Group Pup Play PT1

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Group Pup Play PT1
This is my first time playing, please leave comments if you enjoy and want more or have criticism. All feedback is welcome.

As I get out of my car, butterflies begin to make my stomach churn in nervous anticipation despite the slow flush that creeps through me like a heat blanket under my skin. I am excited, and my cock strains against the cage that I am wearing to push free and release. Everytime is a mix of nervousness and arousal that makes a heady mix in my head, but this time you said that you have a surprise for me. Knowing that there is no way on earth for me to predict your devious mind, I’m left even more nervous with the absolute unknown of what this surprise could be.

I take a breath for a moment to steady myself, shifting my bag on my shoulder as I grab your door handle and go in. I begin to take off my shoes in the door automatically, and hear your footsteps fast approaching. I am facing downwards and still struggling with my last shoe when you come around the corner, but as I turn my head up to greet you formally, you grab the back of my neck and hold my head facing down. I freeze in my action, awaiting your commands as I am unsure of what you want. Frozen like a cat caught by the scruff, one large hand clamping over my mouth while the other stays on my neck.

“Quiet, Pup. This time is going to be a little different, you understand? I only what you to speak when I tell you to, understood? Just nod, Pup.”

I nod silently with a small whimpering moan coming from the back of my throat. You chuckle a little to yourself, and I can hear your grin in the sound.

“Close your eyes,” you command, and I immediately do so, “Strip the rest of the way out of your clothes, quickly, and get on your knees, Pup.”

As you told me not to speak, I simply do as you commanded without responding. Once I am naked on my knees, eyes still closed, my cock straining with a painful need, small shivers of arousal begin to shake gently across my skin. My hairs stand on end and every bit of my skin electrifyingly awake.

You place a blindfold over my eyes, quickly peel off my shirt and then slide the PVC sleeve that covers my arms and shoulders. In the background I can hear some murmuring in the background, conversation from several voices picking up now that the noise from the doorway has returned to a norm, and my stomach churns with nervous energy. More people? A heavy shiver goes through me that I’m sure you can see, but I can’t help it.

“Shh,” you say calmingly, “You trust me, right pup? That I will keep you safe and listen if you choose to use your safe words?”

You whisper the words to me as you pull me against you, and with your warmth and assurance I feel myself slide towards submission.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good Pup,” You say, and I can hear the happy grin in your voice.

You lead me by the back of the neck, my steps slightly slowed by my blindness and slight hesitation. Following my mind’s view of the house, I guess that you are taking me to your guest bathroom. Once in there, feeling the cold tile beneath my feet, you pull me against you and give me a kiss, the rest of my resistance fading as you hold me. You slip the blindfold off, then give me one more kiss and step back. I blink for a moment in the bathroom light, quickly seeing the pile of items waiting on the bathroom counter. My caged dick throbs immediately at the sight and I can feel an arousal swelling out from the pit of my stomach even just looking at the assembled items.

“Get dressed in what I have left for you here, Pup. I am having some friends over, and you are going to help entertain us.”

At your words a second bigger thrill runs through me, and I feel even more aroused as my dick tries to break the cage restraining it.

“Quickly, Pup. I will be back in 15 minutes, I expect you to be ready.”

“Yes, Master,” I say, my breath barely coming enough for me to speak as my arousal is choking my words. I’ve never done something like this, but we both know that it was something that I’ve been interested in.

I look to the items on the counter and begin getting dressed. First is a pair of latex looking shorts, open in the front and the back. I quickly shed all of my clothing and put them on, fitting me so close as to feel like I am basically naked with them on, the exposure of my clean shaven ass and caged crotch in the open crotch. Next is a set of what look like really long socks. I put them on, and they cling just as the shorts had to the curves of my thin, lightly muscled legs to make them look amazing, just a slight gap between these and the shorts. Next, there is a pair of curved knee pads. The curve seems very aggressive, but I simply make mental note at the oddity and slide them on. Then comes sleeves that cover my shoulders, with a mesh across my chest/back that doesn’t go low enough to cover my nipples. Safe to assume that at some point the “entertainment” is going to be my throat I think with a mental chuckle. The mental amusement fades quickly to a deep heat spreading from my stomach and groin, coupled with feathery butterflies in my stomach and across my skin. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. This is insane! But god do I want it…

The last three items on the counter are a half mask that will act as a blindfold, made of something that also looks like latex, leaving my mouth/nose open, a wide collar and a pup mask. I’ll have to put the pup mask over the other blindfolding mask, so I hurry to put on the mask and then fumble with the buckles to the collar and mask, try getting the pup mask in place before you come back in. I struggle but finally manage, buckling it in place and the cage on my dick is creaking with the effort it is using to keep my throbbing in check.

