Gay Trucker’s Boy

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Gay Trucker’s Boy
Gay Trucker’s Boy

By: Londebaaz Chohan

This story is very near to my heart because it has most incidences as true as possible but not the whole truth; of course. SJ was really my class mate. I am sure; you will enjoy the story.

His name was Shawn Jefferson; we knew each other from the elementary school days and it was the high school; 10th grade days when he vanished from school. I mostly called him SJ and I shall call him SJ in this story too. SJ’s both parents had perished little over 4 months ago in a road mishap and the little he shared with me, his sister did not care to keep him with her plus her husband was a very dubious character sexually but Shawn did not say much about him or himself. We were close but may be not as close to be the heart to heart friends and that’s why he did not tell me anything until one day he did not come to school and never after. Neither his sister nor her husband ever tried to find him and thus he became a statistic in the books of police and other law enforcement authorities and as there was no one to follow his case; school did not bother as well and everybody forgot Shawn; the jolly beautiful Indian boy.

I remembered him for a while but honestly one day with ups and downs of my life; he was out of sight and out of mind. After I graduated from high school; due to my being a bisexual with a very strong affinity for guy to guy sex; I had to leave home and moved as far away as possible to find a job; which I found in this small motel. It was as a matter of fact; a pit stop with diesel supply for the trucks and they also had a small coffee shop and about 8—9 rooms with enough amenities and attached bathrooms for the truckers to stay overnight or sometimes for short stays during the day to stop and rest for couple of hours. It was later that I learned that what that rest for couple of hours meant in the trucker’s language.

The truckers usually had the young boys with them as their helpers to make the run with them and fulfill the driver’s sexual needs during the long hauls or the boys who would show up from the nearby town to clean their trucks were their toys for the purpose. Anyway; my life was also not the smooth sailing as well but I had far more than my share of boys and girls under me for sex but for no obvious reason; I could not have a long term relation with anybody. I had a small place of residence rented; very close by and as the owner of this business made a very nice income, he was a good employer as well and my life was better than ok here.

I remember, it was the month of quite comfortable weather and I showed up at work about an hour earlier for my shift. I thought I shall tell the guy on duty that I was going to the burger giant across the street if in case I got delayed there. As I walked out of the office cabin; I got the shock of my life; seeing Shawn standing there trying to light his cigarette. Couple of years had passed but though it was not at the first sight; we did recognize each other. He was still youthful, handsome and attractive to my eyes. I told him to join me for lunch at the Burger place across the street and we went there. Shawn told me that having nobody to counsel with about being a virgin gay curious; he was having a very difficult day to day life and one day; he decided to leave his sister’s home and do whatever, to be on his own, having no plans or any scripture of what to do or not to do. It was the late evening of his last day at school when he took this bold step of his young life. He knew his sister or her hubby would not care as he had started to come home much later at night. He walked along the truck Route 1 South. He was not expecting any fast turn of events but yet almost 2 hours of walking without any aim; he felt tired and frustrated enough to stick up his thumb for the oncoming vehicles. Honestly; his brain had gone numb, unable to realize, what was he doing. The traffic going the other way to the larger cities was heavy but he hoped someone might pick him up. He knew the meaning of being picked up but being with a numb brain; he had no rational view of what his body was doing; he had no worries or thoughts to make him think twice.

Soon his hopes had almost died when a huge truck with a small trailer behind it; pulled to the side of the road about 20 yards from him. This was a relief and with a renewed vigor and thrill, he approached the passenger side door and got inside saying, “Thank you”.

“It’s alright”, he heard a real heavy voice as the driver immediately shifted the gear and began to move. After about a minute the driver said, “I am Chris” and extended his huge hand towards SJ. “Where are you going buddy”? he had a big smile to sooth SJ.

“Hi, I am Shawn”. SJ answered very politely as he shook the driver’s hand; telling the driver that he had none special destination and was ready to go or taken anywhere, he was going.

Chris looked at Shawn for a quick glance giving a smile and a very short giggle. Shawn turned his head and looked at him. He looked to be around 45—50 of age with a stout body, salt and pepper hair and very sharp facial features. They were quiet for about 10 minutes when Chris broke the silence. “Hey buddy; are you sure of what you said. I do not want to be blamed of k**napping you or something like that. Do you mind to say some more for the safety of both of us, if you know what I mean”?

“How can anyone blame you; I am not a k**”, SJ answered with a kind of very confident tone.

“OK, if you say so”, said Chris. “I want you to know; I am going to Savanna, Georgia for dropping a delivery, but of course; I am going to stop in about half an hour drive at Linden NJ, for overnight and make a pick up from there very early morning tomorrow, to make a run to Georgia”.

