How Daniel broke my resistance…

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How Daniel broke my resistance…
What I have to tell you is very true I know because it happened to me some years ago. This was only about a year after I was brutally and viciously sexually assaulted relentlessly by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie, three of my urban secondary schools bullies.

Had I not decided to skip class and hang out in the trees behind the athletic field I would not have been in such a position. If I had had the courage to report the incident to my councilor or the authorities maybe I would not have been in such a position. Had I reported any of the incidents that had occurred over the past year I may have not been in such a situation.

Nevertheless here I was in a darkened room removing my clothes with tears of shame, anger and fear streaming down my cheeks. Music was playing on the other side of the door and Bruce, Charlie and Daniel was there waiting for me to signal that I was ready for their company.

Just as I sat on the bed and started to remove my tennis the door opened and Daniel came in. He stood between the door and where I was sitting on the bed. Daniel looked at me saying ‘…I sent the guys off on a little errand. We really don’t need them to be here for a while anyway…)

I was terrified, being alone with Daniel only put me in danger of being torn apart I was warned by Charlie and Bruce that Daniel had took on guy so viciously that the guy still wore a bag to this day. Daniel noticed my hesitance and came close speaking softly.

‘…Bruce and Charlie always wanna be first this time I think it will be just the two of us for a while…’ I started to move away as Daniel walked over to the dresser and pulled open the bottom drawer.Daniel retrieved a bottle of baby oil and a jar of Vaseline and tossed them to me instructing me ‘…either spread that Vaseline in your ass or you want be shytting right again…’

I could not see much in the room but I knew that Daniel was not trying to play around. I removed my clothes and did as he said only to hear him say ‘…put big globs of that shyt in your ass hole…’ Now I was trembling so bad that holding the jar was almost useless.

Daniel had now got out his clothes and I could sense his musk as he moved about and caught the prodigious kaçak bahis outline of his man hood as it projected from his body. I started to plead ‘…Daniel I…I can’t do this I’m too scared…’ Daniel replied ‘…you should be cause if you keep bullshytting me I’m gonna slap that shyt right out of you! Take that baby oil and pour some in your hand and get it on my dick and be quick…’

If I was not so timid and afraid that I would get the shyt beat out of me I would have fought back or something but I only did as told. I poured a good amount in the palm of my hand and gently rubbed them together as Daniel moved closer. I reached out and took hold of his monumental male member.

As I touched his member it throbbed ferociously in my grip as I applied the oil. Daniel advised ‘…better use more then get your ass on your back with your legs up!…’ Again I tried to plead as I stroked Daniels inordinately huge penis. Daniel was only about eighteen but his penis was as thick as my wrist 3 to4 inches (8 to 10 centimeters), 9 to 12 inches long (23 to 30 centimeters long), his dick head felt as if it was the size of a golf ball.

I was so scared that at first I tried to keep stroking his immense member hoping it would satisfy him but it only seemed to increase his desire to enter me and get it over with. Daniel slapped my hand away and pushed me back to the bed and climbed over me spreading my knees apart.

Daniel lifted my legs slightly and started to move closer to my torso, his hand gripped his stupendous tool and guided it to my anal opening. I paced my hand against Daniel’s chiseled stomach and almost recoiled as I felt how firm and powerful it was to my touch.

Still I pleaded ‘…Daniel, please don’t do this. You are going to tear me apart I can’t take you before, before you know let Charlie and Bruce loosen me first please!…’ Daniel only snorted as he spoke ‘…the do as I say, this time I want you all to my self now act right and I’ll go slow keep this shyt up and you will be hurt!…’ Now openly weeping I braced for what was about to happen.

Daniel placed his dick head right against my lubed butt hole and start to slide his mammoth dick head over may small anal opening. Daniel casino firmalari spoke carefully saying ‘…relax now and don’t resist…’ With a steady push, Daniel proceeded to guide his huge dick head into my resisting anal sphincter tube.

To my fear I felt my anus opening allowing his huge dick head to start it’s journey into my rectum. I Tried to push against Daniel’s thick chest as he held his penis in one hand and pressed his mid section into me. I begged and plead for him to stop only to feel my anal flower start to open and his huge glans start stretching my sphincter tube.

The Vaseline and baby oil worked together in making the small channel greased and able to accept his huge dick head. it was close to 2 inches (5 centimeters) from tip to his penile ridge. As this enormous glans slid into my rectum my body trembled uncontrollably. Daniel had taken me like this the very first time we had sex, until that time I had never had sex with any one male or female.

Bruce Charlie and Daniel had singled me out and trapped me into a situation that no one should ever had been placed the shame and humiliation I suffered thru was almost unbearable. Yet because of that and my fear of them attacking me I did not report them nor tell my parents!

Bruce was the first to enter me the first time followed by his cousin, Charlie, thankfully Bruce’ penis was average size and managed to enter my virgin anus with little resistance once it was lubed. Charlie was some what larger then Bruce and after Bruce had rode me for almost forty-five minutes and deposit his substance into my anal canal Charlie entered my anus and I thought I would die from the unbelievable pain I endued.

Even tho my anus was full of Bruce’ and lube with what ever the slick substance was, I was still screaming in agony. My heart almost stopped when I saw the size of Daniel’s dick and was so afraid that he would rip my anus apart. Charlie and Bruce had scared me by telling me how Daniel had sex with on guy, in Juvenal Detention, and that he was wearing a bag to this day. Charlie lasted only about thirty minutes or so before he too deposited his seed into my well worn bung.

With the aide of Bruce and Charlie Daniel managed to keep güvenilir casino me pinned over the ottoman and use a combination of Vaseline and Baby Oil as lubricant to get his enormously huge male member into my anus. I was so terrified that all I could do was to lay there trembling uncontrollably as Daniel worked his penis all into my rectum. Once Daniel was lodged in my anus he had Bruce and Charlie twist and turn me till I was on my back on the floor and they lifted my legs up so that Daniel could as they put it ‘…Bitch fuck…’ me! This is how Daniel later always wanted to take me whether I liked it or not he was not to be disappointed!

This is how I was at this time beneath Daniel with my knees locked in the hallow of his elbows and his hands pressing down on my wrists. I was now at his mercy as Daniel dick slid farther and farther into my rectum till I could feel his pubic hair smashed against my testicles. Daniel looked at me and smile saying ‘…now see, your pussy wanted this dick any way and now you got all of it. Shyt David your ass so fucking tight I may never let them guys back in this again!…’

Daniel tried to kiss me and I twisted my face away the Daniel said what scared me senseless ‘…you gonna be kissing me like a Bitch by the time I bust my nutt!…’ After saying that Daniel raised his chest up and started to slide his colossal tool back and then balls deep again and again and again as I begged, pleaded and tried to hold him off all to no avail.

Daniel was in no hurry to bust my butt he also had another agenda for the first time the three of them used me for hours and my mind flipped and I turned into their ‘Bitch”. All I knew was that if I did not please them they would never let me go or so I thought! So after the first few hours Bruce and Charlie was able to release my ankles and hands and I was conveniently theirs to use as they wished which they did for the best part of that day!

Over the past year or so they had taken me numerous times and I still did not report them, now it was becoming some sort of quest for them to see who would have me the longest or more often. Daniel, the ring leader, would always be informed who took me and for how long and he would always want his share of my body!

This day Daniel wanted to be more affectionate and passionate as he took what he wanted. I did not know this was their plan all along to keep at me till I was docile enough to obey them when ever they desired!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20