I’ve been listening to the quiet murmuring talk in the next room with a nervous ear as I get on all of my items, the occasional burst of laughter surprising me with its inclusion of female voices as well as male. The thought of this makes me even more nervous and excited, my hardness squeezing my balls cruelly as the cage struggles to anchor using them. I find the door to the bathroom with my hands and kneel, hoping to please you by being finished and in a proper position when you return. I wait like this for what seems like a minute eternity, each second dragging as my body is flooded with all of the sensations from my attire, my dick straining against my chastity, the snugness that feels like impending choking from the collar at my neck, the nervous butterflies from the blindfold taking away my sight, and the clinging tightness of all the clothing making me feel sexier than I ever have before, like a vacuum packaged prize sex toy.

Finally I hear your heavy footsteps coming my way, the heavy thumps so fast as they send my stomach flipping somersaults. I am so brimming with nervous sexual energy that it feels as though the instant I am touched I will either puke from the absolute overload or cum immediately with an orgasm that will be an endless paroxysm of need that will make me levitate. When you open the door, I jump slightly with the anticipation, settling as I feel your hand caress the back of my masked head.

“Good Pup, I’m happy that you were able to get ready in the time that I gave you,” your voice whispers in a low rumble, “Just needs a finishing touch.”

Saying this, you bend one ankle up towards my knees, making me lean forward on my hands as I finally comprehend the purpose of the uncomfortably curved knee pads. You buckle my ankle to my thigh using a strap, making my leg bent in half so I am forced to crawl on hands and knees. I shift a little to get comfortable with the position canlı bahis as you strap the other leg, only to receive a smack on the ass that immediately stills me.

There is a click and a slight tug at my collar, and then a much bigger tug forward as I realize that you have leashed me. Making the assumption that I should be adopting my pup role fully, I stay on my knees and start forward on all fours.

“Everyone, this is my Pup, Pup, come here and let everyone meet you,” you say, your loud voice giving me one last shiver at your words before I let go and give my mind over to this wild situation.

A number of low, murmuring voices move towards me, then I feel hands caressing the back of my head, stroking my ass, tracing the muscles of my back, caressing my caged dick and fondling my dangling balls. I let out low, whimpering moans, whining softly and trying to sound faintly puppy-like. A rough pair of hands that feels male in it’s rough skin takes firm hold of my balls and tugs, squeezing gradually until my whimpers grow much higher, letting go right as I start to lean my hips towards the floor to relieve the pressure on them.

“All right, let’s not overwhelm poor Pup all at once, we still have a game to play, there will be plenty more entertainment to come from him,” I hear you say, and all of the hands desert me except one, a distinctly soft female hand slides over my ass and squeezes it one last time, then giving a sharp slap as it disappears that makes me jump slightly in surprise.

“I think your pup is missing something, Bill,” says an older man’s rumble, “I’ve never seen a pup without a tail.”

“Ahh yes, don’t worry, he has it, simply needs a little warming up. He’s a very tight little pup. Any volunteers to help prep him a little? As I said, he needs a gentle warming up.”

“Oh, me please, I would very much like that,” a female voice says, and my ass clenches at the sound of the voice. I wonder if it is the voice that accompanies the last hand that touched me and I find myself hoping it does, remembering the light pinch of those nails as the hands squeezed gently squeezed, and wanting that feeling again.

“Bark, Pup, if you are ok with this,” your voice commands, stern sounding and deep, no longer like the casual voice that is normally used during our play. I feel my embarrassment rise, you know that this kind of act embarasses me and you normally don’t include it in our play, but tonight seems to be the exception.

I let out a feeble woof, finding it difficult to do around the humiliation I feel.

“I said bark, Pup, like you mean it,” you say, a darker undertone to your voice.

