Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 03

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“You sure, man? No condoms?”

“It’s what she said. That’s what she wants.”

“She’s safe?”

“C’mon. I wouldn’t offer otherwise.”

“I don’t…I’m not going to knock this bitch up.”

“Ain’t gonna happen. Trust me.”

“What about him? I mean, be straight; you sure this is cool, man? I don’t know him, got nothing against him, nothing against nobody. No more bad karma for me, man. No way I can go back, you dig? No fucking way, man.”

“Same here, bro, same here. Gone over and over it with her. It’s a long story. I’m just sayin’ I think it’s all gonna resolve itself in the end. Everybody’ll be happy.”

“No shit?”

“I think so.”


“Yeah, I do. Really.”

“So you say. OK, then. I’m in. I’ll do it.”

“Tuesday. My place at noon.”

“‘Right, bro. See you then.”

“Who’s he?” Maria asked with a quizzical look as she approached the car.

“Just give him your keys,” bid the driver, a light-skinned black guy.

Maria reached in her purse and pulled out the keys to her Jeep.

As she approached the passenger door of the Sedan De Ville convertible, a black guy she’d never met opened it and stepped out, leaving the door ajar. He was at least 6′ and 200 pounds of solid build. He smiled behind his sunglasses as Maria handed him her keys with her right hand.

“It’s Marcus, but call me Marc, Maria.” As he accepted the keys from her, he grabbed her hand with his left and quickly brought her toward him, causing her to stumble into him. He held her against him and, swinging his muscular right arm around her, grabbed her left ass cheek with his fingers fully extended. Maria’s casual white medical pants were mostly cotton, so they were soft to his touch. He could feel the line of her panties. He dug his right index finger into her butt crevice through her pants, sinking it in playfully then moving down below, to her pussy lips.

“That’s some ass, girl,” he grinned, wiggling his finger around.

Maria let out an unconscious gasp as he brought his mouth against hers and kissed her, immediately finding her tongue and wetting it with his. She tensed up and tried to pull back, but that made him dig his fingers deeper between her ass cheeks and pussy. He extended his tongue over hers and swirled it around, then pulled it back and sucked on hers for several seconds before pursing his lips and dripping a stream of saliva into her mouth.

Maria twitched her head back and swallowed his spit out of reflex, doing a double take as she tried to find his eyes from behind his sunglasses. “Who IS this? He’s BOLD,” was all she could think.

Marc took his right hand off Maria’s ass, brought it around to meet his left and clasped her right hand with both his. He leaned forward and kissed the top of her hand in a gentlemanly manner.

“Glad to finally meet you,” he stated, sincerely. She let go of the keys into his palm. He released his right hand and swung it up to lower his sunglasses. Maria looked into his dark brown eyes.

“George told me about you. You’re a prize. I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Alright guys, we gotta hit the road,” George said, with a quick glance to his right at them.

With his left hand still clasping Maria’s right hand, Marc brought it against his crotch. He squeezed her hand and she immediately felt his bulging slab of cock meat. He moved her hand down a bit, then down some more so she could feel its length. He flexed his sphincter muscles a few times so she could feel his cock throb through his pants. He smiled.

“I’ll drive your Jeep and meet you back at George’s after I pick up a few things.” Maria flashed a pleasant half smile, squeezed his dick on her own this time, humming “hmmmmm,” then casually pulled her right hand away from his crotch.

“Okay,” she said as she side-stepped him. She grabbed her sunglasses from her purse and put them on, making her way to the passenger seat. “The red Jeep, the convertible,” she said, turning back to Marc. “Two rows back.”

Marc turned and walked away. Maria sat down, shut the door, dropped her purse to the floor and settled into her seat.

George put the Caddy into drive, looked over his left shoulder and merged onto the street traffic. “Hey; how ya doin’. Move closer.” He leaned over and gave her a peck on the lips. After a few moments he added, “Next stop, Redondo. How many hours we got this time?”

Maria shimmied over to her left, looked at him with a tight-lipped smile, let her left hand fall to his crotch, and squeezed his cock through his jeans.

“Yeah, baby. Love it when you suck me off while I’m driving.”

She brought her right hand over and unzipped his fly. Reaching in, she found the crease in his boxers and ran her hand over his meat. She moved under and kneaded his balls, then managed to pull out his long brown cock as he arched his back and sat up momentarily to let his pants and underwear loosen. She lowered illegal bahis her head and began sucking his cock head, soon moving down and swallowing the shaft, slurping and pulling. That was her style of getting his cock quickly stiff and engorged. George glanced down and shook his head. Crazy cheating bitch, he thought. But he wasn’t unhappy she’d gotten back in touch with him a few months earlier. She’d already drained his balls several times. And today was gonna be a special day.

