HIS P.E.T. 9

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HIS P.E.T. 9


I felt like a princess. Or, maybe a queen. Hein had taken me shopping … again! This time, though, the dresses and accessories were formal, very formal. He wouldn’t say why, merely insisting on allowing him to give me some surprises. The gown he chose for tonight was stunning. It was a beautiful long v-neckline with halter top bodice on sheer illusion net with sparkling lace. The bodice had bra cups to compensate for the fully open back. The sexy, slim full-length skirt with a slit on the left leg had voluminous sheer, blush colored chiffon overlay that gave the gown a fabulous flow as I walked.

I didn’t have much experience with orchestra concerts, but here I was. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam where the Royal Family were patrons. The corporation had reserved seats for executives and guests on the upper level of the Concertgebouw. The building is a grand place. One of those structures you would swear could only exist in European cities. The building is replete with sculptures, the most eye-catching to me being the large golden harp perched atop the front of the building. The inside was magnificently decorated with red velvet-like seating.

At intermission, Hein held me back for a moment while many of the others exited for refreshments. “What do you think?”

“Hein, you spoil me. This is wonderful. I confess I don’t know much about orchestral music, but it is beautiful. Thank you for including me tonight.” I gave him a discrete peck on the cheek.

He smiled and stood, giving me his hand. “In that case, we will do it more. And, the opera. The corporation has these seats and four more here. The Queen is a patron and she may be in attendance in the future.”

He took me to the main level where we received a flute of champagne, apparently, another perk of being season-ticket holders and contributors. He mingled and I stayed glued to his arm. He whispered that he seemed to be sought after with me on his arm. As it turned out, he was rarely seen with female companions and the women, at least, were too curious about me not to stop him and chat for a few moments.

After the concert, Chris was waiting with the car. He held the back door open when a couple, older than Hein, walked deliberately up to us. They were introduced to me, and me to them, then the man took Hein’s arm and led him to the side for a short talk. The woman turned to me and touched my arm, “Sorry dear. Men, there is always some business that can be done, even at events like this.” She looked at me more appraisingly, then glanced at Chris behind us before leaning in to speak more discretely. “I saw your name with Hein’s on the RSVP list for the upcoming Ball. It’ll be your first time, won’t it?”

I looked at her puzzled. What Ball? But, if my name was on a list … so I played along. “The Ball … yes, it is my first time.” I smiled at her like co-conspirators, “And, speaking of men, he hasn’t given me a clue about how to dress. We women need time to plan.” I smiled at her, glancing behind me at Chris who just rolled his eyes.

“Of course, dear. That gown would actually work. You carry off sexy very well without becoming an issue even in a conservative crowd like this. It is a formal night, but definitely not conservative. Sexy is most certainly in order.”

I looked at this older woman definitely in her 50’s, a little too much plump, and talking about attire that should be sexy and not conservative, but at the same time seeming very appropriate in this crowd that she categorized as ‘conservative’. I smiled at her as if that was helpful, but I still had no idea what she was talking about.

In the car, Hein and me in the backseat, “We’re going to a ball? Formal but sexy?” I saw Chris look through the rearview mirror.

“Yes. Anna managed to blurt that out, huh?” He shook his head and watched out the side window as the city zipped by on the expressway as we headed back out of the city. I waited. “I have no idea of how to describe these affairs. They are called, ‘Erotische Bal’, which would translate to Erotic Ball.” I caught Chris peering through the mirror, again, this time his focus was only on me. But, I continued to wait. “They have been after me to attend for some time now. I have a couple of times, but …” Clearly, there was something about this that gave him pause in the discussion. I waited. “There are about a dozen couples, maybe more if they all showed up. Most are Dutch but some are from Belgium and Germany. All very rich. All very discrete. These are private affairs, always held in someone’s estate for anonymity and privacy.” This was coming out painfully slow and we were nearly home.

