Instructions Followed

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I’m driving toward you.

Two hours ago I received a cryptic text. “Drive north. Stop at the bridge and await my instructions.”

I have no idea what to expect but the anticipation is making me wet. I finally get to the bridge. I pull into the Welcome Center, blessedly deserted in October.

I send you a text and the reply makes me even wetter. “Put Butt Plug (BP) in. Now. Don’t try to cum, or I’ll know.”

I grab my bag and head to the bathroom. Leaning against the locked stall door, I slowly slide my pants and panties down, over my hips. Spreading my thighs, I let my fingertips graze the smoothness of my just shaved pussy. I let out tiny moan as I toy with my clit. Remembering your threat, I stop. I put lube on my finger and start to rub the outside of my tight asshole. I slip one finger inside, then two. In and out, slowly preparing. The lubed bp slips inside me with ease. I put myself back together and head back to the car.

Over the bridge, I receive directions from you. I follow them as daylight turns to dusk. By the time I turn onto the desolate dirt road to the cabin, its pitch black. The bumpy road causes the bp to press into me. Every rut makes me moan uncontrollably. Pulling into the driveway, I am ready for you.

You open the door just as I climb the steps. You take my hand, pulling me inside. You don’t say a word as you close and lock the door. There is a leather couch and chair, both in front of a roaring fire. Before I can say a word you push me against the door, kissing me full on the mouth. You bite my lower lip slightly. I gasp as our tongues meet, twirling around. My hands are around your neck, fingertips at the edge of your hair. Your hands find my waist, and then work down to my ass. Pulling me against you as your kisses become hungrier. I can feel the hardness of your cock.

You pull me toward the fire. You sit on the chair, instructing me to strip. I let my pants and panties fall to the ground. Then I pull my shirt over my head. You smile as I stand before you in the pink bra and panties you love so much. I straddle the ottoman in front of you, both of my hands running up your thighs. You don’t stop me as I unbutton your pants. I take them off to reveal your very ready cock. Leaning down, I flick my tongue across the tip. I can already taste the pre-cum. It makes me want more. Inch by inch, I take you into my mouth. Sucking, licking, while letting my tongue twirl around your hardness. Your hands are tangled in my hair, guiding my head to the perfect rhythm. I move my fingers over your balls, fondling them, sucking harder. At the same time, I start to finger canlı bahis my own pussy. Suddenly, your cock spasms. You explode against the back of my throat. I suck until I’ve swallowed every drop.

Taking my hand, you pull me to the rug in front of the fire. You lay beside me. Our eyes meet as you run your hand over my body. When your hand reaches my hip, you lean down and capture one of my tits in your mouth. You playfully bite my hard nipple. Your hand finds my aching pussy. You cup it, rubbing hard. Massaging the smooth skin. Your finger grazes the bp, but you ignore it and start to work on my clit. Pinching it. Rubbing it. I’m moaning as I move my hips up to meet your hand. You shift your body, kissing your way down mine. Finally you kiss the top of my pussy. You draw a breath, taking in the scent of my wet cunt. You continue you to kiss softly as I moan. Teasing me, driving me wild. I look around as you slowly torture me. For the first time I notice something in the corner. My breath catches as I realize it’s a restraint system

“Sir, what’s that for?”

You bring my hand to your lips as our eyes meet, smiling, but no answer. I’m left to wonder as you stand up. Pulling me to my feet, you tell me to stay. You leave the room, coming back with something in your hand.

“Turn around,” you demand.

I feel the silk of the black blindfold against my face as you tie it tightly. Your hands trail my shoulders, down my arms, to my waist. I can feel your warm breath on the back of my neck. I’m getting more turned on. By your touch. By the complete darkness I’ve been plunged into. By whatever surprise you have for me.

You guide me away from the fire, toward another part of the cabin. We don’t stop until my knees are touching the edge of the bed. You push me forward, letting my body fall onto the bed. You tell me to lie on my stomach. I feel your weight on the bed as you take my hand in yours. You pull my hand to your mouth, sucking on my fingers, taking me back to the edge. I moan again. Like a switch, you completely stop. I feel something against my wrist and realize it’s the restraint from the other room. I don’t protest as you tie one wrist, then the other to the bed, the ankles follow. I am completely helpless, with my perky ass in the air. Unable to see or move. I wonder if you’ve left the room. After what seems an eternity, you finally speak.

“What am I going to do with you, my dirty slut?”

With a smacking sound, I feel the sting of a riding crop against my exposed ass. I gasp as you smack me again. And again. Then I feel something against the bp still inside me. You’re bahis siteleri pushing against it with something. I can’t control myself as I try to push against whatever it is. You spank my ass again, this time with your hand. Leaving it on my ass, you let your thumb slip between my thighs, barely grazing my wet lips. I gasp again, willing you to slip it inside me. Instead you take your hand away, continuing your slow torture.

