Jessica Gets Tricked

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Jessica Gets Tricked
Jessica’s body was soaked with sweat. Her freshly high-lit hair was already damp and she wasn’t sure her thick mascara wouldn’t start running down her cheeks. It was one of those ‘sticky’ days, as she always thought of them. Hot and humid without a cloud in the sky. The kind of day where a white tank top and her Daisy Dukes were the only option. Forget the bra and panties, she knew they’d be coming off soon anyway.

She sat on a shabby, second hand couch in the middle of nowhere staring at the cracked tile floor of Jack’s one room shack, hoping a roach didn’t decide to join her. Her eyes fixed on the small, dirty mattress in the corner.

“This better end soon,” she thought. “It’s bad enough I have to fuck this guy, he could at least get some air conditioning.” “How could this sad sack of shit afford to lend me that money when he lives in a dump like this?”

The abrupt arrival of his voice nearly surprised her out of seat. “I don’t actually live here, it’s just a fuck pad,” he stated rather calmly, as if he’d said it a hundred times before.

“He must have seen the look on my face,” she thought, “I better start playing my part.” She forced herself into an absent minded calm and smiled at him seductively, almost submissively. He was carrying two popsicles that looked homemade.

“What’s that?”, she asked with a giggle.

He ran his eyes over her body, blatantly pausing on her erect nipples. “Popsicles silly, you looked a little hot.”

She looked down and realized her sweat soaked breasts were in full view through her now see-thru tank top. She knew this was her opportunity to get things over with and began to pull it off.

“Whoa,” he laughed. “Slow down sweetie, we’ve got all night.” “Here, eat your popsicle and we’ll talk about your little situation.” He stuck out his hand as a ‘trust me’ smile crept across his middle-aged face. She studied it for the first time and decided things could be worse. He was about as average as the come, if just a little homely. And he wasn’t exactly in shape, but at least he wasn’t dirty and overweight.

Jessica sighed, accepted her ‘gift’ and thought, “What the hell is there to talk about?” “I know what happens when girls owe this creep money, everybody does, that’s why he only lends it to hotties like me.”

Jack slumped back in a torn leather recliner across the room and eyed her with an eerie lack of lust. Jessica decide to kick it into high gear and began fellating her icy treat. She started by slowly running it over her bright red pouty lips. Then she seductively tongued it while slowly lifting her eyes and shooting her best ‘fuck me’ look at him. It actually didn’t taste that bad at first, like cherry Kool-Aid. She sucked it slowly into her mouth, letting out a slow moan. She pushed it at the inside of her cheek, making her face bulge slightly. Her gaze intensified as she slowly withdrew it, then made an exaggerated popping noise as it exited her warm mouth. Then she rhythmically pistoned it between her lips a few times before noticing that the heat from the air combined with her playfulness was making it melt faster than it should.

When the coolness began to pass from her lips down to her belly and spread throughout her petite, yet voluptuous body, she noticed an odd salty aftertaste. This brought her out of her tease and left her with a quizzical look.

“What did you use to make this?”, she asked.

“Cherry Kool-Aid,” he shrugged.

She raised a skeptical eyebrow, looked back at the deformed popsicle and gingerly put it back in her mouth. Just as she began to suck on it, waiting to see if the saltiness could just be either her own sweat or imagination, he smiled an evil smile and said, “And my cum.”

Her body froze. Her eyes grew wide and, with the popsicle still in her now gaping mouth, all she could think to do is stare at him, hoping he’d laugh and tell her it was a joke. It wasn’t. He made her this special treat days ago, jacking off five times into the little plastic popsicle mold and mixing it with some cherry Kool-Aid. What he didn’t tell her, and what was now making his cock try to stretch through his jeans, was what else he added to the mix.

Jessica felt her face flush and her body actually get hotter than it already was. She whipped the ‘cumsicle’ at his head and jolted up from the couch. But before she could decide whether to run out of the house or beat him senseless, she felt her knees go weak and fell to the floor at his feet. She tried to push herself up, but her arms gave out as well. She lay on her side on the dingy floor, barely finding enough strength to roll her head back and look up at him.

He lazily rose out of his chair and kneeled next to her. He put a hand on her forehead and lifted one of her eyelids with his thumb, examining her like a doctor. His sudden triumphant laugh frightened her to her very core. She’d never felt more helpless or confused. Though she was perfectly conscious, she had absolutely no control over her body.

Jack put his grinning mouth next to her ear, “I slipped you a roofie baby!” “Don’t worry, you’ll be asleep soon, and debt free before you know it.”

Jessica’s eyes opened slowly, almost by themselves. The first thing she saw was the chipped paint of a dirty white wall. It took a few seconds, and a slight rush of blood to realize her head was upside down. She blinked a few times and felt a cool night air pass over her naked body.

“Why am I naked?”, she thought. “Where am I?”

She tried to lift her head, but it felt something pull at her hair. She also suddenly realized that her legs were spread and somehow lifted into the air, though no one was holding them. Her body began to tremble as she noticed the only things touching her were some sort of padding around her neck, a rope around her waist binding her wrists behind her back, and a leather strap around each ankle. Her bewildered mind began to race, knowing she’d never been this exposed while also not knowing how she ended up this way. While definitely scared, she somehow felt sexy, even a little turned on. She also realized that nothing was beneath her. The odd sensation of being suspended had begun to sink in when she heard footsteps and a door slamming shut.

“H-h-hello?”, she stammered. Silence. “Where am I?” “Jack?”

“That’s right cutie,” he said with a fatherly air. She saw a bright flash and heard the distinct sound of an instant camera.

He was quickly standing at her side, smiling down at her like a pet. All she could see was his face and slightly hairy chest, yet something told her he was naked. That thought was confirmed when she felt what could only be the head of an engorged cock lightly brush her shoulder.

He held a picture in front of her eyes. She almost didn’t recognize herself. There was a foam collar around her neck connected to the floor by a thin piece of rope. A long piece of leather was running from each side of it to her ankles, spreading her legs and pulling them back. She was hovering about three inches above the dirty little mattress she saw earlier. The rope around her waist was attached to a ring in the ceiling. Additional ropes from her ankles also extended to two more rings. And her long hair was loosely fastened to a hook in the floor.

Her mind suddenly felt as though it was being being ripped in two. One side was thinking only of escape, the other of being ravaged. Her surprisingly wet pussy began to tingle. She tried again to move her head and failed. “What’s going on?” “What did you do to me?”

“Nothing,” he said with amusement. “Yet.”

She couldn’t think of a worse thing to hear. “Yet?”, she wondered. “What was he waiting for?” “What was he planning?” “Why’d he do this?”

“You don’t have to,” she meekly uttered.

“I don’t have to what?”

“This, you don’t have to do this,” she pleaded. “I knew what you wanted when I came over, and I was going to let you.”

