Indian Wife AMULYA Pays Off Husband’s Debt With Se

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Indian Wife AMULYA Pays Off Husband’s Debt With Se

My hubby was a rickshaw driver. He use to work as a part-time driver for his best friend’s rickshaw. One night while fucking me, my husband said –

“Reshma, I want to buy a new rickshaw. I am fed up of driving my friend’s rickshaw and I earn less money because of it. If we buy our own rickshaw, we can earn a lot of money”. Saying this, my husband started fucking me harder.

It became our story every alternate night. One day afternoon, my husband phone called me and told me to come to a showroom. I took my 2 k**s with me and went to the showroom.

There, my hubby surprised me with his new rickshaw. I was so happy and we rode in our rickshaw and enjoyed a lot that day. At night while during sex, I asked him from where he got the amount to buy the rickshaw. But he just closed my mouth with his hand and fucked me so hard that I was not even able to breathe!

Next day morning, I was not able to wake up early and we had a little fight too. This was going for some days and whenever I ask him that question, he would slap me or else shut my mouth.

One fine evening I got a call from an unknown person and he said, “Your husband met with an accident”.

I was shocked and quickly went to the hospital. He was okay but to our bad luck, our rickshaw was damaged severely.

After some days, my hubby got a call from the money lender. He then explained the whole situation to me. I was so tensed because we had to pay EMI for the recently bought rickshaw. I was a jobless woman and my hubby was also jobless after the accident.

After 4 to 5 days, the money lender phoned again. I picked up and he asked me the money. I told him the whole incident but he was not ready to listen. So, I made up my mind to convince him.

I went to the office. There were 2 big dogs in his office compound and he was playing with those big dogs at that time.

He asked me who I was. I told him my hubby’s name and introduced myself. He gave me a smile and welcomed me to his office room. It was an empty room with AC, one table and two chairs and a couch. I was starting to feel scared and nervous.

The moneylender told me to be comfortable and that he will be back soon. He then left the room.

After a few minutes, he came back with some juice and placed it on the table and told me to have it. And the moneylender sat opposite to me in his boss chair.

He was not old but not young either. He might be in his mid-30s. He wasn’t that handsome but he had a well-built body and was talking politely.

He then asked me why I came this far to his office. I explained our situation to him. He said, “Look madam, I need money and that’s it. Your husband seemed genuine and hence, I funded him money. I didn’t expect him to cheat me.

“Sir, what do you mean by cheating?”, I asked.

“Your husband cheated me. He had kaçak bahis never paid me any of his EMIs and hence I called you.”

I was in shock. I said, “Sir, my husband said he had paid the EMIs until the accident”.

The moneylender showed me a file on his laptop which showed there was a pending sum of Rs. 2,60,000.

I was so worried and started crying. He consoled me and said, “Don’t cry. Just give me back my money and everything will be fine. While consoling me, he touched my shoulder and said, “Listen, I am not interested in troubling you. Just pay the money and I will leave your husband.”

He then gave me a printout and said I can leave the office now.

Next day morning, I went again to his office. He was in his balcony. He called me from his balcony and I went into his office. He was sitting on the couch and I was standing in front of him.

“What’s your problem now?”, he asked me. I was silent and did not reply. But I was crying. I noticed he was checking me out. I begged to him, “Please help me, Sir”. I even touched his feet. “Please, I have 2 k**s, I am a jobless woman and even my hubby is not working after the accident. Please help me”.

He just touched my shoulder with both his hands and asked me to get up. Then he walked out of the room. After some time, he was back in the office room. I was sitting on the couch and crying. He saw me and shouted, “Why are you still in my office? You are wasting my time, it is 7 pm already.”

I kept crying. He sat in his office chair and called me and asked my name. I said my name. He said, “Ok Reshma, what you want me to do?”

I said, “Please understand me and my situation. Please show some kindness.”

He got fed up and used some bad words. Then got up from his chair and pulled my hand and pushed me towards his office door and closed his office door. I was crying and went near his office gate and stood there.

At around 10 pm, he came down from his room with his dogs. He took his car and asked me to get inside. I got inside and he said, “I am taking you to the police station and file a case on you”.

I started begging him, “Sir, I will do anything for you, whatever you say. Please, sir, don’t take me to the police station.”

He just stopped the car to the side and said, “Okay, remove your clothes.”

I was bit shocked by hearing his words. He said, “Walk naked on the road.”

I started looking at him with wide open eyes. He started examining me with his eyes. I was in a white salwar and orange dupatta. He took my dupatta in his hand said again, “Remove your clothes”.

I didn’t remove my clothes. “Then why the heck you said you will do anything for me?”, he asked. He then opened car door pushed me out and he went off.

One fine morning, I just opened my door to take milk. There was a letter. After reading it, I started crying. It was a legal notice. I immediately called kaçak iddaa the money lender. He picked up the call. I asked him permission for meeting and he said agreed.

