Jamie the Black Sheep Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of the “Jamie The Black Sheep” story. I hope you enjoyed the first two. If you’re starting on the third, I suggest you move back so that you can meet the cast of characters.


“We’re fucked.”

I heard Ryan say it, but his words couldn’t cut through my overwhelming sense of dread. Ryan and I were naked and still sweaty from one of the most intense sexual romps of my life. If there was one good thing, it was that there were three flights of stairs separating us from the cop who was now out of his patrol car.

“Stay right where you are!”

“Quick, let’s get back inside,” Ryan demanded.

“No, we can’t do that now. He’ll see what room we went in and then just arrest us there.”

That’s when I bolted. I started sprinting down the corridor of the apartment complex. I heard Ryan’s feet bounding a little behind me. I took a quick turn and slammed through a door into a stairway. I headed downstairs taking the steps two at a time. When I reached the bottom floor, I went through another door. Three steps outside, I saw the man in blue rounding the corner.

“Fuck, he’s right behind us.”

I was a few steps ahead by the time the cop got to the door. I turned to see Ryan coming out of the stairway a fraction of a second too late. Ryan’s first step outside the stairs crashed him into the cop. They both went flying to the ground. I just kept running.


About ten minutes later, I was hidden in between two coke machines with a good view of the parking lot. Ryan had his hands handcuffed behind his back. The cop had given him a blanket to wrap around him so that he didn’t have to stand in the middle of the parking lot naked as the day he was born. By now, there were a few people standing in the corridors outside their condos checking out what was going on.

Poor Ryan. I could hear him talking with the cop. The cop was trying to figure out where the naked girl with Ryan went.

“I’m telling you. I have no idea what that girl’s name is.”

“Don’t play that game with me, son. When I drove up you two were going at it. From the complaints we received, it sounds like y’all were at it for a while.”

“She’s just some girl I met at the party and got lucky with.”

“Well then, where was this party?”

“It was down by the beach, we had to leave the group to get some privacy so we headed up to this complex.”

“Really, you wanted some privacy—so you went to the third floor walkway, in view of the street, and loudly proceeded to have sex? Give me a break, what room is she staying in?”

“I’m telling you, no idea who the girl is. She may stay here, but if she did I wouldn’t know it.”

“Alright, if you’re going to play it like that, let’s go to the station.”

This was really sweet. I had no idea if Ryan would get in more trouble by sticking up for me. I hoped not. But most importantly, I was really relieved it wasn’t me with my hands cuffed behind my back. How in God’s name would I explain that to my family, boyfriend, and my boss?

I looked up from my hiding place and could see my condo’s door. Rachel and Emily were standing outside taking in the scene. I saw them pointing at Ryan and talking to each other. Then Emily stepped inside and came right back out. Within a few seconds, Will was coming out of the door and started heading downstairs. I guess he was getting ready to bail out his friend.

I could only imagine what they were thinking. There’s Ryan with a police blanket wrapped around his waist handcuffed. And where was I?


After about twenty minutes, the cop pulled away with Ryan in the back seat. I saw Will leave to go back to wherever they were staying. It was still pretty early in the morning and the onlookers slowly drifted back inside their condos.

This had to be my chance. But how the hell was I going to make it all the way back to the condo without being seen. I didn’t want some douche tenant calling the cops and informing them that the naked girl just snuck into room 317. I had to find some clothes. I had to move. It wouldn’t be long before someone passed by. My hiding spot was good but it wasn’t foolproof by any means.

Just then I noticed right across from me a trash can. Hmm. I darted out from my spot in between the drink machines and checked the trash can. Luckily, there was an extra garbage bag under the one being used. It was gross, I know, but it was all that I had to work with. I took it and wrapped it around me. Not bad. Certainly not the best little black dress I’d ever put on but it will get the job done.


As I stood in front of the door I hesitated before knocking. What in the hell would I look like knocking on the door wearing only a fucking garbage bag? About an hour ago I had resigned myself to the fact that I was a slut and didn’t care what anyone thought. Well, a lot had happened since that time to shake me back to reality. I could have been arrested. If Ryan hadn’t been so great about it I certainly would have. As I canlı bahis stood there and thought about it, I realized that there was no way I could continue to be so daring with my slutty exploits.

