Giving and Receiving

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Giving and Receiving
Giving and receiving

I started to dress; pair of sheer French knickers, and a boned corset in red and black, with 8 suspenders, and a pair of sheer silk seamed stockings. Auntie spun me round as I dressed and started to lace up the corset, which pushed up my chest and began creating small breasts,
As she pulled tighter on the laces I could feel the air being squeezed out of me and was finding it difficult to breathe, Auntie! Auntie! Its too tight, but she ignored me and finished tying the laces.

“Turn round dear” she said, “ooh now that makes your figure a little more feminine and look, you have developed a small pair of titties”, “here push these tissues underneath them for now”, and I did.
I put on a smart pink “Audrey” frock, Auntie had chosen for me, with a fluffy underskirt lining, and a pair of white “Bobby socks” with pink lace frills, Auntie then handed me a pair of patent pink court shoes with a small heel, now dear lets look at you, hhmmm, maybe a short blonde wig would suit your outfit, here try this and she passed me the wig.
I put on the wig and flicked my head back to let the hair fall into place naturally, “right” she said, “sit still whilst I fix your make up”.
I sat there and began thinking about the ladies and what they were going to think, of how I looked, and whether they would guess that I was actually a boy, and I couldn’t help but tremble, and started shaking uncontrollably, and what about my voice!

“SIT STILL”, Auntie snarled, “I will make a mess of your make up, and you wont look your best for my ladies”
I sat, as still as I could, and I felt myself getting wet in my knickers, although I wasn’t really aroused, but the throbbing in my bottom was getting more intense as the butt plug was trying to get out but was being sucked back in by reflex, this was what was causing my wetness, as my prostrate was getting massaged and my milk was leaking as a result, oohhhhhh, it felt good.
Last but not least a little bit of pink nail polish dear, and you are ready….
“Ta da”! “Now I must put on something appropriate and we can start laying the stalls with our cakes and all the charity clothes we are going to sell, ooohhh I’m sooo excited she squealed, aren’t you dear…

No, I thought, I’m not excited, just wet and damp in my knickers, and I’m petrified, and, as I walked in and out of the kitchen, fetching and carrying stuff, trying not to trip up taking small strides and mincing in my shoes, my frock bouncing, I could feel the butt plug caressing my prostrate, massaging it gently and occasionally making me leak more milk.

Then I heard the announcer on the radio declare “Its eleven am and here’s the morning news”.

Almost as if on cue the doorbell rang “Bing bong, ——— Bing bong”, and I froze, halfway out of the kitchen back door..
Auntie was out in the garden laying some tables, shit a brick I thought, and turned to make an exit towards the stairs and up to my bedroom, when Auntie shouted, “Get that will you dear” too loud not to be heard canlı bahis around the front of the house, let alone inside it.

Too late, my escape had been thwarted and for what seemed like an eternity I stood contemplating what to do.

At this point it was as though I was having an out of body experience and not at all in control of my actions,I could feel myself moving towards the front door, and as I reached to unlatch the door the bell went again, “Bing bong, Bing bong”, my heart was thumping in my chest and I swung open the door..
There in front of me stood a very elegant lady and she said,

Ah Hello dear you must be “Sally”, I’m “Phillipa Chesterton”, I popped round the other week when you were here, but we didn’t have a chance to say hello, I’m so pleased to meet you at last, and she offered her hand in greeting and pecked me on the cheek, you’re not at all what I was expecting, but I must say you look very pretty my dear, as she flounced into the house calling out “Sheila, Sheila, where are you dearest? Isn’t your niece lovely”.

I was about to close the door when 2 taxis pulled up at the gate, and as the doors flew open, 8 more ladies started to walk up the path. I swallowed hard and swayed a little as each in turn introduced themselves with a peck on the cheek and passed through the house and into the garden.
It was all too much to remember their names as they went by in their spring frocks, high heels, click clacking, and all those different perfumes, chattering and laughing on their way to the garden.
I stood for a while as I closed the door, and thought, “maybe, ‘just maybe’, I could make my exit now whilst they were all distracted and I opened the door again to leave.

Damn it, I cursed, 3 more Ladies began to stroll up the path, “Oh hello young missy, and what’s you’re name they said in unison! “Hello ladies, my name is “Bbb Bbb Sally” I stammered almost forgetting my circumstances.
Bbb Bbb Sally? One said, that’s a funny name, “No No, I meant to say “Sally” but I sometimes I get a little tongue tied and shy with people I don’t know”, I explained.
Ahh “Sally” Sheila’s niece, oh its sooo nice to meet you dear, we’ve heard so much about you and you look very pretty today, where is your Auntie Sheila?

“Oh follow me through she is in the garden with the other Ladies”, and I turned and took them into the garden and announced their arrival.
As they all greeted each other I stepped back a little and realised I was forever now, going to be a sissy gurl and these ladies were to become my surrogate Auntie’s.

I heard Auntie call and ask if I could bring the Champagne and glasses out from the kitchen, as I returned and lay the tray on the table Auntie proceeded to pop the corks of the 2 bottles and poured everyone a glass, then she turned to the gathering and said
“Ladies it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all, to this, our first, and hopefully one of many many more charity gatherings, and lets hope we can all raise plenty of money for the Church Guild, indeed bonus veren siteler perhaps many other local good causes.
I would also like to formally introduce you all to my Niece, Sally, who is a delightful companion for these occasions so would you please raise your glasses in a toast.
“To The Church Guild Charity, and to my Niece and our friend, “Sally”, cheers everyone, and with that there was a loud cheer and much giggling and clinking of glasses.

