Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 05

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The kiss after Tammy sucked me off surprised both of us, but it felt so good the way the slippery residue of cum made our lips glide together. When we paused to catch our breath, her eyes stayed locked on mine, full of curiosity and intrigue. She saw me eyeing the sticky film on her upper lip and started to lick it off. I kissed her again, letting our lips slide and my tongue dance on hers before she pulled away and stared at me breathlessly.

“I don’t know if we should kiss either. Kissing can be more intimate than fucking.”

“Yeah, but I like to kiss. And you taste so irresistibly, especially right now.”

“You’re as naughty as I am.”

Naughty. The sound of that gave me a twinge. “Naughty, nasty. Sometimes it’s good to be a little bad. If you’re having fun and no one’s getting hurt.”

“That’s what I keep telling myself. Might as well, I really can’t help myself. I really like everything about sex.”

“It’s OK, just keep it playful, we won’t let it get complicated. Make it a secret refuge for fun.”

“Naughty fun.”

She seemed to like the sound of the word. She giggled when she said it.

“However you like it.”

“You like to taste your cum on me?”

“You like to taste yourself on me after I lick up down there?”

She stared at me a moment, then smile again. “Yeah. But most guys don’t like it the other way. They won’t kiss you afterwards.”

“No kiss of thanks for a blowjob well done?” Her eyes were sparkling. I could smell the scent of my cum on her.

“They want you to taste it. But they don’t want to taste it.”

“I don’t mind it. I like all the smell and taste of sex. Sometimes I taste myself when I’m. . .” I stopped, surprised how easily I was revealing my secrets now. “I’d rather taste it on you. Mixed with the taste of you.”

“You do kiss good,” she said, and pressed her lips against mine again for emphasis. I held the kiss, savored it, then nipped her lower lip lightly with my teeth. Her eyes brightened. She ran the tip of her tongue slowly across my upper lip, closed her eyes and sucked my lower lip between hers. My cum was gone, except for a slippery spot on her chest, but the aftertaste lingered.

I asked who else she liked to kiss. She said a lot of guys just wanted to shove their tongues down your throat. She preferred to kiss her friend Lainy. Those soft full lips.

“Her canlı bahis boyfriend’s pretty good, too.”

She caught herself. So we were back to them again. I wasn’t going to let her off the hook.

“So you’ve kissed him, too.”

She blushed and buried her face in my chest. I knew the answer. She’d already let it slip that she’d lost her virginity to Jake. Maybe she’d forgotten, I think she was high at the time. It took some coaxing to get the whole story out.

“Remember, no secrets. You can ask me anything, and you’ve got to tell all, too.”

“I know. You just got me off-guard.”

As I’d expected, she’d watched Lainy and Jake fuck more than once. And she’d done more than watch. The next time the lovers got into it on the couch they didn’t move to the bedroom. Tammy watched them make out, kissing, groping, getting more excited.

“I think they like me there watching. It turns them on more.”

Jake got his hand in Lainy’s shorts, fingering her, getting her worked up. He unzipped his own fly and she pulled his cock out. While Lainy stroked him and then sucked on him, he kept looking at Tammy.

“My nips were all tender and poking, and I had my hand between my legs, holding it tight, kind of rocking. Lainy looked at me and said, ‘Honey, go ahead, make yourself feel good, too.”

When Jake pulled Lainy’s shorts and panties off, Tammy slid hers down and went to work on her tingly pussy. Jake brought out the condom and Tammy watched Lainy unwrap it and roll it onto his cock. She then held Tammy’s hand while Jake fucked her. Tammy used her other hand to strum her clit and work a couple fingers into her hole.

“Who came first?”

“I did. Lainy was going, ‘God, it feel so good, fuck me harder.’ And I just lost it.”

“Did they notice?”

“Hell, yeah. Jake was looking right at me when I got off. He started slamming into her really hard, and he came too. She was making all kinds of noises. And then we all just started laughing together.”

I was getting hard again visualizing the scene.

“So how long did it take before he fucked you, too?”

“What?” Her eyes went wide and she turned crimson. “How do …”

I raised my eyebrows at her and she buried her face in my shoulder. I wrapped her in my arms, holding her tight, feeling her warmth. All I could smell was sex. I cupped a breast bahis siteleri and she moaned as the nipple hardened again.

