Innocent Curiosity Ch. 02

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Laura and Amy had been a couple for a few weeks and were still enjoying that blissful honeymoon period where you were still learning all the different ways to pleasure your new partner’s body and fill their needs. Laura had sucked on Amy’s clit countless times and had held Amy’s head to her own pussy in return.

“Amy I have the sexiest idea for us to do tonight” Laura whispered in her ear as they sat through a boring lecture.

“Oh, what is it?”

“Just wait and see” Laura reached down and began stroking Amy’s jean clad knee underneath the solid wooden tables set in rows in the lecture hall. Her fingers drew little circles, making their way further and further up Amy’s leg.

“Oh so it’s a surprise is it? I can hardly wait ” Amy leant back slightly so Laura could see how her nipples were hardening as possibilities ran through her mind. Laura’s hand was now at the top of Amy’s thigh and was slipping down to press against Amy’s pussy. Shifting her chair further in and reaching down, Amy undid the fly and button on top of her jeans. She felt Laura’s hand quickly take advantage of the opportunity and reach inside to stroke the lacy thong that she wore. Laura’s dark fingers pushed it aside and found Amy’s sweet little clit. It was rock hard and she began squeezing and pinching it.

“Laura what if we get oh! Caught?” Amy moaned quietly into Laura’s ear. Laura took a quick look around whilst her fingers began to run along Amy’s warm and wet lips. Everybody was either asleep or just not paying attention. The teacher was furiously writing notes on the board and talking mainly to himself.

“We’re fine baby, enjoy yourself” Laura replied as she pushed one finger into Amy’s pussy. Amy’s nipples strained at the tight white shirt she wore and as Laura reached over and began to gently suck on her neck, giving her a love bite as Amy let loose little breathy moans. Laura’s fingers were pumping her pussy quite vigorously under the table and her thumb was rubbing her clit. Amy could feel the pleasure building inside of her and Laura’s sharp teeth gently nipping her neck. Her hands gripped the desk as her orgasm swept over her and she bit down on her bottom lip hard to prevent herself from crying out. The waves passed over her as Laura removed her hand and redid Amy’s jeans.

“Mmm baby” Laura licked off most of Amy’s juices seductively with her tongue. She held them out for Amy to finish. Amy flicked her eyes over the room, checking for anybody watching and then darted forward. Her mouth engulfed the fingers and she lapped up her sweet cum.


When they arrived back at Amy’s from university they went up to her room and sat drinking diet coke and talking about things in their day. Amy listened to Laura ramble on about how some girl had taken her seat in a lecture as she ran her eyes over Laura’s body. Dark chocolate skin. Dark brown eyes. Sensual full lips that know what they are doing between my legs and on the rest of my body. Large dark globes. A shaven beautiful and always-wet pussy.

“Amy! You’re not even listening to me!” Laura whined, her brow furrowed with annoyance.

“Sorry baby, You just look so sexy” Amy leaned over from her side of the bed and kissed Laura her tongue licking Laura’s bottom lip before curling around it’s partner. Her hands reached down and slid under the light red cashmere sweater that Laura wore and travelled up to her bra. Stroking Laura’s nipples through the soft fabric she felt Laura moan softly into her mouth and lie down on her back. “I keep thinking about what happened in the lecture hall that was so sexy. I like the feeling that we could have been caught or something”. Laura smiled lazily back up at her before sitting bolt upright.

“Hey I’ve just figured out where I can show you your surprise! Come with me.” Laura stood up and picked up her bag. As Amy got to her feet, she held laced her casino oyna fingers through so they were holding hands. Leading Amy into her parents tidy red bedroom with fluffy king size bed, Laura could feel her pussy moistening with visions of what she was going to do to Amy. “When are your parents home Amy?”

“In like an hour and a half I think. Why?” Amy watched Laura smirk slightly before answering:

“We’re going to have sex right here in your parent’s room on your parent’s bed.”

Amy’s blue doe-eyes grew wide with fear. “We can’t! What if we’re caught?”

Laura stepped forward and nuzzled against Amy’s neck whilst slipping her leg in between Amy’s. She lifted her thigh and ground it roughly into Amy’s crotch whilst softly biting her neck.

“I thought. That this turned you on baby” Laura said in between biting and grinding her thigh.

“Oh, please” Amy whimpered. Her pussy dripping. “Ok let’s do it”. She pulled back and began to undress. She peeled down her jeans and unbuttoned the tight white shirt. She stood in her lacy thong, no bra. Her strawberry blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders. Laura moved forward, held Amy’s face in her hands, and kissed her lovingly. Their tongues dancing with each other. Standing back, Laura also pulled off her clothes. Sweater first revealing her dark bare breasts, then jeans. She stood in just her own thong before reaching down and yanking them off.

