How I Seduced the Professor

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Whenever a girl like Samantha set her eyes on someone, it was practically a done deal. With her fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes, she was simply irresistible.

It was no wonder she was the darling of the sorority. She always raised the most money for fundraisers too. That striking beauty she had. That witty personality. That natural glow she possessed.

The juxtaposition of Samantha was that she preferred women to satisfy her seemingly insatiable lust. Her favorite was first-timers. Women who had never been with other women before. Samantha was obsessed with that feeling. That rush she got from being the first to open up another woman to sapphic pleasures. She would sweet talk her way in, use her charm and beauty, then trade pleasure for pleasure.

In the middle of the current semester, she had decided that her next target would be the history teacher. Oh yes, she had set her sights on Professor Greene. What made Professor Greene such an attractive target was that she always presented herself in a well-mannered and educated way.

Just the kind of thing Samantha was craving for.

As Samantha sat in the back of the lecture hall for History 235, she meticulously formulated her plan while the professor was giving a presentation to nearly a hundred students. The professor used slides from a small projection booth in the back of the large hall, where all the lights were turned off. Every so often the professor would have to walk to the small booth and change the slides in order to carry on with the lecture.

It was then that Samantha had finalized her seduction strategy.

On that particular day, Samantha wore leggings and her hair was a sexy mess, because she didn’t give a shit that morning. Either way, she always looked effortlessly gorgeous. Most importantly, she was wearing her large red sorority sweater, which was perfect in order to set the plan in motion.

Class was over and the students made their way out. Samantha stayed behind while the professor collected the slides in the back of the room. That was when Samantha made her approach.

“Fascinating stuff,” Samantha complimented. “Who knew the Renaissance period produced so much romantic artwork?”

Professor Greene smiled, “I didn’t know much about this until I went to college, either.”

“Then we have a lot in common.”

“Seems like it,” the professor politely agreed and gathered all her slides.

It was time for Samantha to make her move. “Speaking of which, we’re doing more charity work for the sorority. I’d love to have you join us.”

“Oh? How can I be of service?”

“Well, we’re having a dunk tank,” Samantha said, batting her eyelashes and giving her red hair a quick toss for added effect. “You know what that is, right?”

Professor Greene laughed. “Oh no! Not this again. I’ve had my fair share of dunk tanks over the years.”

“Yes, but ours is going to specific charities.”

Samantha listed the charities which went to various local programs. Clearly it was having an influence on the professor.

“How can I refuse?” Professor Greene smiled.

“Great! I’ll let the girls know that you’ll be one of the professors this year. I’m sure your students will be thrilled.”

“I hope this event happens before grades come out. Or else I’ll have a long line of students waiting to dunk me in a cold pool.”

Samantha waved her hand. “The event is in two weeks. I’ll guide you through the whole thing. Consider us charity buddies.”

“Hmmm…I like the sound of that.”

“But of course, being partners implies a give-and-take,” Samantha added. “So I’d be happy to return the favor, in exchange for your participation.”

“Anything in mind?” Professor Greene asked.

“Yes, actually there was something. During class, you seem rather — how should I say this — overburdened by the fact that you have to constantly walk across this big lecture room to change your slides.”

“I wouldn’t say that I’m overburdened by it. It’s part of the job. Unfortunately I don’t have an assistant for that sort of thing.”

Samantha nodded and smiled. “Exactly.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Why not? I sit in the back anyway, right next to the projection booth. And I have plenty of experience being a teacher’s pet, believe me. Plus, you’re helping out our charities. I have to repay you somehow.”

Professor Greene gave a sincere look of approval. “That’s very sweet of you, Samantha. Really, it is.”

“So you’ll accept my trade?”

“What was that term you used? Charity buddies? Sure, it sounds like a fair trade. Just send me an email letting me know when I’d have to show up.”

They agreed on the details and things couldn’t have worked out better. They grabbed their things and left the lecture hall together, making small talk in the process.

In any other life, Samantha could be a spy. A secret agent. Maybe an assassin of sorts. Maybe even a serial killer, though she hoped not. The point was, she had the skills for these sorts of thing.

What was the harm? Nothing. There was illegal bahis only pleasure for all involved, and that was how she rationalized this to herself.

Phase 1 was complete.


