Lesbian Show For a Stranger

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Lesbian Show For a Stranger
Lisa and Jill finally plan a night out together. With work and the family they never have a chance to catch up. They met in college and still keep in touch. They make it a point to try and connect at least once a month. Lisa has been married now for 20 years, Jill 19. Both women keep themselves in great shape which makes them look much younger than their age. Even at their age, they’re still able to turn a guy’s head. Especially when together, they are a bit of a tease.

The plan was to grab dinner and then drinks. Jill drove to Lisa’s house to pick her up and found a limo parked in the driveway. Her husband was more comfortable knowing that they would get home safely as he knows they get into trouble from time to time. It’s was very hot steamy night, the girls were dressed in sexy short skirts and revealing low cut tops. Jill was dressed a bit more conservative but decided her top looked better without a bra.
“You look nice Hun,” Jill said to Lisa as they settled in the back of the limo.
“Thank you, so do you babe,” Lisa responded. “Looking forward to tonight. I have a feeling we will get into some trouble,” she smiled.

They enjoyed two glasses of Champaign on their way to the restaurant. Arrived and were seated in a secluded portion of the restaurant. They walked past a young couple sitting at the only other table occupied in the room. They sat and the young gentleman was sitting facing Jill and she notices he is very heavily involved in conversation with his girlfriend.

During dinner the conversation becomes sexy between the girls. The wine is flowing and both are feeling the buzz. Lisa always gets very touchy and openly puts her hands on Jill when both are drinking. This is something that Jill always looks forward to as she enjoys the innocent touch of her friend.

“Hun, I love your arms,” She compliments Lisa on her ability to stay in shape and always look good.

“Thanks, but look at you. You always look amazing. You inspire me to try and keep up with you. Otherwise you’ll find someone else to enjoy these evenings with.”

Lisa reaches under the table and puts her hand on Jill’s leg. She gives her thigh a very sexy, gentle squeeze and says, “your legs are very tone and muscular. You definitely have very sexy legs.” She slides her hand up the inside of Jill’s leg a bit and stops just as she gets to her skirt. She smiles and says, “See, right here is where I’m not too happy about my legs. I can’t seem to get rid of the extra flab that I don’t want. What do you do to keep it off?”

Jill is still shocked but actually enjoying Lisa’s hand on her leg, so the question hangs out there until Jill realizes she needs to respond, “Oh, I do a lot of lunges at the gym,” clearing her throat as she speaks. She sounded like she just woke from a sleep. Jill has never had another woman caressing her thigh, but it seems nice and innocent and comforting.

Jill reaches for her glass; she can barely keep the smile from her face. Lisa recognizes this and as the more aggressor, she slides her hand further up Jill’s thigh just to the edge of her skirt, which now has creeped up further while seated. Jill surprised herself canlı kaçak iddaa with her reaction to this by allowing this to go on. Lisa sees this as an opportunity and slides her hand up Jill’s skirt to feel the upper part of her thigh just under her panties. Maybe as an instinct or maybe out of curiosity, Jill doesn’t shy away from her friend, instead she simply parts her legs a bit allowing her to feel the inside of your thigh. This has gone way beyond the simple touching in years past.

“Mmm, why is she doing this?” Jill thinks to herself. Trying to hold back her feeling of arousal. Never has another woman gone here before with her, let alone a friend. She has often wondered what it would be like to feel the touch of a woman and be pleasured by one. Never did she ever think it would actually happen. Realizing that they are in a restaurant and coming out of this arousal haze, Jill looks up and notices that the young gentleman has a clear view under their table and has witnessed this going on. This is when Jill feels herself getting wet. Looking at this guy, watching Lisa rub her thigh and gently brushing against her pussy is becoming more arousing. Lisa takes notice that Jill spots the young guy watching them and she can see an interesting look in Jill’s eyes so she slides her hand up and touches Jill’s pussy on the outside of her panties.

She runs her finger up very gently and leans toward her, “Your panties are sexy and so soft. I feel how swollen you are and that you are wet.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I guess it’s something that I have been thinking about,” Lisa replies. “I see we have an audience. I was trying to give him a boner.”

They both laugh.

The waiter swings back to the table and interrupts the scene. Jill excuses herself to use the bathroom. Jill walks past the young couple and he is fixated on her eyes as she walks by. Jill smiles at him and almost wants to say “You’re Welcome for the show.”

Jill returns from the bathroom after a short time and Lisa is still flirting with the waiter.

“I think we embarrassed that poor young man. He could barely look at me when I walked by,” Jill said

“Yeah, well he was staring at your sexy ass while you walked back to the table. We made his night. I don’t think he is having a very fun night with his date. Our waiter friend tells me they have been fighting all night.”

Lisa leans close to Jill again “Whew, you are very sexy. I have to say that I’ve never done that before. You had me shaking,” she holds up her hand which is still trembling from her excitement.

“OMG, um, me neither. I had to use the restroom; I was completely aroused.”

“Do you think we aroused him?”

“OMG, he is totally hard, are you k**ding,” Jill answered. “He has to be, I’m so wet myself.”

“Let’s tease him some more. Poor guy thinks he is going to get laid tonight and his girlfriend has other plans for him.”

“That would be funny. I think he might be expecting that,” Jill was thinking more about herself than actually teasing this guy. “Why not, I’m game.”