“Let me what?”, he chuckled. His smile spread into a toothy grin. Jessica finally realized the power he held. The word ‘let’ was no longer part of her vocabulary. He could do anything and everything he wanted. But what did he want? Her heart began to pound. Her breasts trembled with fear. She closed her eyes, trying to understand, trying to figure out if he wanted to hurt her, just fuck her, or both.

“This is a game to him, a fucking game,” she realized. “Should I play along?” “What does he want to see from me?” “Fear, anger, excitement?”

She heard his feet shuffle, felt a hand on her cheek, and something else resting on her chin. She quickly opened her eyes and saw his ass hovering over her. Then she felt his balls brush her nose as he took a half step back and rubbed his cock on her lips. It all happened so abruptly that her body reacted before her mind knew what was happening. Without thought, her tongue was gently lapping at his head. A wave of excitement rolled from her confused mind to her mouth, then pulsed over her hardening nipples before finally stopping at her moistened pussy.

“That’s a good girl,” he moaned.

Jessica found herself becoming compliant, but not quite submissive. “Maybe this is it,” she thought. “If I can please him quickly, it’ll be over.” She tried to forget about being d**gged and restrained and concentrate on her own ‘pleasure’. Though she didn’t do it for just anybody, sucking dick was something she always enjoyed. She liked to feel her lips stretched, her mouth filled. The feeling of power over a man and his orgasm. And she quite enjoyed the taste of cum.

She decide to focus on that last thought and let her body take over. She flicked her tongue hard over the tip of his cock, just once, then closed her lips around it and givingly began to suck. Her tongue rolled around the tip, tasting his precum, hoping it was a sign that he had a short fuse and it would soon be over.

Then he rested his hands on her cheeks and slowly pushed his rigid meat into her mouth. She knew where he was headed, and tried to breath through her nose and relax her throat. Soon, his pubic hair circled her mouth. His balls tickled her nose and her gag reflex finally kicked in, causing him to twitch and tickle her throat.

Jack decided to leave it there for another second before pulling out. He did, slowly, then stared down at her, enjoying his position of power as she caught her breath. He smiled down at her and playfully slapped her cheeks with his cock.

“You like sucking dick, baby?”

She hesitated, not sure how to answer. “Yes,” she whispered.

He pinched her nose shut. “What was that?”

“YES,” she shouted.

“I bet you’ve done it a lot.” “I wouldn’t be surprised if you sucked every dick around here.”

She felt her cheeks get red. She knew what he wanted to hear, but didn’t want to give him total control by lying and telling him yes. She felt very dirty already, but not yet fully degraded.

He smiled and said calmly, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.”

Confused, she tried to ask what he meant, but as soon as her mouth opened he plunged his cock back in. She gagged and tried to spit him out. He pulled slightly back then forced himself down her throat. He repeated this over and over, fucking her mouth and throat with abandon. No one ever took her like this and it seemed to make her excitement grow. The sense of danger began to fade, she tried to clear her mind and wished she could touch her aching clit. He pistoned faster and faster, tightening his grip on her head. He suddenly let out an a****l-like grunt, pulled his cock from her mouth and began spurting cum all over her face. It hit her cheeks, her lips, her tongue and her forehead. It just kept coming, coating every inch of her face. He eventually finished with a loud sigh and left his softening cock resting on her forehead. Cum rolled down her face and onto the floor. She wanted more and couldn’t deny it. She rolled her tongue over her chin and upper lip. She even tried to stretch it to her cheeks, tasting as much as she could.

Then she felt him walk away. She heard the sounds of him wiping himself off and getting dressed. An awkward silence filled the air. Not even the sound of his breath was apparent. Her tried to move her head side to side, trying to see anything she could. Some kind of cloth landed on her face and she smelled her own scent.

“Sorry,” he said with a laugh. “I forgot to bring a towel, so you’re shirt will have to do.”

As he ‘cleaned her up’, she felt her anger rise again.

“Is that it?”, she heard herself say. “Had enough of your little game, you sorry fuck!” She knew it was a mistake, but couldn’t control herself. She also knew her anger didn’t come from the way he used her shirt, or her mouth, but her own unfulfilled needs. It was bad enough when her selfish boyfriends left her desperate for an orgasm, but to be left wanting by a man she didn’t even want in the first place was enough to really piss her off.

He lightly ran a finger over her pussy. “Aw, did this turn you on?”, he taunted. He rubbed her own pussy juice on her lips and laughed uncontrollably. “I don’t give a shit what you want, you little slut.” “Or should I say, little whore?” “That’s what you are now, isn’t it?”

Her anger turned to embarrassment. “I’m not a whore,” she said more to herself than him.

“Sure you are.” “You knew you couldn’t pay back that loan.” “Which means you knew you’d have to come over here and give me something else.” “Right?”

She shook her head and lied, “No, I was going to pay you back, I swear.” “I don’t just sleep with anybody, and I’m not for sale!” She knew that only the first half of that statement was still true and tears of frustration began to roll down the side of her face.

He wiped them away and said reassuringly, “Now, now, I don’t like my bitches to cry.” “We wouldn’t want me feeling guilty about this, would we?”

“I’m not your bitch!” “Let me go and there won’t be anything to feel guilty about,” she pleaded, knowing it was useless.

“Well, you’re right about one thing, there isn’t anything to feel guilty about.” “I’m simply collecting on a debt.” “You’re wrong about the other thing though, you are my bitch, at least until you’re done paying off what you owe.”

She accepted that it wasn’t over, but still didn’t fully understand what he meant. “What are you going to do?” “Please, I just want to know what you want.” “I can make you happy, just untie me.”

“You don’t get it cutie.” “I’m already happy, I got what I wanted.” “Sure, I would have loved to find out whether your pussy tastes as sweet as it smells, or maybe even fuck that tight little ass of yours, but my happiness is no longer important.”

She never let anyone fuck her in the ass and felt briefly repulsed until the rest of his words hit her – hard. He wasn’t going to be the last to use her. Her eyes got big, and she let out a whimper. “No,” barely escaped her feeble lips.

“Yes,” he sarcastically replied.

Her chest felt heavy. Her breath became erratic. She felt helpless and started to squirm, causing her body to sway.

Jack laughed again and gripped her shoulders, steadying her.

“Show’s gonna start soon, so let’s just get everything straight.” “You’re going to be my little moneymaker tonight whether you like it or not.” “When it’s over, you’ll be free, but if you intend to say anything to anybody, forget about it now.” “Not only do I have this little snapshot, but I also took a bunch with my digital while you were doped up.” “And I have a video camera hidden in here.” “You talk and you’ll be the hottest slut the internet’s ever seen.” “Understood?”

She closed her eyes, still trying to think of a way out. He put a hand on her left breast, briefly massaged it, then pinched her nipple. He twisted it between his fingers and pulled up tightly.

She bit her lip and whimpered. “Yes,” she said as she opened her eyes to meet his.

“Good,” he said. “Now I have another question, You ever eat pussy?”