That was an interesting realization. Home. Hein was giving me plenty of time for my mind to wonder. After just a short time, I already thought of it as home. Miami might be a visit at this point. I never ceased to be enthralled by this city and countryside and people. And little things like the use of bikes. I had heard of the number of bikes in China’s cities, but China hardly compared, as I soon learned. The Netherlands is the number one country in the world on a per capita basis. Nearly everyone owns a bike and about 27% of all trips are made by bike. In Amsterdam, my most familiar city, about 40% of all commutes are by bike. Their cities and communities are built around that style of movement, unlike most American cities. Chris told me the trails in the preserve outside our property could be ridden by bike. He hinted to wanting a companion to do it with.

My home, because that is how I already thought of it, was overwhelming. And, we were inside it, the living room, which was becoming a favorite with the expansive windows and the night-lit yard outside. Chris joined us. They sat in chairs and I stood at the window looking out, keeping my eye on Hein in the reflection in the window as I sipped my whiskey. Whiskey was an influence from Chris.

Without turning around, “You were saying about the ball … ‘about a dozen couples’ …”

“Yes … how do I explain this?”

Chris jumped in and it made me smile. It was a reflection of their easy comfort with each other. “You’re on your own, boss.” This has to be good. We are going to something called an Erotic Ball, which is very private and he is finding the description difficult. And, a good part of my relationship here is sexual …

He chuckled, glanced at me standing before him beautifully dressed. He was clearly admiring what he saw. He looked down into his own glass of undiluted whiskey, swirled it, then took another sip and returned his gaze to me. “In my mind, this had been a simple series of comments and explanations. But, I look at you standing there … You know, it is not easy handling the ultra-rich in their world, but you handled it as if you were born into it.” He sipped his drink, again, buying more time. He sighed. “You are a confident, exquisite woman. I am continually realizing just how much so you really are.”

I laughed, “Would it help if I was dressed as normal?”

He returned the laugh and Chris’ eyes reflected his enjoyment of his boss’ discomfort. Hein, “As bizarre as that might be, I think it might.”

I smiled. Being finely appointed made it difficult for him to discuss what was normally so easy for us. I moved to the silver tray holding the decanter of whiskey and put my glass down. I stepped to Chris who stood up as I moved to him. I turned my back to him and pulled my hair over my shoulder. He lowered the back zipper and I whispered a thank you. I slid the straps off my shoulders, stepped out of the dress and laid it over a chair. I lowered my thong with my back to them, showing the jeweled plug that I had inside me the entire evening. I looked over my shoulder, finding them both smiling.

I picked up the decanter and added more whiskey to their glasses, did the same to mine, and took up my same spot at the window. It is a strange thing that the window can be essentially in a wooded area far from the nearest road and it is still erotic to stand naked in front of it.

“Tell me about the ball.”

He smiled and took in my exhibited body. How much has he seen me like this and he still surveys my body as if it was new to him? As strange as it should be, he did appear to be more comfortable. “It isn’t the ball so much as what it could lead to.” I cocked my head inquiringly. He smiled at that but continued. “As the name would indicate, the ball is a formal perversion affair of the rich. Everyone has perverse interests or fantasies, it is just that the very rich can afford or manage to entertain those perversions in anonymity and in an excessive manner.”

“How did you get involved? You don’t seem like that type of man to me.”

He laughed. “What am I doing with you, then?”

“From what you are saying, I take it there is a difference.”

He nodded. “My parents were involved. When I rose up in the corporation, I was introduced. By that point, these paragons of business and society were too invested in the activities and knowledge of each other. It was a perversion of attending the orchestra or opera to be seen and known, another place where society and business intermixed. But, over time it has become more perverse. I think, most of the people were enjoying an opportunity for escape and fantasy on a side of experience that much of society might not readily accept.”

“Different than what we are doing?”

“Yes. I think so.” He looked at me intently. This wasn’t sexual. “I want to take you to this one for you to see for yourself, talk to a few of the couples, and we can talk. I have some ideas along the line of these balls, ideas I think would be very stimulating but different. Will you be patient güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with me?” I, of course, agreed.

