Katie vs. Melissa Day 02

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“That’s your plan?” Rita was really stating her friend Katie was a simpleton. She ran a brush through her straight black hair, and said, “Melissa accidentally blows guys on her way to pay the parking meter. You can’t just set her up for the same she did to you.” Rita was standing at the counter of her hotel vanity. She was still wrapped in the towel she had dried off with. Katie had walked over to her room in her pajamas to talk. The pajamas were pale pink with little ponies and bunnies printed on them.

Even under her towel it was clear that Rita was firm and toned. Even in her child-like pajamas it was clear that the blonde Katie was top-heavy, slim waisted, and massive hipped.

Rita continued, “You’re going to have to really get her ass on the line to get her to stop.”

Katie blushed when she thought Rita was suggesting butt-sex. Rita wasn’t of course, she wasn’t suggesting anal either, or anything else a normal 40 year old would be perfectly comfortable calling it. Katie’s naiveté was prone to leaving her felling that anyone that thought about sex did everything they thought about anyway. To clarify what Rita was saying, Katie would have had to talk about but-sex, and that wasn’t going to happen. So instead of asking what she meant, she took what she thought her meaning was, and just said, “Sure Rita.”

“And keep me out of it. I don’t want her deciding I’m her next target.” Rita handed her friend the pack of panties she had bought for her the night before at the drugstore. “Go get ready. Melissa says she’s buying lunch.” The three women were on vacation in Vegas for Katie’s 40th birthday. Melissa had raided Katie’s suitcase and thrown out all of her panties at some point, and Katie had yet to replace them.

Katie stood up off Rita’s hotel room bed, and walked out into the hall. She walked towards her room, and looked down at the panties, “Size 5?” Katie took a deep breath and hung her head a little on the rest of the way back to her room. In her room she tossed the panties on the bathroom counter and stripped off for the shower. She knew she probably couldn’t actually wear them. She should have planned for something like that, and just bought her own damn underwear, or planned ahead and washed the pair she wore on the plane in the sink.

After her shower she dried off, and eyed the underpants on the counter as though they were a cake she had eaten most of. The source of her shame. She dropped the towel and looked at herself in the mirror. She put one of her hands on each of her hips and then held her hands up in front of herself in approximately the same shape, trying to decide if she was under the 34 inches the size 5 panties said they fit. She opened the package and took out the pink pair. She held them out, and said, “No way.”

Last night she had worn her longest skirt without panties, and a whole room full of men still saw. She had to try. She stepped into them, and pulled them up. They didn’t even make it over her hips. They cut into the sides of her hips and made it look like she had two waists. “Nope.” She slid them down on to the floor and kicked them under the counter so she didn’t even have to look at them.

Still convinced she could just buy some underpants someplace, she went about getting dressed anyway. She put on another full cup bra, and a light blue sweater. Her second longest skirt was a black pencil skirt. She tried it on and gave it the sit test again. Once again she was satisfied that it would be more difficult to see up it than she initially thought. This skirt in particular had the added benefit of being very tight, it would be difficult to spread her legs very wide at all.

Satisfied with her outfit, Katie moved to the other side of the bed took a deep breath and picked up the phone to start her plan.

Melissa was down in the lobby waiting for the other women. She had a Cape Cod in a highball glass in one hand and a menthol Virginia Slim burning in the other. She was early, she normally was. She found it kept her from getting impatient if she was making the decision to be early as opposed to just waiting when her friends were inevitably late. Her face was hidden under a wide brimmed white sun hat, and a pair of sunglasses. She had a red silk scarf tied in a French knot on the side, wearing it like a choker. The scarf used to match her hair before the dye had faded to copper. Her dress was also red, with a broad white belt. Although the hem was past her knee, it made up for being so long by being absurdly low cut. The neckline was precariously held up by thin spaghetti straps. It was one of those dresses she had to adjust all the time, constantly stuffing her fake tits back into it or else they fall out. It was clear at a casual glance that there was no way she was wearing a bra under it.

