not just Romeo or Pearl, but Megan herself was shocked with her actions.

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