Games Gay People Play

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Games Gay People Play
Games Gay People Play

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Most of my friends knew one of my very favorite fuck buddy, named Qasim Khan. Qasim was born in South Africa, of being an Indian descend. His grandfather had migrated to South Africa from India, some 100 years ago or more when the British had occupied India. O’ God Almighty! It hurts already to say, I knew Qasim [speaking about Qasim in past tense]. I truly have no clue, why our relationship has come to an almost end these days. He was a few years older than I, when I found him on the internet. Qasim being an awesome gay bottom, born to give and serve whole heartedly; we had great relationship. He was my first choice boy toy to call when my balls needed a relief. He lived at a distance of at least an hour’s drive and if I could not get some ass to fuck, Qasim was always glad to drive to me and take my load in his ass. I know he had changed the job and moved closer to me but after mutual talk our relationship was still open ended; on need basis. We two had travelled together to London once and once to Dubai for a trip to remember and cherish, even the trip to Dubai, where we were lucky to enjoy some sex in spite of the stupid laws. We still talk, may be once in a blue moon but I have not fucked Qasim for well over 2 years and I do miss him including his ass hole more than my throbbing hard cock misses his favorite fuck hole.

Ok; so much to reminisce and miss dear Qasim. I had not called him for say about a week, when one evening I felt my cock was playing hard and I as usual, for emergency fucking situation, had to call Qasim. He answered but shit! He told me, he was in Miami for the next 3 days in connection with some meeting of the Biochemists. He was sent by his hospital where some big authorities were giving the presentation on ‘Biochemistry Today in Hospital Setting’. Knowing my need, he said that he will call me right back after making some arrangements. He called me back soon as he could and gave me Walter’s name and his phone number telling me that this Walter guy could help me the best. He had spoken to Walter and now Walter was waiting for my call. I thanked Qasim and the next call I made to Walter. To add to my frustration, Walter told me that he was close to my age, 20; but never been fucked nor he wanted to be fucked in his virgin ass but he could be the sure hottest blowjob specialist and also for the fact that he was more than discreet, he had a glory hole at home to make the blowjob even more playful. Walter asked and I gave him my phone number and my e mail address also.

I agreed to the restrictions and constraints; Walter put forward, particularly of not showing his face and he gave me the directions to his place. Today, when I look back, I realize, it was far more the curiosity than the load urging to jump out of my balls that I agreed to go to Walter because I always had been an ass person and when Walter even refused his ass to me, I still agreed to go to him. He had told me that I should call him as soon as I found the parking, so that he would unlock the door for me and once inside, to push the buzzer once and walk straight up until all was there to see and enjoy. I told him, I was on my way and next he would hear from me soon after I get a parking spot near his residence.

Soon I was at the provided address and got the parking less than a block away from the door. I gave him a call and in couple of minutes I was at the door. It was unlocked as told. I pressed the buzzer once and entered the neat corridor to see the staircase going up. I quickly headed up the stairs. At the top, as I looked down the hall way, instead of a door, I saw a heavy plywood or a wood board filling the frame. A little bit below the middle I saw the hole cut in it with a handle to hold on both sides for support during the orgasmic high. A very dim light filtered through to show some shadowy movement on the other side of the board.

Soon a finger gestured me to be close to the wood panel. I hesitated a little but the lust was ruling my desires the strongest. I unzipped as I reached close and my fully hardened cock jumped out of the open fly. The tip of the tongue had replaced the finger there from the other side. I took the last step to get me closest to the hole and put my cock through it. I could hear a loud compliment on the size and even the shape of my devil for a cock muscle, huge like 8” and thicker than a horse, uncut and curving majestically over the balls. He took it in his warm, wet mouth providing the slippery pleasure. Quickly he had pulled my balls also to his side and was sliding his mouth, lips and tongue in a rhythm on my full hard length.

Walter on the other side, really knew what he was doing. Strokes of his mouth varied in depth and pace as well. He was allowing a lot of spit to flow all over the shaft with his tongue. One moment he held the cock head in his lips and next he had my fully erect pole lodged in his throat. He was flicking his tongue in and out of my cock hole to make me see the stars. His one hand was continuously playing with my balls working them good too. After a while, I felt my grip tightening on the side handles and my moaning also was getting louder along with my head tilting back, my eyes were pulled back in my head and closed with sensations rising in my balls. The erotic charge of being serviced by an unknown, unseen man was feeling much more than awesome. I really did not want to cum yet and pulled back, although Walter resisted and did not want to let me pull out. Soon I had my cock and balls on my side of the hole all slithered in spit and raging hard. My legs were really canlı bahis shuddering with fatigue and lassitude. Soon I saw the shadows moving on the other side and a small bottle of poppers appeared on my side while I heard Walter asking me to take a hit and put my cock back in the hole for him to service it.