She pulled George’s growing cock out of her mouth and, jerking it, reported to him without looking up, “So that’s Marc, huh? He held my hand against his dick. He wasn’t even hard but he has a big one. Bigger than yours.”

“Yeah. He’s good people. We go back to my days in County. He’s a brother. You’ll like him.” He looked down, feeling Maria’s warm tongue and wet mouth as she swallowed his rod again, jerking it at the base.

“Y’know I still can’t say I’m cool with this.” He paused, adding, “When does your porn-loving boyfriend expect you back tonight?”

Her head bobbed up and down on his stiffening cock as she deep-throated it, so she didn’t answer at first.

“Eight or nine,” George heard her eventually choke out, her voiced garbled with spit and a dribble or two of his involuntary piss.

The Cadillac was headed west on Sepulveda, closing in on the western edge of Torrance. It wasn’t quite 1:00 p.m. Soon, the Torrance workaday street traffic would be behind him and after a few twists and turns, it would be a clear shot to his apartment on the Esplanade. George loved getting his cock sucked when driving. Because he had to concentrate on the road, it kept his mind from being overcome with pleasure and his balls from exploding into his ex-girl’s mouth. The longer Maria deep throated his cock, the better it felt and the longer and harder he grew. She was in store for a barrage of jism down her throat, he thought.

“Oh, fuck, baby. So good. I don’t get this nearly enough.”

As he was about to move to the right lane and let her blow him to completion, George looked over his right shoulder and was met by two thunderous honks of a truck horn. A moving van, high off the ground, was next to him and the driver was looking down and smiling, watching George getting a blow job.

“Oye, loca, bro!” the dude shouted, wagging his tongue. He tapped his horn again, laughing. His buddy in the passenger seat leaned over and yelled out the window, “Alright! Yeah!” giving a thumbs up.

Maria stopped sucking and jerking and looked up at George through her sunglasses.

“Aww, don’t stop!” he commanded. “Shit. Oh well, why don’t you show those guys your ass. Get on your knees and pull your panties down. Moon them.”

With one hand, then the other, Maria jiggled her hips so she was able to pull her cotton pants and panties down to her knees. She arched her back and extended her bubble ass back as far as she could so that her asshole and pussy were distended and in full view. Winking her rectum, she raised her head from George’s cock, looked back at the van drivers and smiled.

George looked over, grinning, and saw the two guys were ogle-eyed. Their mouths hung open in astonishment.

“Hey bros,” shouted George, “normally I’d say follow me. You’d be more than welcome to throw a shot in her, but can’t do it today. We’re on the clock. Maybe next time. Sorry!”

He sped up, tapped his horn a couple of times and raised his arm, waving bye as he left the van in the dust.

“Well, that kinda took the wind out of my sails,” he said, glancing down as Maria slowed and his cock began to soften. “But it sure made their day. Those guys’ll be jacking off till doomsday thinking about your ass, baby. And your asshole. You gave ’em a front-row seat.”

Maria raised her head, reached back to pull up her panties and pants, then shimmied back into the seat.

“You like how I make you feel?” she appealed.

“Always, mujer loca. You know that. Disappointed you didn’t get to taste my salsa?”


“Don’t worry. We still got seven hours. You’ll get all you want.”

There was a moment of silence. It felt clumsy so George added, “Left the office early for a Doctor’s appointment. Your boss bought that story again?”

“He has to, whenever I say it’s a woman thing. But he might start asking questions if we keep doing this. And I think Denise’s getting suspicious.”

“Who’s she?”

“Office manager. She gave me a look before I left, like she knows what’s going on. But that’s ’cause I think she’s been doing the same thing. We talked about getting DP’d. She nodded in agreement and said ‘oooooooh.’”

“You think she might tell Nick?”

“She doesn’t know him. They never met.”

George shrugged. “So she’s got no one to tell, except maybe her boyfriend. Or boyfriends. Whatever. Don’t worry about it.”

Maria took a moment, looked to her right out the car, then turned back to George, asking, “What if he wants to have sex tonight? I won’t be able illegal bahis siteleri to hide it if I’m sore and red from your…dick. And your friend’s?”

