I was indeed a CockSucker.

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I was indeed a CockSucker.
I’ve been frequenting adult book stores for over 25 years, and they and I have made some transformations over the years. Glory holes in an arcade are a little harder to find these days. In days gone by just about every bookstore arcade had glory holes until the law and bible thumpers felt they had to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. I did however find one in my area that still has a few.

I too have made some changes. 20+ years ago I was a young man in very good shape with what could be analyzed as a sex addiction. The only reason I went to the bookstores was to have some unknown person suck my cock through a hole in the wall as I watched the movie of my choice. I would imagine that the girl on the screen getting a huge load blasted on her face was the one blowing me as I actually came in some guy’s mouth. Being as young and in shape as I was there was never a problem getting my rocks off in someone’s mouth. Usually there was a game of jockeying for position among the cock suckers to see who could get the booth next to the one I picked. It was actually kind of fun. If the cock sucker I wanted to suck me off wasn’t in position to get the booth next to me, I would leave after the first token ran out. Then the game started all over again as I walked around until I chose another booth

I never considered myself gay, or even Bi for that matter. I was always after some pussy, it’s just that I needed to get off more than I was able to pick up some chick to get some. Plus it was a lot easier, cheaper and quicker to head to the bookstore for a blowjob and not have to do the dinner and drinks thing.

Lately I actually did get to the point of going down on a couple guys when the timing (usually me being quite intoxicated) and person were just right. I guess by türkçe bahis this point I finally consider myself Bi and I even started to like to watch the cocks in movies instead of only watching the girl. I still never really thought of myself as a cock sucker because it was usually an isolated thing.

As I go the bookstores now though, there isn’t as much action wanting to suck my cock and I find myself checking out who might have the kind of cock I’d like to suck. One night I was at the bookstore that I discovered that still has a few glory holes and the clientele that night was actually pretty nice. Not the usual derelicts and homeless bums in need of a shower.

I had to wait to get my chance at one of the booths with a glory hole and when I did I looked through the hole and saw a 20 something guy stroking what looked to be a nice cock. No, it wasn’t that all to familiar 10 incher you read about here (I don’t think there really are that many of them) but just over average size and he was clean. I decided to put my finger to the hole to show him I was interested in what he had to offer.

He didn’t move for a few moments and just about the time I was thinking he wasn’t interested he stood up and turned towards the hole. As he stepped forward and slid his cock through the hole I reached out to start stroking it. That’s when I realized how big around it was. It was probably only 7 inches long but damn it was so big around.

As quick as I could I got in position to take it in my mouth because I didn’t want him to leave thinking I was only going to give him a hand job. I didn’t even try moving the chair into a good position, I just dropped to my knees on the dirty cum covered floor without even thinking about it. I opened up and took as much of him in my mouth as I could, which perabet wasn’t that much since it was so big around.

I started doing the things that I like when I get a blowjob and after a few minutes I was able to get most of it in my mouth. While I was sucking his cock someone kept trying to open the door to my booth. Even though the light was on indicating it was occupied and they are too small for two people it happened every 30 seconds or so. I really didn’t care because I was mesmerized with trying to give him the best blowjob I could.

It hasn’t taken long for me to realize that what I really like when giving head is for the guy to take control and just fuck my mouth. After bobbing up and down on his cock for a while I took as much of him in my mouth as I could and held it there with my face up against the wall. It didn’t take him long to get the picture and he started humping back and forth until he got into a good rhythm of fucking my mouth.

A couple times he pushed as far as he could through the wall and held still. When he did I was able to reach up and lightly touch his balls ( I really like that when I get a blowjob) because they would be hanging through the hole. There were still more attempts at the door and just when I was wondering why someone would keep pulling on a locked door, it OPENED UP. I guess all the jiggling on the lock allowed it to slide to the point that it wasn’t locked anymore. Here I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and the door opens up and a couple guys are standing in the hall looking at me.

I was so shocked that I stopped sucking his cock for a second as I turned to look at what had happened. The doors usually have a spring on them so that they close automatically. When the door started to swing shut I didn’t bother getting up perabet giriş to lock it again and went right back to sucking his cock because I didn’t want him to leave. This cock was so nice I really wanted to finish him off. I was really getting into it and at one point I even took both of his shaved balls in my mouth to give them a tongue bath for a minute. After I took the shaft back in my mouth I knew he was getting close because I felt that obvious swelling of his cock and the jerky body motion. I was really looking forward to my reward and hoped he would have a big load saved up.

I wasn’t disappointed when I felt the first blasts of cum hit the back of my mouth as he started grunting on the other side of the wall. This time I was determined to swallow it all so I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth so I had plenty of room to catch his whole load. When he finally stopped cumming I did swallow it all and continued to lightly massage his balls and slowly suck his cock. Just as I was thinking he was going to stay hard and I could suck him till he came again, his hard-on started to fade and he pulled back through the hole.

When I started to get up off my knees I turned and to my complete horror I saw that the door had never closed all the way. Now there were 5 or 6 guys standing in the hall who had watched me suck a cock and enjoy a receiving a mouth full of cum. I think I turned several shades of red from embarrassment in just a few seconds. I wished I could just disappear as I tried to make my way through the crowd. Just about every one of the guys in the hall made a comment about how nice it was watching me suck that cock or asking me if his cum tasted good. To make matters worse, the guy I had just blown walked out of his booth about the same time and they were making comments to him also. I could tell he wasn’t very happy and thought I had let those guys watch on purpose.

Right then one thing became obvious to me and probably everybody else in the arcade. That I was indeed: a cocksucker.

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