Fun In The Dark

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This is based on a very wild dream I had. If you don’t like a little bit of fantasy with your pleasure… Turn back now!

Something woke me in the middle of the night. My throat was dry, so I slid out of bed and into my slippers, padding down the hall to the kitchen. After a glass of water I headed back to my room, and gasped sharply as I saw a dark shape dart away from me, down the hall toward the front door. I wasn’t exactly scared, standing there staring as I tried to figure out if that had been real, or a trick of the shadows. I think it was just the shadows.

There is movement again. A lot this time, and I know now for sure that something is there. I watched as a big black shape steps out of the hall, heading toward me. It looked like a man, although it was just big and inky. He had no face and there weren’t any details to his clothing, but he was 3D, and as he shifted I could see the shape of his biceps and pecs. He was ripped, but slender, like one of those hottie actors. Like Brad Pitt or Val Kilmer. Or one of those professional swimmers – but I digress.

His head tilted and I felt him looking down at me, as I stood there with my jaw hanging open. Then he turned for the door and quickly began to leave.

“No, don’t!” I called after him. “You don’t have to leave!”

But he didn’t stay. He left by dropping into a puddle and sliding under the door like water. I sighed and returned to bed, climbing under the blankets and laying there in the dark. I waited a few moments, to see if the shadow-man would come back, but he didn’t. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Sometime later, I felt fingertips stroke my cheek. I opened my eyes, and I saw him standing by my bed by the window, the light seeping through the tapestry illuminating him.

“You came back.” I whisper. He nodded. “Why are you here? Who are you?”

He motioned with his hands.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you… Are you mute?”

He dropped his hands, nodding again. I motion to my chalkboard. “You can use that.”

I watched him walk around the bed, turning onto my side as he picked up a piece of chalk. He wrote, “hello.”

I smiled. “Hi.” I looked him over again. “You’re all dark, I can barely see anything except your basic outline.”

“Shape bahis firmaları shifter.”

“Ooooh, that explains it a bit. Why are you here?”

He shrugged a little this time, then wrote, “curious.”

“What about?”


“Oh.” I felt myself begin to blush, watching him set the chalk down. He turned toward me and slowly sat down on my bed. “What about me?” I’m amazed that I’m not stuttering.

His hands drew back the blankets, and then slowly stroke my legs. I was wearing a simple white nightgown with blue flower print, and he slowly lifted it up over my thighs. His hands were warm and felt firm and smooth on my skin. I didn’t know why I simply continued to sit there, but I did, staring at him as he slid his hand into my panties, his fingertips slowly parting my lips. He stopped when I gasped at his touch, but then he continued, his fingers brushing my clit, curving over my mound and slowly sinking into my pussy entrance. I started to get wet, and my juices coated his inky black fingers.

You’re tight. His voice was a soft, deep purr, only I swear I didn’t hear it. He was in my head.

“I’m a virgin.” I whispered huskily, beginning to breathe deeply as those fingers explored my neither regions. “At least, I’ve never had anything inside my pussy.”

Will you try me? His fingers withdrew from my cunt and slowly began to massage my clit. I will be gentle.

I groaned softly. He seemed to know exactly how I liked to rub it. I pressed my back into my pillows, my hips slowly grinding against his hand. “Oh god, yes… I will. But… you can’t take my pussy. I’m saving it for Frankie.”

All right.

I was glad he didn’t mind. It seemed like most guys were possessive about the cunt of a girl they wanted to fuck. This guy though… Accepted that I had plans for my virginity.

He helped me out of my panties and nightgown, then gently picked me up, like I weighed nothing, and sat in my place. He set me on his lap.

Kiss me.

I blinked at him, giggling softly before closing my hands around his cheeks. “I can’t see where your lips are!” I used my thumbs to find them, and he drew me closer, kissing me deeply. I was quickly becoming excited, kissing him breathlessly in response kaçak iddaa as my hands slid down his shoulders and around his back.