Honestly, by now; I would have done anything asked by Walter. I opened the bottle and took a double hit of poppers. Feeling the blood rushing to my face, I pushed my sex machine back to the other side for Walter’s greedy mouth. The nice cock sucking skills, the thrill of anonymity and the rush provided by the poppers soon toppled me over the cliff. My head was spinning as I let it drop backwards and my grips were solid on the handles. My stretching, twisting body was ramming every millimeter of my meat shaft down the throat taking me inside on the other side. I squirted, I spurted, I spewed all I could and emptied my balls. Although extremely sensitive but Walter did not let me pull back until he milked me for every drop possible. After he cleaned me up with his tongue and lips, I pulled myself back still gasping for air. I just could not tell when was my last orgasm this hard and ripping. I heard Walter on the other side gagging and choking due to the gallons of my all natural drink made of vitamins, minerals and other useful nutrients spilled in his throat. Slowly gaining my senses, I stuffed my still swollen cock and metal balls in my pants and zipped up. It was a very awkward moment. Nobody to thank, nobody to kiss good bye, no naked ass to love slap while getting ready to leave but I just thanked the hollow corridor, loud enough to be heard on the other side of the wooden board. I made sure the popper bottle was safe and won’t be wasted inadvertently, walked downstairs and exited to the street closing the door behind me.

While on my way home, I received a phone message from Walter, thanking me for the best time he had and requesting to go check my email. Reaching home, I hurried to open my computer and log in to my e mail. O’ Fucking Lord! It was a very hot message requesting me to return soon. Walter had also attached a close up photograph of his open mouth, tongue hanging out, all coated with the thick white slush. It was ‘The Cum’, mine of course. He had informed me in the email that he took the picture of himself with the phone camera, carefully focusing on the lips and mouth; full of my cum; just after our encounter and before he swallowed it all. I had seen Walter’s empty mouth, then full with my meat and now full of my cum. As I mentioned earlier, I think, he had only asked my age to make sure that I was an adult and did not want to see my face for the same reason, he had not shown me his full face. He was in the closet for the whole world except the few guys, he knew would not out him.

I had never been with a guy ever and had this unique experience of not seeing him face to face and admit that the arrangement was exciting and addicting as well. Walter was my boy more and more often. The chemistry between us grew nicely and our encounters became more elaborate in its own way. Now, whenever I shall enter the building; I shall take off my clothes and leave them there, before going upstairs. Our encounters were far fierier and sizzling, knowing the other person on the other side was also totally naked. Walking up with my cock swinging and jumping from thigh to thigh was also like a shot of adrenaline and then shoving it dripping into the waiting mouth; what a fucking bliss.

Walter’s cock sucking expertise was so hot that though, alI of my other fuck buddies had told me that I took too long to cum and their jaws would hurt in an attempt to make me shoot; I would cum rather quickly when in his mouth, even though he was obliging enough to back off now and then and help me not to climax rather fast. I wanted our sessions to last as long as possible, because I enjoyed them so much. With time he was nice to accept my offer to let me suck his cock and had shown me his almost 6” of cut nice shaped piece of meat as well. I was more than willing to get on my knees for worshiping his snake. The groans and murmurs of pleasure from the other side of the partition as I worked on him were unmistakable but he never came in my mouth. After a while, I realized that he was the power player, making me shoot in his mouth and not the other way around. Sometimes when I was approaching my climax and did an attempt to withdraw; he wouldn’t let me pull out, forcing me to ejaculate. He even laughed if I complained, saying that I should be thankful because he did not like to swallow the raw meat and did not bite it off my groin. I only hoped, he was just k**ding and did not mean to do it.

Our encounters were becoming more regular and although, he knew almost everything there was to know about oral sex, we spoke and I managed to teach him some new things. One night when we were into our usual scene, he let go of my cock and I got on my knees to take my turn, sucking him. After about 10 minutes of sucking him, I whispered into the glory hole, saying that he had sent me a very hot picture of his mouthful of my cum and I would love to play snowball with him. His tone was obviously very puzzled, when he said, “Snowball, what”?