“What?”, she asked. “Why would you ask me…”

She heard the door open and took a deep breath, realizing that her night was about to begin. Though she could tell by the sound of the footsteps that two people just walked in, she didn’t have to ask if at least one of them was a woman.

“Oooh my!”, she heard from a sexy feminine voice.

She canlı kaçak iddaa heard what sounded like a kiss on a cheek or forehead. “Happy birthday baby,” a man proudly stated.

Next she heard Jack. “Twenty each.”

“Twenty?”, thought Jessica. She felt insulted and even a little hurt. “I’m not only about to become a whore, but a twenty dollar whore?”

“What do we get for twenty?”, asked the woman.

“What ever you want,” answered Jack. “But if you’re going to be more than a half hour, it’s either another twenty, or you might have to share her.” “And feel free to cum anywhere on her, but not in her ass or pussy, the next person might not like it.”

“Might share her?”, questioned the man. “What do you mean by might?”

“Yeah, this bitch loves to take it all night, so I got some more people lined up, they’ll be here any minute” “But sometimes they just like to watch, you know, to get warmed up.”

“All night?”, thought Jessica. “How many will I have to do?” She tried to figure the math. She owed him $1500. That’s 75 people. 75 fucking people! She shuddered at the thought. Jessica was a small girl and her tight little pussy could barely take it when her boyfriend wanted to fuck her more than twice in a day. She was always sore for at least 24 hours and had to suck his dick just to keep him happy. Now she’d be sucking and fucking dozens of people for God knows how long in God knows what manner. An image of herself, exhausted and bathed in sweat and cum entered her mind. Her pussy began to get wet again. “What the fuck?”, she thought. “This can’t be turning me on!”

Her mind was quickly snapped back to reality as a soft, gentle hand caressed her thigh. She startled and began to tremble. She never entertained the thought of being with a woman. Being young and attractive certainly brought her a few offers, and she would never judge anyone by their sex habits, but it just didn’t interest her.

“She’s timid!”, said the woman with a laugh. The two men laughed as well.

“I’ll be outside,” giggled Jack.

Jessica began to panic and tried twisting away from the fingers playfully squeezing her flesh on their way up her leg.

“Wait, Jack, please,” she stammered. She suddenly wanted him to stay. The thought of being alone with two strangers, one of them a woman, scared her. But what terrified her was how turned on she was getting. She heard the door close just as two large, manly hands gently, almost lovingly, massaged her breasts. The man’s face appeared before her. His kind and pleasant features did little to ease her mind, but did help to subdue her sense of danger.

“Relax babe,” he said. “I promised my wife a good time for her birthday.” He briefly looked over his shoulder, then smiled at her warmly. “You might even like it.” “Go ahead sweetie.”

Just then the woman placed her hands on either side of Jessica’s cunt. She lightly ran her thumbs along her pussy lips. “She’s wet,” the woman said with surprise and excitement.

“See, it’s just sex babe,” the man said to Jessica.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine her boyfriend. He didn’t like to lick her down there, and only did it begrudgingly. But at least she had some memory to draw upon. Maybe it would be enough to see her through this.

The man smiled again before turning his attention back to his wife. She pushed one thumb into Jessica, and gently rubbed her clit with the other. Then she leaned forward and began to lap at her pussy. She worked her hands and tongue in a slow rhythm. One thumb rubbed her clit, the other made circular motions inside of her cunt, while her tongue ran the length between them. As she increased her speed, the man took one of Jessica’s breasts in his mouth and started sucking the nipple. Though she tried, Jessica couldn’t deny how good it felt. The woman’s expert attention combined with her frustration after Jack’s face fucking left her aching for relief. She u*********sly let out a low moan. The man and woman both giggled.

“Let’s show her how good it can be baby,” the man stated with pride.

She felt the woman reposition herself between Jessica’s legs. She massaged her ass cheeks and began to roll her tongue inside her pussy.

The man got on the mattress under her, his hard cock protruding between her legs, resting between her cheeks. She let out a groan of pure pleasure as he nibbled on her ear, wrapped his arms around her and played with her tits.

She felt warm lips kissing her clit, then the woman’s knuckles rub past her pussy lips as she stroked her husbands cock. She worked her clit with her tongue as her husband whispered in Jessica’s ear, “Not bad, huh babe?”

Jessica tried to hold back. Her stubborn will was still trying to deny her body what it so badly needed. She felt the man’s cock being rubbed against the entrance to her pussy and the woman sucking hard on her clit. She couldn’t take it anymore. She cried out in ecstasy, “Oh God!” “Fuck, I, I, I neeeeed it.”

“You need what?”, teased the man.

“Your cock.” “Her fingers.” “Anything!” “I just want to cum!” “Goddamn it, make me cum!”

“Do it baby,” he commanded his wife. Jessica felt the woman’s head between her thighs. She heard the woman’s mouth kiss her husband’s cock. Then she felt the woman’s hair moving between her legs. “What the fuck?”, she thought. “She’s sucking his dick!” “For God’s sake, I didn’t say make him cum!”

She heard the door open and two sets of footsteps enter the room. The sudden embarrassment of knowing she was being watched and feeling the cool night air on her unattended pussy began to drive her mad. Just as she was about to protest, the woman started to almost violently rub her clit. A long slender finger plunged deep into her. Then she felt something she’d only previously felt when finger fucking herself, long after her current and past boyfriends would drift off into a self-satisfied slumber. The woman knew just where to find ‘the spot’ and rubbed it vigorously.

“OH FUCK,” she screamed. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!”

Her shouting encouraged the woman between her legs. She somehow managed to pick up her pace, not only on Jessica’s G-spot, but also on her clit and her husband’s cock. Feeling the woman’s fingers on and in her body, along with the hair tickling her thighs, finally sent her over the edge.

The man seemed to sense it. He bit down on her ear and pinched her nipples.

Jessica’s body spasmed out of control as she started to scream. Her cunt felt like it was going to explode. Every nerve in her body felt her orgasm. Her erratic breathing was matched only by her words as she voiced her pleasure. “SHIT, HOLY FUCK, Oooooh GODDAMN, AAAAH FUCK!” She wasn’t sure if she came just once, really hard, or if the waves of pleasure were from multiple orgasms. She didn’t care. She never experienced anything like it and almost felt remorse when she realized it was over.

The woman slowed the rhythm of her fingers and lifted her head from her husband’s spit covered cock. She gently, playfully bit Jessica’s thigh and slowly stopped working her pussy. She gently kissed her clit then stood up. The man teasingly blew into her ear then removed himself from under her.

“Have a good time?”, Jack asked.

Jessica briefly wondered who he was asking. Her or them? Then she heard four distinct laughs and was reminded that there was more to come. She tried not to think about it and just catch her breath.

“We’re not quite done,” said the husband. “Tell you what, we’ll pay another forty, plus this gentleman’s twenty for another go.”

“That cool with you?”, Jack asked.

“Sure,” said an unfamiliar voice.