“That’s what Jake did when he came in Lainy.”

“Did what?”

“Reached over and squeeze my boob.”

I dropped my hand between her legs and pressed the palm against her mound while she told about how the three of them had cuddled after the sex on the couch. Tammy was still horny, and Lainy made out with her and fingered her until she came again while Jake played with her tits.

That was as far as it went that night, but afterward she told Lainy how excited she’d gotten watching her have sex with Jake and that she’d gone home and fucked herself with a vibrator her mom kept in a nightstand.

Soon after they were at the beach with some friends. Lainy asked her to come back to Jake’s for a joint and some wine.

“We had some good tunes on and Lainy started dancing around. I got up and danced with her, and she started bumping against me. We’re laughing, having fun, and getting crazier. She shakes her boobs at me, and then we start rubbing our boobs together and laughing like mad.

“What were you wearing?”

“We still had our bathing suits on with shirts over. Lainy pulls her shirt off and shakes her boobs at me again. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed them.”

About that time Jake joined them, and the girls made a sandwich out of him that turned into a joyous grope fest. Lainy’s top ended up on the floor, and Tammy felt Jake’s hard cock grinding into her ass while Lainy pulled off her T-shirt. Tammy didn’t mind the attention, and she felt the tingly sensation intensifying between her legs.

“Lainy got down on her knees and pulled Jake’s swim trunks down and started sucking him. He was feeling me up, and he pulled my top up and started Frenching me while his hands were all over my boobs.”

“What were you thinking?”

“Like I was watching someone else, like it wasn’t real. It felt so good, I just let him.”

Tammy felt Lainy tugging her by the hand, pulling her down until they were side by side on their knees with Jake’s cock bobbing in front of their faces. Then they were sharing it, and Tammy followed Lainy’s lead, taking turns licking the shaft, sucking the head, tasting precum, kissing his balls. At the same time she felt Lainy stroking her pussy through her bikini bottoms, which bahis şirketleri were soon soaked through.

By the time they moved the party to the bedroom, Tammy would have followed them anywhere that held the promise for release of all the pent-up energy and desire. The condom came out, Lainy positioned it on the tip of Jake’s cock and told Tammy to roll it down.

“I remember how incredible his cock felt in my hand. I was kind of disappointed when she climbed on it.”

While Lainy rode Jake, she was kissing Tammy and slid a hand into her bikini bottoms. She eased Tammy onto her back while slowly humping Jake’s cock. Tammy had her eyes closed enjoying her friend’s kisses, and she didn’t notice the shift. But she felt hands pulling her bottoms off. When Lainy broke the kiss, Tammy looked up to see Jake between her legs. Lainy had his cock in her hand and was positioning it at the entrance to Tammy’s pussy. Lainy told her to relax.

“I was kind of scared and didn’t know what to do. She started kissing me again and I felt his cock work inside of me. It didn’t go in right away, and then I just wanted it. Wanted to feel it filling me.”

I was fingering her while she told the story, teasing the underside of her clit, unleashing a stream of fresh juices.

“Did you like the way his cock felt inside you?”

“Yes. I wasn’t sure at first, but it started to feel better and better.”

“Did he fuck you hard?”

“Yes. After I started to relax and get used to it. I could feel his balls hit my ass. It took my breath away.”

“Did he cum inside you?”

“He was about to. But then he pulled out and took the rubber off so he could shoot it on my stomach.”

“He got you all messy with his hot cum.”

“Oh, yessss.”

Her voice was between a whisper and a hiss. I slid down and dove between her legs, craving the taste of her again. I knew it wouldn’t take long, and I wanted to sweep her away on a fast crescendo, my tongue dancing all over her clit. Just before she came she arched off the sofa and I drove my tongue into her hole, sucking out the hot, tangy nectar. Then I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked another wrenching orgasm out of her until she grabbed my head and pulled me up.

I held my lips an inch from her lips, breathing her in, letting her smell her own sex on my face. Still a hint of mine mixed in there. When she calmed down and looked in my eyes, I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her until her tongue sought mine and I was aware of my cock stiff and ready again. I wondered if she would stick to the no-fucking rule.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20