I explained him what it meant and how to play it and he admitted, it sounded hot. I convinced him to let me share my load back in my mouth after I filled his mouth and he agreed. I got back on my feet and shoved my cock back through the hole for him to work on it with the renewed energy. Now with a new addition to our playful game, I did not take much longer perabet than eight to ten minutes and I lost the battle and emptied my balls into his oral cavity, with sighing groaning of pleasure. With my orgasm at last dwindling and erection began to subside I pulled my still twitching dick out and sank down to the floor on my legs feeling like the rubber and asked him through the glory hole to give it back to me now. His mouth came to the hole, cum leaking out and running down his chin. I put my lips to his and started receiving my load back into my mouth with both of us emitting muffled moans of satisfaction as he forced my hot load back into my mouth. I felt his tongue tickling mine as we swapped sperm back and forth, through the glory hole, invisible to each other except for our mouths. Finally, we swallowed and we broke apart. I sat there, painting my mouth full of the tangy salty bitter taste of my own produce.

“Fuck! Man that was hot. Walter said and admitted that he had never done that before and I told him that I was glad, he liked it and after that we practiced it by repeating it every time and finishing our play that way. Then I spoke to him about ‘Docking’ and we started playing ‘Docking’ as well which was so much fun with his cock being cut and mine having a long loose foreskin. Now we were always playing for more than one ejaculation and it automatically extended our play time with sucking, docking and snowballing.
I was kind of getting contented to go on like this but mother fucking Walter had some other ideas in his mind too. One night as we were chatting online, he asked me of my other sexual interests and I told him, “I loved to fuck, I enjoyed watching and liked being watched”. I remember very vividly, Walter denying me to fuck him because he was still virgin and was extremely afraid of pain. I tried to convince him, promising to take it easy and gentle with him but he flatly refused cursing me for my donkey sized fucking rod. I also remember, Walter asking me if I was always a top and I told him honestly that no, in school days I began as ‘you fucked me and now I have to fuck you to keep quiet’, then graduating to be a consensual versatile with certain cute boy or boys. In college with the huge size of my cock most guys wanted to take my cock in their ass and gradually, I evolved to be a top only and now, not having bottomed for well over 6–7 years.

About a week or two later, I received an email from Walter, saying that one more of his regular buddies, 19 years old Gary, was interested. Walter said that Gary was versatile but a true size queen and would love to get fucked by me and asked me if I was interested.

There was no reason to refuse fucking a youthful ass and Walter fixed the meeting date and time at his place in the next week. I was to get there first and Gary to join us later. I was harder than pure steel and hornier than ever before as I reached Walter’s place thinking about a threesome at the glory hole setting. Like always, as I got inside and buzzed his bell, I got out of my clothes and headed upstairs naked. Walter was of course waiting for me behind the board and I shoved my extended partner through the hole. After giving him the chance to suck me for good 15 minutes at least, I pulled back and knelt to get a taste of Walter’s meat. While I was sucking him I heard the doorbell ring and the footsteps coming up on the staircase until the new comer stopped behind me and I could smell the aura of his youth, sweat and his testosterone mixed with some alcohol as well.

Quietly, I heard the belt buckle being unfastened and some clothing drop to the floor. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, massaging gently. As I was in the kneeling position, sucking Walter; I turned my head a little and saw a sturdy pair of legs, beat up sneakers on the feet and a khaki shorts around the ankles. A fat but hardly 4 may be 5 inches’ cock jutting from the middle of the thighs. Now I slowly looked up and saw a face wrapped in a kind of scarf or a bandanna wearing a thin white t shirt. Seeing me not hiding my face, Gary also removed his facial covering and said hello; introducing himself as Gary. I also introduced myself and said hello. As he removed his facial covering, I saw a beautiful, young white boy; a type that I had fucked plenty of times during my school days. He looked very attractive for being a fuck buddy. We did not say much but seeing me in position already, he just grabbed my head and inserted his little cock in my mouth. I did not resist but played kind of obliging partner and took his cock in total and started working on it pulling out all the stops, twirling wrapping my tongue around his cock knob, licking the pre cum, washing his balls, finally being rewarded with a muffled sigh. “Yeah, man suck it good, let me feel the pressure in my balls”. He said.

After a while he pulled out of my mouth and removed his shorts and moved closer the glory hole and pushed his cock through for providing a fair chance to Walter for sucking him. I was behind Gary and watching his ass buns straining and flexing when he struggled to push most of his length through the hole for Walter. I could clearly see a joyful grimace on his face as we both heard Walter slurp noisily on his small cock. I suddenly realized the leaking of lube from my cock hole as I kept stroking myself gently. Walter’s fingers appeared in the hole, holding a sachet pack of lube mixed with ‘Anal Ease’ and a condom. Gary took those items from Walter, tore open the lube sachet and started to apply a dab to his hole, while handing me the condom to roll it over my shaft. Finally, he squeezed perabet giriş rest of the lube out of the sachet and slithered it all over my hard cock in the condom already.