“Sure, no problem”, Shawn said with his head leaning against the window; “I shall be very happy to make a run with you to Georgia”.

Then once again, it was all quiet as Chris kept driving attentively but after about 5 minutes or so, SJ felt something happening in his body or may be in his mind. It felt like some special energy in the truck cab and he could not say what it was for sure or for real. He was nearly pulled towards Chris to search his body. The light inside the truck was very little; only from the moon; SJ realized that he had not looked at Chris, good at all. He was very youthful looking for his age if not young. He had a beard or maybe he had just not shaved in about a week; that was almost totally grey. He was wearing a thin white T-shirt and jeans. He was not fat but surely had a belly of a truck driver but again, he looked very youthful güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and fit. Somehow, Chris had a sense that Shawn was looking at him and turned his head to him but in a split second; SJ’s eyes were off him but could see from the corner of his eyes. Chris also returned to look at the road. Soon SJ’s eyes were averted back to him, entranced by his body magic; looking like an angel, who had kindly picked him up.

Perhaps Chris was looking from the corner of his eye; although to SJ, he looked as if he was looking straight at the road, because he said to Shawn, “What is mesmerizing you? Anything really important or interesting”?

“No, nothing”, SJ was startled and gave a very short answer because of feeling shy or guilty of being caught.

“Alright then, why don’t you start paying off for the favor, you are receiving”, his tone was very blunt and he had reached to unbutton the front of his jeans; while driving steadily and pushed it down including the boxers to exhibit his white penis; looking so majestic and dangerous too because of his size. His manhood was much more than huge. It was at least 10 inches long and twice as thick as SJ’s fist, while still limp; cut with chiseled, ground and a very beautifully designed head at the end, curving superbly over the mound of big balls. The truck cab suddenly got overwhelmed with the smell of his crotch. SJ had been always so proud of his own cock length which was looking so meager now against Chris. It was impossible to remove the eyes off this nice man pole of Chris.

Being gay, SJ had seen many boys’ guys and men naked with small to extra-large sizes and anyone interested to play with the cocks of others, knows; how utterly impossible it is to resist but honestly SJ had no clue, why he had absolutely no desire to handle Chris’ cock. It was of course a horrifying size and maybe he was getting afraid, being nervous or just plain reluctant to give in to this giant. As a matter of fact; SJ was still in a mode of admiring the noble deed, Chris had done for him and of course he was at least as old as Shawn’s dad and Shawn had never had sex with that age group and so it was a no, no, event in his mind anyway.

Honestly, SJ did not want to do it; although it was very enticing to recall the memories of taking man meat in his hands and mouth. What an eye candy; SJ could not take his eyes off it and never could explain, when and why he moved closer to Chris, with the neck bent and letting the huge whiff enter his nostrils and eyes urging to keep examining the Penis; the Lord of all Lords. He heard Chris speak above him, “Take your time until you are ready”. SJ had almost decided, never to be ready but what the hell; he was there, so lucky to be this close to the mysticism of all pure divinity with no chance of denial.

Respectfully, SJ held the meat slab in his shaking, trembling hand, bent his neck even more, opened his mouth thinking of a hippo’s yawn and now the colossal head was in his mouth. Thankfully, it was like taking any other cock in his mouth, only a zillion times thicker but the same familiar genitalia taste. Hardly wrapping his lips around the solid head and thinking to do something different, his tongue tried to push, applying pressure on the shaft and he felt, dying. SJ was choking, he was not breathing but Chris’ massive hand had pushed SJ’s head between his belly and the steering wheel of the truck and Chris was more or less yapping, “You said, you were not a k**; don’t be a fucked up sissy. Take it like a big boy, meant for the purpose”. He was urging SJ to be a man and SJ began to use his tongue for licking all the sides of the Lord penis feeling the little drops of spit down his chin as he almost willingly submitted to the man’s control to swallow inch after thick veiny inch of hard man meat fucking his face in worship of the hard choking length of Chris’ big fat dick. SJ’s tongue started working the shaft as it slid in and out of his wet throat with every thrust to shove that big hard bruising cock down the hungry greedy throat; eagerly convulsing around his shaft as SJ worked for the taste of the man’s thick and creamy load. Now Chris was appreciating and praising SJ, advising him to go down more, more; much more as he began breathing much harder, letting out silent sighs. “That’s nice”, SJ heard Chris say. A feeling of pride took over SJ knowing of providing the pleasing pressure to Chris’ cock. SJ began rapidly bobbing, swaying his head on the shaft making Chris breathe heavier and heavier. SJ’s jaw was ready to come off the hinges getting wrapped over the thicker portion of the beam but he was also getting the legit of it while Chris had gone totally silent; no sighing, no moaning, not even deep wheezing like breathing at all.