The woman clapped her hands and ran across the room like a cheerleader, stopping and kneeling next to Jessica’s face. She smiled at her with an unusual combination of joy and passion.

Jessica couldn’t believe how young and beautiful she was. She was petite, yet curvy, with big firm breasts. Except for the woman’s auburn hair and freckled skin, they could almost pass as twins. “Why would they have to pay for this?”, she thought. “This woman could easily get laid by any man or woman she wanted.”

The woman leaned in for a kiss and Jessica responded eagerly, with gratitude. She felt that was the least she could do for the person that just provided the greatest orgasm of her life. For some reason, it didn’t enter her mind that she’d be doing a whole lot more.

“Your turn sweetie,” the woman whispered in her ear with a seductive smile.

Before she could even absorb the words, she felt a very large cock plunge deep into her still soaked pussy. “FUCK!”, she let out along with what seemed to be all of the air in her lungs. She never even heard or felt him approach. The man between her legs held still, completely filling her. “How big is that thing?”, she thought.

“Ten inches, and nice and thick,” cooed the woman as if reading her mind. She stood up and moved in front of her.

The husband slowly pulled out. Jessica felt every inch, every contour and vein. Despite the slight pain, she’d never felt this fulfilled. She also couldn’t take her eyes off the wife’s body. She never payed attention to other women, but how could she not admire what was in front of her?

Soon, only the man’s head was left inside of her. But as she began to catch her breath, he slammed back in with enough force to swing her body forward. She closed her eyes tight as she lightly screeched from the momentary shock, then moaned with an odd pleasure as he playfully ground his pelvis into hers.

She opened her eyes hoping to see the supple body in front of her, but only saw the woman’s ass hovering above her face. She had a brief flashback to Jack’s earlier use of her mouth, then smelled the woman’s scent. She knew what was expected of her, and somehow wanted to know if, as Jack also wondered earlier, it tasted as sweet as it smelled. The thought of never doing this before briefly entered her mind, but was quickly pushed out as the man’s cock was pulled from her cunt. The emptiness was dreadful and seemed to last forever. She ached to feel him thrusting into her again and again. As hard and fast as he wanted. He finally entered her again, but this time slowly and gently.

As her pussy began to adapt to his girth, she marveled at how good it started to feel and licked her lips. She felt the woman kneading her breasts and meekly extended her tongue, getting her first taste of pussy. She was surprised at how satisfying and natural it tasted, but even more surprised that she wished she had more control of her own body. She wanted to touch her, caress her thighs and ass, play with her tits, and even run her fingers through her hair. She wanted to make love to her. She wanted to please this beauty the way she had been pleased.

But she also knew she didn’t want to stop being fucked. As if they knew what she was thinking, they started to work her body in a way she never thought was possible. The woman was now leaning over her, grinding her pussy on Jessica’s tongue and lips, while sucking on her tits. He was pumping his cock into her fast enough to please them both, but not hard enough to sway her body away from his wife’s crotch.

A hunger she’d never felt caused her to lick every bit of the woman’s pussy that her tongue could reach. She wondered why she’d never done this before, and wanted to savor every second in case she never had the chance to do it again. Something told her she would. In fact, she knew it. She sensed that a new sexual chapter was beginning and knew she’d never be the same.

The woman was breathing heavily and actually nibbling at Jessica’s nipples. She also seemed to be trying to shove her pussy down her throat. Jessica knew what that meant and pushed her tongue as hard as she could against the clit between her lips. The husband was also getting close, evident by the way he kept his cock buried in her while thrusting faster and harder.

The woman, now almost dr****g Jessica’s body with her own, grabbed Jessica’s ass cheeks as hard as she could and with clenched teeth, let out a loud whine. Her hips spasmed and her pussy quivered. Jessica’s face was quickly covered with her juices. She never knew that a woman could ejaculate, but was very happy at finding out in such a manner. It felt amazing, not anything like a man cumming on her face. It felt sexier and somehow appropriate. When a man shot his load on her, it was dominating, almost degrading. This felt like a reward, a special ‘thank you’ for pleasing her lover.

“Cum on her stomach!”, the woman cried, resting her head on Jessica’s breasts while gently massaging her ass.

The man laced his fingers with his wife’s and pulled out. “MMMMMMnnnnnnMMM!” escaped his lips as they mutually manipulated her ass cheeks. Jessica let out a soft moan of her own and felt splash after warm sticky splash hit her stomach. She felt it sliding down the side of her body as the man’s softening cock came to rest on her pussy. She wished she could taste it, mix it with his wife’s juices and feel it all slide over her tongue and down her throat.

Before his spunk left her body and hit the mattress, the woman caught it with her fingers and rubbed it into Jessica’s abdomen. She then sensually lapped at her skin. Cleaning her, lovingly lapping up her husband’s seed. Jessica responded with a gentle kiss to the pussy still resting on her lips. This made her want to do it all over again. “If I could only ‘pay my debt’ like this,” she thought.

She ran her tongue over the clit, causing the woman to jump off her with a giggle. The husband removed himself from his position between her legs with a loud sigh. She heard him dressing as his wife knelt next to her and licked each cheek, tasting herself with a pleasing moan.

“Thank you,” whispered Jessica. She didn’t cum again herself, but didn’t really care. She felt just as satisfied as if she had. A picture of Jack crept into her mind and she almost felt grateful toward him. She had discovered a new part of herself that might have stayed dormant if it weren’t ‘forced’ on her.

The woman looked at her, startled yet very happy. “Anytime sweetheart,” she said with a wide grin. She kissed her forehead, grabbed her clothes and walked to the door.

“Make sure she gets this,” she heard the woman say.

“No problem,” replied Jack.

“I think I’ll get dressed in the car,” the woman said with a naughty tone.

She heard the door open followed by a slew of cheers and whoops. Reality was back upon her, colder than the rush of air that flooded the room and washed over her body. “How many are out there?”, she thought. She couldn’t tell by the voices and the door closed before she could try. She was reminded of her restraints and decided it would be best to just concentrate on what she just experienced. She closed her eyes again and a warm glow replaced the cold air.

Then she heard a man’s voice and felt a presence near her face.

“This won’t take long after seeing that,” the man chuckled.

His cock was in quickly her mouth. “Just like that?”, she thought. And before she knew it, before she opened her eyes, before she allowed herself to try pleasing him with her tongue, before her instincts kicked in and she could close her lips around his shaft, even before she could try to gage his size, he was cumming. He shot right down her throat, depositing his seed into her stomach without any chance of even a slight taste.

He then pulled out and left without a word. Jessica felt completely used. “That’s what it’s like to be a whore,” she realized. “I got lucky with the first two.” “My mouth was just a hole to that guy, whoever he was.” “I was here to drink his cum, to be degraded.” That last thought, that last word, kept playing through her mind. Degraded, it made her feel like a slut, like a dirty twenty dollar whore. “How can it be?” “How can I go from complete ecstasy to being used as a sperm dump?” “I made love with the first two, but to that last prick, I was just one notch better than his hand.”