We arrived at a manor on the other side of the city. The property wasn’t expansive, but it was protected. To enter the area, we passed through a security gate where Hein’s name was checked against the prepared list. The house itself had ten cars in front and by the light showing behind us, I gathered there were cars following us to the house.

The night was cool so I wore a silver colored shawl over my shoulders, which Hein removed for me upon entering the house and handing to an attendant waiting there. The entry area emptied into a large gathering room to the left and down two steps. Several heads turned as we entered. He warned me there would be interest in me because he rarely brought a female companion the few times he came. But, I also knew some of their attention was going to be due to the dress. This was not a dress I could wear to the orchestra. It was, again, a halter top, slightly fitted at my breasts with a few tucks, but otherwise hung on my body. The back was completely bare to the top of my butt and the material loosely hung from the halter around my body. It was floor length with a slit on the left leg slightly to the side that extended to my hip. The material was a fine, thin satin that gave the image and impression of a slip. Very often, the sides of my breasts were exposed from the back and side. My nipples, very often erect, were evident clearly under the tin material. While dressed, I was quite exposed.

As we stepped into the mix of people, meeting many more than I was going to remember, I saw a young man approaching with a tray of filled flutes. He was bare-chested and had an elastic bow tie around his neck. Through the people, I saw that he was probably in his early 20’s with a muscular upper body, the kind of body Chris called ‘gym muscles’. When people parted and he was in front of us with the tray, I saw that he wasn’t just bare chested, he was naked, his limp penis hanging before him. Close, I noticed that the bow tie was over a prominent leather collar with a ring attached to it under the bow.

It was then that I realized the other servers were also naked, both men and women, all with collars. The realization set in. Bit by bit my eyes and mind took in what was happening. People freely touched and grabbed these naked servers, touching penises, pinching nipples, fondling breasts, putting their hands between the legs. One of the male servers was standing while being stroked, his penis firming under the attention of a mature woman finely dressed in a gown that could be worn to the orchestra. Apparently, not everyone felt comfortable displaying their own bodies while taking advantage of the exposed bodies available to them.

Hein spoke from closely behind, “Sex slaves and submissives. They will endure whatever someone wishes to do to them.” I turned to look at him and he nodded. He then indicated to the side. “Watch the woman in red. She is one of the Mistresses.”

I saw in her hands what looked like sections of long hair. A finely dressed mature man was following her. She seemed to have her sights on something. She approached a young naked female server who immediately stopped what she was doing. The man applied something to the solid end of the hair and the server dutifully bent over at the waist. The woman unceremoniously shoved what I realized now to be a butt-plug into the server. It now looked as though she had a long tail. The woman in red then repeated the process to a naked male server.

As the evening wore on, the activities took on even more strange turns. All four of the servers, two male and two female, all had plugs inserted in their anuses and it was common now to see someone ramming the plug in and out while someone was torturing a breast, using a vibrator on a pussy, or stroking a penis of the males. Breasts were tightly wrapped with rope, hands tied and stretched across tables or strung above to hooks that I had previously not noted. The activity became increasingly abusive and I focused my attention not on the activity of the abuse but on the man or woman being abused. Were they finding enjoyment in this? Or, was this truly some form of dominant abuse they were being subjected to? It was hard to tell. I was not familiar with the BDSM scene or the dynamics of the dominant or submissive/slave involved.

I was startled out of my contemplation by a voice next to me. “What are you feeling right now, Laura?”

I turned my head to her, seeing it was Anna from the evening at the orchestra. “I … I don’t know …”

She chuckled and touched my shoulder, stepping closer yet, and her voice became softer. “Be honest, dear. I want to know what your reaction is.”

“Well … I am not sure I understand the dynamics here. There appear to be three couples who are overseeing the naked people. Four or five … five other couples who are actively involved in abusing them or closely attentive. Then, at a distance are three couples, including yourself, who don’t seem involved.”

