Fun Afternoon In A Toilet

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Fun Afternoon In A Toilet
I was feeling very horny as I entered the toilet cubicle it had a lot to do with what I was wearing. I had dressed up in my sexy undies about 2 hours ago and had been playing around and looking at porn, before driving to this location.

Under my street clothes I had on a bra, black and lacy, a suspender belt, matching and trimmed with some purple ribbons and bows. The garter belt held up some beautiful sheer black stockings, they felt so sexy as I walked and moved around. I also was wearing a little g-string that matched the belt and bra.

As I closed the cubicle door behind me I felt a tingle of excitement. I removed my street clothes and stood in my sexy lingerie and heels, in the wall facing me there was a large hole, nearly big enough to fit my hand through. The excitement was mounting as I waited for someone to go into the cubicle the other side of this wall. My cock was beginning to stiffen inside my tiny panties. I felt so sexy, it was fabulous seeing a mans face pressed up against the hole obviously wanking as he looked at this cross dressed vision.

Before long I heard a guy lock his door, I moved away from the hole and waited for him to peer through the hole. I took a quick peek and could just make out him playing with himself. Great not long now I thought. He moved forward making it obvious that he wanted to see me. I leaned forward as well, prompting him to move right up to the hole. At this point my cock was straining at the fabric of my g-string, so I stood and faced the hole. I gently caressed my nearly rock hard prick through the flimsy nylon before turning around to show him the rear view. I remained in this position for a minute or two running my hands up and down my nylon covered legs.

I turned back and as I did so he moved away from the hole. After a few seconds he pushed a piece of paper through. ‘You look so horny I want to lick your arse and suck that cock dry, come into the end cubicle with me!’ I wasn’t expecting this but I felt so slutty all dressed up in my tarty gear, so I agreed.

As I opened my cubicle door, I heard the guy enter the end cubicle. The click of my heels on the tiled floor echoed, seconds later he was opening the door for me. He was nearly naked, just removing his shirt, I put my bag down containing my man clothes near his clothes.  I stood before him with a raging erection straining at the tiny triangle of nylon. He was sitting down and running his hands up and down my stockinged legs, gently pulling towards his mouth. He gently licked my hard on through the nylon, making the fabric very wet. Then he turned me around and started to tug at my panties, soon they were around my knees, it’s funny but I suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable but very turned on.

He asked to bend over, of course güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I obliged parting my legs as I did. I felt his warm breath and then the wetness around anus. The sensation was amazing as he licked and licked me sometimes running his tongue to my balls, and then back all the way up my crack. He reached round and grabbed my cock and started to stroke me his other hand was caressing my balls, all this whilst he was rimming me, out of this world. After a while he turned me round again and took my throbbing prick into his mouth. He was soon sucking and slurping at me, but I was rock hard and trying to thrust at him. I really wanted to shove it hard into his mouth and shoot a big load down his throat but it was too soon.

I reluctantly pulled away from the wet heaven that my prick was in. He stood up facing each other our two cocks touching. I wrapped my hand around them and gently wanked them. He leaned forward slightly and whispered in my ear and said how sexy I looked and how fucking turned on he was, I said that I was desperate to suck this gorgeous cock that I was holding. With that we changed places so that I was now sitting with his beautiful cut cock inches away from my mouth. Soon I was drawing his hardness into my mouth and sucking for all I was worth. It was quite a mouthful but it felt so great, I could sense how turned he was his prick was immensely hard and lightly pumping my mouth. I desperately wanted to feel him explode inside me, but still wanted some more fun. I was wanking myself and had be careful as I was getting close to the edge again.

But hen he pulled out, just in time I think. He stood still whilst he calmed down, I stood up and removed my g-string completely. There was quite a lot of pre-cum leaking from me, I also needed to calm down. After a while he pulled me close to him our naked bodies pressed together. I could feel his cock pressed up hard to me and mine was squashed up to him, I started to rub against him. He copied me and was caressing my stockings. We pulled each other closer, I could really feel his cock rubbing up and down my belly, his breathing was getting heavier. Was he going to cum over me? I liked the idea of feeling his throbbing cock as he shot his hot load over my belly and garter belt. But I also wanted his creamy spunk in mouth. What to do? Should we cum together like this? That also seemed like a great idea, both cocks erupting between our hot bodies. No here not like this maybe we could meet and go somewhere another time, somewhere more comfortable.

I pulled away from him and sat down and drew him towards me, the head of his prick was purple and glistening, there were some beads of pre-cum I licked these off. I looked up at his face his eys were closed and the way güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his prick was twitching and throbbing I knew he was close. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw another guy peering over the wall, he gave me an encouraging smile and with that I wrapped my lips around the rigid cock before me. He was thrusting at me, I was at the peak of excitement and felt close to cumming myself.