The door opened.

“Twenty each,” Jack said.

“There’s three of us,” said a deep voice.

“She’s got three holes,” Jack replied with a shrug.

“Three holes,” stood out in her mind. “Three.” “Three!” Someone, some strange man, was going to do something canlı casino that repulsed her. She never let anyone do that, ever. One guy even broke up with her over it. But she didn’t care, it was disgusting and wrong. Now, a man she’s never seen, with a cock she may never see, was going to fuck her in the ass. “Would he be gentle, or quick, selfish and dirty like the last guy?” “Do they plan to fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time, or will they take turns with her ‘back door’?” “Will the other two just watch, waiting their turn?”

One of them stood in front of her face. He wasn’t much to look at, and neither was his cock. It stood erect, wavering in front of her eyes, at only about 5 inches. Though disappointed, she couldn’t stop thinking about her tiny puckered, virgin asshole. She hoped whichever took her there would be the same size.

“Open up bitch,” the man said.

She did as she was told, wondering when the rest would start. He placed the head of his cock in her mouth, then slowly slid in the rest.

“At least he’s taking his time,” she thought. “Or would it be better for them all to pump me quick and leave?” “No, I want it like this.” “I want to taste as much cock as I can” “I want a belly full of cum!” She could no longer remain ignorant of her sudden ‘tastes’. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere, just as much as she knew she now loved to swallow sperm.

“I’ll take her ass man,” said one of the other men.

“No way, that hole’s mine,” said the other.

“Dude, you’ll tear her apart.” “There must be thirty guys out there, save a piece for the rest of ’em.”

“Fuck them, fuck you, and stop looking at my dick.” “This little ho’s taking every inch.”

Jessica moaned in protest. But with her mouth full of cock and a pelvis pressed against her lips, the sound was easily mistaken for a cry of consent.

“See, she wants it,” he said. He abruptly stuck several fingers in her pussy, rubbed her juices on his cock, then slid his body beneath hers. “Better get your piece away from those teeth for a second,” he laughed. The man in her mouth chuckled and pulled out.

“Ready baby?”, the man under her teasingly whispered.

Even if she knew how to answer, he didn’t give her time. A searing pain shot through her body. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound escaped. She felt nothing other than the unanticipated fullness of her once unexplored bowels. It was as if her entire being was stretched around his cock. She tried to relax as the world seemed to evaporate.

Then she could actually see it. She was standing next to her own lower body, staring in awe at this monster cock buried in her ass. It was amazingly thick, like a strongman’s forearm. She saw Jack briefly enter the room, smile, then exit. The man in front of her was stroking his dick, leering at the mix of pain and excitement in her wide open eyes. Another man positioned himself between her legs, his 8 inch cock hard with anticipation. He nodded to the man by her face and they both simultaneously entered her. She knelt below herself and felt an urge to reach out and spread her cheeks, allowing more access.

Standing there, Jessica could soon feel every push, every pulse as the three strangers fucked her in unison. She opened her eyes and returned to her body with a sob of pleasure. The pain was gone. Each of her three holes twinged with pleasure. The guy in her ass was fucking her hard, yet slow, keeping his cock as deep in her as he could. The guy between her legs was doing her much faster. She marveled at being able to feel their cocks almost touch as they rubbed the thin skin inside her body. The one in her mouth was sloppily fucking it, faster than the other two. “Is this a race?”, she wondered. “What’s the hurry?” “Do they think I’d try to stop them, even if I could?”

She heard a knock at the door and they all picked up the pace. It was only a few seconds before a load of hot cum was shooting down her throat. She clamped her lips around his cock, sucking out as much as she could.

“Goddamn boys, this whore really does like it!”, said the man in front of her. He pulled out of her mouth, gently tapping her lips with his soft cock and walked away.

The man in her pussy pulled out next, spurting his load all over her body. He came on her stomach, pelvis and thighs. Some even shot all the way to her tits. She wished desperately to suck on her own nipples and clean them with her tongue.

The guy in her ass pulled his cock all the way out, then slammed it back in hard enough to send her body a few inches into the air. After the brief shock, she noticed he didn’t cum inside of her and let out a small whimper. As he got off the mattress, she wondered if he came at all. She got her answer when he was suddenly in front of her, placing his cock just above her lips.

“Taste yourself bitch,” he said. “Clean it for me.”

Jessica eagerly stuck out her tongue and bathed his meat with her saliva. She was surprised to actually enjoy the taste of her own ass. He moved his hips back and forth as she swirled her tongue over every inch of his shaft. Then he leaned forward and put his balls in her mouth. She hungrily sucked at them as he jacked himself. She soon felt his cum splash across her chest and moaned with disappointment.

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry bitch, next time I’ll let you swallow every drop.”

As he left, she felt saddened that there wouldn’t be a next time. She wouldn’t owe Jack anymore money, and she certainly wasn’t going to continue being a whore. But something told her that her boyfriend would no longer be enough. She knew she’d be a grade-A slut from here on out.

Her mind was snapped back by a cock ramming into her pussy. She bit her lip and groaned as another stranger buried himself into her. He held himself in position and ground his pelvis into hers, then reached out and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jessica hummed with pleasure. He removed his thumb.

“You like that cutie?”, he asked.

She replied with a yearning whine.

The man inside her rolled his hips, further stretching her opening. He pinched her clit causing Jessica to allow a screech of pleasure escape between her grinding teeth. He pulled his cock from her pussy and leaned over her. One touch of his tongue was all it took to send her over the edge.

“Fuck!”, she yelped with her second orgasm of the night. This one was different. It didn’t roll through her body like the first. Instead it arrived in one powerful, surprising burst, concentrated on her cunt and causing her hips to spasm.

She felt a momentary emptiness as it subsided. Then he was back into her with one smooth thrust. His thumb pushed into her clit and she came yet again. She groaned as her hips bucked and her pussy lips tightened around him.

“That’s it,” he said, removing his thumb. He moved himself over her, kneeling on the bed, his legs on either side of her hips. He reached down and put the head of his dick back into her.

She knew what he wanted and was glad to give it to him. Until now, she hadn’t realized that her restraints still gave her the freedom to move her hips. She raised her lower body, impaling herself onto his cock. Then she lowered just enough to keep him in her. He lowered his head and bit into her left nipple. Jessica cried out and began fucking the man on top of her. He put his mouth next to her ear and pinched her clit again.

“Faster,” he commanded.

She came again with a whimper and complied. She felt his cock poking at the thin skin between her pussy and ass. She wanted to wrap her arms around him. She wanted to flip him over and bounce on his cock until he was ready to explode. Most of all she wanted to jump off at the last second and taste him.

