From Me to You

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Wrap your arms around me and lay your sweet lips on mine. Walk me into the bedroom and fall with me on the bed. Gently slide my shirt up and play with my breasts, while sliding your other hand towards the waistline of my shorts. Unbutton and unzip them and slide them off of me. Pull my g string to the side so that you can dip your fingers into my sweet wet pussy.

I sit up long enough for you to help me take off my shirt and for you to get a better grasp on my nipples. As you dip your fingers back into my moistness you watch me as I arch my body towards you in the throes of an orgasm. I cry out, ‘Please, I long to feel your body against mine, I want to feel you pushing your crotch into me as you kiss me.’

As you move from my side to position yourself on top of me, I stop you with one finger and begin to unbutton your shirt needing to feel your warm skin under my fingers…needing to feel my fingers digging into your skin. Restless for more you shift and swiftly remove your jeans and boxers.

You gently lower your body down on me…and insert your manhood slowly into my wet kitty. The suspense from waiting to feel you inside of me has been building up all evening, so as you now start to insert your cock into me I feel the beginnings of a powerful orgasm begin to build. I know that as soon as you put the head of your cock inside me, I will explode. My pussy muscles will clamp down you and there you will stay if you don’t continue to push in as I’m cumming.

As your head finally enters into me I feel the intense orgasm hit me…it rocks me to the core as you continue to push into my moistness. ‘Oh my goodness!!!’, finally pops out of my mouth as I feel you hold yourself deep inside of me. You quickly pull my legs up to your shoulders as the orgasm only intensifies with each movement from you.

As you maneuver me into a comfortable position and start to slide your beautiful organ in and out of me, I use your shoulders as leverage to push up against you. You quickly interlace güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri our fingers together and tell me to squeeze your hands when the orgasms hit me. ‘Wow! ‘ I think to myself, he has no idea what he’s in for, as wave after wave of orgasms rock my body and yours.

Slowly, I take my legs off your shoulders and intertwine them with your legs, pulling your body and your face closer to me. ‘Please suck on my nipples…they’re aching for your mouth.’ You lower your head to my breasts, but instead of placing your mouth where I want it, you kiss me instead. ‘Well, that’ll work too’, as I love to kiss your soft tender lips.

I have already memorized the way that you kiss me…very gentle, first a peck and then gently you part my lips with yours so that our tongues can do their dance. Slowly tasting each other’s mouths, intertwining our tongues together…gentle and slow at first, and then reaching an almost fevered pitch as our bodies are doing their slow dance together our tongues try and match the intensity. I love to watch you kiss me….it’s a secret that I haven’t yet told you about.

I pull my legs up to wrap around your back…I so love it when you are gentle to me in our lovemaking process and rough when need be. Right now, I want to be able to give back to you the awesome intensified orgasm that you have been giving to me…with only your manhood.

I pull you closer to me and limit the amount of room that you have to pull out of me before sliding your cock back inside it’s warm nest. I want you to pump your love juices inside of me, but in shorter movements. And I want to feel your body pounding into mine in those short movements.

‘Pound my tight pussy!! Oh man I love it when you pump me hard!!! Reminds me of why I’m happy to be female!!!’ As I watch your eyes looking down at mine, I realize that you’re probably getting close to exploding and as much as I want you to, I would like to change positions too. ‘Darlin, I love you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri being on top…but I would love to finish you off my way. Can you roll me over please?’

I slide my legs off your back and put them together underneath yours, and of course this creates another position that we have yet to try. You let me know exactly how good this one feels as I’m trying to ignore the sensations between my legs and concentrate on rolling with you while being able to leave your cock inside of me.

You lower yourself down to me, slide your arms underneath me and we roll to the right side of the bed, trying to keep everything in place…but no luck. ‘Oopsies he fell out…’ I tell you as I’m giggling. We’re going to have to work on this roll technique until it’s perfected.

I kiss your sweet lips before making my way down to your wonderful, delicious hard cock….slowly kissing every inch of your beautiful body until I’ve reached your head. I teasingly lick the tip and instantly taste myself on you…ohhhh wow!!! I slowly lick my way down your shaft and then back up again, savoring the taste of me on you. It’s such a turn on and has me excited again.

When I reach your head I gradually take you into my warm mouth inch by beautiful inch….until I can take no more. And then I slowly suck my way back to the top, opening my eyes to watch your face. I love what I do to you when I suck your cock. I gently take your balls in my hand and play with them, all the while still watching your face. Eventually you open your eyes and sit up a bit to watch me. I smile at you with my mouth full of your cock and you smile back and then whisper the words….’Come here, I want to kiss you…I want to taste you on your lips.’

That’s all the encouragement I need, although I was happy to just stay put where I was at and continue sucking your cock.

I start kissing my way back up your body, pausing to kiss your chest and suck on your nipples. I feel your hands güvenilir bahis şirketleri on my head, then my back, then underneath my armpits, pulling me up to your awaiting mouth. Our lips meet , our tongues touch and the electricity in the room is unbelievable. While you’re kissing me I slowly spread my legs and lift myself up so that I’m no longer resting on your manhood. I scoot up your body a bit, line my kitty up with your cock and then allow our bodies to go back into their favorite spots. The excitement of having your tongue in my mouth and your cock in my wet pussy is almost too much for both of us and we begin riding each other with a passion unlike any other.

Your hands are on my hips pushing me down on you while our tongues dance lazily around in each other’s mouth, I’m working with your hands as best as I can, trying to slam my body down on your cock. Eventually though it’s fruitless and as much as I can’t stop kissing you, I will have to in order to ride you…my way.

I slowly sit all the way up and fill myself with all of you…it’s a wonderful feeling. I place my hands on your chest and push myself up, almost to the tip and then all the way back down again, watching your reaction as best I can before closing my eyes and giving in to my wants. I start riding you faster, wanting your release as much as wanting my own. You take my hands into yours and help me to achieve that moment, helping me to ride you. I can feel your cock building up to that moment of release and so I start gliding up and down on you faster and harder.

You move your body underneath me to help both of us achieve our goal of cumming together. Then, you let go of my hands and grab my hips, pumping as much as you can from beneath me, matching my movements until I hear you cry out, ‘Baby I’m cumming!! ‘

We continue riding each other until I start to feel your hot cum pouring out of you and into me, making my orgasm that much more intense.

I collapse on top of you, neither one of us wanting to move from our very comfortable positions. I lay my head on your chest and you wrap your arms around me, turn your face to mine and kiss my cheeks and my eyes and my nose, and then my lips.

Gradually I roll over onto your side where I’ll stay snuggled next to you until you are ready for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20