I immediately let out a real bark, embarrassment gone at the thought of disappointing you in front of your company causing me to snap into my role completely, understanding that you are relying on me to truly show that I am a good sub here, that this is a validation of sorts of my ability and anything you have stated about me as a sub to these other dominants.

“There, much better,” I hear you say, the hard edge under your voice disappearing quickly into your normal voice again, “Good Pup. For the rest of the night, when you ask Pup a question, he will respond with either a bark or a whine, with those respective cues showing either consent or non-consent. I will not be present for every moment of every bit of play, I am sure, so I would like for you all to agree to these rules now, so that Pup can hear it.”

There are murmurs of assent all around, all the voices agreeing amiably, and the female voice that volunteered to help with my preparation sounding from behind me, making my head turn automatically in surprise, still on all fours, to look at her, before remembering my place and snapping my head back to where it belongs, facing forward to where the lead has pointed me.

“Also, as a side note, if he breaks character, his safewords are the normal color based, yellow for pause and red for stop. Now then, on with our game!” you say, your voice a loud punctuation at the end. Knowing that I will not be the center of every bit of attention eases my nervousness some, and I relax slightly only to feel my collar jangle as the leash moves a little, then I remember that my preparation is being handed off to someone else. All at once, the sexual tension is back, and as motion leads me to think that Master is passing my leash off to the female voice from earlier.

“Here you are, Miss, I imagine you remember where the table with everything is?” you say, your voice polite.

“Yes, it was quite a memorable display, and you said that a large number of the items are your Pup’s, didn’t you? Quite an enthusiastic one you have,” the voice says, and I shiver at the smoothness of the female tone. Her voice runs down my spine like cold water, pleasant with a hint of mischief underneath. I realize now why you had me drop my bag off with all of my toys just a few days ago and wonder just how many of the items I bought in zealous fantasy are going to see use on or in me tonight. Thinking of your instructions prior to coming to shave everything very well and ensure that I was as clean as possible, I imagine that I am in for the session of my life.

“He is a very passionate, very good Pup,” you say, your big hand petting the back of my head and I brush back against it, feeling a welling of pride that is somehow just as arousing as my current state of being, “I think you will find him very entertaining.”

Hearing the mental twinkle in your eye, I decide to really embrace my role and wag my ass at your praise, succeeding in a little but wiggle that you may or may not see. I hear the woman’s laugh, then she tugs on my leash, and I know it is her tugging now because the tug is so light as to almost go unnoticed.

“Come along, young Pup. Time to do as your Master says, I think I’m going to quite enjoy this…” her voice trails off, the last bit a low voice almost a whisper that makes my hairs rise and my dick throb all over again. As I shuffle along on all fours, following the lead of the leash forward, I find myself reaching a warm, passive state of mind where I am beginning to simply react to what is around me and my nervousness fades away.

Feeling the carpet change and a door shut lets me know that we have entered your bedroom, I feel a soft towel under me and a gentle hand on the top of my head firmly stopping me, then gently petting the back of my head between all the straps, using fingertips. I melt into her touch, moaning as I lose myself in the sensation.

“Lovely little pup. I know just how to take care of little pups like you, you’ll see,” she says, giving just a little more petting before pulling down on the leash, causing me to lay my arms and torso on the floor with my ass up in the air, unable to bring it down with the belts holding my ankles. I shiver and stiffen again, my vulnerability triggering a new spasm of lust that strains against the cage as I anticipate what’s coming.

Suddenly, a hand smacks my ass, just a sharp slap that stings a bit, but with a gasp I am suddenly awake in a whole new way. She secured the collar to something and now I am held in this position, the leash taught as her hand plays along my vulnerable ass and caged genitals. Her other hand makes itself felt as well, tugging and pinching my nipples. Suddenly, another sharp spank hits me, the snappy retort much louder and the hit definitely having more force than the last. I moan even deeper after my second gasp, drawing a tinkling laugh from her as she pinches hard on a nipple. Then her hands are suddenly gone.