SJ thought, Chris was getting bored but then he suddenly moaned loud and SJ felt a taste on his tongue. Fearing that Chris’ juices were about to drown him; he removed the mouth away making Chris shudder and shake. SJ even heard Chris say, “Are you okay”? He sounded sympathetic.

“Yes, but my jaws are killing me”. SJ almost lied. His face was all wet with sweat and by now he had come to some sense, realizing what was he doing.

“Have you ever sucked any one before”. Chris asked very abruptly and SJ denied; “No, never”. He even shook his head and hoped his words and the expressions did not refute the lie. Chris once again gave SJ a big grin, deciding something in his mind and pulled up his jeans. “Anyway, we are hardly minutes from where we shall stay”; Chris said and in the next almost 5 minutes he pulled the truck into a truck stop and they headed towards the motel on the other side of the street. “The truck cabin is not large enough for the free movements of both of us”; he said, “So it is better to rent a room for overnight”.

Chris filled the papers at the counter, took the key and they walked towards the back for the room. Chris unlocked the room and made SJ walk in before him and signaled him to sit on the bed as he took off his T-shirt and dropped it on the larger than king size bed after placing the keys on the table. Then Chris came and sat next to SJ on the bed, giving a very soft pat on SJ’s shoulder, and spoke with a very concerned tone; “Listen Shawn, I have no reason not to believe you; what you have told me about you and I kind of think you are a god sent for me. I need someone to help me, accompany me in my runs and I shall try to take very good care of you within my means”. His kind side was coming to light. “I am divorced and live alone in a decent home up in the hills of Vermont and you will live güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with me if you wanted to”. SJ felt the utter softness of his words. Chris suddenly stopped talking and leaned a bit with his lips jabbing on SJ’s.

Very strange; SJ wanted more, he did not feel shy anymore; no second thoughts, no fear of anything. Chris also got the message of SJ’s total consent and their lips locked with each other with tongues intertwining as well. A high voltage of electricity was passing through as their hands also joined in to caress each other’s back and soon SJ felt Chris’ dominant but gentle hands remove his shirt. As SJ said, he had been with other males and done oral sex much more than he shall admit but never allowed any one to be dominant with him and now he realized that Chris’ dominance was exciting him as he took control. Then very slowly, Chris laid SJ down and came on top, balancing himself on the arms to keep the continuity of their kissing. “Do you feel alright”, Chris asked and SJ felt no shame in doing a quick nod of yes to him. “God”, Chris said and continued to kiss SJ. Soon Chris’ lips were gliding downwards on SJ’s body, starting from his neck, shoulders, hairless smooth chest and decently developed nipples; that had grown hard by now. Chris tweaked, pulled and twisted SJ’s nipples until SJ did feel kind of pain and then Chris put his wet tongue on them both, one after the other. Ever so slowly, going down, Chris licked SJ’s belly and surrounding area, to the soft furry zone while his hands unhooked, unbuttoned SJ’s jeans to pull it off SJ.

Before SJ could consent or resist; Chris took his nice and hard boy dick in the wet and warm mouth making SJ’s whole body suddenly shiver and quake with the horny jolts. Chris was now sucking SJ’s cock sending the sensation, friction and sensual feeling into his body and mind making SJ feel like being on the magic carpet; realizing what was being done to him. SJ wanted to stop him but instead; he had begun very slow thrusting inside Chris’ mouth, with closed eyes and letting Chris enjoy the stiffening meat beam. Hearing a kind of chirping, sucking sound; SJ’s eyes opened up to see Chris licking his thick middle finger, thick as SJ’s hard erected cock.

Before SJ could hardly perceive his action, Chris had SJ turn on his belly and his finger was reaching in SJ’s ass cheeks; spreading them slowly, searching for the exact spot to find it until he found it and his wet finger was inserted in the hole. With a ripping feeling of pain, SJ produced a shrieking noise and his body stiffened with his head jerking back. Now once again Chris took SJ’s penis in his mouth and SJ realized some reduction of pain in his ass. By then Chris’ finger was much deeper inside SJ’s ass hole and dancing all around on its free will; though a bit slow and gentle. Soon Chris had developed a rhythm for sucking on SJ’s cock and also thrusting his finger in and out of SJ’s ass.