“Yes, the three you first mentioned ‘own’ the slaves and submissives. They share them at these events with the rest. It is interesting the word you used, abuse. Is that how it appears to you?”

I watched more for a moment, then turned my back to it all and faced her, but walked to the fringe where I got another drink, handing her one, too. “Yes, I think abuse is a fitting description. I watched their facial reactions, the way their bodies moved and responded. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of pleasure for them. Maybe, it is just a form of pleasure I am not familiar with. I have heard the term ‘pain sluts’ and perhaps that is what this is? They get off on being abused?”

“I take it, you don’t think this is for you?”

I studied her face. There was no sense of accusation or challenge, so I honestly replied. “No, this is not for me. Anna, I am not a prude, Hein can attest to that.” I saw her eyes flick to something behind me and I felt a hand on my arm.

“I can attest to what?” He took both my shoulders under his hands and pulled me against his body while I continued to face Anna, her husband coming up alongside her.

“We were just talking about the evening. She asked me what I thought and I told her that even though I am far from being a prude, this wasn’t something I was comfortable engaging in.”

He squeezed my shoulders, “Yes, I can attest to the point that she is not a prude.” They chuckled. Then he surprised me with his next observation, “If you remember when we arrived, her nipples were hard and clearly evident through the thin, clingy material of her dress. Look now.” All eyes, including mine, dropped to examine my marginally concealed breasts. My nipples were hardly evident, and they were not erect.

Hein announced that we were leaving and I caught a look passed between him and Niels, Anna’s husband. In the car on the way back, Hein told me that he had talked to Niels while I was talking to Anna. Apparently, they were of the same feeling about the direction those gatherings had gone and were interested in what ideas he might have.

I shifted in the backseat to look more directly at him, glancing at Chris in the process. “And what, exactly, are your ideas? Then, my reaction to the evening was not a surprise to you and you anticipated the same reaction from the Bakkers.”

“Quite right. Your reaction was as anticipated and just as the Bakkers and I have previously discussed. My idea …” In the dark of the car, as I was able to discern the wry smile growing on his face as we passed under street lights. “My idea is a bringing together the motivations of two desires in a small group for mutual satisfaction. The Bakkers reached out to me. I invited them to join us for a quiet discussion.” He looked ahead to Chris, “Were you able to alert Sharon?”

Chris looked through the mirror, “Yes, she said she will have the house lit and will prepare some light snacks. She’ll be ready for us in the living room.”

I took Anna’s arm and led her through the house, pointing to several rooms as we passed and indicating up and down at the half levels. “I have to give you a tour someday soon. This is such a beautiful house. And, in the day, it melds with the land so wonderfully.”

She clutched my arm and pulled me to her closer, “So, you live here?” I nodded. “Oh, how wonderful. There is more to this relationship of you two than we thought.” I nervously smiled. That should be something for Hein to acknowledge or not.

Chris passed out the requested drinks and Sharon made sure everyone took a sampling of the local cheeses and traditional biscuits. Chris leaned against a table with the trays of liquor bottles, mixes, and bucket of ice, while Sharon and Raul sat on a sofa in the sitting area with the Bakkers. Hein and I stood in front of the group. Hein began by introducing everyone and establishing our relationships, emphasizing the feeling of family and confidence among us and that nothing could occur here without the acceptance of everyone. The Bakkers smiled their acknowledgment to each of us.

Hein then launched into the discussions regarding the Erotic Balls. From the reactions from Sharon and Raul, he had apparently discussed this with everyone but me, perhaps giving them the opportunity to raise objections before even bringing it up to me. I had the feeling my reaction to all of this was the make-or-break point of what followed with his idea. He and they reviewed their previous comments for our benefit. The original concept of the Erotic Balls was to have a place where fantasies could be explored, a little experimentation güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pursued, and voyeurism indulged. It was perverted with the introduction of the so-called sex slaves and submissives and their dominants displaying and enacting the darker side of sex. There was growing discomfort and dissatisfaction among a small group of couples.

