I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 04

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 04
Apologies, Dear Reader. Sometimes I need to pay the bills, and that takes me away from my love of writing erotica. I promise I’ll always come back – and there is a lot more to tell in this particular story: Seduce My Husband. Here’s the next installment.

Recap: When Madeline’s husband was drawing the attention of all the “single moms” at the Little League field, Madeline became worried. She concocted a plan for she and her son to be out of the house for an entire Saturday, and to have her BFF Shelly visit the house while her husband Scott was home alone. Madeline knew Shelly to be a shameless flirt, but also her best friend and someone she could trust. Shelly seemed reluctant, but willing to help out: her job was to “put the moves” on Scott, just enough to see if he might succumb to temptation, then report back to Madeline. But Shelly had intentions of her own (and to find out what’s already happened between Shelly and Scott, see Chapters 1-3).

This story takes us on a little journey back in time, where we learn how it is that Madeline knew her BFF to be such a capable flirt.


Madeline sat on the playground park bench, next to her mother. She fidgeted nervously. She looked down at her phone, checking the battery life: 56%. She glowered at the screen: no new messages. Neither Shelly nor Scott had called or texted in the past hour. A full hour!

‘What is happening?’ Madeline worried sullenly. ‘What are Shelly and Scott doing that neither of them can send me a text message any time in the past hour?!?’

Madeline had started to type out a text message to Shelly twice already, begging for an update. Both times, her finger hovered over the SEND button for several long seconds. Both times, she held her finger on the backspace button, deleting the message fully.

‘I can’t send her a text message now,’ Madeline sighed. ‘She might be on the verge of discovering the truth about my husband: on whether he is a devoted, loving hubby – or a lying, cheating, no-good, son-of-a-bitch!

‘No, if I distract Shelly in the midst of her coyish play at seduction, it might ruin all the flirtatious advances she might have made during the past hour. I’ll just have to wait until one of them contacts me.’

Indeed, the whole reason Madeline had asked Shelly over to her house – while Madeline herself was away for the day – was so Shelly could be alone with Scott, Madeline’s husband. Shelly’s mission was to seduce Scott, much the same she way she often beguiled handsome, single men at the nightclub whenever the two ladies went out clubbing on Girls’ Night.

Still, as the minutes ticked by, Madeline found herself growing increasingly frustrated and irritable.

“Not too high, Thomas,” Madeline called out to her 10-year old son. “NOT TOO HIGH!”

When they had first arrived at the playground, Thomas had quickly found a new friend. He did it in that effortless way that young c***dren always do. The two young boys had been glued to each other’s side ever since. Currently they were having a contest on the swing set, each trying to swing higher than the other.

“Oh, Madeline,” her mother said in a chastising tone. She glanced at the boys, then back to her knitting, “Relax. Live a little.”

“Mother, don’t tell me – wait, what?”

“What?” Madeline’s mother replied, looking up from her handcraft.

“What did you just say?” Madeline asked anxiously.

“Live a little?” She gestured to Tommy and his new friend. “Those two boys over there, they’re fine. Just having a little fun.”

But Madeline was no longer thinking about two young boys playing on the swing set, or little Tommy swinging too high. Her mother’s words had triggered something in Madeline’s memory, and she found herself in a sudden flashback to last week.


It was Girls’ Night. She and Shelly were at the Bounty Lounge, one of their favorite clubbing hotspots. They were both dressed to the nines, turning heads all around the club. This was becoming something of a habit for them, it being their third Tuesday night at the club. Shelly had originally advocated for it one week: an opportunity for the two to go out, let their hair down, have a few drinks, dance with a couple guys – some harmless girl-girl tuzla escort bayan fun.

Madeline loved dancing, and had greatly enjoyed the past few Girls’ Nights – but tonight had just taken a rather chaotic turn. Madeline, sitting alone at a small, circular table, had just caught Shelly making out with a total stranger – some guy she had just met a few minutes earlier.

It wasn’t the first time Madeline had caught Shelly kissing another guy during Girls’ Night, but this seemed a little different. While those other occasions had been rather chase or soemtimes teasing kisses, Shelly was now in a close embrace with her partner on the dance floor. Madeline could see Shelly grinding on the man’s thigh while he gripped her ass with both hands.

The music was pumping loud, and the lights were swirling. Madeline caught only glimpses of the pair, but what she saw shocked her: the guys fingers gripping Shelly’s leather skirt tight, feeling the fullness of her round ass cheeks. Shelly’s hand on the man’s trousers, clearly feeling up the size of him beneath his crotch. Their kissing, passionate and heated, and tantalizingly erotic. If Madeline hadn’t been so stunned at the sight of her BFF kissing a perfect stranger, she might have become turned on.

A bit later, when Madeline and Shelly were refreshing their drinks at the bar, Madeline called her out. Shelly laughed off the act, “Oh Madeline, live a little. It was just a little kiss. You should try it. Want to go see if he has a cute friend?”