With that Lisa puts her hand on Jill’s knee. She reaches for her glass of wine, canlı casino and Lisa peaks down her blouse and can see her nipple is hard. She finds this to be sexy that Jill didn’t wear a bra tonight and willing to show off her beautiful breasts for anyone that was lucky enough to catch a glimpse. That gives Lisa the chills again and she is starting to get wet herself. She caresses her knee for a bit looking over to see if she can get the guy’s attention. Finally, he catches both of the ladies staring at him and he shyly looks away. Lisa slowly moves her hand up Jill’s leg caressing the inside of her thigh. Once again sliding her hand to Jill’s upper thigh and senses her parting her legs slightly. She takes this as a sign of approval and slowly runs her fingers up to touch Jill’s panties again. She is pleasantly surprised when she reaches up to touch her and feels Jill’s wet silky pussy.

“Where are your panties?” Lisa whispers to Lisa in a shocking tone.

Jill smiles but it is both a nervous and aroused look. “They were too wet to keep on. Plus, thought our little friend would get pleasure out of seeing IT.”

Lisa is now speechless. She is usually the one that is more forward and outgoing than Jill. This increases the situation from sensual to over the top erotic. At first Lisa hesitated, not knowing what to do next. Then she slides her finger first parting Jill’s wet lips and then into her pussy. Jill lets out a soft moan and this sends chills down the back of Lisa. She glances over and notices the young gentleman staring between Jill’s legs. Totally visible to him, he can see Lisa’s finger moving inside Jill and has a clear view of her cleanly waxed pussy.

With his girlfriend completely unaware of what he is witnessing he reaches down under the table to start rubbing himself over his pants.

“Oh my god, I’m so aroused touching you. I never imagined that it would be so sexy to do this. You are so wet it’s such a turn on.”
“Can you see him rubbing himself. I could cum just watching that and you touching me,” Jill replied not taking her eyes off his hand rubbing his pants.
“I am so wet, I can’t take it. I need to feel how wet I am.” Upon saying that, Lisa reaches down the front of her skirt and slides her hand down between her legs. She closes her eyes and pulls out her wet finger and looks at it. “Oh my, I’m SO wet.”
“What should we do? I’m having fun here, but this is crazy.”
Lisa slides her chair back, “Follow me, I have an idea.”

The bill is paid and the young girl sitting with her aroused boyfriend gets up to use the restroom. Lisa grabs her bag and Jill’s hand and leads her out of the restaurant. She approaches the young guy before leaving and says. “We have a limo parked in the lot. If you want to have the best 10 minutes of your life you need to come with us now. Your girlfriend won’t even know you’re gone.”

Both ladies walk past him and out the door, still Lisa is holding Jill’s hand. The driver sees them coming from the restaurant and opens the door. Lisa speaks to him while getting into the limo. “We need 10 minutes, please go grab a cup of coffee.” The driver quickly catches on and slips down the sidewalk kaçak casino out of sight.
Both ladies are sitting in the back seat of the limo, it’s running and they can hear soft music playing through the speakers. Staring at each other, giggling and not knowing what to do they hear a soft tap on the window. Outside the guy has taken up the offer.

Lisa opens the door “Get in,” she says.

The guy gets in and sits across in the bench seat facing them.

“Don’t say a word, we saw you watching us.” Lisa speaks in a commanding voice.

He nods

“Do you like to watch?”

He nods again

“So do we. Take your cock out, we want to see how hard we made you.” Lisa is now in full control of him. As he starts to unbutton his pants, Lisa places her hand on Jill’s leg again and starts to caress her knee, slowly moving up to the top of her thigh, like in the restaurant. By now the guy has his pants down around his knees
and is about to pull his huge hard cock out. Lisa moves her finger up
and slides inside Jill’s pussy. Jill is paralyzed with arousal, wet from her friends touch but also in anticipation for his cock to be revealed. Finally, as if it was dying to join the party, he pulls out this huge beautiful hard cock as he slides his underwear down to his knees. As he does this, his hard cock dances with arousal just waiting to be touched. He puts his hand around himself and starts to stroke it.

Jill can feel her heart beating faster. She is excited to watch what has taken place in front of her eyes. To this point, it has only been her husband who has pleasured himself in front of her. Wanting to provide him with as much visual pleasure, she lifts her skirt up to her hips and parts her legs. Lisa looks down at her sexy pussy and his eyes are locked on it as well. Lisa begins to run her finger over Jill’s clit. Jill closes her eyes and feels herself building up with pleasure. Lisa follows suit and pulls her skirt up as well and has pushed aside her panties revealing herself to him. She is in complete rhythm with touching Jill and her own clit.

As to cut through the silence, Lisa playfully comments “who will cum first”. She whispers in Jill’s ear, “Can I kiss you?” She says.

Jill closes her eyes and Lisa puts her lips on hers, gently touching each other’s tongues. She moves her hand inside Jill’s top and exposes her right breast. She slides her hand back between Jill’s legs and starts to kiss and tongue her very hard nipple. Seeing that, the guy starts to moan, he is about to cum. In a matter of seconds he shoots and cums all over his stomach.

Jill hasn’t taken her eyes off the scene unfolding in front of her, only switching between the pleasure on his face and his hands stroking his long hard cock and balls. Jill feels she is going to explode, and Lisa now has worked herself up to an orgasm but is holding back waiting for Jill to drip with pleasure. The feeling is too intense for Jill and she can no longer hold back. She opens her eyes and she sees him looking at her pussy, limp cock in hand, cream over his chest and stomach. Finally, as Lisa rubs her clit she feels herself explode. Rocking her hips, and squeezing your legs on Lisa’s hand. Lisa orgasms as well.

When done, Lisa looks up at the guy and sends him on his way. Both get dressed and the driver comes back into the limo. They look at each other and smile.

“Jill, Now I know why this is your favorite restaurant”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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