Late At Night AKA Slumber Party

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Late At Night AKA Slumber Party
Story Late At Night AKA Slumber Party

March 17 1979

It was around 11pm when the movie they watch ended, and Kelly and Kris were bored and horny.Kelly was hired to babysit her neighbours’ 14-year-old son’s slumber party all night, and she had invited Kris over to keep her company. They were having the time of their lives discovering their sexual identities. They shared everything, from the clothes they wore to the boys they fooled around with. But now, they were feeling desparate. Neither of them had been laid in a few days and they were both horny pretty much all the time, but this particular evening they both felt especially desparate for a fuck.
They sat on the couch, sipping their home-made margaritas and wondering how they could get their kicks… ‘We could call Josh,’ suggested Kelly, but Kris shook her head. ‘No, he’s away this weekend. What about Anthony?’ she suggested. Kelly scrunched up her nose ‘Nah, he’s got a girlfriend. What about Mark?’ ‘No, ‘ Kris said, ‘I’m still mad at him for going down on Julie at that party last Friday,’ Kris was gorgeous, and vindictive. ‘Oh, I wish I could get back at him!’ she paused. ‘If I had a man here right now, I’d fuck his brains out,’ she said with determination. Just then, they heard a noise coming from the den downstairs. The boys were still awake, probably watching the hockey game. Kelly and Kris looked at each other and smiled. Suddenly they realized there was two young cocks waiting downstairs, ripe for the taking! ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ Kris asked. ‘Damn straight,’ answered Kelly
The girls jumped up off the couch and headed downstairs. Before they entered the den, they quickly primped themselves in the mirror in the hall

Kris was the bombshell. Petie blonde with long hair . She was wearing a pair of tight cotton panties and an oversized 49-ers jersey, which she had once received as a gift from a college boy. Her sparkling blue eyes and dimples alone granted her access to the men

Kelly was the darker, more mysterious one,sensitive,sultry,tall with long brunette hair and green eyes,wears glasses. Her body was finer, more delicate than Kris’s, but not in any way less appealing. She was elegant and smooth, with full lips and incredibly long fingers – two traits that any boy who had been with her raved about. She was wearing a little satin nightie with buttons and has a breathtaking body especially in a bikini
Both girls decided they looked irresistable, and then they entered the den. Two of the boys were seated on the floor in front of the TV screen and cheered them on from the couch. The girls snuck up behind them and Kris demanded loudly, ‘Do you boys know what time it is?!’
The boys both spun around and stood up, surprised at being caught in the act, and even more surprised at seeing who caught them. Not one of them had never been in the same room with a hot, sexy, older girl, let alone two of them at once! They stood there, frozen, most of them feeling their cocks canlı bahis already getting harder in their pants. Sounds of electronic music came from the TV as it was completely ignored. No one said a word.

