Friending on Facebook

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They had met on Facebook, completely by accident. Both of them had been posting discussion topics in on the Deadliest Warriors page. What started out as an argument about whether or not to let Robin Hood fight Joan of Arc bloomed into friendship.

Now, Richard was getting ready to meet a girl he had only ever seen through Skye during their weekly bets. She had won their overall bet, and since she was going to Oregon for a fantasy convention, Richard had made arrangements to meet Mary and give her what was due: a wooden cat that he had made as part of their agreement. He had spoken to her the night before, and she told him where to meet her: the entrance to the Faerie World convention space. For the sake of just being with her, Richard bought himself a pass, and waited, watching the crowds pass him by. While his camera was hanging around his neck, he didn’t really see any shots he wanted.

Richard was supposed to be looking for a woman of 26 years, with dark, slightly curly hair, green eyes, and a very voluptuous figure. Mary had told him that she would be wearing a wine-red long dress with cap sleeves, and looking very fairy-like.

‘Well, considering what this convention is, I am not surprised,’ thought Richard, hands shoved into his jean pockets, the late summer sun hitting his exposed arms, and making his blond hair glint like gold. He watched as elf after elf and fairy after fairy, young and old alike, pass by him.


Richard started and turned. And gasped. Seeing Mary online was one thing, but in person, it was so different. Her hourglass figure was hugged in all the right places by her dress, the jewels in her hair giving her unreal highlights, and the gentle sparkle around her eyes making her seem very ethereal.

Not that Richard was bad to look at himself. At 21, he looked a lot older, his hair and goutee a dirty blond, his body in great shape from constantly working out. He might not have the absolute perfect body, but in his goal to become a cop, Richard wanted to make sure he was in tip-top shape. His well-toned arms started to twitch, as if he wanted to reach out and grab this woman who stood before him and forget all about the convention behind him.

Mary looked puzzled by his expression, asking again, “Richard?”

“Yes. Sorry. Mary, it’s great to finally meet you in person,” Richard said, gaining his tongue back. He let his compulsion to hug Mary take over, and hugged her tiny frame to his body.

‘OK, she’s not tiny, but she is so short!’ he thought to himself. He breathed in her scent and sighed—she smelled like peppermint.

“It’s great to meet you too,” Mary replied. Her voice implied she was a bit of a trickster—impish, but fun and sensuous too. “Shall we wander through the fair? I assume the cat is not here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the convention. And I see you have bought yourself a pass.”

“Lead the way,” Richard says, doing a little mock-bow, and decided to crook his arm, letting her tiny, slender hand slip through, and they began to walk.

“I am so glad you were able to come and see me when I was so close by,” started Mary, as if trying to break the ice.

“I am glad too. It’s such a great opportunity, especially right before you start school and before I get really busy,” Richard replied.

They walked on, sometimes talking, sometimes not. The two of them seemed comfortable in the silence between themselves. There were times one or the other would pause—Mary in front of a stand to see the merchandise, Richard to snap a picture.

As the sun climbed higher, Richard pulled Mary closer and wrapped his arm around her waist, and his eye catching the nape of Mary’s neck. He decided to be bold, and placed a small, quick kiss. He felt Mary shudder and goosebumps rising against her skin. But as he pulled back, he saw her neck was starting to look very red.

“Hey, how is your neck feeling?” Richard asked, looking a bit concerned.

“It canlı bahis feels a little hot, why does it look red?” Mary said, gently feeling her neck.

“Yes, it does. Perhaps this is a good time to bow out of the convention and head back to where I can give you what is due,” Richard said, although there was more implied in that statement than he intended.

He saw Mary blush, and heard her slight intake of breath. Richard led Mary to his car, and they drove back to where he was staying.

At the hotel room, the rush of cool air from the AC was refreshing, and washed over Richard’s face, as he noticed the shiver that ran down Mary’s body from the cold. As she walked past him, Richard grabbed Mary by the waist, and pulled her to him, the curves of her ass pressing against his groin, as he leaned down to press his lips to her skin, his arms encasing her body.

Mary gently moaned, her eyes closing, her body arching back slightly, her ass pressing against Richard’s groin, her hips starting to grind just a little. As Richard pulled away from her neck, Mary groaned in disappointment.

Mary turned to face Richard, her eyes looking impish and lustful, her lips slightly parted, her chest heaving gently.

“Do you think you can show me the cat?” Mary managed to whisper.

“I can show you the cat,” Richard began. “And then I can show you more.”

Mary sighed in pleasure. Richard grinned in anticipation and walked over to the other side of the bed, Mary slowly following. He reached down to pick up the very gothic and skeletal looking Cheshire Cat that he created for Mary. One thing he remembered Mary telling him was she liked creepy stuff, especially when it came to the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland.