Finally, all eyes went to Niels as he brought the review to a close, “So, Hein, explain to us”, he opened his hands and arms to encompass everyone, “what is this alternative you suggest?”

Hein was holding my hand and it was not lost on anyone how he was openly displaying the connection between us. Not knowing what was to come, that action reinforced me tremendously.

“I know of two other couples who seem to share these same concerns and are the sort of people who might also be included.”

Niels and Anna looked to each other, each offering up a name, “Hendriksens and Meijers?” Hein nodded and smiled.

He went on to explain and its basis was simple. The premise for the couples was voyeurism and the potential for participation in some way but on their terms. And, the important thing to emphasize was nothing was forced or dominated by anyone or on anyone. Whatever happened would be consensual and agreeable to all. The Bakkers nodded their agreement.

Hein concluded, “So, what I propose we consider is a small, intimate group of perhaps two more couples who we trust explicitly and enjoy their company. That group could meet by rotating in our homes for the mutual enjoyment of erotic presentations to be determined by the group. Those erotic presentations, or displays, would be provided by a woman who has a high desire and willingness to provide and experience sexual activities for her own enjoyment and ours. I envision highly charged sexual activity for our enjoyment.”

Anna, “What kind of activity? Highly charged displays … is this just going to end up in the same situation of seeing someone being dominated into activities?”

He smiled. He had also shifted slightly to being a step further back, his arm around my shoulder. I now realized what he was setting up for this smaller group. I also realized who this person was who would have the ‘high desire and willingness’. He shifted so both his hands were on my shoulders and he stood close behind me.

“Laura, what happened tonight that offended you?”

I looked at the other couple. “Offended? It wasn’t erotic to me. There were people being abused sexually, apparently for the enjoyment of some watching and those doing the abusing. The pleasure, though, if there was some, wasn’t a sexual release that I could discern. I guess I was offended for the people being treated that way.”

“What if they willfully were in that position? What if their role was to submit to whatever was done to them? That they accepted that role?”

“It didn’t excite me. The participants didn’t seem to be intent on giving or receiving pleasure, stimulation, or release. The only purpose appeared confined to inflicting or enduring abuse.” I looked at the other couple, then Sharon and Raul who weren’t at the event then turned my head to Hein. “To me, it could have been ****.”

I saw Anna nod. Niels looked at Hein, then asked, “Laura, you feel there is a similar, but different way, to being more stimulating?”

Hein’s hands were rubbing my bare shoulders and I took that for encouragement. “Let me ask you, did you find that stimulating?” They both shook their heads. “We’re talking about personal preference here. Those people, maybe, were stimulated. All I can say is, I don’t understand that. Now … I am not saying there can’t be a place for some pain in sexual adventure, but for me it would be to heighten the experience, not to dominate it.” I thought for a moment. I had good reason to know where this was ultimately going. So, how would I present something like this? “Imagine you are entering a large park area and you come upon a naked woman being restrained on a park bench or table. She is being brutally fucked, like tonight, while being groped, slapped, and gagged with other cocks. Would you be stimulated or horrified?” They agreed, they would be horrified. “Now, imagine being in the same park, but this time you come upon a woman lying naked on the same bench or table and she is being fucked by a naked man. This time, though, her body’s actions and movements indicate her desire to motivate and encourage him. Her cries and moans are of pleasure, not pain. Would you be stimulated or horrified?” I knew what their answer would be and saw Sharon and Raul nodding in agreement. “Now … would you be tempted to look around and discretely find a place to continue to watch it?” They nodded.

Anna added, “I’m already stimulated.” She turned her eyes from my face, “And, I can see by your nipples, you are, too.” I smiled.

Niels directed his next question to Hein, “You know of such a woman?”

Hein didn’t immediately answer. His hands slid from my shoulders to the back of my neck and the closure to the halter of my dress. His hands moved under my long hair, fumbling with the snap until finally releasing it. The dress hung so loosely over my body that it only momentarily caught at my breasts before falling to my feet. I was suddenly naked before them, except for my heels.