Right then, Walter’s cock came through the hole from the other side and Gary obeyed, bending down to take it in his mouth and almost knew what was coming next and raised his hip, swaying his beautiful ass. I got behind Gary as he began blowing invisible Walter on the other side of the hole and let him feel the big head of my sheathed cock between his ass crack. There was no struggle and I was inside Gary’s hole, making him quiver with a brief flash of pain, when I pressed through his ring and slid up his ass. I also felt a warm tingling around my cock as I entered in Gary’s young ass hole making me feel like being in heaven exactly like I used to feel with the boys in school days.

Getting filled on both ends, Gary moaned providing a human vibrator effect on the Walter’s cock down his throat. I stretched and extended my hands to grip the handles on the separating wood board between us and Walter which gave me a good leverage to fuck Gary, slamming much harder and deeper into his ass crushing my cum filled balls between our bodies. After a while, Walter withdrew from Gary’s mouth and signaled with his finger to change position. Soon I was sitting down on my ass with my legs extended and my hard cock surging from my lap like a phone pole. Gary squatted on my legs and slowly came down to impale his ass hole on my prong. His face was towards my toes and I could see my long cock skewer embedded in Gary’s hole but soon Walter’s cock appeared on our side near my mouth and I knew, it was for me and opened my lips to suck it in my gullets. A willful fucking ensued on both ends.

I was doing my best to enjoy the cock in my mouth, servicing it from cock hole to the thick base, while Gary was fucking himself on my cock, ramming to the deepest ends of his rectum and letting our heavy balls crash with each other. I could feel myself hammering Gary’s prostate when he sunk himself on my cock working as an axis. The combined sensation of having Walter’s cock in my throat and Gary’s ass around my cock was slowly but surely bringing me to the edge. The double onslaught was getting very difficult to hold back my orgasm, when suddenly Walter’s already swollen cock grew double in its girth and everybody heard him howl as he began to unload in my mouth. For no apparent reason today, his brew tasted juicier and salty and creamier, easy to slide down into my belly.

Honestly; I lost my attention from Gary fucking my cock with his young man hole but he kept whamming his sphincter around my getting sensitive cock which made my orgasm to cascade faster. Being in a restricted position, I could only move a little upwards to fuck Gary’s warm and pulp packed hole but he did not show any dereliction and helped me to build my orgasm to a desired peak making me feel that I was going to pass out. My nuts got busted and I could feel the most severe throbbing in the condom torpedoing my most natural, hygienic and healthy juices through the cock holes. What a shame, I thought to Cum inside a condom and waste the priceless commodity.

The double whammy made me lose my senses and I swear, I must be knocked out for a while. When I came back to earth, Gary had removed the condom off my limping cock and licked me all clean and now he was feeding his seed to Walter through the hole. Usually, I get extremely sensitive soon after shooting my essence and want to stop every sexual activity but the magic of threesome in this special setting worked exactly opposite and I was already feeling awakening effect in my cock, wanting to fuck again. Soon as Gary was done feeding Walter, I grabbed him and put him on his back on the floor, folding him in half and without waiting for another condom and lube sachet from Walter, I nailed Gary bareback with my wedge of meat. I am sure it hurt him but with a buck up noise from other side of the hole, joined with my selfish sexual pleasure; I fucked Gary hard, rough, fast and deep. Walter demanding us to be in a position, so he could also see and enjoy the sawing effect of my cock on Gary’s ass being stretched painfully.

After fucking Gary like a toy doll for long enough, I felt fire building in my balls reaching rapidly another orgasmic climax and I gladly flooded the far ends of Gary’s rectal cavity. Having spilled my brew so rapidly and more than once; I was really feeling sore in my balls and even my plunger meat was also hurting popping out of Gary’s abused hole. I almost had no more interest in Gary and feeling the fact; he pulled up his shorts, zipped and left without even saying a word to me or Walter, slamming the door downstairs hard enough for us to hear.

Walter, asked me if I enjoyed and also if I was feeling ok. “That was fantastic”, I thanked him for making an arrangement to get me a young beautiful boy for fucking. I know, Walter was only k**ding, when he asked to pay him for the service he provided and let him suck me but we both laughed and I promised to give him a heavy dose in couple of days. His deep chuckle was worth a million dollars on the other side of the glory hole and he also thanked me for a show that could envy any porno video scene, he had ever enjoyed. I asked to leave but not before Walter taking a promise from me to return soon with more load in my balls and he promising me to arrange some other gay guy’s stuff for me, involving may be bondage scene or dildos or the cross dressing guys, may be a she male fun. I was impressed, Walter was so resourceful and still in the closet.

I doubt, if this was the reason that my relation with Walter; although unique, but surely have flourished and Qasim has dropped out of preferred boy’s list.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 28, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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