From Geek to Stud part 1

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James Anderson is 19, and in his senior year of High School. He was the oldest in his year, as he was kept back to repeat his 7th year of Primary School. James wasn’t a bright 12 year old back then, and his body didn’t agree with him. Being overweight, and “stupid” as he was called, was not an easy thing to go through. His Schoolwork felt the lack of attention, and his teachers deemed it necessary that he repeats year 7th.

Now years latter James had change. He was no longer overweight, but he wasn’t of a super-model quality (to which the girls in his year looked for in a man). James was about 5’3″, short brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes, which seemed to be a pity that he had to wear glasses all the time. This made him look a little geeky, but what made it worse, was that he is into computers a lot, which only added to looking like a geek.

James is a geek, he even admits it, and his grades for his subjects were impressive to say the least. He had started puberty at a long age, and had started to notice girls when he was 14. But that didn’t affect his Schoolwork, like it had for the other boys. He believed that girls would want a boyfriend who could look after himself, have a good job and be able to support a family once they had finished school. Therefore he aimed to get in better shape and aim more towards his studies, then show off to the girls like the other boys he knew.

James had one class he enjoyed more then any other, Multimedia. Not only because he did a lot of work with computers and the Internet, but for the new teacher who started teaching a few months back. She was Miss Sara Johnson, a young and new teacher straight from University. At 28, she had the body even the 17 year old girls would want. Sara was 5’9″, long blonde hair, slim figure, and nice legs; with breasts that James would guess to be a small C, or large B cup. Though James wasn’t much of a breast man, he preferred the bottoms of young women.

Reading this, Sara sounded to be the thing of ever man’s fantasy. Maybe she was or still is. But almost all the boys at the school didn’t pay her much attention for long being an attractive woman. But as attractive as she is, she is as much of a geek that James is, if not as much, then more.

The boys in the senior year don’t like geeky women, no matter how attractive she is.

James often fantasized about Miss Johnson, but he never even thought that he would end up in bed with her. But that didn’t stop him from fantasying about casino siteleri her, not at all. Part of his attraction to her is that it’s wrong for a teacher to be in a sexual relationship with a student.

James didn’t know that his fantasy was going to became a reality…

“Ok class, I have just handed back to you your exam results from the first 4 months. Some of your did very poor,” Miss Johnson looked at Ryan, who was sitting behind James. “Then some of you did very well indeed.” She said this looking at James, causing him to blush and look at his papers.” This was an easy 4 months, the rest is harder. I expect you all to give this your bust, as this is your senior year.”

James had lost track of what his teacher was saying, as he looked at her losing himself in a lustful thought. “Mr Anderson, what did I just say?”

“You were telling us that we… I’m not sure ma’am.” James straggled to say, as his face was burning red, in embarrassment that his teacher had caught him staring at her. The girls sitting near by started to giggle as James was trying to hide his embarrassment.

“There is the bell. No homework this weekend. You all may leave, expect Mr Anderson.” James felt like he wanted to disappear into a black hole.

Walking up to Miss Johnson’s desk, he felt nervous. “Yes Miss Johnson?” James said in a shaky nervous voice.

“James I have been noticing something lastly. How you look at me a lot through the lesson.” James was blushing bad now. To be caught was bad enough, but to be confronted was even worse. “I find it flattering to have drawn your attention, but you need to pay more attention to your schoolwork.”

“I… I know ma’am, it’s just, just hard not to look at, at you.” James found it hard to talk; he just wanted to get out of there, to stop feeling so embarrassed.

“I see, well you can’t keep doing that James. You’re a smart young man, and as your grades suggest, you will be a very good success in the open world. You don’t want to throw that away, just so you can have some type of show, James.”

“I know, but I do-“ Sara Johnson had moved her finger in front of her lips as a sign to tell James to be quiet.

“James I know you can’t help it. You’re a young boy; you have feeling, desires, and things you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. But you can control your desires.”

“How? What do you mean?” James was puzzled now, he wasn’t so nervous now.

“Tell me James, when you look at me like you canlı casino do. Do you desire me?”

James didn’t know how to answer, or what this was leading to. “Ye, yes, I do. But I don’t understand what you mean by control my desire.”