“I haven’t done this before, either.” I whispered into his mouth.

You do very well. He assured me. He continued to kiss me and I felt his tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth, breathing through my nose again as he taught me how to French. Soon we could hear my cunny squishing with juices. I was primed for fucking.

Where is your lube?

I reached behind him and grabbed the jar, and he took it from me. Then, those big, strong hands slowly turned me around to face away from him, easing me onto my hands and knees. I wondered what he was doing, until I felt a finger slide into my ass. It was coated with the Vaseline. I groaned softly, and he began to pump his finger in and out of my ass. He withdrew his finger and I caught my breath, and then felt him gently easing two of them back into my little rosebud. I could feel him stretching my anal walls and began to groan more deeply as he slowly fingered me. His fingers slid out to the tips, and he gently began to force in a third. I whimpered with the pain, and his free hand between my thighs and began to rub my clit. I tightened on his fingers, then moaned deeply and slowly relaxed again.

He was starting to really fuck me good. His fingers were stretching my walls as well as keeping me high with pleasure as he did it. He pumped and rubbed harder, faster, until he had me forcing myself onto his hands. I began to cry out and came heavily, pushing back against him tightly.

Do you like it in the ass?

I giggled. “It’s my biggest fetish… I even like it when it hurts a little. I love to be fucked hard, over and over and over…”

You are very interesting.

His fingers left my clit, and I was content to rest my cheek against the bed, sitting on my knees with my ass impaled on three of his fingers. After a few moments, his fingers slid out of me. I took a wild guess as to what was coming next.

Sure enough, I felt him shift behind me and his cock slid up my crack. He was coated in the gel, and I bit my lip when his head settled against my hole. I could tell he was large. At least twice the size of the toy I liked to use up there.

He kaçak bahis began to feed his cock into me. My asshole slowly opened around his tip, then his head, and I groaned as I felt how wide I was stretching. There was a soft pop as my rim closed around his mushroom head and I exhaled, not knowing when I’d starting holding my breath.

He pushed forward and I moaned, my ass sucking hungrily on his shaft as he forced it up inside me. I could hear him groaning; feel his meat throbbing madly inside me. I squirmed.

You are so tight! He exclaimed in excited pleasure. I grinned.

With a gasp, I felt his pelvis come up against my asscheeks. “All of it? I took all of it?” I was impressed! I also felt as though I was impaled on a spit and ready to be roasted. I flexed my walls on his shaft in disbelief.

How do you do that? He cried. That is amazing!

“I don’t know how… I just do.”

It is very good. He stroked my back and hips before getting a good grip. He ground against my cheeks and began to pull out, slowly pushing back in. I panted in pleasure and closed my eyes, surrendering my ass to his dick. He fucked my ass with long strokes and I moaned each time he pushed back inside. He increased his tempo and my moans kept time. The massive amount of lube coating my walls enabled him to move so smoothly, it excited me.

“Faster! Faster!!”


He fucked me faster, making me gasp and groan and pant for breath. Soon I was rocking back and forth on my knees, humping him in heated pleasure as he plunged in and out of my ass. I felt my body tightening and my clit throbbing, and knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Harder!” I yelled.

Harder! Yes!

Pain entered my cries as he pounded me harder and harder, so he reached around, hugging me to his chest, and began to rub my clit again. I arched my back, groaning and gasping in lustful pleasure, clutching at my blankets tightly as he reamed me into a blazing orgasm. He groaned into my ear, and I felt his cum gush into my guts.

“Oh Frankie,” I gasped breathlessly, “Oh god.”

“That was wonderful, Tiger.”

I heard Frankie’s voice. Not in my head this time, but in my ears. I tried to turn around and see, but it was too dark and I’d been fucked too hard to focus. He tells me it had been him the entire time, and that he’d wanted to see what would happen if he tried to trick me. I asked him if he was pleased with the results, and he said yes.

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