He gripped her arms for balance and pulled out. Then bit her breast again and came on her stomach. As it splashed onto her, she couldn’t think. All she could do is want. She wanted to taste it. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, not on her stomach. He kissed her chin rolled off her. She felt his semen pooled on her well toned abdomen and couldn’t resist it.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please, what?”, the man asked with a hint of amusement.

“I, I…”, she stammered.

“You, you…”, he laughed and taunted.

She swallowed before meekly replying. “I want some.”

There was an uncomfortable silence followed by a loud booming laughter. She heard him getting dressed and the door opening. She felt humiliated to have asked, but couldn’t let it go.

“Good timing,” said Jack.

“Please,” she begged again.

“She give you any trouble?”, asked Jack.

“Just the opposite,” the man replied.

She heard two more sets of footsteps enter the room as Jack walked over to her.

“No point in begging k**do, you still have a long line of fans out there.”

“That’s not what she’s asking for.”

“What then?”

“You’ve got one hot bitch on your hands buddy.” “She wants my nut.”

The man walked out laughing.

“I can help with that,” said another stranger.

Jack looked down at her with pride. “Do what you want,” he said to one of the new men in the room. She watched him walk away and heard the door shut.

“Dude, I just want to lose my cherry,” said another unfamiliar voice. “I’m not touching some dude’s sperm.”

“Her snatch is right there, do what you want rookie,” the first guy replied with a chuckle.

She felt a rather small cock poke into her. The last few guys left her stretched and she found herself hoping that the rest would be big, if not huge. She felt a certain pride knowing that she was his first, but still couldn’t take her mind off of the cum on her belly. Then she felt a hand scooping it up, followed by a large black cock pointing at her face. She realized that this would be a first for her as well. She had nothing against black men, but hadn’t yet met one that she wanted to date, let alone suck or fuck.

The man in front of her reached down and untied her hair from the floor, then smiled and opened his cum covered hand.

“You want this?”, he teased.

Jessica licked her lips and moaned. He dipped one finger into the cum and waved it an inch from her lips. She no longer cared about pride, or being a ‘good girl’. She opened her mouth and wagged her tongue like the busty little slut she had become. The man laughed and rubbed his finger on her tongue. She closed her mouth and sucked it like a cock, savoring every sweet and salty trigger of her taste buds.

Her eyes got big with anticipation as the man smiled and rubbed the rest of the spunk over his dark hard-on. He removed his finger and quickly replaced it with his thick cock. She clamped her lips around it and sucked with all her strength. Her tongue washed his prick, hungrily licking up each and every bit of sperm. She kept her lips clamped as he began fucking her face.

The guy fucking her pussy was pumping faster and breathing harder. The guy in her mouth was apparently watching him.

“You almost there man?”, he asked.

“Close,” the other man said sheepishly.

“Get over here.”

She felt him pull out and saw no point in closing her mouth. Seeing his cock finally appear before her made her try to stretch her head out to suck on his dick. “Fucking straps,” she thought. He just left his less than average dick hanging in front of her.

“Get in there stupid,” chuckled the black man.

She darted her tongue out as the ‘rookie’ meekly leaned forward. One lick was all it took. And to her disappointment, it landed everywhere but in her mouth. His friend sighed, pushed him aside and rubbed his cock on her cheeks, nose and chin, skillfully gathering up all the cum with his cock.

“Watch how it’s done,” he said, pushing back into her. He stopped just as he reached her throat and held his big dick in place. She repeated her earlier actions, cleaning every part of his cock that her tongue would reach. After a few moments he pulled out and kneeled next to her face. He cupped one hand, holding the side of it against her temple, and jacked himself off with the other.

She turned her head as much as she could and stared at the hole that seemed to be looking back at her. His satisfied groan was quickly followed by the biggest male orgasm she’d ever seen. His cum didn’t spurt out of his cock, it streamed out, landing in thick milky white ropes. He came so fast and so much, she couldn’t tell where one strand ended and another began. And though most of it landed on his hands, some went further and splashed against her face. One landed in her eye, causing her to move her head to the other side. The sting made her to wince, but wasn’t bad enough that she didn’t feel even more of it hitting the back of her head and sticking in her hair.

He twisted her head to it’s original position and reflexively opened her mouth. He made his hand into a fist and held it just above her lips. Then he winked and opened it, allowing all the cum to slide into her eager mouth. She finished swallowing it, then ran her tongue over his palm, licking up what was left.

He once again placed his now softening cock in her mouth. And, again, she happily sucked on it and bathed it with her tongue. He wiped her eye with his thumb and jammed it into her mouth. She wished he would do the same with the wads in her hair.

The excitement had taken such a hold on her that she completely ignored everything other than her mouth. She was so consumed by her love of cum that she didn’t notice the door open. She didn’t notice three more men enter the room. She didn’t even notice one of them getting on the mattress beneath her, or another one standing between her legs, pulling her ass cheeks apart.

But, as the black guy playfully tapped his limp cock on her nose, she definitely felt a cock rip into her ass. Either her hole began to return to it’s normal size or this guy was bigger and thicker than the last. The pain was slighter this time, but instead of just fucking her, he circled his hips, opening her wide just as one of the earlier guys did with her pussy. She felt the other man’s cock resting on her clit and wondered why he wasn’t fucking her. She certainly wanted him to, and it wasn’t like she could stop him.

She stopped worrying about it as soon as the third man was suddenly standing next to her head, stroking his soft cock. He was short, only about 5’1″, which made her marvel at how big his dick grew in his hands as her ass adjusted to it’s second assault of the night. She couldn’t wait for another load of hot cum and her lust for it must have been evident.

“Damn bitch can’t wait for it,” he said.

“Give it to her then,” replied the man in her ass.

“Think she really wants it?”, asked the man between her legs.

“She might think so,” said the first.

They all laughed as he turned and faced the wall. Jessica wondered what was going on as he swung one leg over her head. He was now straddling her, his balls hanging just above her lips. Though still confused by their banter, she wanted more cum and would gladly suck his nuts to get it. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his sack. She rolled them between her lips, enjoying the feeling his pubic hair on her tongue. But, after only a few seconds, he reached down and yanked them from her mouth.

“What the fuck?”, she thought.

“Not quite what I had in mind,” he said. “Ready?”

“Yep,” said the guy between her legs, holding her ass open.

“Ready for what?”, she thought. It didn’t take long for her to find out.

The guy below her stopped his motions. The other guy pulled even harder on her cheeks and rammed his cock into her ass. Now she knew why the other guy was ‘loosening her up’. Though there wasn’t a lot of pain, the surprise caused Jessica to wince her eyes and open her mouth . Just as she did, the man hovering above her face bent his knees and her lips were suddenly sealed around his puckered asshole.

She was motionless, amazed that not only could her ass take two cocks, but that she actually liked it. She felt full and satisfied. The two men began to fuck her as if they’d done it before. One moved in as the other pulled back without fully exiting. She never imagined such a joy and tried to clamp her loosened anal ring around them both.