“I need to punish you. You know that, right? You’ve been very, very naughty.”

Your hand moves up my back. Fingers tangled in my hair. You pull my head back suddenly.

“Do you know why you’re going to be punished?”

I only whimper as you continue to grip my hair. With your other hand you tap on the bp.

“What’s this, you naughty girl?”

You let go of my hair. I can feel your body shift. Then the familiar sensation of your wet tongue on the back of my thigh. I lift my hips as you move your tongue closer to my pussy. Your tongue slips inside me once, twice. Then you pull away again. I feel something being dragged across my ass cheeks. With a smack, I know it’s the riding crop again.

“You like it in your ass don’t you slut? It’s time to give you what you really want.”

You get off the bed, leaving me tied up. I can’t control my senses, not knowing if you’ve left the room. Then I feel the bed shift again. You’re behind me, between my thighs. Hands rubbing my ass cheeks, thumbs turned in to slip between my thighs. You slide easily inside my very wet pussy. I ache to press against you, but you tease me, slowly pulling in and out. I can feel your fingers on the bp. You push your cock all the way inside me, pulling the bp out a little as you do. Alternating strokes, you continue. In, then out. So slowly. I’m begging you to fuck me now.

“Please Sir. Pleeeeasse!”

You stop mid-stroke and twist a handful of hair hard enough to make me scream. Suddenly, a ball gag is thrust into my mouth and secured to my head. I shudder when I realize we are not alone. Silenced, you continue to fuck me. With one stroke, you completely remove the bp. On the next stroke, I feel your cock against my still tight hole. You slip it inside me as I moan against the gag in my mouth. I’m so close to the edge. Sensing this, you pull out again.

“We aren’t going to let you cum yet. You haven’t been punished enough,” says an unfamiliar voice.

Blind, unable to speak, I can only moan against the ball gag. I feel hands everywhere. Rubbing my ass, pulling at my hair. The mystery voice speaks again.

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll take the ball gag off. But you have to bahis şirketleri do exactly what I say. Do you understand?”

I nod. But he doesn’t remove it yet. You’re still rubbing my ass. Tapping the bp every so often, avoiding my pussy. Prolonging my torture.

You both move to untie me. Turn over, you demand. Someone pulls my hair, forcing me back on my knees. My head is back, neck exposed. You’re on either side of me. He’s kissing my neck while you bite my earlobe. I feel a hand on my ass, roughly rubbing. Another hand cupping my pussy, pressed against it. I start to moan again. And you both stop.

I should have known by now my pleasure was the trigger.

This time you speak, whispering in my ear. “You dirty, dirty girl. I think we have to tie you up again.”

You force me onto my back, tying my wrists and ankles again. Then you remove the ball gag and blind fold. You are on either side of the bed.

Mr. X growls in my ear “Your master, and I are going to fuck you in ways you’ve never thought of.” then moves away

You climb onto the bed. your voice in my ear reminding me that this is what happens to naughty sluts who defy their masters and my actions have brought me to this.

Mr. X moves above me. He is on his knees, hard cock out. He slowly strokes it once, twice. He brings it to my lips. You whisper instructions into my ear. “Lick it.”

I let my tongue trace it. The taste of it making me wet. I take the tip of it into my mouth and gently suck. “Not yet, baby,” you say.

He pulls back a little and laughs as you lean over me. You take it into your own mouth, sucking harder than I was. I don’t try to stop myself now. I’m moaning. Hips moving, pussy aching.

He moves so that he’s straddling my head. You get on all fours over me, continuing to suck his cock. Your hard cock inches from me, teasing. I start to lick his balls while you work on his cock. His hands are on your head. The sight brings me to the edge again. I plunge my tongue into his ass. Sucking, licking, frenzied. Just before he cums, you stop. He explodes all over my tits.

“Sir…please…fuck me…,” I plead.

You’re still on your knees, straddling my body. You rub your hard cock into the pool of wetness on my chest. Bringing it to my mouth, you make me taste him. Again and again. I lick every drop off of you. Finally, you say what I’ve wanted to hear.

“I’m going to take you now.”

There is no pretense. You shove every inch inside me so hard I scream. The pleasure is unbearable. With every thrust you hit the bp. Finally, I cum against you. Pussy spasming against your hard dick. I cum in waves. You stay still, letting me orgasm for a full minute. When it subsides, I realize you’re still hard. You pull out of me, as you start to tap the bp with your cock, I know it’s going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20