Amy let her eyes wander down to that neatly shaven pussy, it’s lips swollen with sexual need. Amy imitated Laura and pulled down her sodden thong. She turned and lay on her back on the large soft bed. Her fairskinned body lay ready for Laura to ravish.

Laura crawled onto the bed and lay slowly on top of Amy loving the feeling of their naked breasts pushed against each other. She licked her lips and captured Amy’s mouth. Their tongues danced their familiar dance. Laura broke the kiss as she moved herself down Amy’s body to her breasts. As she pinched the hard nipples, she heard Amy gasp slightly. She did it a couple of times before leaning down to suck on one. Amy whimpered as the sensations ran through her. Laura turned to the other nipple and sucked on that one too. Amy’s breasts were one of the things Laura loved most about her; they were so perfectly formed with a smattering of freckles leading to them and their neat pink nipples. Laura flicked her tongue over the nipple before nipping it and then repeated the process on the other breast.

Amy closed her eyes as Laura kissed her way down to her soft downy pubic hair. The hairs rippled as Laura blew soft warm air across them before finding Amy’s little hood and uncovering her clit. Her fingers brushed across it before harshly pinching it. “Oh!” Amy gasped. Laura smiled to herself as she wrapped her lips around it and sucked, her tongue flicking out and pressing it. “Ohh Laura! That’s good!” Amy moaned tipping back her head. Laura continued sucking and using her tongue on Amy’s clit as she stroked her fingers up and down those soft pussy lips. She plunged in one finger and felt her own pussy beginning to leak as she felt how hot and wet Amy was. She pushed in another finger and began to pump as she began to bite Amy’s clit. “Yes! Laura! You know how to make me cum honey!” Amy moaned as she kneaded her own breasts and flicked her nipples between her fingers. Laura pushed in a third finger, stretching Amy’s vagina walls. The pleasure was getting towards the edge for Amy; she could feel her orgasm coming.

“Enjoying it slut?” Laura asked briefly before latching onto Amy’s pussy. Her tongue darted in and pumped alongside those fingers. Amy arched her back and cried out, “Oh! Yes Laura! I am your slut!” Her body convulsed as her walls contracted around Laura’s fingers. Removing her fingers Laura lapped up all of Amy’s cum enjoying every drop. She sucked the juice off her fingers too before pulling herself up canlı casino to sitting position.

“God I love hearing you call yourself a slut for me” Laura smiled at Amy. Amy smiled back, lifted off a silk pillow off the bed, and threw it at Laura.

“Now I know you’re a pillow-humper and I bet you’ll get off knowing you’re fucking my Dad’s pillow. I know you want to fuck him.” Laura looked sheepish for a moment before grabbing the pillow and stroking the satiny fabric.

“He is hot. But do you seriously want me to fuck his pillow?” Amy nodded. Laura hesitated before shrugging and sitting up and mounting the pillow, already enjoying the way its cold fabric caressed her hot wet cunt. She closed her eyes and reached straight down to rub her clit as she began to slowly hump the pillow by rocking her hips back and forth. She tipped back her head and moaned “Amy this is so fucking good! Yeah!” She opened her eyes to find Amy behind her. Amy reached round and began to massage Laura’s soft breasts, feeling the nipples harden against her gentle palms. She continued massaging as Laura ground her dripping pussy into the silk pillow. Amy crawled back round to face Laura, loving the look of hot needed pleasure on her face. She sat up and pressed her breasts against Laura’s; rubbing their hard nipples against each other’s and leant in to kiss her passionately. Laura let her tongue fight with Amy’s as she felt her orgasm wash over her and her hot cum squirt out over the silk pillow staining it. She broke the kiss and fell back, exhausted. Amy lifted the pillow and smelt the strong musky smell of Laura’s cum; she mashed her face into it and inhaled that sweet scent.

Amy lay down next to Laura and absent-minded played with a nipple, “So show me my surprise then”.

Laura rolled off the bed and retrieved her bag from where their clothes lay in their piles. She pulled out what she had been wanting to use on Amy ever since she bought it; a 9 inch thick black strap on.

“Oh my fucking god! What is that thing?” Amy’s jaw dropped at the sight of it.

“A strap on, I’m going to fuck you like a slut needs to be fucked” Laura climbed back onto the bed with the strap on and began to attach it. She positioned the small dildo that was on the inside that would give her, her own pleasure when she used it on Amy. She then tightened the straps so that the thick rubber cock was facing Amy. Laura crawled up and lay back on the pillows so the cock faced straight up to the ceiling.