After a few moments that felt like an eternity, face down and shaking slightly with the bets10 height of my arousal, penis straining hard in the cage hanging in the gap in my shorts, blind to everything she is doing, the lightest brush of something cold and viscous slides against my hole. I gasp loudly, shifting forward just a bit as something brushes lightly against me, her fingers gliding around the edges lubing me gently as she makes a slow spiral inward, gently prodding until a single finger slips effortlessly into me. I whimper a little, backing ever so slightly back towards the invader and it slides out again, teasingly sliding in and out of my entrance as I moan. As her finger exits, a sharp slap comes down on one cheek and I involuntarily drive away from the finger.

Suddenly the finger is back and even deeper as she grabs the straps of my puppy mask, pulling my head back until whatever the leash is tied to draws it taught, curving my body into a C-shape as the collar pulls and squeezes, making my breath come labored as the constriction of the collar adds yet another peak to my excitement. Her hot breath is up against my ear through the mask and her voice came out commanding this time, far less of the soothing seduction that had been there before.

“Ah ah, don’t you pull away. You stay right where you are, Pup, and don’t you move. Do that and I will be slow and gentle. Fail to, Pup, and I will be rough with your little hole and you will ache all night for what’s to come knowing that you failed to listen, understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said, forgetting for a moment my roll as a Pup, “I’m sorry.”

A sharp tug on my cage and balls makes my legs quake, pain and pleasure mixing in an alarming, heady mix as she tsks at me.

“Pups don’t talk, little one. Remember the rules your Master set tonight,” she says, her tone much softer. I don’t move, resisting altering position to relieve my caged self as I make a soft bark, to which she chuckles evilly. “Good boy,” she says, letting go of my caged goods as she slips the gloved hand back to my hole and slips two fingers against me, starting the slow, swirling insistence again that soon has those fingers knuckle deep as my toes curl.
Withdrawing her fingers slowly as I edge slightly back, not wanting them to leave my hungry hole just as it begins to feel amazing, I hear the snap of the lube bottle again and another moment of eternally long silence ensues.

Upon hearing the snap of the lube bottle shutting again, I mentally brace myself, hoping that whatever comes next is as gentle as she had originally said. Sure enough, the tip of something cold and phallic presses against me, nudging my opening gently but insistently. Slowly the toy stretches me and my whimpering moans grow uncontrollable as the much more considerable girth of this new invasion slowly stretches me as I focus on not moving so as to continue seeing only the gentle option.

After what feels like an hour of it pressing in and out bit by bit, finally I feel that sliding as it goes past the biggest point. I moan low as it sinks to the hilt, feeling the base touch be and the tail end wiggle a bit as she smacks my ass again.

“Now you look like a proper puppy!” she says, caressing my ass as she holds the leash taught. The hand leaves and comes down again, sharp and fast. She spanks me with a set of quick, stinging slaps as I whimper and moan, unable to get away as she holds fast to the leash. She laughs, a tinkling sound as she stops and I sigh in relief, relaxing into the relief as the sting fades. My dick strains against the cage even harder and something brushes against me around the plug, wagging the tail sticking out of it as it cleans up the excess lube.

“Hmmm, I think I could use with a treat, since I was so good as to plug you and since I was sooo gentle, don’t you think puppy?” she asks, pulling the bottom half of the dog mask off as she pulls the leash forward. I woof quietly but try to sound enthusiastic, because I really am. For how gentle that treatment was, I want nothing more than to make her feel good for being so nice when she didn’t have to. As I crawl forward, I feel something soft on the floor and realize where I am, at the foot of Master’s chair. Sure enough, I smell the soft tang of her pussy as she tugs me forward, then her hand grabs part of the harness on my mask and guides me the rest of the way.

I kiss her lips gently, then kiss to either side before I slide my tongue along her, top to bottom as lightly as a feather. She lets out a sigh that I take as a good sign, and continue the slow approach, gently lapping at the lips and spreading the folds, making occasional long licks that brush her clit. The snout of my mask rests on her pubis, but with my knees bent in half by the belts and my arms holding me up, I begin to feel the strain. My jaw hurts a bit as well, but my body has begun to relax to the plug and I am incredibly turned on, probably still dripping everywhere. I can feel my own precum dribble lightly on one of my thighs as I pick up my pace by just a bit, insistently giving strong, slow licks. Her breathing deepens and she mashes my face forward, grinding herself on my tongue as she finishes. I keep lapping, slow and gentle as I clean up all the juices. She sighs again, then shoves me away to land awkwardly with my legs bent under me, struggling to balance and get up.