The girls giggled and came around from behind the couch, swaying their hips and flipping their long hair over their shoulders. They brushed up against a couple of the boys teasingly as they made their way to the couch, then plopped down next to each other on the couch. Kelly spread her legs a little and Kris placed her hand on Kelly ‘s upper thigh as they snuggled up to each other. The two boys were now gathered in a group opposite the couch, some sitting on the floor, some standing up. Those who stood had a hell of a time time trying to hide their quickly growing boners, and those on the floor found themselves able to see straight up Kelly’s loose-fitting boxers
Kelly batted her long eyelashes and licked her lips. ‘You boys should be in bed…’ she said. Then, one of the boys, who had a reputation of having some experience with girls, stood up to face them. ‘You gonna make us?’ he wanted to know. Kris laughed. She could’ve eaten him up, he was adorable. She decided she wanted all of them, every single one. ‘Come here,’ she simply said. The boy moved slowly towards her, away from the safety of his group. ‘I’m not gonna bite…’ she laughed, then added coyly, ‘unless you want me to.’ The boy wasn’t sure how to react to her full-on flirtation, and was now standing in front of her, as if awaiting her orders. He was flushed and obviously aroused, and she saw the buldge in his pants grow as he stood there. She was discovering that the sensation of power over such helplessly inexperienced young man turned her on like nothing else. She knew she had them all wrapped around her little finger.
Kris decided not to beat around the bush and asked him, ‘Tell me, do you know how to kiss a girl?’ the boy smiled proudly and nodded. ‘Ok…well then, ever seen a girl naked before?’ This time the boy gulped hard and nodded again, obviously lying, but trying to impress her as well as his friend. ‘Ok,’ she said, then decided to call his bluff. ‘Well then, do you know how to lick a girl’s pussy?’ The boy turned bright red and froze, speechless.Kris and Kelly smiled at each other excitedly. ‘It’s about time you learned, then…’ Kris said as she reached over and slid both hands up Kelly’s nightie and started pulling her boxers off. Kelly was a little startled at first, but wheh she realized she was going to be the test subject, it really turned her on. She felt her pussy getting wet as Kris continued to undress her.
Once she had slipped Kelly’s boxers down her long smooth legs and over her feet
Kris slipped off the couch and got down on her knees in front of her. She put both hands on Kelly’s firm thighs and pushed her legs apart wide, getting inbetween them. Then she pushed her tits up against Kelly’s crotch, feeling the warmth of her hot pussy against her hard nipples. In one fluid güvenilir casino movement, Kris reached up and started to unbutton Kelly’s nightie. The thin, slippery fabric of her satin nightie fell open a little bit more with every button she undid, until finally it slipped off her body completely. Kelly was now completely naked. She arched her back, pushing her breasts out and lifting her legs up a little so the boys could see everything.
The two boys were wild now. Both of them had already cum in their pants, but felt themselves getting hard again. .They were moving closer, eager to be a part of the action, knowing this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime oppportunity to lose their virginity in a way most of them had only dreamt about
Kris now removed herself from her position between Kelly’s thighs and gestured for the boy to take her place. Eagerly, he got down on his knees and put his hands on Kelly’s thighs. Then he paused, as if waiting for guidance. Kris saw this and suggested, ‘Why don’t you slide your finger in first?’ When she heard this, Kelly spread her legs a little further apart, leaned her head back and closed her eyes in anticipation. Her pussy was dripping wet now, and the boy could smell her sweet juices. He hesitantly started running his finger over her pussy lips, which were now swollen and trembling, gaining more confidence as he explored her and pushed his fingers in deeper. He found her clit and started rubbing it, making her buck and wimper. Then she gasped as he slid one finger into her cunt, then another one. He instinctively started finger-fucking her, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy as she writhed around on the couch. Kelly watched, feeling her own pussy getting wetter every second.
‘Now lean in, and put your tongue there,’ she told him, pointing to Kelly’s erect bright red clit. ‘But don’t stop moving those fingers,’ she warned. The boy did exactly as he was told, and she watched him lean down and place his tongue on her clit, then he waited for further instructions. ‘Now pretend it’s a really hot, really wet…ice-cream cone,’ Kris said. The boy started licking, first forming his tongue into a point and rubbing her clit, then letting it slide down into her thick, wet pussy lips. Kelly was going crazy and felt her first orgasm coming on already. Fortunately, she was multi-orgasmic so she knew things were only just beginning for her…
Kris now wanted to involve the other boy, who were more than willing to participate. ‘You, ,’ she said, pointing at the other boy in the group, ‘do you wanna suck her tits?’ The boy didn’t need to be asked twice. He leapt onto the couch, taking place on either side of Kelly and immediately wrapping their hungry lips around her pert breasts. She moaned with pleasure as the three boys fondled, licked and sucked her.
Kris decided it was her turn to get some action, so she turned to the boy and asked him, ‘Do you want to take my panties off?’ The boy jumped at this opportunity, and within seconds internet casino he was pulling and tugging on her panties til they fell to the floor. Her oversized jersey still hid what the boy most longed to see, so he proceeded to pull it up over her head. When Kris was naked, the boy gazed at her smooth naked body, not knowing where to begin. She leaned over and kissed him sliding her tongue into the boy’ mouth, and then the gauging the strength of his tongue.
Then she turned to the boy and said, ‘I hope you were paying attention, ‘cuz now you’re gonna do to me what your friend just learned,’ she told him. She gently pushed him to the ground before her and spread her legs further apart. He got down on his knees, positioning himself between her legs. She felt him slip his tongue inside her sopping wet pussy and began sucking her clit eagerly. Sometimes he concentrated on her hard, erect clit, and sometimes he let his tongue lick around her swollen, wet lips. He was a natural-born talent, she thought to herself. Now she turned to him and started unzipping his pants. He stood there watching her hands grope inside and pull out his cock, which was super smooth and to her delight, even bigger than she thought. She leaned in deep and slid her mouth over his cock, just wetting it sufficiently. Then she led him around behind her, placing both his hands on her hips, bent over, and smiled. ‘Now go ahead. Fuck me,’ she said.
Feeling almost ready to erupt, the boy let her guide his dick to the opening of her inflamed pussy, and for the very first time, he penetrated her, feeling her soft wet flesh envelope him and watching his own cock disappear into her torrid cunt. He continued to fuck her, becoming harder and more confident with every thrust. When he felt himself getting ready to climax, he grabbed tightly onto her hips for leverage and erupted into her, filling her tight crevice with every drop of his young, virile fluid. When Kris felt the boy cum, she climaxed too, coming all over his penis . She cried in ecstacy, plunging her cunt into his face and at the same time, reaching behind her and pushing the boy’s ass towards her so his cock went even deeper. Then she pulled the kneeling boy up to his feet and quickly freed his cock from its confinements, straddling him right where he stood. She lowered her tight pussy onto his rock hard shaft and heaved up and down, grinding her luscious pussy against his crotch, feeling him slip deep into her. Seconds later, he came, topping off her pussy with his own huge hot, sticky cum. As the two moan and panted with pleasure, Kris glanced at the couch to see what Kelly and her boy were up to. She saw her friend on her hands and knees on the couch surrounded by the boy, which had his pants down. was avidly fucking her from behind in her pussy, while at the same time licking and sucking her tits. She climaxed again and again, Orgasm and moan with insatiable pleasure.
Once Kelly and the boy had come, the girls gathered their clothes and prepared to go back upstairs. They were sorry to see the girls go, but when they reached the door, Kris said, ‘Now, everybody get into bed,’ then with a very broad smile and a wink, she added, ‘or we’ll have to come down here again…’

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