‘Just’ Jane Ch. 09

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


I know nothing about golf, in fact the only time I have actually been on the course itself was when Donald and I first started to have marriage trouble. I purposely took him to the course late one afternoon so he could teach me.

I loved the course with both trees and wide open spaces. Donald had little patience to teach me so I soon got bored. With few others playing it wasn’t long before I found the perfect spot and disrobed.

I tried to get Donald to fuck me but he couldn’t keep an erection long enough as he kept getting worried someone would see us. I on the other hand was beyond excited hoping someone would. He did get a half ass blow job. As for me my back and ass itched from the grass until I got home and showered.

I’m not sure how long they will play today. I guess it will depend on how they do as a group. Winning determines how many rounds they play. If all goes well they will still be playing Sunday. Lose too many and we will be heading home Friday or Saturday.

There is a light on the phone flashing, apparently there is a message for me. Hopefully it’s Poole.

I listen to the message only to find a package had arrived with my name on it. I head down to the lobby and retrieve it. On the large stuffed envelope it says ‘Thursday’.

Confused I open it up to find a note from Lela explaining I have work to do. Inside are resumes. I chuckle to myself and after breakfast throw on a one piece swim suit and head down to the pool to study.

People looked at me like I was crazy working at the pool, for me it was natural, I do it every day. It was just after eleven thirty when a shadow cast over me.

“Would you care to join me for lunch?” Misty asked.

‘Seriously?” I gulped.

She was dressed in a bikini I swore Tina custom made for her. It covered everything and nothing. The fact it formed like a second skin was downright amazing.

“My treat.” Misty smiled.

“You sure… I mean after last night…”

“Jane, it’s ok, really.” Misty smiled widely. “Leave your work at the desk and take a break. I promise you’ll have the afternoon to finish.”

Something about the way she said it made me think she was right. I put the documents back in the envelope and dropped it off at the desk for safe keeping. When we walked past the restaurant to the elevators I got nervous.

“I thought we were having lunch?” I asked as the doors opened.

“We are, in my room. It has a nice view and fewer distractions.” Misty smiled.

She took my hand and led me in the elevator and held it the whole way to her room. It was a suite, bigger than my room but outfitted the same. From her balcony you could see the golf course and the pool.

Misty called room service and asked that lunch be sent up. After hanging up she walked over and sat on the couch near the balcony.

“Come sit with me.” Misty motioned to the other end of the couch.

I moved instead to the large overstuffed chair opposite her.

“Suit yourself.” She smiled removing her wrap.

I removed mine as well letting her know I wasn’t intimidated.

“So, you’re Poole’s slut?” Misty blurted out.

“And you’re not?” I snapped back.

“No Jane, I’m not.” Misty replied unabashedly. “Not that I wouldn’t want to be.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“I’m not his type of woman he says.” Misty explained a bit sadly.

“But you’re absolutely beautiful…I mean look at you!” I almost shouted.

“Nature has been good to me, I’ll admit.” Misty blushed. “Still there’s more than looks.”

“Yet you were riding his cock.” I reminded her.

“Yeah. Can’t deny that.” Misty smiled as if she was remembering that moment. “Can you blame me?”

“No.” I admitted truthfully.

Just then there as a knock on the door. Misty quickly stood and went to answer it.

“Over on the coffee table please.” Misty led the young man to the table in front of the couch.

He looked at me in my one piece suit quickly scanning my body as I’m sure he did hers as she walked in front of him. Misty signed for the delivery and walked the young man back to the door.

“Thanks, that will be all.” Misty said before closing the door.

“That was fast.” I noted as she sauntered back to join me.

When she walked back she stopped beside me. Reaching her hand out Misty took mine and stood me up.

“Won’t you join me on the couch?” Misty asked seductively. canlı bahis şirketleri

“I think I better stay on the chair, I’m not sure I trust you.” I said honestly.

“Very well the chair it is.” Misty flopped down pulling me on her lap.

“Hey!” I protested as her arms wrapped around my waist. “What are you doing?”

“Saving time.” Misty pulled me tighter. “This way I don’t have to subtly move closer on the couch.”

“Let me go.” I struggled feebly.

“I have a better Idea.” Misty held me with one arm and pulled the coffee table to the chair we shared. “Lunch is served.”