“You are a good pup, your Master was right,” she says, and I hear her moving around as I strain to get on all fours with my knees under me again, “But I think that your mouth is going to get tired if you don’t have a little something to help you keep it available. After all, your Master has quite a few guests for you to make happy…”

She trails off as she rustles around out of sight and my cock yanks hard against the cage at her words. I can’t help but feel even hornier. The pain in my arms and knees drops as my anticipation flairs again.

“Open!” comes the emphatic command and I immediately obey. Something leathery and hard slips against my lips, then against my teeth, spreading my mouth to its limit. It’s the ring gag that Master made a long time back, the BIG one. This is going to be a long night…

She replaces the bottom of the snout again, snapping it into place and then stepping away again, only to reach around for a nipple, tugging it down as a clamp bites down. I gasp lightly, already drooling uncontrollably as she reaches to the other side and puts on the other clamp. As she raises she tugs on the leash, dragging me forward and back out of Master’s bedroom. The nipple clamps are a gentle and distracting pain as the chain sways to my crawling, not allowing me to forget that they are there.

Now that we are back into the main room, the bustling talk and banter of the conversation comes back into focus. There are so many voices, there must be at least 6-7 people here not including Master and the woman holding my leash. I drool uncontrollably and my jaw aches already, but the plug has become a comfortable pressure that just adds to the amount of fluids that I am leaking everywhere. Tugs on the leash bring me to brush up against the side of a chair and I feel a hand on my ass pushing down.

“Sit,” says Master, and I do so as best I can, folding my legs under me so I can sit back and relieve my arms. I want to shake them out, but I know that will be out of pup so I don’t, stretching like a dog waking up instead, then raising up again on my haunches. I feel his hand pat my head and lean into it, glowingly happy at all of this for just a moment and forgetting all of the other things going on.

“Alright, shall we play a few more hands and then enjoy bets10 giriş the rest of what the evening has to offer?” Master asks, and voices murmur ascent or say various things to that end. Some with more enthusiasm than others and there are a few laughs and jibes. I try to relax into my position, impatience and the pain of the clamps along with the growing ache in my jaw making the minutes stretch on for an eternity. I count three hands of cards, with me growing antsy and more uncomfortable by the minute.

Suddenly your hand comes down hard on my ass, making me yelp lightly and jump. The plug jolts and I am sure that my tail is wagging after the hit, to which I hear some appreciative murmurs.

“My impatient little pup appears to be getting to his limit, so what say we relieve him of all of your frustration, hm? I’m sure the other pets present would appreciate that as well,” you say, to which most of the voices present laugh appreciatively. The sounds of things being shuffled on the table and chairs scr****g back becomes a dull roar, as everyone starts moving at once. I feel a mix of disappointment and excitement that there are other subs, part of me selfishly thinking that I would have been the center of attention but the other part of me even more excited that there are others present.

After a great deal of shuffling around, I feel the leash go taught and I am led across the room, then brought to a halt by a lightly choking tug that pulls my head up slightly, stopping me in my tracks. The second tug is more insistent, forward and up.

“Up you go pup, climb on up,” I hear you say. I tentatively reach a hand forward, feeling a stool or something in front of me and I drag myself up using my arms and then I am tugged forward again onto an even higher surface, this one feeling like a table with a mattress on it. Sure enough that seems to be what it is and hands reach to my collar, unsnapping the leash as two other things are secured to either side of it instead, effectively holding my head exactly where it is. My wrists are grabbed and dragged out to either side in front of me, dropping me down onto the cushioned surface below me that is canted so my ass is in the air. My chin is resting on a pillow but it doesn’t feel like there is anything past it. Something is secured to the belts on my legs as well, leaving me trussed like a christmas turkey on top of this table, ass in the air and exposed dick locked away, completely at the mercy of Master and his guests. An electric thrill and apprehension shoot through me, giving me goosebumps. I let out an involuntary whimper only to feel a hand on my head and you voice next to my ear as I still.

“You’re ok, pup. I’m here and you are safe. You will be just fine, don’t worry. I will take care of you, just enjoy the fun we all have for you,” you say. I nod as much as the chained collar will allow and mumble a “Yes, Master” around the ring gag, causing a huge roll of drool to come out.