Was I surprised by the drastic change in my resolve? No. About an hour ago I was flush with adrenaline and still reeling from a mind blowing orgasm. My rational brain was nowhere in the equation. Now, I was back to form.

I saw I quick flash by one of our windows. Inside, I could see Rachel walking around the room. I tapped on the glass to see if I could get her attention. Immediately, she looked up and saw me. She opened the door and stepped outside. Weird. Just let me in.

“Thank god you’re ok, Jamie. Where the fuck were you? Ryan got hauled away by the fucking cops!”

“I know. I saw. We went out for a walk this morning and then we got split up. As I was coming back I saw him with the cops.”

“Jamie, cut the shit. You’re wearing a garbage bag. Ryan had to get wrapped in a police blanket. You can tell me. I know I can be a judgy bitch every now and then, but don’t think I’m a complete prude. Plus, Ryan was hot.”

“Yea, I left the bedroom this morning after Emily puked the bed—sorry that I pretty much just walked away from that by the way…”

“…I would have done the same.”

“The next thing I know I’m coming out of the bathroom and Ryan was there. We struck up a conversation when we couldn’t go to sleep. Then we went outside to avoid waking everyone. Way leads unto way and we decided to go streaking. That’s when the cop got him. I got away.”

“Streaking, huh?”

“Uh, yea. “

“Jamie, you were pretty loud. I wish you would just tell me. I know you fucked the shit out of Ryan—practically where we’re standing right now. It’s no surprise the cops got called. You’re just lucky Claire sleeps like a rock; otherwise, she would have called the cops on you herself.”

“Does she know?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Good, is there any way you can keep this between us? I know I’ve been acting crazy, but something came over me and it was such a ridiculous night.”

“Sure, you’re my best friend. I know things can get out of hand sometimes. Hell, from the sound of it, I’m pissed I didn’t stay with you and Emily yesterday with the boys. I could use a little lovin myself. The man back home has been too busy to give me much attention.”

“Aww, thanks. And I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know. Let’s go inside, get some food, and get you having fun. It’s our vacation!”

“That sounds like the Jamie from last night. Wait here, I’m gonna go grab you some clothes so Claire doesn’t see you in whatever you’re wearing. Her ‘higher’ sense of fashion would be so offended.”


A few hours later all the girls were lounging around the condo for an early lunch. I had been able to sneak back in without raising Claire’s suspicions. She believed that I had just gone for a morning walk, and that I had no idea how Ryan found himself outside naked and getting arrested.

Emily was feeling surprisingly good despite the amount of alcohol she drank last night. The late night vomit may have actually been good for her. She was a good sport about it. She cleaned everything up, washed the sheets, and aired out the room. You couldn’t even tell it had happened.

As we discussed what we were going to do that day, we all realized we had a TON of alcohol. I didn’t even think about the booze Rachel and Claire bought when we ran out. None of that had been opened. So we decided it might be a good day to head to the pool.

It turns out that the condo’s pool was really nice. I never understood why these places built such nice pools when the beach was right next to us. Oh well, I guess it was pretty hypocritical. Here I was enjoying it.

We caused quite a stir when we walked up. Emily was wearing another one of her tiny little bikinis that attracted the attention of every guy at the pool. I decided to wear a bikini, but something a little more conservative just to avoid Claire’s wrath. That was a good decision, because the pool was much more family-intensive than I expected. There were little kids running around playing, and a good amount of the adults seemed to be in parent mode.

We found a group of lounge chairs next to each other and sat down. As soon as we spread out of towels, Rachel and Emily popped open the cooler and started making drinks. Today, they didn’t seem to have the plan of not bringing much alcohol down to the water. We had a ton!

They handed me a screwdriver and I lay back and started soaking up the sun. It was a few minutes later that a guy in his thirties sat down next to me. His son was with him and he got some toy out of a bag and released him to go back and play.

“Hello, I hope the kids won’t be too much of a distraction.”

“No, he’s fine,” I assured him.

“Good, my wife is out looking at properties and stuck me with looking over the little ones. I’m kind of terrified, so if there’s anything that’s bothering you bahis siteleri just let me know. Otherwise, I might miss it.”

