Late Night With A Cop…

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Late Night With A Cop…
I pulled my car into a small area covered with trees, it didn’t look like many people drove down this way. I couldn’t wait to finish myself off.
As i couldn’t help the feeling of my pussy throbbing in my panties. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I reached one hand down my skirt, slid my thong away from my wet pussy and begin stroking my clit in small circles. I had a hard time not closing my eyes and relaxing into the pleasure.
I slid my thong to the side, grabbed my phone and found the dirtiest lesbian porn I could find saved on there, the volume turned as loud as it could go. I loved the moaning.
I buried two fingers deep into my cunt, wiggling them hard against the smooth inside as I watched two woman 69 deep into each other’s pussies. I could feel my orgasm swelling up inside of me. I stuck a third finger in and pumped my fingers in and out faster.
A soft tap came from the window behind my head, paired with a flashlight. “Police. I got a call about someone in this cars description acting suspicious but now I can see why.”

A female cop was standing in the window. “Get out of the car.” She barked at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me.
I scrambled out of the back seat, trying to cover myself with my hands as much as I could. The cop was about half a foot taller than me, curvier than me too. “What’s your name?”
“Tanya ######.” I said. I hope I won’t get arrested.
“Well, Tanya, I might let this slid if you can do something for me.”

She slowly went back to her squad can and motioned for her partner to switch off its headlights.

This African goddess returned and wow was her hot sexy smile curvy body and thighs to die for an ass I could eat for days hmmm as she unbuttoned her shirt. Her large tits popping out of her lace bra. “Show me if you can do those things you were watching on that video.” She smiled.

My pussy started pulsing again. This was so exciting. I haven’t had a girl in a long while. I pushed my hands against her breasts giving them a nice squeeze. She exhaled a moan. I pulled her bra off her shoulders, letting it dangle around her waist. I pulled her towards me, pulling myself to her tits. I liked one of her aroused tipobet giriş nipples into my mouth. “Oh fuck, I’m glad I took this call.”

Her hand pushed down my body, sliding my panties away, she pushed a finger into my pussy. “Oh my, you’re so wet. I can’t wait to eat that pussy.”
I moaned against her breast, wrapping my arms around her waist I pulled her into the back seat of my car. I stretched myself out like I had before, except I pulled my panties off my body this time.

“Let’s see how well you can eat this pussy then, officer.” I purred to her.

I pushed her head into my pussy, locking my hands into her hair, I pulled her hair tie out, letting her long black braids flow over her shoulders.

She flicked her tongue against my clit, sending shows up my body. I pushed her mouth harder into my pussy. “That’s it, eat my pussy bitch!” I screamed out as she dove three fingers straight into my cunt, suckling hard on my clit. “Oh Fuck!” I shouted as she pumped her fingers quickly in and out of my sopping pussy. “I’m gonna cum all over your pretty face! Oh god! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING! YESSSS!”
The officer tipobet güvenilir mi quickly pulled me out of the seat, slid her pants and panties off and replaced my position. “Let’s see what you got.” Her pussy was well shaved, and I could see a stream of pussy juice running down to her asshole. I was going to enjoy eating her out.

I licked her pussy slow, circling my tongue around her clit. “Oh fuck,” She said slow.’’
I slid a finger in her pussy, then another, pushing them in and out slowly. “Oh god! You’re teasing me, baby. Fuck me faster!” She shouted. I shoved them faster in and out. “That’s it! Now shove a finger into that little asshole of mine!”
“Dirty bitch!” I said as I popped a finger into her tight ass.
“Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes, fuck both of my holes!”
“Oh yes, your dirty cop! I’ll fuck both of your filthy whore holes!” I pumped harder and faster, sucking her clit harder. “Cum on my face.” I shouted into her pussy.
“I’m going to cum on your face! Oh fuuuuuck! Yesss! !” She shouted as her pussy clinched in my mouth and her pussy and ass around my finger. God she was a good fuck.

She hopped out of the back of my car, quickly dressed, and handed me her card. “Call me if you ever need out of a ticket, or maybe if you just want to fuck again.” She winked. Then headed back to her car.
I lay in the back of my car shocked and feeling good. I would definitely be giving Officer Thuli a call again…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20