Fucked Two Event Management Sluts

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Fucked Two Event Management Sluts

This story is on how I fucked my friends colleague Aruna and Nusrin. So I had a friend who works in an event management team. I was 19 years old and he was 24 at that time. He and a few friends started this event management team.

There were 3 guys and 2 girls in the team including him. So one day I and he went outside to get beers. Before we left he got a call from the office that they had gotten an event and they need to plan it quickly. He said if I want I can come and hang out with them. Later we could go out and have beers.

I said yes and we both went there. It was about 3.00 pm when we reached his office and we went inside. It was a rented house and they made that into the office. He went inside and I followed him. I saw a girl in the reception and a guy working on a pc.

My friend introduced me to them. The girl’s name was Aruna. She had a brown complexion with a medium busty body. She was wearing a tight churidar without a shawl. Her boobs were firm and upright. And I always loved a body like that. I quickly got horny but I controlled not to get a hard-on.

I met the guy and found out he was gay. He was the editor in the group and he was making a poster. My friend asked where is he and she replied they are in the other room. My friend and I went into the other room. He just went in. I was hesitating to go in as I saw a girl semi-nude in her bra getting up and a guy next to her.

They were the other team members. My friend asked, “Why are you standing there, come in.” I went in and when she saw me she quickly turned around and got dressed. The other guy also got dressed. After talking for a while and introducing each other we all went back to the main room.

The second girl was a Muslim girl. Her name was Nusrin. She was the same age, 24. She bahis siteleri canlı was slim and had a fair complexion with straight hair and she wore her hijab as a shawl. Medium boobs. But Aruna’s boobs were bigger. While going back I asked my friend, “Are they in a relationship?”

He said, “They are fuck buddies and nothing more.” We all sat together in the main room. The two girls sat behind the welcome desk and we three sat on the other side. They started talking about the VIP program gig that they got. As I’m younger than them they were hesitating to say explicit words.

Each time they were about to say the girls were looking at me as if I’m a minor. Then I said, “Guys it’s fine I’m mature enough and you guys can talk freely.” Then they all felt free and was talking explicitly and all. So the gig was for a VIP team. They gave the event management to them to conduct a party.

So everyone discussed what all things they will need and how much money is needed for arranging. After talking for half an hour, the topic came to the MC. So until then, I thought this was a regular VIP party that I used to attend. But little did I know that it was a 21+ party.

So for MCing, they were talking about a girl named Lakshmi. She was 25 and the guy said if we get her she will wear something sexy, exposing her boobs, navel, and thighs. In the end, she will go with some VIP to their rooms and get fucked and make some money. So we just need to pay for her 24k.

I got super horny listening to the talk and was trying to control my boner. After talking about Lakshmi’s price and some other girls price my friend and the other guy said even if we don’t get an MC we will always have our girls. We will save a lot of money.

Our girls meaning the other two girls in the team Aruna and Nusrin. tipobet giriş They were just in front of us. Both of them looked at me and said to the other guy, “Us? We are not that…” The other guy said, “Yes you guys are perfect for the job. Both of you are bold.”

He said, “The only drawback, when compared to Lakshmi, is that she has a slutty body with big boobs and ass. Well, you guys can compensate for that. You guys are better at MCing and you guys should be naked so that you get some attraction from the VIP.”

I was hearing things about it and getting horny. Both Aruna and Nusrin said together, “What? No, we can’t do that.” They were using their eyes to point at me telling him that I’m here and I might think otherwise. He said, “So what? He’s fine with it and he now knows what type of girls you are. So getting back to the topic are you guys ok with it?”

Nusrin said yes and when she said yes Aruna also said yes. The other guy, “So you guys will be naked for the entire program. When the DJ starts playing you guys should get down and go into the crowd of VIP and dance with them. They will definitely grope you and try to fuck you too.”

My friend said, “And that’s all on you guys. If you love to get fucked by them you can. You guys can keep that money you get for yourself. Or we will arrange call girls for them to fuck instead of you.” Nusrin said, “It’s fine I don’t mind fucking a few old people and getting lots of money. You guys know that I won’t say no to money.”

Aruna said, “I think it’s ok with me too if Nusrin’s in I’m getting fucked too.” Listening to them talk I got super horny. I was looking at them thinking how they are up on the stage naked and getting fucked. The other guy caught me staring at them and he gave me a sarcastic laugh.

Everyone noticed me. tipobet güvenilir mi My friend said that no one can blame you. This is what we do here and almost everything ends in sex. The other guy got up and said he needs to go somewhere and said bye to everyone and left with the third guy. It was just me, my friend and the two girls.

My friend said, “Bro you select one.”
Me- Select what?
Friend- You can choose any one of them and fuck in the other room.

I was speechless.
Friend- Come on man it’s on me. They both owe me one and you can choose any.
Me- I like them both but I pick Aruna.
Friend smiled and said, “Talk to her then.”

Aruna got up and grabbed my hand and we went to the other room. The room and it had no locks. She said that it’s fine it’s only us here and no one’s going to come here. Aruna gave a kiss on my cheek and then grabbed my hard dick. She smiled and then we started kissing. I began to squeeze her firm boobs.

She removed my t-shirt and licked my chest. Then I removed her dress and she wasn’t wearing anything. When she saw me surprised. She told me she and Nusrin normally don’t wear anything inside because they are mostly naked, flirting and fucking the customers to get more money.

That made me hornier. I removed all my dress and made her suck my dick. She was a pro in giving blowjobs and within minutes, I came in her mouth. Like a thirsty slut, she drank all of it without wasting a single drop. Then I went down on her and tongue fucked her.

After getting it all wet, we got on the bed. I started fucking her on doggy style. Midway of the fuck Nusrin came in the room and said my friend has gone out to buy us beer. She stripped naked and joined us. Nusrin and I were kissing while I was fucking Aruna. I stopped fucking.

I lifted one leg of Nusrin and started fucking her. I fucked them back to back for an hour and creampied in both of them. By the time I cummed for the 3rd time my friend came with the beer. We all got drunk and had an awesome foursome swapping them.

Hope you guys enjoyed my story. Do write your comment

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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