“I don’t know, Maria. Why are you asking me? Shit, man. You called me. This is your play. Figure it out.”

Marc unlocked the apartment door, stepped in and immediately smelled the sickly-sweet aroma of pot. He reached down with his free hand to untie his shoes, stepped out of them, kicked them aside and walked across the front room toward the kitchen. He heard George and Maria’s voices coming from the bedroom.

“Hey bro, I’m back,” he directed his voice toward them. “Parked the Jeep in the garage.”

He laid down the shopping bags and pulled out a bottle of Kah from one of them. Opening it up and setting it down, he turned toward the cabinet and pulled out three shot glasses. He filled all three, took one and gulped it down, refilled it and gulped it down, then refilled it again. He clasped all three in his right hand, picked up the bottle with his left and walked to the bedroom.

Entering, he got a full view of Maria’s incredible, peach-shaped ass and light-brown, v-shaped back as she rode up and down on George’s cock. Stunned by the sight of her perfect, slightly-opened pucker, he then noticed white drip lines of her cream on George’s swollen balls as she barebacked his nine-inch monster. She gasped on the upstrokes and breathed out heavy “aaahhhhhs” on the down strokes as her pussy lips sucked against George’s thick cock. Marc took in the sight of them pulling their hips apart, then driving them back together in a steady, medium pace. He picked up on the scent of her Cuban cunt. He squeezed his cock in reflex.

“Don’t start the revolution without me,” he joked as he approached the bed. He put the glasses and bottle of Kah on the nightstand. With his tongue tasting of the coffee tones of the añejo, he leaned over, caught Maria on the upstroke of her cock ride and grabbed her by the cheeks, breathing in her face, “you’re lookin’ fine, baby.”

He lowered his head and kissed her, swirling his tongue in her mouth. He probed hungrily, grumbling in his throat and transferring the tequila taste of his spit to her gums, tongue and teeth, working it in. Stunned, she sucked his tongue in return, and he sensed her riding George’s cock faster. Marc felt a twinge in his balls. His cock would soon be hard. He pulled back from her tongue and let go a long stream of saliva into her mouth. She swallowed and continued kissing him, jamming her pussy against George’s cock and grinding her hips into him.

George pumped her harder, stroking it all the way in, backing all the way out, then slamming it against her clit and pelvis. He reached up and grabbed her tits, kneading them and lightly pinching her nipples. Maria moaned as she rode his big cock and sucked on Marc’s tongue. She reached down and squeezed Marc’s cock through his trousers.

“I bet it’s biiiigggg,” she whispered, giving him a piercing stare as she pulled her face away from his. She glanced down at George, then up again at Marc.

“Show me,” she dared him, continuing to squeeze it.

“Like you said, George, a cheating slut,” Marc hissed at her, shaking his head, adding “Aren’t you?”

He then reached back with his left hand and found Maria’s asshole with his index and middle fingers. She quickly looked back toward her ass, then lifted her eyes and met his cat-ate-the-canary stare. She glanced down at George, who slowed his rhythm. Marc rubbed his fingers around her wet rectum in a circle, pushing in slightly, then brought his fingers up and stuck them in her mouth. Surprised, she sucked on them as he touched the back her throat, causing her to gag. She swirled her tongue around his fingers, wetting them with her slobber.

Marc pulled his fingers out of Maria’s mouth, reached back and stuck both up them up her asshole in one full stroke. Immediately she tensed, saying “Easy!” before closing her eyes as Marc continued undeterred, but gentler. He pressed down and, through her vaginal wall, felt George’s cock ramming upward. He slowly moved his fingers out, then in again, several times before finally pulling them out. Maria gasped.

George slowed his strokes further and looked up at her. “That was one cock and two fingers. She’s been dying for two red hot peppers,” he added, meeting Marc’s eyes.

“Every which way,” chuckled Marc, sticking both his fingers in his mouth and sucking Maria’s ass juice from them as he looked her in the eyes. He then gave her a quick smooch on the lips and pulled away. “Hey, why don’t you take a couple shots and smoke some more herb. “I’m grabbing a shower.” He unbuttoned his shirt, opened it and tossed it on the floor. Walking away from the bed, he unclasped his belt, unzipped his pants, removed them and laid them at the foot of the bed. As he took off his boxers, Maria turned and watched him drop them, revealing a hunk of dark meat that looked at least nine or 10 inches long, even in its semi-flaccid canlı bahis siteleri state. He turned and disappeared into the bathroom. Maria looked back at George, cracking a smile that appeared forced and nervous.