Later in the sorority house, Samantha laid on the couch daydreaming while a fellow sorority sister was watching an episode of Homeland. They were both barefoot and scantily clad and makeup free. That was the kind of sorority they were. Open about everything and totally relaxed. Just like real sisters.

“Can you believe how lucky we are?” Samantha opined. “I mean, we should appreciate all this. Safety. Life. It’s all so precious.”

Laura kept her eyes glued to the tv. “Sure, of course.”

“Are you even listening?”

“Uh huh.”

Samantha glanced at the tv. “Ironically you’re watching Homeland while I’m contemplating world peace.”

“Is something on your mind?” Laura said, pausing the show.

Samantha rolled over on the couch, laying on her side to face her friend. “Who would you say is your biggest conquest on this campus?”


“Yes, sexually.”

Laura thought for a moment. “Bobby Westson. Captain of the football team. I snatched him away from Emma Canty. But that was a one night fling. Unfortunately it never led anywhere.”

“How about with another girl?”

Laura thought again. “You remember Tiffany, right? The girl who graduated last year.”

“Oh yes, very pretty blonde.”

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m just thinking,” Samantha said with a half shrug. “How about a mature older woman? Would that be a bigger conquest than a college girl, you think?”

“Definitely. Why?”

“I’m thinking about a plan,” Samantha vaguely replied.

“Are you about to sleep with a hot older woman or something?”

Samantha gave a sly expression. “A professor.”

“No shit. You’re kidding. A guy professor, I’d have to imagine, since they’ll fuck any female student. So I’ve heard, anyway…”

Samantha shook her head. “Nope. A female professor.”


“Professor Greene.”

Laura roared with laughter. “You’re hot, Sam. But you’re not that hot. No one is that hot.”


“Because it’s Professor Greene. I mean, does she give off lesbian vibes to you?”

“Not overtly,” Samantha acknowledged. “She’s way too professional for that.”

“Exactly. Even if she’s tempted, she’s so…so prude. She teaches history for fuck’s sake.”


“So, she’ll never go for it. No matter what you do. Besides, she’s such an academic and rules-based person. No way she’d take this sort of risk.”

“She won’t get fired if no one knows about it. Who’s going to tell? I won’t. She won’t either.”

Laura burst out laughing again. “She wouldn’t risk her job for you, no matter how sexy you are.”

“Not even if I opened my legs for her?”

Laura shook her head. “Not even if she saw those bright red pubic hairs of yours. Look, Sam, I get it. You want to fuck a professor. It’s a hot fantasy, I know. Set your sights on a man. Your odds of success will be 100%, plus you’ll get an A+ in the course. Guaranteed. How do you think I passed ACT 328 even though I barely showed up?”

“It seems you underestimate my abilities,” Samantha winked, taking this as a challenge. “I have a strong intuition for these sorts of things. I know I can get her. All I need is the right plan.”

“Well, if you figure it out, do me a favor and write a manifesto. I’d love to know your process.”

With that, Laura went back to watching tv, while Samantha rolled over again, staring at the ceiling while thinking about the plan’s details.


After exchanging email messages and having brief meetings with the professor, the plan was in full swing. It was the day of the sorority event and several other professors had agreed to participate in the pool dunk, where students would pay money for a chance to dunk their mean teachers. Everything was for charity and it was all in good fun.

Samantha finished getting dressed before the activities, wearing a small sorority tshirt and jeans. She was barefoot at the moment as she touched up her makeup and tied that long red hair in a ponytail.

On her bed were three stacks of cash. Each stack contained $2,000 in freshly printed hundred dollar bills. It was her own money that she had recently withdrawn from the bank. She wasn’t a wealthy student by any means, but her dad was kind of rich and it had been a good year.

Samantha, ever the good girl, was never really a big spender. She was often times frugal with her allowance from daddy and only bought things on sale. That was the kind of good girl she could be. As for the $6,000 on her bed, it would all be going to charity eventually.

Once she was satisfied with her casual appearance in the mirror, she put the money in a drawer and went to go meet Professor Greene.

This was Phase 2.


As expected, the sorority event was a hit. The whole thing took place on the lawn in front of the sorority house. Students and faculty mingled. A small illegal bahis siteleri number of professors had sat on the board, waiting for students to throw balls to hit a target, which would dunk them in a small pool.