“Thanks, but really they’re fine. Cute too!”

“I agree.”

He was actually a really cute guy himself. Nice swimsuit, expensive sunglasses, toned body. If there was going to be a dad next to me, at least he was a handsome one.

I leaned back on my chair, closed my eyes, and dozed off to sleep. After all, I hadn’t spent much of the night asleep.


When I woke up, Rachel, Claire, and Emily were in the pool with some guys. They had obviously found the small contingent of guys who were game for a good time. Emily was really flirting with one of the guys. Rachel, to her credit, was going after this really tall guy. I smiled and thought, “good for her.” I finished my drink and poured another.

“I hate to ask, but is there any extra for another drink. I’m dying over here. Watching the kids would be much easier if it involved a little buzz.”

“There is extra and more. Feel free to help yourself!”

“Thanks so much. This is really gonna take some of the edge off. How was your nap? You looked pretty comfortable over there.”

“Ah, it was just what I needed. It was a long night,” I said with a wink. It was a little bit cheeky of me to say, but it was a pretty innocent statement. Especially since at that moment Rachel and Emily were on two guys’ shoulders in the pool starting a chicken fight. Poor Claire, she was just standing there in the water.

“Looks like your friends are having fun over there. You’re not going to go join them?”

“No, I’m enjoying myself right here.”

“Well, good. Better company for me. What do you do?”

“I work for an investment bank.”

“Really? So do I. What kind of deals do you work on?”

“I specialize in retailers’ acquisitions, but I do a hodgepodge of other things.”

“Ok, I work mostly with real estate development and construction firms.”

For the next forty-five minutes or so we talked about the market, various deals, and other business matters. During that time, we both finished a few drinks. I was started to feel its effects. Our conversation was seemingly innocent, but more and more it took on a more flirtatious tone.

At that point, Claire walked up, poured herself a drink, and listened in for a moment. “You guys talking shop over here?”

“Yea,” I responded. “It turns out we do similar things. He just works all the way across the country so we’ve obviously never run into each other.”

“Oh, so what are you doing here?” Claire asked.

“My wife has family here and we try to make it over every few years.”

“Ok, well it was nice meeting you. Jamie, I’m going to go for a walk down on the beach. If y’all leave will you grab my stuff?”

“Sure thing Claire. How long will you be gone?”

“A couple of hours, I really need to work off some energy.”

“Ok, you have fun.”

“By the way, my name’s Tom. Jamie is it? Sorry I haven’t introduced myself earlier.”


An hour and a half later I was still lying on my chair. I hadn’t moved the whole time. Tom was still with me. We had put away some booze. We were slurring our words a little now. Our conversation had gone from business to personal. It didn’t just have a flirtatious tone, it was outright sexual. I learned about his family and he learned about my boyfriend. It was getting very in depth and we were very at ease with one other.

Every now and then his kids would come back from the pool to get a new toy or a juice box. They were old enough that they could pretty much look after themselves. That was fine by me. Tom could pay attention to me and didn’t always have to look over his shoulder.

Emily and Rachel had now walked away with the other boys. They said they were going to the beach, because there had been some challenge involving the beach volley ball court. Again, fine by me.

After sitting out in the sun, I needed to reapply my sunscreen. I rubbed the lotion all over my front. I didn’t hold back. I made it pretty provocative. As I got my chest, I purposefully let my hands go under my top and touch my tits. Tom’s eyes never left my body. As I got to my belly, again, I made sure that my fingertips spread the oily lotion a little into my bottoms. The act by itself raised them up a little bit. I hoped there was some way the angle allowed him to catch a glimpse of my neatly trimmed little bush.

Touching my body and spreading the oil had me fired up again. Between the sweat and the heat, I knew I felt another source of moisture. My pussy was beginning to get pretty aroused. As I shifted my legs to apply lotion, the subtle movement of my lips proved they were well lubricated. “Mmmm,” I let escape.

“Need any help with your back?”


Then Tom began rubbing lotion all over my back and legs. It was the first time we had actually touched that day and it was great. He had strong hands and the suntan lotion application quickly turned more bahis şirketleri into a massage. My reaction didn’t allow any misunderstanding that I was enjoying this. “Mmmm, that’s great.” “Oh, right there.”