Hein took my hand, raised it to his mouth, and kissed the back of it. “I have the perfect woman right here.” He went on to explain our relationship, stressing my independence and having final approval and acceptance about any such activities. He emphasized the point by indicating that this was how I was normally redressed, or similarly, around the house.

I smiled, “I find exhibitionism very erotic.”

Raul surprised me and others, “And we find her exhibitionism very erotic, too.” Sharon playfully elbowed him and everyone laughed.

Hein and I escorted the Bakkers out the front door to their car. I was still naked except for my heels and jewelry. When I hugged Anna and kissed her cheeks, she whispered in my ear, “Laura, you are a vision of loveliness and sexuality. I look forward to the next time we get together.”

I smiled at her and squeezed her hands, “Hein’s idea appeals to you, then?”

“Very much.” She leaned in close, again. “I may attack Niels when we get home.” She giggled.

I smiled and glanced at him. He was watching us intently as he spoke to Hein. “You may not need to attack him.” She looked over her shoulder at him, then back to me and smiled.

We rejoined the others in the living room. I moved to refresh everyone’s drinks and Hein got the consensus of the group. “What do you think?”

I returned with Sharon and Raul’s drinks and moved back for the rest. I heard Sharon, “We’re included in this? You’re asking our approval, our ideas, what?”

He took a chair between them and Chris. “You’re included for anything that happens here, at the least. If you want. Nothing is expected. I am not leaving you out of anything that happens in your own home.”

Sharon and Raul exchanged looks, then they both turned to Chris. I saw him shrug at them as I gave him his drink. Hein put his arm out and uncrossed his legs. I smiled at him and sat on his lap, one of his hands going around my back as the other one took his glass. I gave Hein a peck on the cheek.

Sharon took up the response, “Laura, how do you feel? You’re the one in front of everybody.”

I look at her, “You know how I feel.” I looked around at the group. “You guys are the only thing I have that is close to a family. You all know I have multiple roles here, not unlike all of you. Granted, some of mine are very much different, but that is because it matches who I am. So, let’s be clear and blunt. Hein is attempting to create a mechanism where ideas can be generated to provide new and increasing sexual adventures. I want you guys to share in my life as much as you wish. BUT … the last thing I want is to have you be uncomfortable or embarrassed. And, well, I hope you won’t feel less of me by anything you see me doing.”

Hein gave my upper arm a light kiss. I think he was trying to just be encouraging and unnoticed by the others. I felt what he was expressing. I didn’t know if the others noticed or not.

To my surprise, Raul responded. “Miss Laura …” Sometimes his old Cuba formality came out. “You are an amazing woman. I want you to know that we are thrilled that you are who you are.” He got embarrassed, but continued, “If it wasn’t for you and your directness and encouragement, Sharon and I might still be pretending we only liked each other.” He looked at Sharon, “Can I tell them?” She nodded shyly. Seeing Sharon being shy was something to see just in itself. “I would like to announce that we are talking about getting married.” Congratulations were called out to them, I hugged each of them, Hein and Chris did the same. We were all standing and Hein made a toast. Raul continued, “It is still early, but like you said, Miss Laura, you three are our family, too.”

Sharon took over from him. “You do us an honor, Hein. Technically, we work for you, but you make us feel like family. We’ll support Laura in any way we can.” She looked at me, “But, what kinds of things do you think? I mean if the three couple are brought together, do you have any ideas?”

I smiled. “We haven’t talked, but I would think some canine sex might be different for them to witness.”

“Oh my, yes. I know that does it for me anytime I see you.” Chris laughed first, then the rest of us joined in. She then got a glint in her eyes, “Perhaps you could give us another demonstration.”

I looked at her, “Tonight?”

“Like you don’t want to …”

“Well, it’s late and tomorrow is a workday.”

Chris güvenilir bahis şirketleri chuckled, “Yes, but we have the boss on our side.” He then gave my naked butt a soft slap, “To the pool level, then. I’ll bring some drinks.”