“Now suck it. I know you’ve sucked boy’s cocks before and I know you liked it, so do it to me baby” Laura called to Amy and watched Amy’s face change from shock to a sexy mixture of desire, need and lust. Amy crawled across the bed like a tiger towards the cock, her breasts swaying as she did. She lay down on her stomach and began to slide her hand along the length pulling at as she did, this caused the little dildo inside of Laura to move making Laura moan. Amy smiled and leant forward to kiss the end, her tongue flicked out and licked around the end. She let the head slide into her mouth. Amy looked up and let her eyes connect with Laura’s as she began to fill her mouth with the rubber penis. Laura watched as Amy shut her eyes and began to bob her head so she was sucking the cock properly. Amy reached her fingers down and began to rub her wet pussy, just knowing she was going to fuck this massive cock was enough to make her orgasm alone.

Laura loved watching Amy suck this cock as if it was real, her head bobbing up and down faster and faster. She began lifting her hips to meet with Amy’s mouth; she could feel that the cock was meeting the back of Amy’s throat. Laura moaned, “Enjoying the cock, slut?”

Amy did not answer only carried on mouth fucking the penis. Laura pushed up her weight and rolled so she was lying on top of Amy and began to pump the cock as hard and as fast as she could into Amy’s kaçak casino mouth so she could feel the dildo inside of herself moving, making her orgasm creep closer. Amy was startled but then brought her arms round to Laura’s ass and used it to push the cock into her harder. The little dildo inside of Laura caught her clit, causing her to spasm and her juices flowed down her legs. She rolled off Amy and let her body rest as Amy licked away the juices that were streaming to her knees.

“Fuck me you’re good Amy. God your ex Jordan must of loved you,” Laura panted. Amy crawled up, lay on the pillows next to Laura, and began to kiss her cheek working her way to her ear.

“Oh he did. But forget him; fuck me, as I know you want to. You’ve wanted to do this all day I know you have,” She whispered in Laura’s ear before nibbling the earlobe.

“Ok hang on a second” Laura undid the strap on and removed the little dildo. “This is all for you”.

She redid the straps and moved towards Amy’s spread legs. Amy reached up and grasped the pillow as Laura pushed the length in. letting half of it be buried in her Laura pulled out slightly then pushed it full force into Amy’s sopping cunt. “Oh! Yes!” Amy cried arching her back. Laura grasped Amy’s hips as she pulled out slowly again and pushed back in. “Oh! Fuck me Laura!” Laura didn’t need telling twice, she increased the speed and began to piston back and forth into Amy. With every movement, Amy shouted, “Yes! Oh! Yes! Fuck me Laura! Yeah baby! Faster! Oh! Harder Laura! Make me cum!”

Laura shouted back, “Yeah baby! My dirty little slut! I’m going to make you fucking cum all over your parent’s bed, you dirty slut!”

Laura reached up and began to roughly knead Amy’s breasts as she felt Amy tense up as her orgasm came close. Laura lifted Amy’s legs over her shoulder to get deeper and continued fucking as Amy screamed at the top of her lungs, “Oh my God! I love you Laura for making me cum like this!” Amy’s walls gripped the thick rubber pole as the orgasm hit her. Laura smiled happily when Amy came screaming her name.

Pausing for a second Laura drew out of Amy’s cunt; the pole slick with Amy’s cum. Amy knelt up and kissed Laura. “Thank you for doing that”

“Oh it’s not over yet baby”

Laura lay back on the bed and pulled Amy to her. “Straddle it”. Amy immediately pulled herself over the phallus and guided it into herself. She placed her hands on the end board of the bed above Laura’s head and ground her pussy into the base of the strap on by rocking back and forth.

“Grab my ass and fuck me till I scream again”

“Scream my name when you cum baby. Promise?”

“Oh God Yes! I fucking promise!”

Laura groped Amy’s ass, her fingers digging into the soft flesh as Amy raised herself up on the cock and then slammed down again. She used the board for advantage and let Laura’s hands drag her back down again so she could fuck it hard and fast. Laura looked up and moaned at the beautiful sight of Amy in mid-throw. Her eyes were closed and her head tipped slightly back with her mouth open as she called out “Yes! I love that we could be caught at any minute”. However, in Laura’s eyes the most beautiful thing was her spectacular breasts bouncing with every thrust. Amy felt Laura’s finger pushing against her asshole and knew that the pleasurable orgasm that she needed was coming again. “Stick it in please Laura”. Laura forced the finger in to the tight hole and wiggled it as Amy came once again screaming “Oh God! Laura-ah! I love fucking you!” As the orgasm began to slow down, she fell back and clambered off the strap on.

Laura removed it just as they heard a car pull up in the driveway. “Shit! Quick! Tidy the bed!” Amy jumped up, smoothed back the covers, and replaced the pillows, including Laura’s pussy stained one. They grabbed their clothes and ran back to Amy’s room. Just as Amy’s dad called out “Hey Amy! I’m home!” They shut their door and began to giggle as they realised how close they were to being caught.

If you have any more ideas for Amy and Laura to do, don’t hesitate to email me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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