Group Fun

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We’ve been together for quite a while now we share our fantasies regularly and it’s one we’ve both shared for quite a while; it’s just been a matter of timing to get this one to come true……..

We’ve both fantasised about a gang bang….. Both of us being involved, but me being the main “subject….” the object of all the other guys’ desires……

We’ve also known for quite some time that most of your mates are really jealous of you & have wanted to “get it on” with me for at least as long as we’ve been together, but to us, it’s just been a standing joke…… one which we’ve teased them all about on numerous occasions, be it individually, or as a group….. you’ve even approved of me slipping them sly glances of me…. even to the point of wearing one of my shortest skirts & no underwear & having to bend over to pick something up – that time, it was just a coffee cup off the low glass table in the lounge, giving 3 of them a glimpse of my pussy…. you’d winked at me as I did this, & as I walked past them, I could see the growing bulge straining in their trousers…..

This night, you’d gone on a guy’s night out, with 8 or 9 of your mates (I can’t remember the exact number now).

We’d had a suggestive discussion earlier, & once you’d been out long enough for you all to have had 3 or 4 beers, I made my timely entrance into the bar.

I was wearing those thigh high boots you love… the ones with the 4inch heels, a short, black tight skirt, & a cropped skinny fitting red v-necked top.

I topped all of this off with my long hair pinned up & completed the look with no underwear…. after all, it was a warm night, so certainly no need for a bra…… as for my panties…. Well, we both knew what tonight was about…… so what was the point??

As I walked in the bar, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me; but the ones that really mattered…. The ones from which I seeked approval were yours……

You smiled at me & I could see the desire in your eyes as they lit up….

I could feel your eyes taking in my whole appearance & I glanced at your crotch, which as expected was growing before my eyes….. I cast a wicked glance back at you, before taking in the sight before me…… every crotch around you was also growing….

WOW!! How amazing did that make me feel??……

I could feel my dampness start to seep from between my pussy lips in anticipation…..

The young barman asked what was to be my pleasure & I almost said to be taken here & now on the bar…….


A glass canlı bahis of Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, please, I said… a half smirk on my lips.

His eyes never left my pert, plump breasts, which were straining against the material…..

I could feel my nipples start to stand to attention in front of him.

He asked what my plans were for the evening, & I replied that I was just going to have some drinks & fun with my man & his friends, he seemed almost disappointed, yet intrigued at this response….

Almost as if he was hoping that what was going through his mind was true, but didn’t dare ask any more.

I took my glass of wine & cast him a sultry, suggestive wink, as I moved over towards you & your friends.

The conversation suddenly stopped, as they all drank in my appearance.

You don’t have to stop your conversation on account of me, I purred, secretly knowing why the conversation had stopped so abruptly…….

Little did they know what the night held before them…..?

Four of your friends scrambled to fetch me a chair to sit on, much to our amusement.

The evening progressed for a little while longer in the pub, and you looked at me for acknowledgement that I was ok for the night to progress as we’d planned, I gave you a lustful look, a wink & a smile, just before licking my lips in anticipation.

I did my “Sharon Stone” uncrossing & re-crossing of my legs, just to give a glimpse of what wasn’t there & to tease & torment the guys, also so I could get the thrill of seeing those juicy cock growing again…. Just for me….

What a buzz… all those guys wanted me….

Whether they admitted it there & then, or not….

I stood up & their eyes followed me, scanning me up & down, slowly undressing me with their eyes, some resting on my rising & falling chest, some on my legs, others, I could see were wanting a better view up my skirt….

I slightly parted my legs, but kept them straight as I bent over at the waist towards you, giving you a passionate “see you shortly” kiss.

Your hand slid up my thigh & your thumb slid deftly into my hot wet vagina, causing me to gasp ever so slightly.

I pulsated around your thumb & you teased me by wiggling it inside me.

We knew our actions were giving the guys an eyeful & getting them deeply aroused, & that there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever what the conversation was going to be after I had left.

You withdrew your hand & sat there looking my in the eye, as I was departing, brazenly sucking my juices bahis siteleri off your thumb at me, in front of your mates, much to their amazement and awe.