Hein walked with me, “Two dogs, you going to do both now?”

I squeezed his arm, “I can’t leave one wanting. Hmmmmm … maybe something different tonight. Maybe one will fuck me and I’ll do the other with my mouth.” He patted my arm and smiled.

In the lower level, I took one of the lounge cushions and laid it on the floor away from the pool. This level had the indoor pool, hot-tub, fitness center and access to an outdoor patio to the back of the house looking into the wooded surroundings. To the side was a kennel built very similar to the one in Miami. This level was the only area where the dogs were allowed in the house. They were essentially outdoor dogs and the climate in Amsterdam had seasons but was very manageable for the dogs with the heated kennel. I had created a small seating area here where I could read or do computer work and have the dogs close by. I had become quite attached to these two b**sts.

Chris went to the door to the patio and called the dogs. They came bounding in almost immediately, indicating they were nearby, probably in the kennel, which wasn’t a surprise since it was late at night.

I took a sip of my drink, handed it back to Chris, and moved Max and Axel to the area of the cushion on the floor. I put them both on the floor and maneuvered their substantial bodies so they were tail to tail. Their hind legs bumped each other as they complied with what they knew I was wanting. I braced myself on my elbows, giving my hands some freedom of movement so I was able to stroke and finger both sheaths at the same time.

Once I had two cocks well exposed, I slapped my ass. I was already on my knees. I didn’t want to favor one dog or the other so let them decide who was going to fuck me by which one mounted me first. As it turned out, Axel was able to scramble up and take his position at my ass while Max was still moving along my side. With Axel’s strong body on my back and his cock poking at my butt, I eased him into me while motioning Max to return to me in front. Since I frequently had one of them lay in front of me while being mounted, he was familiar with what was asked. What he wasn’t familiar with was my intention to have him climax in my mouth rather than my pussy later.

I shut out the quiet conversation I could hear around me, as generally happened while I was being fucked by the dogs with anyone in the vicinity. It was something I had learned to do since joining the household. Being the bitch to Max and Axel meant being mounted at random times of the day or night, especially those nights when I was their kennel mate. I was never sure when or if one of the others might happen upon us. And, being the exhibitionist that I discovered I was, being discovered or the potential, was an added thrill and stimulation. Even the dogs had learned to take it in stride to have others around us during mating. It was something I remembered in that initial mounting at Bob and Carol’s with Samantha. Blackie had been a fine fuck, but Harley was more comfortable in the presence of other people. The difference in the mating, especially during the time of being tied, was noticeable even to me at the time. Max and Axel were like Harley now in that respect, much larger and powerful, though.

* * * * *

They were outside of my view and I wasn’t paying attention to the voices. Sharon, however, in the spirit of the familiarity of the household, was making a point. The four of them were sitting in deck chairs in a loose arc behind me. Sharon was between Raul and Hein with Chris on the other side of Hein. She was holding Raul’s hand as she watched me intermittently while also watching Hein next to her. Finally, she spoke up with the thoughts she had been harboring for weeks.

She reached out to Hein’s hand resting on the armrest, “You seem so much happier. I don’t mean to be a fussing old woman, but … I don’t think I have seen you as relaxed and at peace.” He turned to her and smiled, but also had a look of contemplation while considering her words, his attention frequently returning to me and the dogs. “I think your responsibilities have become more demanding since taking over the corporation and have only increased since we moved here.” He nodded in reflection. Both Chris and Raul were paying close attention but not visually wanting to intrude so they continued to keep their heads turned to what was happening in front of them.

He switched the placement of hands by taking hers in his and squeezed it. “You’re always watching out for me, aren’t you? I’m just fortunate to have the support and friendship of you all to provide a place of sanctity to retreat to. And, you are neither fussy or old.”

She smiled and fully turned her head to him, but her demeanor rejected what he professed. “Perhaps, but I don’t think that is what is the difference. We’ve been around you for long enough that it has to be more than just our support and friendship. No … with your increased responsibilities, there is another reason for it.” He only smiled while watching me. The glint in his eyes told her he wasn’t about to say it, though. “She’s much more than you ever dreamed for, isn’t she?”