By the time the event was done, Professor Greene had been dunked several times and had raised a couple hundred bucks for various charities. She was nothing but smiles and laughs over the whole thing.

Samantha had also become soaking wet after being dunked a few times.

When the event finished, Samantha hurried Professor Greene to a private room in the sorority house where they could get dried and dressed. At this point, the teacher was still barefoot in her swimsuit and tshirt. There was a towel wrapped around her body and her hair was still dripping.

On the flipside, Samantha wore only a small swimsuit, making a mess all over the carpet as they headed up the stairs and down the hall.

“Right this way,” Samantha said, guiding the teacher into the bedroom.

Professor Greene entered the room, and to her surprise, Samantha entered right behind her, closing and locking the door.

“Are we using the same room?” the teacher asked, somewhat bewildered by the lack of privacy.

“Trust me, this is the best place for both of us. The room is super clean, private, and it has lots of beauty products.”

There was sort of a surprised look on the teacher’s face. “Oh, well, that’s fine. I can dress underneath my towel. Where should I put my wet t-shirt and bathing suit?”

“Just toss it in the laundry basket. I’ll handle it.”

Samantha smiled and put her fingers around the top of her own swimsuit, as if to pull it off in front of the teacher. Professor Greene immediately became uncomfortable and turned her head.

The hesitation on the teacher’s part was so attractive to Samantha. She loved the apprehension of this mature woman. This natural beauty, so educated and smart. Innocent in her own way, despite her older age. It made Samantha lick her lips.

Professor Greene pulled her tshirt away and tossed it in the basket. Then she pulled her towel higher and wrapped it tightly around her upper chest. She reached down and prepared to get naked underneath the towel, ensuring that the student wouldn’t be able to see any of the goods.

It was time for the next step in the plan.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask,” Samantha said with a fake hesitancy. “It has to do with the charity.”

This got the teacher’s full attention, who put her hands down and allowed the towel to fully cover her body.


“I really admired your passion today. I mean, you were so awesome. Your energy, the way you worked the crowd and got everyone excited, it was just great to see.”

Professor Greene beamed with pride. “That’s very sweet of you to say.”

“Seriously, it was a treat to watch.”

“How much did we raise? $300 bucks?”

“You specifically raised $341 dollars,” Samantha clarified. “More than any other professor.”

Professor Greene smiled with pride. “Just doing my part.”

There was clearly a lot of pride in the teacher, and Samantha knew this was her opening. It gave her an adrenaline rush and a clenching feeling between the legs, knowing that things were going smoothly.

“Maybe there’s more you can do,” Samantha said suggestively. “A lot more.”

“What do you mean?”

Samantha went to a drawer and opened it, then reached in for a stack of cash, placing it on the table, then closing the drawer.

“That’s $2,000 dollars,” Samantha said. “After we get dressed, we can go back downstairs and donate it to any charity we want. I mean it, which charity means most to you? Or we can divide it and give it to all the charities. I don’t care. As long as it’s donated.”

The teacher naturally looked dumbfounded. “I don’t understand.”

“I got that money from a friend. The department she works for is doing research for…well…let’s say human biology and human nature. It’s all very complicated and I don’t fully understand it myself.”

Professor Greene gave a confused nod. “So she just gave you that money? Isn’t that misuse of research money?”

“It wasn’t free. In exchange for this money, I’m expected to do something for it. For research purposes. Have you ever heard of an Ohmibod?”

“Can’t say I have.”

“It’s like a vibrator that gets inserted inside, but controlled by a remote control.”

The professor’s eyes turned into round circles and her lips pursed. “Oh.”

“Yeah, it sounds totally ridiculous, doesn’t it. I was such an idiot when I agreed to do it. But I can’t. It would be against my Catholic beliefs.”

“Are you a virgin?” the professor asked cautiously.

Samantha nodded. “It’s true. I’m a virgin. Only my closest friends know that fact about me. How old fashion is that? Being a virgin at my age, on a college campus, is pretty rough.”

“I can relate. I was also raised with Catholic values and was a virgin until my previous marriage.”

The professor is a strict Catholic canlı bahis siteleri and lost her virginity later in life? Music to Samantha’s ear!

“Do you think you can help me?” Samantha asked in a schoolgirl voice. “We can collaborate on this.”