“No, I don’t want to go see if he has a cute friend,” Madeline cried out indignantly. She held up her left hand, prominently showing off her wedding ring. “I’m married … and so are you!!”

Shelly covered her mouth, suppressing a slight giggle. Her wedding ring, Madeline noticed, was absent from her finger. “Shhhhhh! Girls’ Night, remember? We’re just out having a little fun. You remember what fun is, right?”

Later that night, Madeline lost sight of her BFF again. That same guy had come over, introduced himself to Madeline as Eric, and then promptly whisked Shelly back out on the dance floor. Madeline had watched them dance for a bit, then became distracted by the waitress coming by to take another drink order. When Madeline looked back out at the dance floor, Shelly and Eric were gone. After Shelly had been gone for a long while, and didn’t return to their table, Madeline scanned the club.

She eventually spied the pair sitting at a C-shaped booth on the far side of the room. They were kissing each other, once again. Shelly had her arm around the Eric’s neck, and was pulling his head toward hers. Madeline watched as their lips closed down upon each other’s hungrily.

From this angle, Madeline could see something else: underneath the table, Eric’s hand was between Shelly’s thighs, and well beyond a few inches past the hem of Shelly’s black, leather mini-skirt! Madeline watched as the pair kissed each other, and then saw Shelly slowly part her legs, inviting Eric’s bold exploration.

“Oh my god,” Madeline said, her mouth agape. She watched as Shelly spread her legs wider apart, causing her mini-skirt to hike further and further up her thigh. Madeline could also see what Eric was just now discovering with his fingertips: Shelly was not wearing any panties! With wide-eyed shock, Madeline watched as Eric found his target and slipped his slowly probing finger up into Shelly’s moistened pussy!

Across the way, Madeline watched as Shelly broke away from the kiss and stared hungrily into Eric’s eyes. She nodded her consent twice, then closed her eyes as Eric’s finger slid deeper into her hole. Shelly’s hand clutched the hair on the back of Eric’s head tightly, her eyes closed, and she trembled visibly.

Madeline couldn’t tear her eyes away. She watched, horrified, as her BFF spread her legs even further apart under their table. Shelly now lifted one long, tanned leg to rest atop Eric’s lap, giving him ready access to her eager flesh. Madeline didn’t think anyone else could see what was happening – the pair were alone at their booth, and the table likely hid everything to anyone that might have glanced their way.

Madeline squirmed uncomfortably as she watched Eric orhanlı escort bayan start to slowly masturbate her BFF, now sinking two fingers in and out of her cunt, slowly, rhythmically in time with the music. Shelly’s face was twisting into a tormented expression of pleasure, and she was now rotating her pelvis forward and back. They began kissing each other again, their mouths heatedly engaged in a frenzied, passionate french kiss.

“Hey, little lady,” a voice startled her nearby. Madeline looked up. A tall, handsome and sharply dressed man was holding his hand out to her, shouting over the music. “You’re much too pretty to be sitting here alone. Care to dance?”

“What?” Madeline said, her eyes slowly focusing on the man. “Oh, hey!”

Madeline glanced back at her friend, then at the fellow in front of her. “Hell, yes, let’s dance.”

Madeline was relieved to have something to distract her attention. She let Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome lead her out on the dance floor, and tried to follow in time with him on the dance floor. Normally Madeline loved dancing, and she’d often let all her inhibitions out once the music hit her. This guy, too, was the perfect type for her to fall in rhythm with: he had chiseled jawline, muscular arms, and he danced really well, too.

Yet in this moment, after all she had just seen, Madeline found herself to be a terrible dance partner for – what was his name? Had he even told her?

Madeline just wasn’t into it. Her mind was still trapped on what she had witnessed Shelly doing a short while ago. Madeline danced with him for a short while, but found herself constantly glancing over in Shelly’s direction.

“I’m really sorry,” Madeline told her dance partner at last. “You seem really nice, but I need to go look for my girlfriend. Sorry. Maybe I’ll buy you a drink after I find her?”

Madeline turned and left, leaving Mr. Handsome on the dance floor all alone. She headed over to the table where Shelly and Eric had been sitting. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to do, only that she was going to get Shelly out of that situation.

Shelly, however, was no longer sitting at the table. Halfway toward the table, Madeline saw that Eric was still there, staring out across the dance floor, but Shelly was no longer by his side. Madeline turned to look at her own table, to see if Shelly had made her way back there – but that table was empty, as well. Madeline made one circuit around the club, checking for Shelly at several different serving areas, but found no sign of her.

‘That’s odd. Maybe she went to the ladies room,’ Madeline thought. She started heading in that direction. Along the way, her path would take her behind Eric’s table. Madeline noticed he was still sitting there. Perhaps she’d stop and ask him if he knew where Shelly had gone.

Madeline was on the deck path that ran behind the booth tables. She approached Eric from behind, and was just about to tap him on the shoulder, when movement drew her attention downward to Eric’s lap – and the back of Shelly’s head.