Richard turned around, with the small Cheshire Cat in his hands. Mary squealed in pleasure at the sight of it, clapping her hands like a little child. Richard couldn’t help but laugh. As Mary’s hands ran over the sculpture, he noticed how her eyes drank in the wooden piece. She was looking at it with the eye of a fellow artist, her hands feeling every smooth surface.

But her hands didn’t stop at the sculpture, as they reached his hands, clutching at the sculpture. His eyes closed, and he gasped as Mary’s soft, tiny hands began to caress his hands, moving up his arms, all the while her eyes not leaving the sculpture.

Mary’s hands moved up Richard’s arms, her touch becoming lighter and lighter as her fingertips brushed his neck, along his jaw line, before Mary’s eyes pulled away from the sculpture and stared intensely at him. Richard felt lost in those deep green eyes. As her hands caressed his face, Richard’s eyes closed, feeling those light touches against his skin, his breath catching. He felt a fingertip begin to brush against his lips, and he caught the stray finger in his mouth, eliciting a gasp from Mary’s lips. He began to suck gently.

Mary moaned as Richard sucked on her finger. Her breathing was becoming faster, as the simple sucking was sending shivers along her body. She bent her finger inside his mouth gently, and pulled him towards her, before their faces were very closer.

Richard let the finger drop from his mouth, his eyes starring directly into hers, before his lips pressed against hers, his tongue beginning to dart into her mouth, teasing hers. One hand gently dumped the sculpture onto the bed, and Richard pulled Mary close to him, one hand caressing her breast through the dress and the other gently grabbing at her ass. Their kiss deepened.

Richard felt Mary’s hands creep up his chest, pulling up his shirt as she did so. He broke their kiss briefly, to help her take off the shirt, before pulling her face back to his, resuming their kiss, his hands cupping her face before roaming to her shoulders to pull down her dress. As Mary’s arms fell to her sides to help Richard pull off her dress, her nails dragged down his back. Richard shuddered, and goosebumps raised all over his skin, moaning bahis siteleri deeply into her mouth.

The dress fell easily from Mary’s smooth white shoulders, exposing a black lacey bra and thong. Richard’s hands fell to Mary’s smooth ass, gently kneading it as he pulled her to him, their hips grinding together, Mary’s arms wrapping around his neck, her fingers running through Richard’s hair. He could feel her passion and lust in the way she kissed him—long, deep, her tongue teasing his.

Mary dragged her nails down Richard’s arms, eliciting another moan from him. His hands copied her, dragging his nails up her spine, causing her to break their kiss, back arching, moaning low and long. She let one of her hands lower to his crotch and grasped at his hard cock through his jeans, rubbing him slowly and gently, while her other hand undid them.

Richard’s jeans to the floor, along with his boxers, exposing his long, thick prick. Richard grabbed Mary by the wrist, and pushed her up against the wall, pinning her arms above her head. He lowered his head to her neck, and gently bit her, sucking gently, letting his tongue wander down her body. His free hand undid her bra and pushed it up, exposing her breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, suckling like a baby. Mary’s back arched, pushing her breast into Richard’s mouth. Richard’s free hand fondled her other breast, before switching to suckle her other nipple. He let go o her hands so he could palm her pussy, feeling the heat from her, her thong already soaking wet.

Mary’s hips ground against Richard’s palm, and she looked down at him, her lust-filled eyes catching his wicked ones, as she felt the fabric of her thong being pushed aside. She whimpered as she felt a finger tease her slit opening. Mary kept trying to get Richard’s finger in her pussy, she was so turned on. She was sure he could feel her juices running out of her. Richard’s lips nibbled on her stomach and the area just around her pussy, before his lips latched onto her clit, his finger sinking deep into her at the same time.

Mary cried out as the pleasure coursed through her body. Her nails dug into Richard’s shoulder as he sucked her as he had kissed her—passionately and deeply. Mary felt her entire body shake in pleasure. Richard wrapped his free hand around her waist to hold her up, his nostrils filled with the scent of her, inflaming him.

Richard kept his pace slow—he didn’t want to make her cum by sucking her off, but he wanted to get her wet. It wasn’t going to take much, he knew—she was already drenched just from anticipation. He could feel her trying to stop him, and he had a feeling she wanted him to fuck her hard.

