Hot Fantasy

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The other day I came home from work and sat down with a drink in hand. I started to think of my hot looking wife, her pretty breast and her long sexy legs. It made me begin to fantasize of everything I wanted at that moment. Becoming more relaxed, I sat back in my chair and my fantasy began.

It was late in the evening. I changed into some comfortable evening wear covered by a robe. My wife went into the bedroom and changed herself, but I didn’t know what she was wearing as she came downstairs with a housecoat on. We then sat down to watch a sexy movie which I had rented at the local video store.

We were both sitting in our own lounge chairs, each covered with a blanket as it is cool in our family room. Her chair is somewhat forward of mine, so I can see her without her being able to see me.

After several sexy scenes in the movie, I heard my wife let out a sigh. I looked over at her and noticed that she had placed a hand under the blanket covering her. Not noticing anything unusual, I continued to watch the movie. I then saw her move her legs up and apart forming an open triangle from her waist to her feet.

Sneaking another peek, I saw her blanket start to shuffle around. I could see that her hand covered by the blanket was beginning to move between her legs. I said to myself, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing”. She was actually rubbing herself gently and I think unaware that I was watching. At that moment she looked up at me. I stared at the television as if I hadn’t noticed anything and she looked away.

I started to get hot as if the movie wasn’t enough. I placed one of my hands under my blanket and as I secretly watched my wife, I began to rub myself. As the movie went on she moved one of her hands canlı bahis up to her breast. I knew she was getting aroused as I could see her squeeze and then caress her breast in a circular motion.

Becoming more excited I started to rub myself harder and my erection began to show as the blanket I was covered with began to rise. I made sure that she didn’t notice as I was afraid she would stop and destroy the moment.

The movie was showing a couple making love in their bedroom while a guy was watching from his balcony across the street. The guy was touching himself and enjoying the view. It was kind of an unusual circumstance, as I was watching my own show while watching the video.

In the next few minutes, I saw my wife place both of her hands on her breasts. She started to fondle them and I could tell she was now pinching her nipples as she let out a moan. I watched as she moved her hands all over her body, still to my knowledge unaware that I was looking at her.

I took another look at the movie and saw a woman standing in a room in a very sexy outfit with long black gloves covering her arms, dark black nylons covering her legs and very high heeled shoes on her feet. A red see through blouse cut low in front so that you could see her cleavage and black bra. The short black skirt allowed you to see her white silk panties when she bent over. She was dancing and putting on a strip show for several guys.

I forgot about the movie from then on, as I saw my wife put one hand under the blanket and start to rub faster and faster. I could tell she was getting close to climaxing.

The next thing I knew I had cum all over myself. I heard another sigh from the chair in front of me and knew she had cum too! We bahis siteleri climaxed at the perfect time, just as the movie was ending.

My wife likes to stay up awhile after I go to bed. She likes to read a bit before going to sleep. We usually have sex in the morning, so I excused myself and went upstairs. I cleaned myself off and went to sleep. At least I thought I had when I heard music coming from downstairs.

I got up and quietly went down the hallway and down the stairs. I looked around the corner and to my amazement saw my wife standing, dancing and gyrating in a sexy short black negligee as if to imitate the woman she had seen in the movie. I was astonished and saw that I was becoming hard again.

I watched as she slowly took the loose fitting gown off to expose her beautiful breast. She then touched, squeezed and pinched them until they were hard and so erect. I wanted so badly to go down and suck on those nipples. After that, she placed one hand on her pussy while fondling her breast with the other. She turned around while dancing and I thought she saw me watching. She may have, but that didn’t stop her now.

Bending over, I got a beautiful view of her ass. I wished I was down there with my hard on between those cheeks. She then took off her black silk panties and flung them around in the air as if to excite anyone watching. Her whole body was in motion and I loved every minute of it. I can’t believe how hard I was by then. I was about to explode.

The music ended, but the show didn’t! She seemed to be exhausted and sat down on the couch to relax without a stitch of clothes on. The next thing I knew the VCR was turned on and a sex movie I had not seen was starting to play.

I was beside bahis şirketleri myself as it all started again. This time and to my delight, I got my wish as I was getting a view of everything. One leg was over the top of the couch and the other on the table next to the couch. Looking into the room I could see right up and between those gorgeous legs. Her pretty pink pussy was shining in the dim light and she had already inserted a finger where I would have loved to be licking. Now, two then three fingers going in and out against her clit, masturbating with her hips moving in an up and down motion. I saw her lick her juices off each finger and then reinsert them. I could tell that she was in a world of her own.

The next thing I saw was this machine. It was in front of the television and had a big red artificial dick on it. She went over, straddled it and sat on the dildo. I could here the machine vibrating the dildo and I heard her shout out, “Oh Yes—Yes, this is great, please don’t stop, oh I love it, fuck me harder, I’m Cuming”. She yelled out my name as she watched the movie and fucked the machine. In another instant, it was over. Again, for both of us.

My fantasy had come true. All of a sudden and to my surprise, my wife said, “Come into the room. I know you’ve been watching me”. I was completely shocked, but very happy she knew. I said, I had never seen her act like that before, but was pleasantly surprised. She confessed that she read the story I had written from my computer. My writing had turned her on so much that she practiced every night for a month to get it just right. She admitted that it was the best and most satisfying month of her life.

I asked if there was anything I could do for her. The answer was, “The only thing left to do is go upstairs and make mad, passionate love”. After all that, it was the best sex we had ever had. The last words she spoke before we drifted off to sleep were,” You’ll have to read my story next!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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