“I thought as much. What I meant was to hide your desires, at times like in class. Not showing that it is to obverse to others. Like people you do not want to see it.” Mss Johnson had stood up, and was standing beside her desk.

“How can I do that? I see you, and just lose sense of everything else.”

“Well, I know of one way, that we both could do, and enjoy. But there is one question I ask, do you want to do it?” Sara asked, looking straight into James’ eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse, and opening it to reveal her black bra.

“There is your books, there is the door, and here I am. You can pick up your books and walk from the room, never having to speak of this conversation again. Or you can lock the door, and come here and try my idea.”

James was shocked, there in front of him, was his teacher with her blouse open, sticking out her black bra covered chest; the women he had lusted after for months. He was lost for words, what he had dreamed of was coming to true before his eyes. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He knew what he wanted to do, but was unsure. Standing up, he walked over to the door and looked out.

It was after School, the students were going home, and the teachers had returned to their staff rooms. The students who stayed behind were waiting for the Bus to take them home. The few students James saw were to far away to see in the classroom. “Wouldn’t we get in trouble?” James asked as he looked out the door, and saw no signs of other teachers.

“Yes, but they can’t do anything if they don’t know it happened.” Miss Johnson said as she walked over to James to whisper in his ear. “You wouldn’t tell anyone would you?” She stated more then asked, fall knowing the answer already.

James felt her hot breath on the back of his neck. Slightly, but slowly turning his head back to see her, he said. “No, I wouldn-“ Before he could finish his answer, she had pressed her lips to his. James was surprised at the kiss, but he didn’t fight. He opened his lips as he felt her tongue trying to find its way into his mouth.

He lost himself to his inner his sexual animal, he put his hands on either said of Sara, and kicked the door shut. James broke the kiss catching his breath; he turned kaçak casino back and locked the door. He had lost his embarrassment, and now he was not nervous, he was horny. He grabbed Sara, a shoulder in each hand; he lent in and kissed her again. Except it was his tongue entering her mouth, wrestling with Sara’s tongue as their walked back to the desk.

James had his hands exploring her body, feeling each breast as his lust grew. Sara’s hands was exploring his body, and her left hand had found what she wanted, his crouch. She broke the kiss as she reached behind to undo her bra. James took this as a sign, and removed his own shirt.

Sara’s bra falls to the ground and looked back to James’ eyes. “Do you like?” James could only nod, and moved his head down to her left breast, and sucked in her nipple. “That’s it, suck it!” Sara instructed, letting out a small moan of pleasure. “Bite it gently.” She moaned out as he did what she asked.

Sara pulled his head from her breast, as she said. “I want to see this.” She then grabbed his erection, which cursed James to let out a moan of pleasure. Taking a step back, he pulled his pants down, fallowed by his underwear. His erect dick springs out in front of him as she lets out a grasp of lust as she eyed the manhood that she held in her left hand. Running her hand up and down the shaft slowly jerking his cock. “I love your prick James.” She kneeled down and licked the head. “So hard,” Licking down to his balls. ”But hard at the same time.” She then closed her mouth around the head and bobbed her head up and down a couple times.

Taking his head from her mouth and looked up at his eyes. “Not enough time for that now.” Standing up, she pulled up the hem of her skirt, showing her panties to James’ hungry glaze. Pulling her panties aside, revealing her clean-shaven pussy, she demands in a sexy voice: ”Fuck me now!” James didn’t need to be told twice, he pushed her back so she was sitting on the desk. She pulled her legs open, as James placed the head of his cock at her entice, and pushed forward, letting out a loud moan as he slid into her love cannel.

“That’s it.” Sara moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over her. “Hard, fuck me harder!”

He was moaning with every thrust. James never imagined it would feel this good. He felt her sex tighten around his shaft as an orgasm hit her. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!”

With that, James felt his balls tighten as his own orgasm hit. He groaned out in pleasure as he shot his seed deep. “I’m cumming too”

After his orgasm had subsided, he pulled out and looked down at his still hard cock. “You had better get dressed and go, the cleaners will be here soon, James.”

To be continued.

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