Misty picked up a chocolate covered strawberry and held it to my lips. I stopped struggling and looked her right in the eyes.

“Jane, it will only happen if you want it to.” Misty said as if reading my mind.

I knew the moment she stood over me at the pool this might happen. Maybe part of me wanted it to, maybe …I just didn’t trust myself. As Misty held the fruit for me to bite I felt I could trust her. I leaned in and sunk my teeth into the succulent fruit. Misty bit the remainder off the stem.

“Do you always start with desert?” I whispered.

“Oh Jane, that wasn’t desert.” Misty leaned in and kissed me softly. “You are.”

Misty wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for an even more passionate kiss. I couldn’t believe I was in the arms of this goddess and she just told me I was the object of her desire. Pulling one strap of my suit over my shoulder Misty rubbed another strawberry around my areola coating it with chocolate and juice. Her lips tugged at my nipple as she squeezed the base.

I found myself wanting this more and more. I reached behind and untied the back of Misty’s top. This emboldened her even further.

“Come with me.” Misty cooed.

Kissing me once again she started to move me off her lap.

“What about lunch?” I asked stupidly.

“I’ve thought about what you said and decided to start with desert.” Misty led me to the bedroom side of the suite her top no longer with us.

I don’t ever remember trembling this much as she helped me off with my suit. I returned the favor and pulled down the bottoms of hers.

There was no awkwardness at this point. We both knew why we were here and what we were about to do. The only decision was how to start off. I gave myself to Misty continuing to let her take charge. She pulled the covers off the bed in one swift motion and moved me in place.

Misty wasted no time in moving between my legs. With her hands under my ass she lifted my pussy up to her talented tongue.

“Tina told me you were delicious.” Misty swooned as she lavished me with attention.

My head was spinning as she admitted to knowing Tina. It would be like Poole to not keep Misty a secret, but Tina and she actually talked as well?

“Do you and Tina…” I dared to ask as Misty teased my clit.

“Only once, now just relax and enjoy this.” Misty dove back in.

It was nice, damn nice I have to admit, but not special. Misty turned me on then turned me inside out. I squirmed and wiggled until her expertise drove me over the edge. My orgasm was solid and fulfilling, just not special. When I recovered I returned the favor.

“You don’t have to do this.” Misty held my face in her hands before I worked my way down her body.

“If you’re starting with dessert so am I.” I squeezed her massive tits.

I slid under Misty and let the weight of her breasts settle over my mouth. I licked and tugged at the nipples as I liked but Misty had other needs. Her tits are huge but my guess not sensitive like mine.

Her plump lips were perspiring with excitement. I tasted her passion straight from the source this time and it was just as delicious as last night coating Poole’s cock. I grazed her clit as I plunged between her inner folds. Misty moaned and ground down firmly.

“Lick that pussy slut!” Misty barked.

She then pulled up and hovered over me her pussy just out of reach. Her eyes met mine, I could see she thought she had hurt my feelings.

“It’s ok this time, now just relax and enjoy this.” I repeated her words from earlier.

When I smiled Misty smothered my mouth again. I gripped her thighs and guided Misty on a short but satisfying journey. It was nice, damn nice I have to admit, but not special.

The kisses were. The cuddling was great.

“What about lunch?” I asked my stomach grumbling.

“Stay here.” Misty said as she jumped from the bed and running into the other room.

Her tits bounced and swayed just like my daughter Cody’s do. Carrying the tray Misty placed it on the bed and moved beside me again. We ate lunch with me using her tits as a pillow. We talked about Tina, about Poole and finally about me.

“Will I see you again?” Misty asked as I slipped myself back in my swim suit.

“I would like that.” I looked at her and smiled.

“But not enough to stay?” Misty gave me a vulnerable look.

I leaned in and kissed her softly.

“What we canlı kaçak iddaa shared was beautiful…” I smiled again.

“But…” Misty trailed off.

“My place is elsewhere?” I admitted.

“With your husband?” Misty asked bluntly.

“Maybe.” I replied a bit offended.

“That’s bullshit and you know it.” Misty sat up pointing her finger at me. “You’re in love with Poole just admit it.”

“I have work to do.” I yelled back. “I’m leaving.”