It was very much compulsorily feeling for SJ’s rectal ring to get tight around the finger as Chris poked the prostate. ‘Aaah, fuck’, SJ truly did not want to slur the obscenity but the word just slipped out of his lips, his body got very tense, his cock getting even stiffer and longer; like he was all set to shoot out his cum. Chris quickly pulled his finger out of SJ’s rectum and even took SJ’s cock out of his mouth making SJ shudder and quiver with a very unique kind of painful feeling of emptiness down under. As SJ looked over his left shoulder; Chris was looking at him and anticipating SJ’s need, with a soft whispering, “Not so soon babes”.

Reaching in his jeans pocket, Chris pulled a little tube of Brylcreem and a leather strap before dropping his jeans to the floor. Once again his horrifying cock was out naked and now in a much better view to enjoy. O’ Almighty, it was truly a monstrous size, totally engorged, overfilled with hot blood but still almost semi erect and hanging down to his knees. Chris positively read SJ’s mind, feeling worried about his size as he produced a very soft giggle; announcing that it was so big but quite divine and benevolent in its being and assured SJ not to worry at all. Now as his huge and heaviness was not quite hard yet, he held it in his large hands, spread some lubing cream on it; removed his shirt to be totally naked and began to stroke it until it came alive and then he wrapped the leather strap in his hand from under his bull balls, over his cock and fastened the big snaps all around his now awesome looking meat rod making SJ fascinated with what he did to himself.

Once again taking the lube tube in his hand, he squeezed some on his fingers and started lubing around SJ’s tightly puckered knot and did not hesitate to slip his fat fingers inside to soften and loosen the outer rim plus the inner sides of SJ’s anal muscle walls. Afterwards he looked in SJ’s eyes; perhaps to see if there was any doubt or question about what was going to happen. Apparently SJ might have had plenty reservations but no issues to stop him from raising SJ’s left leg to put on his right shoulder, leaning down and up to bring SJ’s knee to his ear; almost folding him in half, which raised SJ’s hips little bit off the bed; exposing his hole for Chris’ easy approach.

Now he looked down to the point where he was going to make the joint while SJ felt Chris’ humongous cock tip making circles around SJ’s anal orifice. As SJ got his mind to the fact that Chris was only teasing his back hole; Chris just stopped, pushed and got the entry into the tight rectum. Oh my God, Chris was really inside SJ. The thought of having the cock in the ass and the real thing was like day and night. In spite of being well lubed; SJ’s ass was not ready for the entry of such a huge dick fitted like an enormous log and pushing to stretch him as well as reaching to come out of his mouth at the other end. The shredding pain of the anal ring was simply beyond the SJ’s bearing capacity as he screamed asking Chris to stop, please stop and pull out but Chris kept pushing inwards.

Luckily, SJ was able to reach for Chris’ arm to hold and gave a sideway jerk to his own body making a plopping sound and Chris’ cock dislodged from SJ’s hole. SJ looked in Chris’ calm eyes and pleaded to please stop for not being able to take it in due to the terrible pain. Instead of staying soft and kind as Chris was a little while ago; he snatched his arm from SJ and shouted a loud command, telling SJ that it will pass soon. He only took a moment to stay out while SJ heaved and felt his mind speaking in his ears to ask Chris to go ahead and place güvenilir bahis şirketleri him on the huge skewer once again while the severe pain of his stretched asshole felt like subsiding a little.

“Fuck you”, SJ never would have dared but that was exactly what came out of his lips as Chris pressed his cock once again on the tight ass ring. SJ saw a sure rage on Chris’ face to hear SJ swear and his thighs kept pushing. The big strong muscular Chris above SJ; gripped to hold him close while his massive and hairy thighs flexed to drive his hips forward, half lifting SJ’s boy body off the bed as Chris again impaled SJ’s smooth, young slender flesh on his long hard length of thick cock. He frowned with fierce pleasure; watching through the slit eyes at SJ’s face, seeing him in pain at being roughly taken again and his ass yielding swiftly, reluctantly, to pleasure, hearing SJ’s desperate cry over being taken so violently, so suddenly with the massive anal intruding with his manly fuck rod barreling in to SJ’s ass with lust.