A few young men walked by. One was tall and broad shouldered, he had tattoos showing from under the rolled up cuffs of his dark dress shirt. He was alone. She thought about sticking out one of her long, tanned legs to trip free spin him, and run off with him to apologize in proper. Instead, as he passed her Mellissa imitated the noises she made involuntarily when a cock first slid into her pussy. She gasped, and groaned at him, “Ahh-uhh!”

He turned to look at her as he walked on looking a little stunned. Her smirk back at him made it look like her bright red lipstick was smeared on the side of her face.

After a few moments Melissa saw Rita approaching and made no attempt to signal her. Rita had dressed in a similar low cut tank top to the one she had the day before, a pair of denim shorts, and cork wedge heels. It showed off that she was in good shape, but was not like Melissa’s outfit, nearly obscene. She sat next to Melissa and awkwardly said, “Hi.” The two women hadn’t seen each other since Rita masturbated in the same room as Melissa forcing Katie to suck a stranger’s dick. Rita continued, “So last night?”

“You want the pictures?”

Rita was actually going to ask Melissa not to involve her in anything like that again, but as soon as Melissa offered she felt the same overwhelming urge she did when she walked in on them the night before. “Yes please.” She felt like her thong was suddenly way too small, but it was just her labia swelling as she started to get turned on. She exhaled a deep breath, and stared off in the distance dreamily.

Katie walked up to the two women. Thinking of what may be going on behind Melissa’s smirk made her blush. “Are you ready?”

The other two women indicated they were, and both stood. Rita asked, “Did those panties work?”

Katie said, “Uh,” and immediately started to blush again. “Yeah, they’re great. Thank you.” As soon as she said that they walked out onto the strip, and a breeze blew up between her knees reminded her she was lying.

Melissa asked, “Where are we going anyway?”

“I made reservations someplace the Concierge recommended.” That was also a lie, Katie had just called every restaurant in the area until she found one that was willing to participate in her plan. She was so caught up in guilt over how many lies she was telling, that she lost track of keeping her knees together. As she got into a cab she parted them just a little too far, and let her skirt ride up just a bit too much.

The driver caught a glance up her skirt in the rearview as she slid across the back seat. As Melissa got in he asked Katie, “Breezy today, huh?”

The comment went over Katie’s head, she replied, “It is a little.” She handed him the address of where they were going for lunch.

Melissa caught the meaning of the driver’s comment though. She leaned forward in the seat, and pawed Katie’s knees apart. Katie struggled against her, but she did catch a glance up her skirt at her blonde pubic hair. Melissa laughed, and told Rita outside, “Katie didn’t wear panties again.”

Rita climbed into the front seat turned around to them and said, “You’re kidding.”

Melissa went to spread Katie’s legs again, but she struggled against her. She went on squirming away successfully until Melissa jammed a thumb into a pressure point on the side of her knee. Katie squealed, and wound up sprawled across the back seat. Melissa popped up the hem of Katie’s skirt revealing her perfect little slit of a pussy to Rita and the driver.

Rita felt her passing lust start to rise again. The driver snapped a single picture of Katie’s forced flashing on his phone, and started to drive off to the restaurant.

They pulled up to the steakhouse Katie had scouted on the phone. It was off the strip, and looked a little more rundown than she had imagined. When they were seated, Katie made sure that she sat on the outside of their table, he knees facing a wall.

Their waiter came by and introduced himself by first name. He was young, and handsome. Melissa leaned forward whenever he looked at her, allowing him a view of her cleavage. The sudden movements she was making were making the precarious neckline of her top sway like a suspension bridge in a hurricane. Most of the young man’s time at their table side was spent staring into her cleavage. When her top’s structural capacity did finally fail, and one of her nipples slipped, she took her time fixing it. She scooped her top out before hauling it up, and when she did she strategically paused giving him a full view of her expensive and expansive breasts for just a second before tucking them back in. She did it pretty masterfully, even she almost thought it could have been an accident.

Rita noticed that the young man had shifted the extra wine list he carried to block the view of his swelling erection.

Katie hadn’t noticed anything strange, and asked the young man if anything had peanuts in it.

As the young man left Melissa decided to hell with subtlety. She hiked her dress up around her waist, and scooted her chair back and slouched a little. Her completely sheer black and red lace panties bonus veren siteler were plainly visible from above. She held her menu a little over the edge of the table to block the view for the time being.