“Good Pup. You are mine,” you say.

Then you laugh and I see your hand catching the drool just below me under the blindfold, then your hand disappears.

“Look, he’s so excited he’s dripping. Won’t someone give him something to help?” says Master in a mockingly serious tone.

And just like that, the invitation is given. The bottom part of the pup mask is off and a cock is slipping through the dripping ring gag into my mouth in seconds. As this happens, I begin to hear the sounds of a flogger swishing, lots of moaning from all over the room and the rising tones of excitement as the guests talk amongst themselves while they play.

The cock in my mouth isn’t too large and he is eager, for which I count my blessings. He barely touches the back of my throat, not enough to make me truly gag and throw up, as I am entirely at the mercy of whoever is on the other end of it pumping away at my face-pussy.

Someone is tying something silky around my balls as this happens and the sounds of the flogger are getting closer as well. The sounds are heavy, like the thing is smacking the wind out of the air rather than cutting it. I shiver in anticipation. The silky tie on my balls is being tugged and played with every once in a while, adding yet another sensation to the mix.

Without any warning at all, as I had been expecting the flogger, a series of quick stinging sears flash across my back which cause me to gasp right as the medium sized-cock taps my throat, gagging me a little and causing the owner of said cock to jerk forward hard only to immediately reverse direction and begin spewing cum all over my lips, tongue and gag. The taste is salty and bitter but I would be gladly swallowing it if it weren’t for the ring gag. It sits in my mouth and all over my lips making me feel anxious, only to become lube for the next cock that is coming through the same entrance.

I realize that I am having hot wax dripped onto my back right as the second wave of it slides across my lower back, causing me to come forward and meet the NOT very small cock as it comes through the gag smoothly lubed by the last man’s cum. I gag hard, choking on the monster in my throat and getting an appreciative moan from its owner, who graciously pulls back and allows be to breath just in time for the flogger to come down hard on one ass cheek. I yank forward in surprise as much as the bonds allow, accidentally shoving cock #2 deep in my throat again as more wax lands across my back and the enterprising dom/domme with the silky thing tied to my balls reaches under me and ties it to my nipple clamp chain, causing the forward/backward motion of everything to yank on both my nipples and my balls.

The next few minutes are a haze of explosive sensation. The dom/domme with the flogger times with the person using wax, alternating to make me jump and fuck my own face on Mr monster cock and tug on my chain/silk torturers. Right as I think I’ve reached a state of continuous near orgasm, someone takes some sort of vibrator and places it against my caged cock. I go rigid and shake like a hurricane, shoving my throat onto monster cock and gagging hard as he grunts and starts to cum. Flogger person goes into overtime, smacking the fastest tempo a heavy flogger has ever made as I cum and cum and CUM.

It feels like forever. The person with the vibe is relentless and I am ripping at the bonds trying to get away from it as my cock, balls and nipples pulse with pain and orgasm in an endlessly feeding loop. I gasp and splutter as Mr monster cock pulls out, breathing sweet air only to wail through the ring gag something like “Please stop”. The vibe withdraws and I slump like a corpse, collapsing into the cushions completely limp. A hand is gently stroking my head, as another pair unties my balls and yet another undoes the ring gag. I take deep shuddering breaths, eyes closed under the blindfold as I moan and lick the remnants of cum from my mouth.

Eventually after a haze of events and a little crawling that all seems a bit of a blur, I find my head resting in Master’s lap as he sits on something, completely limp and slightly orgasm-drunk as I come down from the ridiculous height of sensation I just reached.

You murmur things about how proud you are and that it’s ok that I came, that I can come at any time tonight as I probably won’t be able to ask in the moment. I just nod barely, not even the energy to speak, only to feel you lean down and tug my tail gently, reminding me of the plug and drawing me from my post-orgasm haze.

“You have 10 minutes to recover, pup, because my cock very much enjoyed watching that and you will need to please your Master for giving you such a gracious gift, don’t you think?” you say, your voice soft and dangerous in a delicious way that threatens all sorts of other fun.

I feel myself stir in the cage and know that I am in for a long, amazingly warped night. And it’s just begun…

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