“Hey. I told you we’re tight. Real tight. I owe him a lot. You’ll never know. He’s a righteous bro, Maria. Even closer than some of my family. Get it?”

She nodded.

He slowly lifted Maria off his stiff, wet cock and sat up. She moved against him and draped her left leg over his right. He felt her warm, wet pussy against his thigh as she pushed closer to him. She leaned into him, circling her tongue around his right nipple and running her hand down his abdomen, toward his cock. His genital area was abuzz with energy. Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed both shots of tequila, handing one to Maria.

“If you smoke any more weed, you might not be able to come down by the time you have to drive home. But you should be able to drink this. It’s got a smoky but smooth flavor. It’ll warm you up and help you relax.”

“I’m already hot.” Maria joked as she took the shot glass and swallowed a sip. “Wow. That’s strong,” she snapped, clearing her throat. “Maybe if I had a margarita…”

“That’ll make you sick from the sugar. Just sip it, slow. You’re gonna need it to take Marc’s hombre.”

“I can smoke a little more. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, chica,” George raised himself and strode to the dresser to grab the tray of pot, pipes and lighters. Maria turned to admire his ass. As he grabbed the tray and turned around, she took in the sight of his cock and balls, his chest, face and hair. She felt a throb in her clit and in her heart. On one hand she never forgave him for getting busted and leaving her at a crucial time in her life. She might never have gotten herself into a bad marriage. But that was long ago. Now, she was almost reconciled to the fact that she asked him back in her life, even if only temporarily. She knew she was taking a risk, that it could lead to major problems with Nick if he found out, but for now, she told herself she needed George…and his cock. It held a permanent place in her physical memory as well as her heart. Nick had gotten more adventurous with his sexual fantasies and she wanted to make them happen, but her experience was way short of that. She didn’t want to disappoint him. She wanted to make his fantasies a reality. George could help her do it…even if it meant doing it with a friend or two of his from jail or the old neighborhood.

“So you think he wants to turn you out when you guys get to Tahoe?” George quizzed with a skeptical tone as he sat back on the bed, laying the tray on the floor, taking a hit from the pipe and handing it to Maria. She took a long, slow hit and held it in for several seconds before letting it out, her shoulders dropping and her body relaxing.

“It’s one of his fantasies to see me gangbanged. He talks about it when we have sex. Not that I think it’s a bad idea. It makes him cum really hard.” She handed the pipe back to George and took another sip from her shot glass. George watched as Maria’s eyes focused on his still-semi-hard cock.

“He’s been kind of OCD about the trip,” she rambled on, reaching down to fondle his cock and balls. “It seems like something’s up. He went to the adult video store and brought home some…toys.”

George raised his eyebrows, bidding her to go on.

“Dildos, vibrators. Lube. And gangbang DVDs – he puts those on when we have sex. He gave me some expensive lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.”

“So what’s wrong with that? You’re in love, you say, right? And look at you.” Maria met his eyes. “Any of my bros would jump at the chance to make it with you, baby. You’re fine.” He paused. “Changing your mind about getting DP’d today?”

Maria’s expression changed to beaming. She gave him a relaxed grinned and slowly spread her legs, turning toward him and opening her pussy lips with her fingers.

“Yeah. Lean back and lift up, show me that sweet little asshole, too.”

Maria rolled back, hoisting up both legs under the knees and gave George a close-up of her trimmed pussy, pink pussy lips and vagina, and pinkish-brown asshole. Meeting eyes, she blew him a kiss and widened her eyes.

“Finger it, baby.”

She began masturbating for George, spreading her pussy lips, tapping her finger on her clit, and assfucking herself with the middle finger of her other hand. George took another hit from the pipe and started fisting his cock with his other hand as he exhaled.

“You’re too hot, baby. You’re gonna make our cocks explode.”

“Hey man, no towels,” Marc yelled from the bathroom. “Bring one in.”

Maria rolled forward and righted herself. George handed her the pipe and she inhaled again. Handing it back, she exhaled, reached over and took another sip of tequila as George whacked his hardening cock against her tight, hanging tit. “Pour another one for Marc,” she smiled, giving George a squeeze on his cock and a peck on the lips as she got up and headed to the bathroom.

Marc had the shower curtain open and was waiting for a towel. His cock muscle had grown, bringing a wide smile to Maria’s face as her eyes met his. “I’ll dry you off,” she smiled, approaching him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20