How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 03

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The last few weeks have been great. I’ve been shooting a big load of cum up my wife’s ass pretty much every night now. Even the nights that we’ve had sex I’ve still snuck my cock up her ass later in the night and shot another big load inside her sphincter.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a sex addict. My doctor attributes it to the size of my balls and that I produce a lot more testosterone than normal, which causes me to want to fuck every woman I see. As a result of this “problem” I’m always on the prowl for new girls.

Like most guys I enjoy going to the strip club. I went through the same insanity that most guys do when they think that the girls really like them and want them, when in fact all they want is your money. Well after awhile I started learning the “lingo” and started saying what the strippers wanted to hear. I would talk about my frequent trips to Las Vegas for work and how I had a couple of girls I dated now and then that now worked in Vegas. I would always ask the girls if they had worked in Vegas or some of the other clubs in the area. Strippers are always on the lookout for more money and if they think you have the lowdown on which clubs are the best and how they can make more bank, you are in.

At that point in my life Mr. Z’s had been my strip club of choice. The club had been around for awhile and the girls were very low pressure. One night in particular I was there waiting for a friend to show up when I met Zoe. I’m sitting at a small table all by myself when she walked up. I had noticed that she had been stalking me for some time and was trying to figure out if I would be her meal ticket for the night. I have a unique look that most strippers like. At least the kind of strippers I’m interested in. I’m 6’0 tall, very broad shouldered with a shaved head that strippers love to rub. I also typically dress in all black when I go to the clubs and always wear expensive watches that seem to attract strippers like flies.

Zoe came walking over to me with a jiggle and bounce in her step that gave me an instant chubby. This really surprised me, because deep down I despise strippers. Well Zoe sat down next to me and asked my what I was up to. I responded that I was waiting for a friend. She asked me if I wanted some dances while I waited. My first impulse canlı bahis was to say no. Lap dances in California typically suck. The laws in OC pretty much forbid anything of interest happening during the lap dance. I agreed to the lap dance and went to a back booth with her. The lap dance was your typical OC lap dance which is devoid of any interesting contact. (BTW, best club I’ve ever been in is Gallagher’s in Long Island!!!!) Funny thing about the lap dance was that I was actually getting quite aroused even though there was no contact.

The body on this stripper truly came from a fantasy. Zoe is Italian and has beautiful dark olive skin and jet black hair to match. Possibly the finest ass I have ever seen on a European. There must have been some African in her family tree to give her an ass like that. Moving up her tight slender waist was a pair of very large fake C size breasts. Normally I’m not into fake breasts, but these were very well done. She is about 5’8″ tall with nice curvy legs and hips. So while I’m watching this goddess dance in front of me, I’m wondering what I can do to get her into a hotel room, when up walks another stripper and sits down next to me. This particular stripper named “Sexy” had become a bit of a problem for me. She was now the ultimate “cockblock”. Don’t get me wrong, Sexy is quite attractive, but doesn’t put out, which for me is a total waste of my time and money. Sexy sits down next to me and starts giving Zoe an evil stare. Sexy considers me one of her regulars now since I took her out to dinner and drinks one night. The night with Sexy ended up with her blithering stupid drunk so I took her home and dropped her off at the front door. Some women just get ugly when they are too drunk.

I decided to really irritate Sexy, so I had Zoe do a few dances for her. Zoe’s body looked so good pressed up against Sexy’s that my raging boner started leaking pre-cum. At one point Zoe even rubbed her beautiful ass against Sexy’s face, which obviously pissed off Sexy since she stood up and left right away. I thanked Zoe for the dances and gave her an extra $20 for pissing off Sexy.

Zoe then followed me over to my table which surprised me and bought me a drink which surprised me even more. She asked me if I had ever fucked Sexy. I told her that Sexy had started to give bahis siteleri me a blow job, but had gagged on me and had to stop because she was feeling sick from all the booze she had drank. Zoe then told me that she loved to give head and swallow, but that her blowjobs weren’t free!!

Now and then people will tell me that I’m a little naïve, but the light bulb instantly lit up in my head and alerted me that this beautiful girl was “pay per view”. Now I’ve said before that I despise strippers on a certain level, but I truly love whores. I have great respect for girls that have no problem sharing their beautiful bodies and making the dating process so much easier. Strippers on the other hand are just frustrating as hell and always result in mental masturbation. After a couple more drinks Zoe and I jumped in my car and headed for the beach. So here I am looking forward to a nice quick blowjob at the beach, when Zoe tells me that she is hungry and if we can grab something to eat a Denny’s. I’m fine with it so we get there and wait in line. Everybody at the restaurant is checking us out and I’m getting hungry for some food and some sexual companionship. We wolf down some food and continue back down to the beach.

The beach is very cold and windy. We jump up into one of the lifeguard stations and start messing around. Zoe starts off by giving me a couple of deep tongue kisses and then unbuttons my pants. Now this woman gives really good head. She starts off right away almost deep throating me while licking my balls at the same time. Zoe then performs this trick where she squeezes the base of my cock really hard while licking the head of my swollen dick like a lollipop. To this day she won’t explain it to me, but it feels like she has two tongues working on me simultaneously.

Unfortunately Zoe was pretty fucked up from all the booze we drank and had to stop giving me head since she was getting really dizzy. I told her it was okay and stood her up. She was leaning against the railing behind her while I started massaging her big tits and sucking on her nipples. I then turned her around so that her ass was facing me and she was leaning against the railing of the lifeguard station looking towards the ocean. I had paid $300 bucks for this whore and was going to get something for my efforts. I pulled bahis şirketleri her pants down and started rubbing her sexy round ass with my hands. This woman definitely liked her ass cheeks rubbed. She then backed that bubble butt into my cock and started rubbing my dick up and down in her ass crack. Zoe then started moaning and begged me to come on her ass.

I grabbed my dick and started jacking off at the base while the end of my dick was buried in her ass crack. This woman was like a machine. Her ass was bobbing and circling and bouncing in an amazing rhythmic way that I couldn’t believe. She started rubbing her tiny little butt hole vigorously against my cockhead. This really got me turned on. I spit on my hand and lubed up my cock really good. Now I’m pretty sure that Zoe was just trying to get me off with her ass crack at that point in time, but I had to have more.

Holding the base of my penis I started to push against her asshole. She was so drunk and was moving her ass so fast I don’t think she realized my intentions. All of a sudden the head popped into her tight little asshole followed by another seven inches which I pushed in rapidly. Zoe gasped loudly and said “Oh my god that feels good” which I took as an invitation to continue. I suspect that she had been ass fucked before because she started slamming against me. All of a sudden she reached back her hands trying to push me away and told me that we hadn’t agreed to this. I grabbed both of her arms by the wrists and continued my assault on her asshole. This turned her on even more and she moaned and groaned while I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her tight trophy hole.

I could tell she was near to assgasm, so I let go of her wrists and buried three fingers of one hand in her pussy while I strummed at her clit with the other hand. I’ve been playing guitar for about ten years now and can strum a clit really hard and fast. Luckily we were the only ones at the beach, because Zoe let out a scream during her orgasm that could be heard for blocks. I also found out at that moment that Zoe was a squirter as she doused my hands and her jeans with her juices.

Zoe then went limp on the railing and shuddered while my dick filled her with shot after shot of hot cum. I don’t think I had ever come that much in my life. We then walked back to the car where she promptly passed out in the front seat. Since this had been one of my greatest ass fucks yet, I took her to the local motel and put her in a room with a note and my phone number for when she woke up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20