“Holy shit,” Madeline whispered quietly. “Is she … ”

Shelly’s had was slowly bobbing up and down.

It became suddenly obvious to Madeline that Shelly had never left the table. She had been here the entire time Madeline had been walking around the club in search of her. She had simply slid sideways on the booth seat, and folded herself down onto Eric’s lap, disappearing under the table.

As Shelly bobbed her head up and down, Madeline now understood what was happening: Shelly, her married neighbor and best friend, was giving a blowjob to a complete stranger, right here in the goddamned, fucking nightclub!

“Oh my god,” Madeline said, reeling in a daze. She walked past the table, then back to her original seat – the one that gave such a fine view of the goings on at Eric and Shelly’s table.

“I’m not going to look,” Madeline told herself. “I’m not going to look.”

Madeline looked. Her jaw dropped. From this angle, there simply was no doubt. She could see Eric’s unzipped pants, and his large, rigid cock jutting straight up from his crotch. Shelly’s lips were wrapped tightly around Eric’s dick, and Madeline marveled at how deep she was able to lower aydınlı escort bayan her mouth onto him. His dick glistened, wet with her saliva, as Shelly continued her administrations.

Once again, Madeline found herself unable to turn her gaze away. Shelly’s head was bobbing up and down on Eric’s cock, faster and faster. Her cherry red lipstick was a sharp contrast to Eric’s shaft, and she watched Shelly’s movements, mesmerized.

She watched as Eric’s legs straightened and tensed. His head rolled slowly back, and his hand gripped the beer bottle in front of him tightly. Up and down, Shelly’s head bobbed, faster and faster. Madeline gasped as Eric’s body suddenly convulsed, then soon after shook again, then a third time.

“You fucking slut,” Madeline whispered, watching her friend slow her head-bobbing pace. She could see her BFF’s throat bulge slightly as she swallowed all of Eric’s load, and then continued watching as Shelly politely licked the man’s shaft clean.

Shelly lifted her head from Eric’s lap, and slid closer to him in the booth. Madeline watched as she tucked the man’s cock back inside his pants, while leaning in to give him a slow, passionate kiss.

When they finally pulled apart from each other, she could see Eric mouth, “Thank you!” Shelly’s smile was dazzling, and her mischievous eyes sparkled. Finally, Shelly turned in Madeline’s direction, and saw that she had been watching the entire time. Shelly lifted her hand to her mouth and rolled her eyes to the side.

“Oops, I did that,” her expression said. Madeline watched as Shelly leaned over and whispered something into Eric’s ear. Eric looked in Madeline’s direction, too, then raised his beer bottle toward her. Madeline turned her head away in embarrassment.


“What the hell was that?” Madeline confronted Shelly later that night, as they drove home. It was Shelly’s turn to drive, and she kept her eyes on the road in front of her.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“Shelly, you’re married!”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Shelly reached into the center console with one hand, and fumbled around until her fingers found what they were looking for: her wedding and engagement rings. She slipped them both back on her ring finger.

Shelly glanced over smiling, then saw Madeline’s angry expression.

“Honey, it’s really no big deal. Eric and I were just having a little fun. That’s what Girls’ Night is all about – getting out and having a little fun.”

“Shelly – you gave him a blow job!”

“Mmmmm, I know,” Shelly said, closing her eyes at the memory. “Once I felt how big his cock was on the dance floor, I couldn’t help it. I had to see how big it was up close. I was feeling kinda naughty, and wanted to see if I could fit him in my mouth.”


Shelly laughed.

“Oh, Madeline, live a little!” There was that expression again: live a little. “I didn’t fuck him. We just had a little fun in a dimly lit corner of the club. It was all innocent, playful fun.”

“What about your husband, Bill?”

“Oh god, he’s going to get fucked senseless tonight! Eric made me so incredibly horny! I can’t wait to get home to Bill.”

The drove the rest of the way home in silence, Madeline realizing that her husband Scott was going to get some hot action, too. She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but the promiscuous behavior of her buxom friend had been something of a turn on for her, too. Madeline couldn’t wait to get home and get her mouth around Scott’s cock, and then ride him hard until he exploded deep inside her..


Madeline’s mind pulled back to the here and now. She was at the playground near her Mom’s house. Her mother was seated beside her, and her little son, Tommy, was still flying deliriously high on the playground swings in front of her.

“Live a little,” Madeline said absently. She turned to her mother, “Mom, do you think I have a boring life?”

“What’s that, dear?” her mother asked quietly, her attention still on her knitting. “Oh, sometimes you can be a little uptight, honey. I worry that sometimes you married your high school sweetheart, almost right after school. You didn’t take much time to get out, see the world, if you take my meaning. But your life seems to be turning out alright. Don’t you think?”

Her mom pointed over to Tommy, now climbing on the see-saw opposite his new friend, both giving instructions to the other on how to balance.

“Yeah. I guess so,” Madeline said sadly. She sat quietly for a long while, and she didn’t give any more attention to her phone.

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