Then I felt the first jet of cum in my mouth and another and another, he kept shooting his load and I was trying to suck him dry, I almost gagged as my mouth was full of cock and spunk. There didn’t seem time to swallow it all, such was the power of his ejaculation, and some cum spilled out of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Eventually he finished and he removed his saliva and cum smeared cock from my mouth, a drop of spunk dripped onto my stockings. My cock was twitching and jerking, I wanted to wank myself right now. The other guy overlooking the wall asked me to wait and said he was coming in.

The guy in with me was nearly dressed he asked me for my phone number, saying he wanted to have another session, I agreed gave him the number and he left. As he did so the one next door came in with me.

The second guy almost barged in he was so eager to have some fun, I know I was ready for more!

I was standing, no panties but still wearing my bra, stockings, garter belt and heels. It all happened so quickly that my chin was still wet from the cum that had oozed out, and the drop of spunk was still there on my stocking.

In a flash he had his cock out and was leering at me and wanking, with his other hand he seized my wet cock and started stroking it. I had to tell him to slow down as I was so sexed up from the earlier session. So he started to get undressed, and was soon naked. He had a nice cut cock quite fat, I wrapped my hand around it and wanked him. It felt really good and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth, so I sat down and urged him towards me. Soon I was sucking eagerly at him, it certainly was a fantastic mouthful. I reached around behind him and held his arse and then pulled him in to me.

My mouth was very full and I was really slurping and slobbering it had a lot to do with how horny I was, I really wanted more spunk in my mouth right now. He was thrusting at me and whispering how long he had been watching me with the other guy and what a slut I was. He was really fucking my mouth now and it was getting quite noisy, but I didn’t care because I his hot cum, I wanted him to fill my mouth the more spunk the better, fill me up please, please.

I could practically taste his orgasm as he pulled away, I felt a little disappointed but then there was more to come.

He pulled me up so that I was standing, he then crouched güvenilir bahis şirketleri down running his hands up my stocking clad legs until he found my arse. A finger found my hole and he gently probed it. His other hand now came round and started to caress my aching cock. He rubbed his thumb over the head, smearing the pre-cum all over. It was heavenly. Then, leaving his hand probing and tickling my arsehole, he used his free hand to guide my prick into his mouth. He sucked me in slowly, then released me in order to lick the end, then, once again I was sucked in. I am sure you can imagine how I was feeling. It was ecstasy, my balls were tight and so full. If he kept this up I was seconds away from pumping a gallon of spunk into him!

He knew, and backed off.

I stood for a few seconds my cock throbbing and twitching with excitement, it was glistening with his saliva, my balls were aching they were so full. I wanted to shoot spunk, I was desperate to shoot.

I sat down and turned him round, bent him over and started to lick his arsehole, like mad. I was even hornier now and really wanted to eat him. I reached round and found his fat prick. I started to wank him, furiously, the slurping noises I was making would almost wake the dead! He then freed himself from me and turned round, he forced his cock into my mouth, well I say forced I didn’t exactly resist! I sucked on for all I was worth, savouring every inch of him. My fingers found his arsehole, it was almost dripping wet from my eating him. Two fingers slid in with ease, he sort of whimpered and thrust hard at my mouth. His breathing was deep and fast, I sucked and flicked my tongue as fast I could, but it was difficult as he was now fucking my mouth so hard.

I was wanking myself furiously now, just holding off. There was no turning back now we both were beginning to lose control, we were seconds away from spunky heaven. I suddenly realised that didn’t just want to feel and taste his glorious emission, I wanted to really experience it. I wanted to see him spunk off, at close range, I wanted to feel it on me. I wanted him to shoot all his cum on my face. I wanted to see it, feel it and taste it. I love spunk at the best of times,but today, well I think you get the picture.

I told him what I wanted he was more than happy, he was so ready, his balls were also full which made the expectation so much more exciting for me. I made a lot of saliva and he pulled out his wet cock. He wanked his cock, jt was making squelching sounds there was so much spit on it. It was inches from my face. I was wanking waiting for the first sign. The first jet landed just above my eye, then another on my cheek then my nose all strong jets. The next ones were not so forceful but hit my mouth, which I opened to catch as much as possible. I could feel the first sticky strands begin to slide down my face as I pulled his still spitting cock into my mouth. I was sucking hard draining the last drops from him as I did so I started to shoot my load. The first two hit his leg I think,after that I am not sure, it all went a bit hazy as the orgasm was so strong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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