The young man came back, and asked, “Are you ready to order?”

Katie said, “I need a few more minutes.”

Melissa intercepted the young man. Pointing at her menu, but not turning it to him she asked, “What is this exactly?”

He walked around beside her to look at what she was pointing at, and she tipped her menu down, totally exposing the crotch of her panties. Her pubic hair was perfectly trimmed into a downward pointing arrow, and was plainly viable through the black lace of the crotch. He stammered, “A baked potato?”

She dropped the hand she was pointing with to her lap, and groped at the crotch of her panties. “Oh. That’s what I thought. Thank you.”

Rita watched the whole thing, and could feel the hot dampness growing in her crotch. She said, “You filthy fucking whore,” but kept it under her breath.

All the same Katie asked Rita, “What did you say?”

“Uh.” Rita snapped to attention. “I said I couldn’t want anything more.” Rita pointed awkwardly to on entrée on the menu, and said, “Doesn’t this look great?”

The young man walked away, and in preparation for his return Melissa slid her panties a few inches down her thighs, completely exposing herself. When the young man came back, he took Katie and Rita’s orders first. Melissa ordered by pointing at the menu and tilting it so he had to walk around next to her.

“Uh,” he stammered again. He just stared down at her absurdly trimmed pubic hair. Even Katie noticed his erection growing this time. “Yes ma’am.” He lowered his gaze and all but ran off to the kitchen.

Their drinks and food came, over all it was enjoyable.

When it was time for the check, Melissa slid her panties all the way down to her ankles, stepping out of them and picking them up. She rubbed them against her crotch to saturate them with her scent, and then wadded them up and hid them in her hand.

The waiter came back with the vinyl check wallet, and Melissa picked it up slipping both her credit card and her panties into it. She closed it, and left it sitting on the edge of the table. The young waiter came back and took the check wallet. Melissa didn’t notice that he handed it directly off to the manager.

Taking his time the manager came by the table. He looked like he may have been a retired football player, or even a pro wrestler. He was clearly muscular even through his suit jacket, tall and broad, dark skinned. He pointed to Melissa and said, “Ms Johnson?”

Melissa said, “Yes.”

“I need you to come discuss something with me for a moment.” Melissa didn’t stand. “It’s about your card.” He gestured with the check wallet in his left hand, slapping it into his right.

Melissa was a little shocked, but stood up anyway. “What’s the matter?”

“Just come with me and we can take care of it.” He led her across the dining room, back to the kitchen, and opened a door to an office. She walked in and he followed her, closing the door behind him. He gestured to a chair, and said, “Have a seat ma’am.”

She sat, and he leaned back on the desk in front of her. “I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

Melissa didn’t quite know what to say yet.

The waiter came back to the table Katie and Rita were waiting at. He had a second check wallet in his hand. He looked at Katie and asked, “Katie Smith?”

Katie demurely raised her hand. He handed her the wallet. She opened it wrote a $500 tip on, and handed the check back.

He gestured toward the front of the building. “Right this way.”

Katie stood up, and asked, “She can come too, right?”

The waiter replied, “Of course.”

Rita stared, and said, “Katie? What have you done?”

As the girls were led off to a security station near the entrance, the manager gave Melissa the news. “The card you tried to use came back flagged as fraudulent. I have to detain you until the police get here.” This was of course a story Katie had fed him. They hadn’t even tried to use Melissa’s card.

Melissa’s jaw dropped as she tried to catch up. “What?”

The manager set down the check wallet on the desk and produced a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket and her shock grew. He stood and clacked one of her wrists with no protest from her.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” With little effort his massive frame he snatched her other arm, his hand easily encircling her wrist. He dragged it behind her, and cuffed her hands together behind her back. “You have got to be kidding.”

“No ma’am. I called the credit card company to verify myself. There’s a big bonus in it for me for catching you.” He leaned back against the desk and grinned at her. He flopped the check wallet open with one finger. Her panties were still wadded up inside. “They won’t deneme bonusu veren siteler be here for a while,” he picked the sheer knickers up and suspended them by the waist between his index fingers, “Maybe we could work out something else.” Melissa flushed from the crotch out, and gave him a smile that said she was willing to negotiate.