Truth must be told; SJ was now feeling far more pressure but not as much pain, although Chris’ tussle was looking obvious and he was far deeper inside SJ. “That’s better”, Chris said as his hand combed through SJ’s very wet hair with sweat. “You’re being very good now”. Bull shit; SJ thought because he did not feel good but of course had a feeling it would get easier soon. By now Chris was grinding his balls on SJ’s furry hole and began moving slowly and gently. Against all hopes of getting a bit easier; his movement in and out of SJ’s ass hole brought back the ripping pain. It literally felt as if SJ’s ass was under a terrorist attack, where by the suicide bombers had used the gasoline bombs to explode inside the anus and now they were throwing oil on the fire to scorch and destroy SJ’s innards. He was in the pain of intense degree, his eyes were closed and with every pumping thrust his lips formed a big ‘O’ in stress; only hoping that Chris’ thrusts would stop to give him a little break but instead Chris’ pace fastened, his intensity increased, his range of motion also extended and his rhythm quickened. O’ God; Chris was fucking SJ, truly senseless. He had no intention to slow down or stop; instead he was building up by all means. SJ’s pain was not reducing by any means but his ass was getting obedient, tolerant and numb to accept it as the part of being overall joyful whore. It was not hurting as much once again and SJ was becoming again a consensual partner in this pleasing fucking game.

SJ had begun asking Chris to fuck him as he used to get fucked in his earlier days and Chris was also repeating himself, “Shawn baby; make me fuck you harder, make me fuck you dear”. His sentence was not complete, when he suddenly lifted SJ up almost over his head, reversed and put him down on the bed; all balanced on his knees and elbows. SJ could not truly, completely comprehend; what happened to him because Chris’ hard fucking man cock was still wedged in SJ’s ass hole but now he was behind SJ instead of being on top of him. In the deep SJ thoughts; he was now hot for Chris’ growing cock joy and lusty domination of his ass, Chris riding with both of his feet fixed on the bed and his arms going under SJ’s arms and twisting his young nipples. Chris was fucking SJ’s wet warm tight hole with the swift, hard savage strokes and grunting loud every time he felt his cock slide in SJ’s deep passage. This endless sliding in and out of SJ was making Chris to groan with pure sexy joy; surging out of his groin, celebrating the feeling of SJ’s tender warm ass meat wrapped deliciously around his hard cock. SJ’s ass was pulsing, flexing and fluttering helplessly with the pleasure of being stretched around Chris’ thick veiny shaft; trying to milk his stiff rod with each of the ultra-throb.

SJ’s mercy cries had faded and now for just the illogical requests for more, Chris continued to fuck SJ harder; enjoying the thrill of his ass trapped under him. Chris; just for his selfish sex pulled himself almost halfway out to enjoy looking at SJ’s smooth pale ass cheeks rippling and bouncing under each of his fierce attack; was in his clear view as SJ looked over his shoulder. Chris smiled, kind of rude and kinky at SJ while his hips drove the full hard length in SJ with an overwhelming zest and cruelty. Chris’ balls slapping against SJ sack, the leather strap around Chris’ cock and balls scratching SJ’s rectal rim, the deep fucking, constant smell of sex; suddenly brought Chris to the point where his cock got still harder, longer and thicker. His balls also got knotted and he exploded from head to toes with his pleasure juices jumping out into SJ’s dilated hole; jolt after jolt of ecstasy as his man cannon pumped his sperm in SJ’s flooding hot ass.

After all, done; Chris pulled out of SJ’s ass letting him drop nonchalantly on the bed like nothing happened; got separated and heaved while SJ’s helpless ass stayed burning, wet lube and juices slowly seeping out of his exhausted, trembling body shining with cum and sweat. The only little sound heard was SJ’s very frantic, ragged ravaged breath. After about half an hour Chris again fucked SJ and this time again; he terrorized SJ’s ass to the max. They stayed in the motel overnight and as SJ said; he could never forget the mess Chris made out of his poor young body. He did not sleep nor he let SJ sleep for a wink all night except for the little dozing off minutes needed for Chris to pass the refractory periods before getting next hard erection to fuck SJ more.

SJ could not recall exactly but he said that Chris kept talking to him and commanding him, giving SJ some the details of his plan. By the next morning; while SJ sucked Chris during the shower, Chris announced that SJ shall be his boy to serve his sexual needs and also to help him during his hauling the long runs only. By now SJ was already sobbing when he told me that for close to 3 years; Chris used him, abused him; even started to pass him on to other truckers for the nights when he thought; he did not need to fuck SJ and the other truckers; to the best of SJ’s belief paid Chris but took it on the poor SJ by ganging up on him in big numbers all night or all day. Now though still SJ was very young but his ass was almost totally destroyed and he was not at all happy with his life.

I did what I could and offered him to stay with me because he did tell me that Chris dropped him here well over 8 hours ago and he did not believe that Chris would ever come back because even for the colossal cock between the Chris’ thighs; SJ’s ass was a wasted cause. Shawn stayed with me and I can also say, his was the only ass in all my years of fucking gay boys; that was not at all fuck worthy. I only could console and keep SJ for less than a month and he was gone again. I wish him well; wherever he is now.

The End. Your comments appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan March 7, 2019.

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