“Jane, please don’t go away mad.” Misty jumped up. “Please, before you go give me a kiss.”

I so wanted to leave but my feet wouldn’t move. Misty approached me and took me in her arms.

“Don’t give up, he loves you Jane. He may not say it but he does.” Misty placed her lips against mine and offered me her tongue. We kissed like lovers then parted.

“Tell Tina I missed not seeing her.” Misty walked me to the door naked and saw me out.

I went back down to the pool with my resumes and spent the afternoon working. I smiled each time I thought of my time with Misty, but it’s Tina I can’t wait to see.

With fourteen people around a large table, Thursday night’s dinner was jovial to say the least. No one was happier than my husband Donald. He’s not the best golfer, and neither is Poole, but from what I gathered Donald played a solid round of golf.

Donald and I joined the others in the bar before dinner. Poole was there but we didn’t get a chance to talk. I could tell he had talked to Misty as he had that certain look of satisfaction about him.

I did get to talk to Max and thanked him for the package Lela sent with the resumes. He assured me another would be waiting for me in the morning. I sat beside Donald at dinner, Poole and Max strait across from us.

Poole and I exchanged glances, it’s not like the others didn’t know about us. Hell we rode up together. Still I found in discerning to have him study Donald and I together in public. The meal was very good but the conversation focused on golf and then more golf.

The first toast was to their combined success the next was for each four man team. The fourth or fifth toast was to Donald for a clutch shot he made. After the last toast they all made their way to the bar.

“Maybe we should go up dear.” I suggested. “You have another early start tomorrow.”

“You go ahead, I’ll be right up.” Donald replied blowing me off.

“Maybe we should head up early like Jane says.” Poole said putting his hand on Donald’s shoulder. “The two of you can ride up with Max and me.”

“Jane can go if she wants, I’ll be up in a few minutes.” Donald pulled free from Poole.

“Just don’t drink too much.” Max said concerned. “Your team will need you tomorrow when we square off.”

“You’ll be watching us from the club house.” Donald taunted Max and Poole.

I rode up the elevator with Poole and Max alone. Poole explained, as luck would have it, the two foursomes that came up together would be pitted against each other first thing in the morning.

Maybe he was expecting me to make the first move, I know I expected him to. In the end Poole and Max headed to their rooms with just a light kiss to my cheek for good night.

I waited for Donald in new lingerie hoping his good mood would light a fire in his dick. It was well past a few minutes two hours ago. When Donald came in the room he wasn’t staggering but he was more drunk than not.

When he came out of the bathroom with just a towel again I had high hopes. We kissed awkwardly as Donald fumbled with my top. By the time I slipped my panties off he was losing his erection.

I pumped him up and moved him between my legs. With my pussy just inches from his cock Donald came. Drunk, exhausted, and now satisfied Donald rolled over and fell asleep. I rolled of the bed and proceeded to clean up the mess.

The green light flashed on, I turned the handle and slowly opened the door. The same soft light filled the room beyond. I walked slowly listening for clues of others in the room. When I rounded the corner Poole looked up at me with papers in his hands.

“You’re alone?” I asked looking back at the bathroom door.

“Not anymore.” Poole answered happily.

Although he was smiling I could see the concern he had that I had come again.

“If you’re busy I could go.” I suggested.

“Is that what you want Jane? To go?” Poole questioned.

“I came to be with you.” I argued.

“And yet you just suggested you would leave.” Poole stated.

“I came hoping we could make love.” I replied agitated.

“So the only reason you came was to fuck?”

“Yes… I mean no…not the only reason.” I stammered. “Why are you doing this?” I threw my arms up.

“Come here slut.” Poole said harshly.

He gathered the papers up and placed them neatly together. They were the resumes I worked on today with my notes. I waited silently as he slipped them back in the envelope and folded over the flap. Setting it on the night stand he turned his attention to me.

“Come closer, canlı kaçak bahis I want to undress you.” Poole explained.

My body shivered in anticipation as it does each day at work when I present myself for inspection. With hands almost twice the size of most men his touch was so gentle. I stepped free of the panties as Poole gripped my ass cheeks. Moving his hands over my hips I felt his fingers trace over each rib on my sides. Lifting the top over my head I stood naked in front of him.