I went to his office. He asked what I wanted to talk. Without saying a word, I closed the door. I was in a red salwar that day and I started removing my top. He stopped me and said, “Give me my money.”

I said, “Sir, I am ready to do anything you want me to do.” He told me to come at night after 9 pm with 20,000 cash.

I said, “Sir I don’t have any money with me”. Then he said, “Okay, come at 9 pm.”

I was waiting for it to be night. I took a shower and dressed well in a white bra, black pantie, and green salwar. I applied some red lipstick and applied kajal in my eyes. I put flowers in my hair and got ready.

My heart was pumping hard because I knew was not supposed to do these things but I was helpless. I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking like a bitch. Then I got a call from him.

He said, “I don’t need you, I am not interested. I need my money.”

I begged to him, “Sir, I am ready to sleep with you. Please, sir.”

Finally, he agreed and told me to meet him at the same highway road where he left me before. I went there and saw his car. I got in his car.

After driving for a few minutes, he stopped the car on the side of the road. I was a bit nervous. He asked me to remove my clothes. I hesitated at first but later I made my mind and started removing my top.

He then asked me to remove all my clothes and I removed my clothes one by one. There were no other vehicles or people on the road. I was now in my white bra and black pantie.

The moneylender pulled my bra and my boobs were out now. He pressed my boobs so hard that milk was oozing out of them.

He then slapped my boobs and asked me to remove my pantie too. I obeyed him and removed my pantie. I was trying to hide my hairy pussy with my legs crossed. Seeing that, he slapped my tummy hard and pulled some of my pubic hairs! It was painful but the experience was new for me.

Then he spat on my pussy lips and touched my clit. I started making sounds, “Ahha aahh oooohh pleaseee”. He slapped my pussy and put his fingers into my mouth. I don’t know what happened to me, I got so aroused by his touches. I was going crazy and becoming mad for his touches, Maybe because my husband never gave me such pleasure before.

He was vigorously rubbing my clit and within seconds, I squirted on his car seat! He slapped me on my face so hard and asked me to clean it. I tried to clean it with my salwar.

He started his car engine and on the way, I was trying to get dressed but he opened the car window and threw out my clothes one by one. I started begging him not to do that but he was careless and was on the phone.

When we reached near his office gate, I walked out nude towards his office room. He was behind güvenilir bahis me, slapping my ass cheeks. After we got inside, he sat on the couch. I was standing in front of him, hiding my pussy. He slapped on my inner thighs and then he unzipped his pant and took his dick out. He asked me to give a blowjob.

I hesitated because I had never done it before. He asked me to come down between his knees. I obeyed him and started touching his dick. He harshly slapped me and pushed his dick in my mouth. I was not able to breathe and was feeling to vomit. He was so rough holding my hairs tightly.

After some time, he cummed into my mouth. I quickly spat it on the floor. He slapped me again and told me to clean it and left the room.

After an hour, he came back. He had brought a black ribbon which he then used to blindfolded. It was another new experience for me.

He pushed me on to his office table and bending my ass, he lifted my legs and wide opened my ass crack. He then tied my hands behind me tightly. I was not able to see what was going to happen.

After some time, I heard the door closing. Someone came from behind, slapped my ass and was rubbing my pussy and ass crack. Within a fraction of a second, he inserted his dick in my pussy.

I felt a sharp pain and I screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh please stop”. But the person was not listening, he gave me 2-4 hard strokes and I felt that he was fucking me without wearing a condom.

I said, “Please use condom, sir” but he was not listening. He kept fucking my pussy so hard and the room was filled with our fucking sounds. Due to the blindfold and the handcuffed condition, I was not able to understand who it was.

While fucking me, he started inserting fingers into my ass hole and slapping my ass cheeks. Soon I felt liquid flowing into my pussy and I realized that the guy has cummed inside me.

After 30 minutes of hard fucking, he took his dick out. My pussy was full of his cum flowing freely. After a minute, he was trying to insert his dick into my ass hole. It was the first time for me and my ass was so tight that he was not able to insert his dick in my asshole.

He then removed my handcuffs and asked me to widen my ass crack. He held my hairs so hard and I obeyed him. He inserted his dick into my ass and pushed so hard. It was painful. After 3 strokes, he removed my blindfold.

When I opened my eyes, I was in shock because the money lender was sitting in front of me in the office chair. I turned around and saw who was fucking me, it was my hubby’s best friend!

My hubby’s best friend was fucking my ass like a whore. He then said looking at me, “Bhabhi, I have settled your full amount just to fuck you.” I was relieved to hear that.

He kept fucking my ass. The moneylender was laughing. He then unzipped his pant and asked me to blow him. My hubby’s best friend held my both hands behind and was pushing his dick more and more inside my ass. The moneylender pushed his dick into my mouth and I started blowing him.

After some time, the money lender cummed in my mouth. And the whole night, my husband’s friend fucked me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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