He turned to her, checked the others and found them now watching him just as intently. His smile spread larger and he sighed, nodding his head in reflection, his attention now fully on me attending to the two dogs in front of him. “Yes. I admit it, okay?” He seemed to her a little embarrassed by the admission. He was a man used to and expected to be in full control of himself and this massive global enterprise. He shook his head in reflection and muttered out the rest. “I thought I was looking for someone to lean on for special situations while also providing a release from those very same situations. She’s giving me so much more without the demands of commitments to the future. I know I was looking for someone who could and would share her body, but she is sharing that and her soul, too. And … without expectations.”

Sharon smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “Good. You are a wonderful man, Hein. You are generous and caring. We know that from experience with you. It is a rare person to take in strays like us and allow a family to be built around them. For your own sake, Hein, accept that about her. Accept what she is selflessly giving to you and us. And, if I can be so bold, don’t be afraid to share back to her in the same way … without expectations.”

“This is all very fast.”

“Without expectations, Hein. Without expectations.”

As he watched me, Sharon’s words bouncing around inside his brain, he smiled and his eyes grew soft. He had always recused himself from entanglements in the process of attending to the demands of business. His idea of a P.E.T. was fanciful, something he barely thought possible. Then, here this woman shows up on his doorstep, unbelievably qualified in all aspects of his fanciful proposition. And, then some. Sharon was correct, too. It wasn’t that she was very smart and very sexy, she was amenable to his ideas and suggestions while still be strong and self-assured. Her attitude wasn’t limited to just the requirements of the agreement, either. She enjoyed it all, the business side and the sexual side. But, as Sharon pointed out, she enjoyed and cared for everyone in the household. She immediately fit in by her honest giving of time and assistance, whether an apparent part of what was expected or not. Yes, this was more than he had expected when they had started out on this path, but the more was very nice to find.

* * * * *

The shower in the master bedroom had a very nice feature for me. Whether it was for me or was just a convenient feature, I didn’t know. The very large shower enclosure contained an overhead 16-inch square fixture containing 100 openings that create a very real feeling of standing underneath a rainfall shower. But, the shower also contained a hand-held unit with a removable head, which exposed a smooth, round end I could insert into my vagina. It was very effective in cleaning myself out after being with the dogs and before being with Hein or Chris later.

After my shower and brushing my teeth, I enjoyed sucking out dog cum but I wasn’t sure Hein would feel the same way when we kissed, I exited the bathroom in our suite and crawled under the light covers alongside Hein. He was on his back and he raised his left arm for me to cuddle alongside him, then covering me with his embracing arm.

I kissed his shoulder, “Was tonight what you had hoped for?”

He kissed the top of my head, “More. Much more. You are an amazing woman, Laura. Thank you for accepting my naughty offer.”

I snuggled in closer and mewed, “Mmmmm … I thought I was your PET.”

He chuckled, “You are. You’re both, I guess. Does one feel better to you than the other?”

I raised up and kissed his mouth and settle back into him. “I am Laura, always was and always will be. I like being your Pet, though. We understand what that means and entails.”

“Even if others might misunderstand?”

I raised up in the dark to look at him in the faint light from the window. Being far from the road, the curtains in the house were rarely closed. “Misunderstand … referring to me sometimes as your pet?” He nodded. I kissed him on the chin, then the end of his nose. “You would never let me be abused.” It wasn’t a question.

“Of course not.”

I settled back into him, content to fall asleep. “Then it wouldn’t matter if they misunderstood. What matters, then, is what you four think.”

As I slipped from consciousness into sleep, I felt his other hand cross over his body and stroke my upper arm as his other arm stroked my hip and his lips pressed into my hair. It felt so good. It felt so comforting. It felt so safe.

* * CHAPTER 10: A P.E.T. DAY will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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