The third man, impatient, ground his ass into her mouth. She moaned and darted tipobet giriş her tongue out, rimming him. She felt his knuckles gently grazing her nose and opened her eyes to see him stroking his cock. She stared in envy, wishing she could do it for him. Suddenly eager to please, she pushed her tongue past his hole and swirled it inside of him.

“Damn this bitch is hot,” he grunted.

“Yes,” replied Jessica. “Did I just say that?”, she thought. Though none of the men replied, vocalizing her passion just made her even hornier, like begging for the earlier man’s cum. She pushed her tongue deeper into his ass, puckered her lips and sucked at it hungrily. He groaned and subtly started to ride her tongue.

The other two men started fucking her faster. Their cocks grew harder and she knew they were about to cum.

“My mouth,” she murmured after freeing her tongue.

“Your mouth belongs on my ass bitch,” said the guy over her face.

“Your cum, I want it in my mouth!”, she yelped before pushing her tongue back in.

“Better give it to her,” he said with a laugh before removing himself.

The other two simultaneously pulled out, leaving her ass as open and empty as her mouth. That was soon remedied as they all shoved the tips of their cocks as far into her mouth as they could. She felt her lips stretch as wide, if not wider than her ass, and chaotically flicked her tongue from one head to the other. Soon she had what she wanted. They all came at almost the same time. It splashed her tongue and ran down to the back of her throat. She swallowed it all, hoping it would never stop. But it wasn’t long before one of them was finished, then another. She wagged her tongue in desperation as the last one pulled away and left.

She heard one of them say something to Jack as he left. Then Jack was there, kneeling beside her.

“How it going babe?”, he asked with a big grin.

She knew that he knew the answer, but didn’t want to tell him. It was going great. She’d found herself lusting after as much cock and cum as she could get. And though he already knew that she loved it, confessing to him would mean that he was right to tie her up and sell her body to complete strangers. She may be a nymph from here on out, but after this she’d do what she wants, with who she wants. And she’d do it for free.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be over anytime soon,” he said and walked away. “She wants you to cum in her mouth.”

“No problem,” said two more strange voices.

These two wasted no time. One quickly moved under her as she felt the other guy’s cock slide easily into her cunt. She remembered how tight her holes used to be and wondered if the guy below her would even fit in her ass. She wouldn’t find out. He rubbed his dick at the bottom of her slit, raised his hips and pressed it into her pussy.

She let out a small gasp and smiled. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but knew that this was significant. She hoped there were many more outside, but no matter how many, she felt a finality in this act. She experienced many firsts in a very short amount of time. The taste of pussy. Her tongue twisting into someone’s ass. Being not only fucked in the ass, but double fucked. Now their were two cocks in her tiny pussy.

Jessica felt complete.

“Harder,” she shouted.

They both paused.

“C’mon!” “Harder dammit!” “Fuck me!” “For fuck’s sake!”

As if accepting a challenge they both pounded into her. Her smile spread into a huge grin as she was suddenly struck by the power she seemed to have. It hadn’t dawned on her up until then, but that simple thought sent a quake through her body.

“FUCK!”, she cried out. “Is that all you got?” “Boys!?” “FUCK ME!”

Her body started to swing forward and back. They were panting and sweating as they thrust into her as fast and hard as they could.

“YES!” “MORE!” “Faster!”

The more she taunted them, the more erratic but powerful their fucking became.

“Fucking bitch!”, one of them said with glee.

“That’s right,” she moaned.

“Goddamn little ho’s got me ready to blow already.”

“Over here,” she demanded.

He pulled out, hurried over and shot a load as soon as he reached her face. Most of it landed on her neck and she shot him a look of disappointment. He shook his head and complied by putting his dick where it belonged – in her mouth. She milked the rest of his seed as his friend arrived. Then she pivoted her head, sucking on his cock so hard he felt as though his knees would give out. As his cum bathed her tongue, she wished the next group was already in the room.

They soon were. And after them there were more. Then more and even more. Before the night was out Jessica would be fucked by at least four dozen men. And a few more women. They fucked her pussy, some at the same time. They fucked her in the ass, some at the same time. They stuck their cocks down her throat and rubbed their asses and pussies over her lips. Some licked her pussy, others just wanted to jerk their cocks, spilling their cum onto her body or, more importantly, in her mouth. She almost swallowed more sperm than her stomach could hold and had more orgasms than she could count.

Her revelation of power never left either. She was tied up. Jack was selling her body to collect on the debt she owed him. But she knew who was in control. She know understood the strength in submission. She understood the phrase ‘topping from the bottom’. And the more she commanded them, the more they understood that they were there to please her.

After her last cock, after her last dose of cum, Jack finally released her. She went as limp as a spent cock and collapsed onto the bed.

“I’ll be back in a second,” he said.

She had nothing to say. Her pussy ached. Her ass was almost numb. She rolled over onto her side and slowly ran her fingers over her body. Most of it was sticky with sweat and cum. She lightly brushed one finger over her clit and was surprised at its sensitivity. She wanted to cum again, but knew it would make her pass out. She briefly caressed her pussy lips and found her stretched opening. Four fingers fit with ease, where one used to be tight. Then she moved to her once virgin ass – the same four fingers slid in just as easy.

She flipped onto her back and stared at the hooks in the ceiling. She marveled that such small pieces of metal could change her life. She licked the tip of her finger, rubbed it into a small pool of dried cum, then sucked on it. “Who’s is this?”, she wondered.

Jack entered, threw her clothes on the bed and sat next to her.

“That first woman?”, Jessica asked.

“What about her?”, he replied.

“Did I hear her say that she wanted me to have something?”

“Oh yeah, there’s a hundred dollar bill with her number on it in your purse.”

She smiled, pleased that there would be at least some kind of link between tonight and wherever her new found passions would lead her. And even if she never called this woman, she was happy to have the option. He put a hand on her forehead.

“You should probably go take a shower, we’ve got one more client coming over.”

“What?”, she demanded.

He patted her on the stomach. “He’ll be here in a half-hour, you’ll like him.” “I guarantee it.” “Now go get cleaned up.”

Jessica gave him a dirty look and swung her legs off the bed. Jack watched as she strolled into the bathroom.

“Feel free to leave the door open,” he said with a menacing grin.

She rolled her eyes, closed the door, locked it and turned to look in the mirror. A few tiny streaks of mascara on her cheeks was all that remained of her make-up. Her eye was still pink from a shot of cum. She turned on the shower, heard Jack moving around the room and thought, “Fuck it, why not?” She unlocked the door and opened it just a crack. As she turned to get in the shower, she heard it open the rest of the way.

Jack stood in the doorway staring at her with an odd look of expectation in his eyes. Jessica stared back, trying to figure out exactly what he wanted. She quickly got tired of waiting and sauntered over to him. He didn’t move, didn’t even blink. She put her hands on his waist, stood on her toes and tried to kiss him. He avoided her mouth by leaning back. Then he put his hands on her shoulders, gently applying just enough pressure to let her know what was expected of her.