Watching over the CCTV from the security room, Rita asked the waiter, suddenly deep in her panic-lust, “You’re taping this, right? We can have a tape of this?”

The waiter said, “Of course.” They couldn’t hear what Melissa said as she nodded, but the manager smiled at her, wadded the panties back up in his right hand and reached out and touched her face with his left.

As soon as he stuffed the panties in her mouth, Melissa regretted rubbing them on her pussy before tipping the waiter with them. The manager fumbled with a packing tape dispenser, but pulled a strip off it eventually, and taped the panties in her mouth. Locking a finger into her scarf, he hauled her to her feet. As she wobbled on her spike heels her hat fell to the floor.

Shoving her into the edge of the desk, she flopped over at the waist lying on the top to keep from completely falling over. He walked around to the other side of the desk, and hooked a bungee cord through her scarf. The other end of the cord was secured to the bottom of the front of the desk, between her ankles. Her eyes made daggers at him, even though she had told him to do whatever he needed to let her go. She pulled against the cord to test its grip and the double wrap scarf started tightening around her throat. She thought to herself, “Okay, don’t pull against the cord. Got it.” He walked out of her sight, and she felt her dress being flipped up over his waist.

At the sight of Melissa’s bare tanlined ass being exposed Rita started squirming under the pressure building in her panties again. Kate and the waiter were completely glued to the monitor like kids watching a scrambled porno on cable. Rita thought she could risk slipping her hand down and getting some relief. On the monitor the manager opened his pants, and grabbed an olive oil bottle off a nearby shelf, and poured it all over Melissa’s ass. He drew out his hard cock, and Katie gasped.

He had the biggest cock Katie had ever seen.

To be fair she had only seen five, and although that number seemed to be jumping up on this vacation, it would hold that position for a while yet. Melissa couldn’t even see it, but if she could it would have been in her top 5%, and she would have had a devilish smile instead of the half shocked expression she had now.

The olive oil was dripping down her ass crack, intermingling with her own juices that had been running pretty free since she started teasing the waiter, and pooling inside her shoes. She heard the bottle glub again as he poured it, and then the telltale sound of a cock being stroked.

Melissa started to think, “Why the hell is this guy pouring oil all over the place?” But then she felt the head of his cock pushing against her asshole. She started trying to annunciate, “Uhuh,” against the panties in her mouth and pulled against the bungee cord to look back at him over her shoulder.

“That’s how it goes. Anal, or I let the cops take you.”

She looked back at the floor just to loosen the scarf on her throat, and mumbled throaty and vaguely affirmative sounds against the panties.

In the security room Rita said, “Holy shit. He just tossed it up her ass.”

Katie and the waiter turned to look at her, and caught her with her right hand buried wrist deep in shorts, and her left up inside of her tank top feeling herself up. Rita flashed them an awkward smile that Katie paid no attention to. Katie said, “Thanks for the suggestion Rita. I never would have come up with that on my own,” and turned her attention back to the monitor.

Rita repeated her previous sentiment, “Holy shit.”

Melissa kept hoping it was all the way in, and then somehow it went deeper. Most of the time she didn’t actually mind anal, but this guy slipping her his massive fuckpole with no prep was a little too much. She was trying to breathe circularly like she did in yoga class, but with her mouth taped up it was proving impossible. Every time there was another inch going up in her she squeaked in pain. Her eyes started to well up tears.

Finally she felt his thighs come into contact with hers. He started backing out, and although the sensation of it coming out of her was a relief, she knew that just meant it was going back in. He took a few slow long strokes like that, waiting for her to relax. Once it felt like she had relaxed a little, he drew back and slammed it in again hard. Her ass rippled from the impact, her head jerked forward, and the tears pooling on her lower lids burst free.

He pulled back, and thrust in just as hard again. He continued like that for several minutes. Melissa relaxed enough eventually to enjoy it. She needed to reach her clit if she was going to cum from it, and her body wanted her to. Even over the smell of pussy coming from her mouth, she could smell her actual pussy. To Melissa, that was the damn shame of anal. It turned her on, but it never got her all the way there on its own. Anal was such a tease.

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