I went back to our luxury home, opened the large deck doors in our bedroom, the evening breeze billowing the voile drape gently.

I laid on our Emperor — sized bed (over 7foot wide), propped myself up against the headboard, making myself comfortable, with my knees bent & my legs parted, to allow the cool evening breeze to gently kiss my hot wet pussy, & started reading the latest story in my “Black-lace” book.

My hands wandered down between my legs to the moist warmth that awaited.

I heard 2 taxis pull up, & the familiar sound of your voice, as I knew you’d brought the guys back for the evening, as you always would….

Only this evening was to be slightly different to normal….

I knew the bedroom door was ajar & when you came in that you’d come into the bedroom to use the en-suite…

I heard you all come upstairs & the conversation continuing, as if they’d all forgotten what’d happened earlier.

You went to the fridge to pull beers out for everyone.

I heard one of the gasp and ask “what’s that?” You remarked casually that it was one of my dildos, “Why’s it in the fridge though?” Oh, she likes the feel of something hard & cold teasing then penetrating her, was your reply.

Our bedroom was just off the lounge & from the right angle, you could see straight in.

I heard your familiar footsteps coming towards our room, & I continued to slide my fingers up & down my now sodden slit. You stood in the doorway, with it open just enough that one or two of them would be able to see past or round you, at what I was doing.

“Hey there sexy,” you greeted me, I replied my withdrawing my fingers, giving you and the peeping toms in the lounge a good view of my glistening pussy & I slowly & seductively sucked my fingers with a very wicked glint in my eye.

You came over towards me & gave me a deep tongue kiss to taste my juices on me.

My hand slid back down to my pussy to continue my “massage,” knowing full well that we were being watched.

When you returned from the bathroom, you were only in your jockey shorts, & I could see your cock bulging & begging for release.

You knelt between my legs & started to kiss my lips passionately.

My head reclined backwards as I faded into ecstatic oblivion.

You stopped for a moment, checking that I was ok I gave you a nod of approval & caught the eye of 2 of your mates. bahis şirketleri

They quickly glanced away, as if they’d been caught watching something they weren’t supposed to have seen…. One looked back & caught my eye, I beckoned to him & nodded, to confirm my intention & he nudged the other.

They chatted momentarily & briefly spoke to the other guys, before coming in to our boudoir.

They left the door wide open; so as to give the other guys an eyeful of what was obviously awaiting them.

None could quite believe their luck.

The 2 standing in the doorway started to involuntarily grope their growing & bulging crotches.

You nestled your face back into my shaven mound, I set my book aside & started to fondle my breasts.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by beautiful, hard, throbbing cocks.

I started to suck first one, then 2, hands were everywhere on me, fingers exploring my crevices, & my clothes were getting removed (not that there was much to remove!!)

I had mouths exploring my body next thing I knew, someone had been to the refrigerator & brought in my chilled dildo.

You instructed them to use it quickly before it warmed up too much & lost the effect….

I was moved onto my side & a cock slid delightfully into my anus, then my leg was lifted in the air, splaying my glory open for all to see.

The dildo was offered to my hot puckered pussy & I gasped in anticipation as it was slid into me, being twisted round this way & that to heighten the sensation.

A set of lips sucked at my clitoris as I was being pumped with a cold dildo & a cock.

I could feel my breasts bouncing around, & was being kissed passionately one minute, then sucking 2 or sometimes 3 cocks at once. My breasts now started to get some attention & my nipples started to be pulled.

The dildo was soon accompanied by a hard throbbing cock inside me, as I felt my vagina get stretched with the double penetration.

I felt the dildo pulled out every hole was getting a good seeing to.

I could tell that you guys were swapping position, so you could all have a go, but I had no idea who was fucking which hols I do know that on more that one occasion I had 2 cocks in my vagina & I was right on the edge of the pleasure-pain barrier. I came more times than I care to remember & know that by the end of it all, you were all spent & most of it was inside me!!

I don’t remember the guys going, but I do remember snuggling up under the bedclothes with you for the night; both of us satisfied & happy, but more than content with our relationship as it was.

The morning came & we kissed tenderly, remembering the night before, before sharing a shower, making love again & then letting the day continue as normal…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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