“Now Sally” Auntie said, let me introduce each one of my friends in turn, and we started to go around the tables one at a time.
Mrs Alice Johnson, Mrs Susan Parker, Ms Gemma Filbert, Mrs Jennifer Michaels, Mrs Anna Grimley, Mrs Phillipa Chesterton, (my best friend), Ms Charlene Evans, Ms Angela Brooks, Mrs Penelope Thornton, Miss Patterson, Mrs Debbie Fletcher and last but not least Erica, who is our secretary/treasurer and leader in all things.

I nodded to them all and in a shy voice said “Ladies it is an honour to meet you all, and l hope I wont let you down when it comes to raising funds for good causes, please forgive me if I occasionally forget your names from time to time, thank you.
They all offered £50 notes to be plucked from their cleavage as I went past, as I turned to go into the kitchen and Auntie walked alongside me and said “You were excellent dear, I do hope you are not too cross with me for putting you in this situation”?
“Auntie, I am somewhat petrified at the thought of them finding out I am a boy, but at the same time I do feel a sense of freedom floating around here as a gurl, also the fact that I am constantly feeling aroused, as I walk with this thingy up my bottom it is a distraction, its just a good job they can’t see or feel my knickers.
She giggled a little and winked at me slyly.

The rest of the event passed without incident and the Ladies started to leave quietly throughout the afternoon, there was however a couple of occasions when I sensed something was different, but the same, in a funny sort of way, a couple of the ladies seemed a little less ladylike and their hand shakes were slightly firmer, but I dismissed it as silly and started to clear things away.

At around 5.30pm with the event well and truly over Auntie and I sat together in the garden reflecting on how things had gone, when I happened to mention my thoughts about something different from earlier.
She put her arm around me and said, “Listen, if I were to tell you that your instincts were correct, what would you say”?
“I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean Auntie”, I said.
Well “Sally my sweet little thing, there are 2 others amongst my friends who are in exactly the same situation as you! And she fixed my gaze, and I swear she looked deep into my soul.

I sat unable to speak until I murmured, Do you actually mean that 2 of those ladies were actually men, “really! no really”? I thought there was something but I couldn’t pin it down, I must say they were very convincing and only for their handshakes deneme bonusu and a sixth sense, I would’ve never guessed.
“Can you recall which ones were men dressed as gurl’s dear”, she asked?
“No Auntie, not a clue”, “well dear that’s for next time, let’s have some dinner and relax”.

We went into the kitchen and prepared a light meal and sat at the table, I remembered the butt plug as I sat, and immediately felt a stirring as “Dolly” awoke.
I could feel the restriction of my “Dolly” and the constant back and forth of the butt plug and whispered to Auntie, “can we go upstairs please”?
“What on earth for dear”, she retorted, “its much too early for bedtime”, “but but Auntie I’m feeling very aroused and my panties are very sticky and wet”.
“No dear you must learn to control yourself, because when we have more of these events I wouldn’t want you to embarrass us in front of all those ladies”, “ooohhh Auntie I’m sooo horny right now and my pom poms are aching, and the butt plug is massaging me inside my bottom and making my “Dolly” dribble.
“Sit still “Sally” and finish your meal and behave yourself, she said firmly.

I did as I was told, making an effort not to squirm too much, but as I was finishing eating I dropped my fork on the floor.
I bent down and reached out to pick it up, and felt a surge of tension inside my bottom as the butt plug started to move outwards, and then as I managed to retrieve it and sit back upright again, the butt plug jumped back into place and“Boom” like an electric pulse I ejaculated inside my panties, and started to shudder as one after another the orgasm’s just kept pulsing, and milk just kept spurting, ooohhh, ooohhh ooohhh, Auntie I’m coming, I’m coming and I cant control it, help me, please help me.

She just sat there with a wicked grin on her face and said, “there you see, what did I tell you, control control control, you have a great deal to learn dear”.
She jumped up and went into the kitchen, returning with the device key in her hand and lifted my petticoat and skirt and unlocked me.
The twitching had stopped but my “Dolly” sprung up to attention and spurted again, all over her dress.

Oh she was annoyed, but I couldn’t believe what she did next, she licked the tip of my “Dolly’ and then wrapped her bright red lips around it and proceeded to bob her head back and forth vigorously.

Auntie’ Auntie, I cried, “Stop! Stop! What are you doing, I’m not going to learn any sort of control if you continue doing that, now am I, and as I started to protest, the more she bobbed even faster and lapped and gulped, as I exploded in a gushing spray of creamy white milk all over her face and in her mouth and she lapped and licked, losing herself in the moment, moaning and grunting as she shuddered herself.
She momentarily composed herself, wiped her face and said.
There, now that we have had such a wonderful day, this was our reward, but make no mistake, if you ever lose control like that again, especially in front of my friends, the consequences will be unimaginable.

I knew what she meant immediately and begged her to teach me more self-control, but not before she bathed me and put me to bed, Ahh sweet chastity I thought and we went up and began to undress for bath time.

Next Time: Self control and ecstasy

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