As he got the tops of my legs he didn’t shy away from my inner thighs and the space just below my ass. I was on fire now. Uh! I felt his fingertips go slightly underneath my bottoms on the cheeks of my ass. When he moved more to the inside of my legs, he was millimeters away from my pussy. I wanted him to be bold and just brush against it or something! But that was apparently too bold. For as quickly as it started he abruptly finished and pulled back.

“Thank you, don’t think I’m gonna get burned now.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure.”

At that point I stood up and told him I had to go to the bathroom.

“Actually, I have to as well. I’ll follow you.”

We wandered around and found the bathroom by the pool. It was down a windy hallway. They were apparently single bathrooms and both were occupied. We stood there and looked at each other for a few seconds. Then, without a word passed between us or even a look that signaled something, we both moved toward each other.

Our lips met and we kicked it into overdrive from there. His tongue was in my mouth before I even knew what we were doing. My hands were all over his body and his started exploring mine. I felt him grasp my tits on top of my suit and started rubbing them into a frenzy. I felt him moving to go under the suit, and it was everything I wanted. Ahhh. Yes, that feels amazing.

Metallic noises distracted us both as one of the bathroom doors started to open. We broke away from each other as some random person walked by, none the wiser. Tom let me go in first. As I went in and peed, I was thinking about what I was getting into. I knew I didn’t want that to be the end of it. But, I also knew that this was seriously bad. He was married. I had seen his kids. Fucking Will or Ryan was one thing. Those were two young, single guys. This involved a family.

As I left the bathroom there were now a few people waiting to go in. I didn’t see Tom, so I suspected the other bathroom had opened up. I took a few steps out and heard the other door open. Tom came out, looked around to see the others and was visibly a little disappointed. I just kept my pace heading back to the pool. As I turned the corner, about to head out the doors to the pool, I felt Tom’s arms wrap around me. He began kissing my neck and rubbing my stomach and chest with his hands.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.

“Tom, we can’t do this. This is bad.” I didn’t have any resolve in my voice when I said it. I think he knew it. He knew that I had to say it, just to point out we knew that it was bad.

“I want you so bad. You’re amazing. “

I turned around and buried myself in his arms. We feverishly kissed. This time, he succeeded in getting his hands under my top. He was lightly pinching my nipples and I made sure he knew what it was doing to me.

“Oh yes, rub my tits. I get so turned on when someone rubs my tits.”

He then abruptly took one hand and started rubbing my crotch. He took a few steps forward and pushed my back against the wall. I was now pinned back. All his weight was bearing forward and using his hands with great effect.

“Ah yea! Rub me up and down.”

“You’re so fucking hot. Perky titties and you’re wet as shit.”

Noises of people walking down the hallway interrupted them. The clap of the flip flops and laughter from right around the corner sent us into a frenzy to make ourselves presentable. I had to fix my top to cover up my tits. Tom was rearranging himself to hide his massive erection.

We maintained a little body contact as the people walked by us. I’m sure we looked a little flustered, but apart from that we looked like we were just two adults having a conversation. As they passed, Tom whispered in my ear, “I want you so bad.”

“Take me anywhere you want and do whatever you want with me. You can’t leave me this fucking horny.”

“Come on, let’s go back to my condo.”

“Lead the way, stud.”

As we walked into his condo I saw the evidence of a family vacation all around. Toys. Little kid clothes. Kid cereal. It kind of hit me that this was really happening and was very serious.

“Is this ok, what about your wife?”

“She won’t be home until a lot later tonight. She’s with her sister looking at properties. They already told me they would have a late dinner.”

“In that case, point the way to the bedroom.”

Tom led me to the bedroom. We kissed and fell on the bed. Within about twenty seconds we were both absolutely naked. He was on top of me, kissing my mouth, my neck and my tits. Then he stuck out his tongue and let it run all the way down my stomach. He didn’t stop as he passed my hips. Went straight through my little bush and made it all the way down to my pussy. Oh! If I was wet before I was soaked now. Between his spit and my added arousal, it was a zoo down there. His tongue was flicking back and forth against my clit. Ah! Tom had some serious skill when it came to eating a girl out. After only a minute or two, I was on the verge of a climax.

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