She fell to her knees, anxious at the prospect of swallowing his load again. But this time she wanted to go slow and savor it. She rubbed him through his jeans, leaned forward, bit down on his zipper latch and undid his pants with her teeth. Then she stuck her tongue through the opening and rolled it over his semi-hard cock.

Jack grabbed a tuft of her hair and yanked her head back.

“If he still wants to play it this way,” she thought and looked up at him obediently.

“Close your eyes,” he said.

She did as she was told, instinctively opening her mouth and extending her tongue to receive him. He giggled at her compliance.

“Good girl,” he said. “You’ve done pretty much everything tonight haven’t you?”

She responded with a slight nod.

“Well, almost everything.”

“Almost,” she wondered. “What the hell is almost?”

She felt a stream of liquid hit her tongue. It was warm and slightly salty. Only after it began to flow down her throat did she realize what it was. She didn’t know how to react until she opened her eyes to see Jack smiling devilishly as he pissed in her mouth. Something in his gaze drove her wild. She reached out, grabbed his thighs and pulled him closer. She flicked her tongue along the bottom of his head and swallowed as much of it as she could.

He groaned and pushed her back by the forehead, causing her body to arch. She braced herself by placing her hands on floor next to her feet while he grabbed his dick and showered her body. He seemed to be deliberately pissing everywhere he could. It sprayed on her face, her tits, her shoulders, her hair, even on her legs and pussy.

She knew what he was doing. He was trying to show her who was in charge. So as the last few trickles spilled forth, she stared at him with joy and ecstasy, leaned back in and lapped at the tip of his cock. Then she rubbed what was on her into her body and licked her fingers clean – never taking her eyes off of his. Jack’s look became one of both amusement and pride as he pointed down at a small pool of the golden liquid on the floor.

“Missed a spot,” he said.

“Let him play his stupid game,” she thought. “A shower and one more fuck, then I’m done with this prick.” She sighed, reached for a towel and tried to get up. But he grabbed it before she could, pushed her back on her knees, shook his head and waved a finger at her. Jessica glared at him in disbelief. He just stood above her, waiting with a cold stare. She put her hands on the floor and leaned down, her face just an inch above the wet tile. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue through it.

“Fuck him,” she told herself. She let out a satisfying moan, then dipped her lips into it and slurped up the remaining drops. She rolled onto her back, looked up at him, and sarcastically smacked, then licked her lips. He laughed and dropped the towel over her face.

“You got ten minutes,” he said and went back into the room, laughing even harder. She wasn’t really sure what it meant, but she knew one thing for sure – he hadn’t won.

She got in the shower and meticulously cleaned every inch of her body. Not because she felt dirty, she didn’t, but she figured there was a reason that her last trick didn’t want to get in line with the others. When her hair finally felt ‘normal’, she got out of the shower and wrapped herself up in several towels. She suddenly remembered how much her boyfriend liked to see her this way. “You never look sexier,” he would always say. She remembered how much she liked his body, especially his cock and wondered how she was going to explain to him that monogamy was no longer an option. There was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Show time,” hollered Jack. “I’ll be outside.”

She opened the cabinet above the sink and saw what she was hoping for – a bottle of mouthwash. Jack’s piss already removed the taste of cum she was hoping would linger a lot longer. So, she rinsed her mouth, wiped the mirror, briefly looked at herself, then opened the door.

Jessica stood there in total shock. Apparently she wasn’t going to have to explain anything to her boyfriend. He was right in front of her, sitting on the bed with a glass of scotch in one hand, a half empty bottle in the other.

“Never looked sexier,” he said in a tone she’d never heard. It was unfeeling and detached, like his eyes as they scanned her body. It was as if he was examining a stranger. She felt her body get weak and her heart sink.

“But baby,” she stammered.

He held a finger up to his lips. “No point in saying anything.” “I paid for you just like the others.”

She hung her head. “Son of a bitch,” she thought. “He won.” “Jack won after all.” She wasn’t sure whether to hate him or admire him. He obviously planned this out pretty well. She imagined that he even knew how she’d feel and react at every stage of his little ‘game’. She looked up at her boyfriend, her eyes pleading for understanding. He responded only by downing his drink.

“Don’t look at me,” he commanded. “Turn around, bend over and put your hands on the wall.”

She did exactly what he said, keeping her eyes on the floor. She heard him approach and wanted badly to turn around. She knew it was over between them, but wanted to make love to him just one more time. She remembered how he’d just lie back on the bed, their fingers interlaced, as she’d ride him until they’d cum together. She felt him behind her and heard him unzip his pants.

“I remember how you used to like taking it out,” he whispered, putting a hand next to hers on the wall. She tried to hold it, but he pulled it away.

“You’d be on your knees, that look in your eyes, staring at my dick before sucking me off.” “I knew you were a little cock whore.”

He started to pant. A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead onto her shoulder. She realized he was jerking off and desperately wanted to turn around, drop to her knees and swallow him.

“I bet you want some now.” “Jack told me everything.” “He said how you were begging for it.” “Don’t move.”

She heard him walk away then quickly return. His breathing was heavier and more erratic.

“Fuck,” he grunted. “Turn around and look at me.”

Jessica turned and slowly raised her eyes. As they moved up his body, she saw his dick softening inside the small glass that previously held his scotch. Only now there wasn’t any scotch. She suddenly remembered her earlier sense of power, looked him dead in the eyes and snatched the glass from his hand. He held still, his gaze growing even colder.

Jessica kept their eyes locked, lifted the glass to her lips then tilted her head back and swallowed his load like a shot of tequila. She looked back into his eyes, smiled and seductively rolled her tongue around the inside of the glass, licking up any tiny bit of cum that remained. Then she licked her lips and blew him a kiss. He simply turned, zipped up his pants and left without looking back.

She walked over to the bed, picked up the bottle and fell back. Jack walked in holding her clothes and small camcorder.

“Have fun?”, he asked.

“I always liked the taste of his cum,” she shrugged.

Jack smirked and tossed her clothes on the bed. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a key and held it up.

“What’s that supposed to be?”, she asked flatly.

“It’s not supposed to be anything but what it is.”

“Which is what?”

“Which is one of only two keys to this little love palace of mine.” “I’m getting tired of the loan business, and I’ve been thinking of doing something different.” “But I need a partner.” He tried to gage her reaction, but she just looked away and filled her glass, showing him nothing.

“You have my number,” he said with a surprisingly warm smile. Then he tossed the key onto the mattress, winked and left.

Jessica relaxed and finished her drink. She spent the rest of the day wrapped in the towels, just milling around the apartment. She found some canned spaghetti, cooked it up and ate in front of the TV. When the bottle of scotch was empty, she finally decided to get dressed and go home. As she was walking to the door, she reached into her pocket and found the hundred dollar bill. She saw the woman’s number, smiled, turned back into the room, and grabbed the key.

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