But Mary had other ideas in mind. She felt Richard start to slow, as if to either pace himself or tease her, and she felt his grip loosen. She took advantage of this momentary lapse in his grip, and shoved him onto the floor. Mary straddled him, pinning his arms to his sides, and biting hard on Richard’s neck. Richard was both startled and feeling such pleasure from the bite. He felt her lips move from his neck to his shoulder, as if mimicking his moves on her. But Mary’s lips went lower and lower, and Richard sucked in his breath as he felt her breath on his cock, her tongue teasing the area around his prick.

Mary felt Richard’s body spasm slightly and his hips raise up as she took in his entire 7 ½ inches in her mouth. She held him there in her mouth, letting her tongue run over the entire length. Richard let his fingers tangle in Mary’s dark brown hair, his groans of pleasure filling the room. Mary began to suck gently, moving her lips up and down his shaft. Her full lips were soft against his sensitive skin, and he felt her teeth gently against him.

Richard felt like he was in heaven, as Mary sucked him. Her mouth felt like a gentle vacuum, sucking on him firmly but gently. Mary’s tongue traced circles around the tip and glans, making him sigh as ripples of pleasure passed bahis şirketleri through him. Richard began to slowly pump his dick in and out of her warm mouth. He kept a steady pace, his desires between wanting to cum in her mouth and tits, and fucking Mary’s pussy warring inside him.

Richard’s desire to feel his prick inside Mary’s creamy pussy. He pulled her up, and pushed her against the wall, his breath coming in hard gasps. Mary’s chest was rising and falling with lust. Richard pinned Mary’s wrist down, and they stared at each other for a long moment.

“Fuck me, Richard. Here. Against the wall,” Mary whispered.

Richard leaned in and kissed Mary. As he did, he bent low for a minute, before coming straight up, his dick plunging into Moira’s pussy, fast, quick, easily. She was so wet. Mary moaned and held him close, parting her thighs and gently moving her hips, slowly grinding against Richard’s cock. Richard moved his lips from Mary’s, to her neck, groaning into her skin. This was better than how her mouth felt on him. She was warm, tight, and so wet!

Richard lowered his hands from Mary’s wrists to her ass, caressing the smooth skin. He slapped her.

“AH!” Mary cried out, slightly surprised.

Richard slapped her ass harder, and Mary cried out again, and then groaned in pleasure. The sound of the smack resounded in the room. Richard kept sliding his dick in and out of her warm sex, a steady pace, not wanting to cum until she did.

Richard felt Mary’s creamy emissions sliding down, and slowly seeping out of her pussy. He started to fuck her faster, his body and the pleasure taking control. The two of them moved with a seamless rhythm like two long lost lovers. Mary moaned and squirmed. Richard felt her pussy tightening.

“Oh god….Richard…oh god…” Mary groaned.

Richard went at a wild pace, faster and harder, almost making Mary hit her head against the wall. He picked her up, her legs wrapping around his back, and his hands on her ass supporting her, while her arms wrapped around his neck. Her ass bounced in his hands, and her breasts were pressed hard against his chest. The sound of his dick slapping into her mixed with their groans and cries was driving Richard insane.

“Mary…oh…god…ahhhhh…” Richard cried out.

He felt Mary’s pussy tighten up. He was so close to the edge. Richard bit Mary hard on her neck, and she cried out. As he felt his teeth against her skin, he felt her pussy tighten like a vice around him. The sensitive skin was wrapped up, feeling heat and cream. Richard’s body was aflame, and he was gasping.

Mary opened her mouth in a wordless scream as Richard bit her, and a low groan emitted from the back of her throat. Her pussy clamped down on Richard’s dick, and she began to convulse, her body shuddering against Richard.


“Cum for me…oh god…Mary…”

Mary’s nails dug into Richard’s back with white knuckled intensity, her breath in gasps, her eyes closed, and then she froze, climaxing, her body awash with pleasure. Her body shook uncontrollably, her pussy creaming over and over, covering Richard’s dick.

Richard thrust up hard and fast into Mary one more time and held her there. He felt his dick swell and his balls tighten as he began to cum. Mary’s climax had driven Richard over the edge. He thrust up hard into her one last time, and held her tight, filling her fully, his cum shooting up deep into her creamy cunt.

Mary’s head rolled back, a low, primal moan coming from her as she felt Richard cum deep inside her. They held still for several minutes, barely breathing, as they both began to come down from their highs. There bodies were glistening slightly from sweat, as they looked each other deeply in the eyes, before Richard leaned in to gently kiss Mary’s lips.

Richard slowly slipped out from Mary, his deflating cock covered in cream, the spillage leaking down Mary’s thighs. Mary’s body slipped down the wall, until her feet touched the ground, her lips still locked to Richard’s. When the kiss ended, Mary started walking towards the bathroom, giving Richard a sly look, before he heard the water running…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20