“Even a blind man would see more beauty in you than your husband does.” Poole whispered as his eyes met mine. “If you join me you may not leave before I do this time.”

“Understood.” I replied as his thumbs lifted my modest breasts.

“You’ve left precious little time slut.” Poole admonished me.

“I’m sorry.” I whimpered as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks hard.

“On your knees I want to see that ass when I fuck you.” Poole sneered.

“You could fuck it if you want?” I suggested.

“On your knees, I’ll take what I want.” Poole barked.

I moved to the bed and presented my ass. Poole spit on my asshole and with my ass cheeks spread rubbed his cock against it. He teased my puckered hole before moving down and slipping it in my cunt.

“Misty said you joined her for lunch.” Poole started working his cock in deeper.

“And desert.” I moaned as my pussy stretched to take him.

“So I hear. Will you be sharing desert with her again?” Poole thrusted in deeper.

“I wouldn’t object if it was the only thing on the menu, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.” I said cryptically.

“Fair enough.” Poole replied. “Fair enough.”

Poole pounded my pussy from behind as he continually fondled my ass cheeks. Then for the first time ever I felt his thumb probe my asshole.

The moment it passed through the tight opening I came with a thunderous roar.


My asshole clamed over his thumb my cunt contracted around his cock.

“Deeper Poole, fuck me deeper, fuck my ass deeper, cum, fill you’re sluts cunt…” I rambled on.

Not long after Poole filled my pussy as another smaller orgasm reminded me how lucky I was. Poole got up and used the bathroom I rolled on my side content to sleep with a pussy full of cum.

“I read your notes on the resumes. I like what read.” Poole nuzzled against my back.

“So I’m not just another piece of ass.” I teased pressing firmly against him.

“Jane…” Poole sat up rolling me on my back. “…you have ‘never’ been just a piece of ass to me.”

Poole’s eyes were on fire as he glared at me. I appreciated what he said but was surprised by the emotion. The fact he didn’t joke about it only confirmed something was different lately. I decided to lighten the moment if I could.

“Well you not just a piece of ass to me either.” I leaned up and kissed Poole firmly. “Now get some sleep you have an important game in a few hours.”

We kissed again before I turned my back to him and pressed my ass against his semi hard cock.

“Jane.” Poole shook me lightly. “Jane.”

I opened my eyes and found Poole standing over me.

“Good morning.” I smiled broadly. “Are you off to play?”

“I’m sorry to do this to you, but Donald is not up yet.” Poole said in frustration.

I sat up and let what he said sink in.

“I’ll go get him.” I quickly offered.

“I can do it if you want.” Poole offered “Just give me the key.”

“No, he’s my husband, I should do this.” I said before I realized the words I used.

I could see the hurt in Poole’s eyes as it sunk in for both of us.

“Well you can’t go like that.” Poole said recovering quickly.

I dressed in my lingerie and then pulled on a clean dress shirt from Poole’s closet. Barefoot with no pants on I scampered down the hall to my room. There was an older couple in the hall when I exited Poole’s room. The three of us rounded the corner leading to the elevators, they seemed amused as I quickly passed by. Opening the door to my room they watched in disbelief as I went in.

“Donald!” I called out as soon as I entered the room.

Lying in the rumpled bed he stirred to life.

“You’re late.” I said with urgency.

Donald looked at my attire and then at the hotel room around him.

“Where have you been?” He asked holding his head.

“There’s no time for that you need to get dressed.” I threw his clothes at him.

After he used the bathroom I pushed him out the door in stocking feet. Poole and Max were waiting at the elevator for him.

A new package was waiting for me at the main desk when I went down. Taking my place around the pool to work I seemed to have garnered more attention in a bikini.

“Do you mind?” She asked.

I looked up and found Rita, Slim’s girlfriend pointing to the lounge chair beside me.

“Please do.” I smiled.

“Reading a book?” Rita asked looking at the stack of papers.

“Working.” I explained with a laugh.

“What?” Rita looked surprised.

“I have interviews Monday so I need to be ready.” I shrugged my shoulders. “You?”

“I can only shop so much.” Rita sighed.

“Shop?” I asked.

“The other women, it’s like all they want to do.” Rita laid down directly in the sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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