“I’m not sure I can help you with that. Sorry.”

There was an obvious reluctance to the teacher. But Samantha, being the pro that she is, would never cause adverse harm. She had a way of reading people. That was her special attribute, along with her red hair, and she knew that the professor was attainable.

Samantha gave a polite expression. “Actually, I think you can. It’s easy. If you don’t mind me asking, have you ever used a sex toy before?”

“Actually, no. I haven’t.”

The awkwardness was painful, at least on behalf of the professor. For Samantha, this was the thrill of the hunt.

“I’ve used it on myself a little,” Samantha said, with a fake voice, pretending to be embarrassed by this. “Only on the outside, I mean. It actually felt amazing, having that device vibrate on my…you know…clitoris.”

The look of conflict and discomfort remained on the teacher’s face. Part of her job was to defuse situations like this.

“Samantha, look, we can’t keep…”

“But we’ll have to return the money,” Samantha interjected with a feign sadness. “I get what you’re saying though. I apologize for even asking you. I guess I’m used to living freely with other sorority girls.”

“The other girls can’t help?”

“Oh please. And admit that I’m a virgin? They’ll pressure me to fuck someone. And knowing them, they’ll want to watch too. Can you believe it?”

Professor Greene thought for a moment. “And how much of this research money will be going to charity?”

Yes! Right where I want you! The student sensed a crack in the teacher’s armor. The plan was coming together smoothly.

“All of it,” Samantha smiled, resisting the urge to lick her own lips. “Apparently I can earn up to $6,000 dollars.”

“You’re willing to give all that to charity?”

“Every penny. You can even watch me slip the cash into the deposit boxes.”

“I’m impressed,” Professor Greene nodded with a pleased expression. “Not many girls your age would do such a thing. Most college students are strapped for cash. I know I couldn’t have afforded to give away that much cash at your age.”

“Professor, I’ll be honest, my parents do well financially. Plus I do a lot of networking and I have some interning experience, so I’m fortunate enough to be able to land a job after I graduate. So I don’t need the money. It’s a real pleasure to give to these wonderful charities.”

“You’re a gem.”

Samantha batted her eyes. “So you’ll do it?”

The walls of the professor came crumbling down. Who could resist Samantha, with those big beautiful eyes, and that bright red hair, and that irresistible smile. Apparently not the teacher. Not when so much money was going to charitable causes.

“What will this entail?” the professor asked cautiously.

Samantha opened a different drawer and reached for the Ohmibod. It was a handheld device which looked like a combination of a shaver, a computer mouse, and a vibrator. It was a pink, advanced looking gadget, and Professor Greene sharpened her eyes at it.

“Is that the device?” the teacher asked.

“Cool looking thing, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never seen one of those before. It looks quite futuristic.”

Samantha gave a sly nod. “Welcome to the future, then. The future of female pleasure, that is. Only it’s not the future. It’s the present. And more and more women are using these things.”

“How does it work?” the teacher asked, nearly gulping.

“Well, the device is small enough to fit inside you, yet big enough to fill you in a pleasurable way. It’s controlled by an app on my phone. And the Ohmibod vibrates in accordance to the music I’m playing.”

“So if I were to agree to this, you’d be the one controlling me?”

Samantha nodded. “Yep.”

“Oh. This is all very strange to me.”

“New to the world of sex toys?”

“I am,” the teacher replied, then pausing to think. “All of the money goes to charity, right? Are you sure you want to give all of it away?”

The conflicted look on Professor Greene’s face was slowly giving way to justification. Oh, she was interested all right. Her eyes were locked onto that little gadget and it was all for a good cause. Maybe she’d even have an orgasm or two from this. Hopefully…

“Professor, I know exactly what you’re thinking. Yes, every single penny will go to charity. We can donate it together. Whatever cause you would like to support downstairs in the sorority house.”

“And there’s also the issue of…”

“This will always remain our secret,” Samantha interjected, knowing the teacher’s question. “I mean, what would I gain if the whole university found out? I’d be expelled, wouldn’t I?”

Of course, this was only partially true. The whole university would never find out. But a few of Samantha’s sorority sisters might. They’d never tell, though. Their sisterhood was unbreakable and their sexual conquests would always remain between them.

Professor Greene stared at the device and rubbed her chin. It was a tempting offer and there was nothing to lose.

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