Friend with Benefits

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Joe and I had worked together for several months and became fast friends. I had seen him through one major breakup and several lesser ones. He was quite popular with women. I’m sure the fact that he was super cute didn’t hurt. He was a true southern gentleman with strong traces of a Georgia accent to prove it. We stood at about the same height. He had a peaches and cream kind of complexion with soft, kissable lips, a gorgeous smile, bright blue eyes and golden blond hair that he kept cut short because it was rather curly. He had a slight build but he was no wimp. All muscle and no fat, whatever.

Joe loved to laugh and have fun and was up for a good time, any time, anywhere that might be. On this particular night, we’d gone to a barbecue at a house belonging to another friend’s brother. We’d sat outside watching the sun set and eating our fill, then went into the living room where we found a vintage pinball machine. We took turns playing the machine and reminiscing. I was a few years older than him, so I had actually played such a machine back in the day. And he was a lot better at playing pinball than I was so this particular game was super easy for him.

The party began getting a bit boring what with everyone sort of sitting around, drinking and chatting. All of a sudden, Joe grabbed my arms, grinned at me and told me we were leaving! I had gotten a ride there with another friend so I told her that Joe and I were leaving together.

He drove south, blasting the radio and singing loudly. He had a good voice and was in quite a good mood. I kept asking him where we were going but he’d just laugh and tell me to wait and see.

Eventually, we pulled into the parking lot of a nightclub near my apartment. We often went there with a group of friends but we always arrived earlier in the night. I questioned being there so late, knowing that there would only be a few more sets until last call. He just grinned at me again and led me by the arm, into the club as if he owned the place. Since it was so late, we didn’t have to pay the cover charge.

Instead of getting a table as we usually would, he led me straight to the center of the crowded dance floor. It was a fast song, but he put his arms around me, pressing himself close and running his hands up and down my body. He whispered in my ear, telling me to relax. The dance floor was very crowded, people were probably tipsy and nobody would notice us. And true enough, they seemed not to notice. They were all lost in their own little worlds.

That song finished and a slow, sultry one came on. I felt his lips pressing against mine and our tongues began to dance against each other. It was summer, so I had on a rather short sundress and no stockings or hose underneath. I felt one of his hands cupping my breast through the thin fabric and squeezing my nipple.

His other hand had found its way under my dress. He forced my legs apart slightly to feel the crotch of my pink satin panties. As I felt them grow damp, he whispered again to me to kick them off. He then somehow pulled them quickly where they slithered down my legs. It took the two of us to get them off of my feet as they had become tangled around my sandals. We both laughed at this and the thought of someone finding the panties later on the dance floor. Meanwhile, his hand began to explore my bare pussy.

He had on a loose summer güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shirt and some silky basketball shorts. I slipped my hand into his pocket and began jacking him off that way. He had no underwear on and he was dripping with so much pre-cum that the pocket of his shorts became soaked.

We were so lost in our pleasuring each other that we didn’t notice that the band had played their last set and we were suddenly alone on the dance floor as everyone else gathered their possessions to leave. I quickly looked at the stage and saw Dennis, the lead singer looking at me and grinning. I think perhaps he had noticed what we’d been doing. Dennis and I weren’t really close but he was sort of a friend of a friend so we felt comfortable kidding around with each other. I also noticed that my panties were nowhere to be seen!

Joe put his hand at the small of my back and gently pushed me towards the door. He was in a hurry to get out of there and frankly so was I! We were both very horny.

We got into his car and began making out like teenagers. But then he pulled away, tried to act serious and told me that he needed to drive. We were going to my apartment. It was a very short drive but a difficult one for him because I kept massaging his cock through his shorts. He begged me several times to stop, but I didn’t.

He parked his car rather badly behind my apartment building and I ran around to his side of the car. I pressed him up against the car, began kissing him again and slipped his shorts down a bit to free his cock. It was hard as a rock by then and it appeared that he really needed to cum.

I looked in his eyes then dropped down quickly to suck him. He kept protesting and trying to push my mouth off of his cock, telling me that my elderly neighbor would see us.

“Okay then. Let’s go inside”, I said, grabbing onto his cock and attempting to lead him to the front of the building via his cock. He then began sort of giggling and begging me to stop and telling me that he was losing his shorts.

We continued on like that through the pitch darkness until the bright lights of the busy highway I lived off of, illuminated us for all to see. I wondered how many people noticed that I was leading him by his cock, but it was late and the cars seemed to be speeding by.

Once inside, I slammed the door, pushed him up against it, yanked his shorts down, fell to my knees and began sucking him as hard as I could, taking deep mouthfuls of his beautiful cock. This was the first time we’d done anything sexual and I was amazed at how his cock was just the perfect size for me.

I think I might have been sucking him a little too hard. He tried to pry me off and begged me to stop, but I would not. And soon, my tongue was being splashed with his hot cum. It tasted so very good! He drank a lot of orange juice and I think that’s what made him taste so sweet. To this day, I get intense cravings for the taste of his cum.

He didn’t even allow himself to recover from his orgasm as he backed up the stairs, attempting to pull his shorts up as he did.

I let him go up enough steps to where his cock was at my mouth level and then pulled his shorts down again. He had cum very quickly and I’d not had my fill of him. I still wanted to feel his cock in my mouth.

He whimpered and protested slightly, begging güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me to go upstairs. I told him I would, after I sucked him off again. His protests didn’t last long as he became hard again very quickly. But he seemed not to want to be getting a blow job on my stairs. There was a little window next to the front door and it only had a sheer curtain on it so anyone walking by or stopped at the traffic light might be able to see us. He tried to hurry things up by grabbing onto the back of my head and forcing his cock quickly in and out of my mouth.

Again, he came quickly. But he looked relieved as he scrambled up the stairs and ran into my bedroom, collapsing on the bed.

We lay there for a short time, in each other’s arms while I listened to him pant and try to recover from his orgasms. Then he grinned at me and told me he had no idea that I had such a high sex drive.

He began kissing me again, paying no mind to the traces of his cum that still lingered in my mouth. He quickly undressed me and worked his mouth down my now naked body, pausing for some time on my breasts and nipples before burying his head between my legs. I felt his hot tongue working me over there but getting oral sex is usually just an annoyance to me. I much prefer giving to getting and I really do need some sort of rougher and more intense stimulation to cum.

I lifted him up from between my legs, sort of threw him on his back while at the same time, taking his clothes off. His cock was hard again. It seemed even harder than before and rather red. I straddled him then and allowed my pussy to slip down slowly onto his cock, crying out as I did so as it felt so very good.

I fucked him slowly and gently at first, taking pleasure in feeling the walls of my pussy caressing his beautiful cock. My breathing became labored each time I took his cock up inside me. Everything started feeling better and better and I could savor it no longer. Now it was time for the main course!

My hips and thighs began pumping harder and faster as I screamed with pleasure. I tend not to be very quiet as I orgasm. I felt him shuddering and heard him moaning beneath me and all too soon, his cock spurted and went soft. I kept his soft cock inside of me as gently as I could as I lovingly ran my hands up and down his naked body. He looked sappy/happy and somewhat sleepy as he smiled up at me. Then he gently took my shoulders and turned me on my side so we could spoon.

We talked for a while and again, he told me that he had no idea that I had such a high sex drive. I just giggled, turned towards him and said that I wanted to suck him again. His eyes grew wide and he began to protest but it was too late. My mouth was already on his cock and I felt it grow larger and harder against my tongue. That’s when he told me he was going to fuck the hell out of me. And he proceeded to make good on that!

By this time, my pussy was extremely hot and wet. I felt slippery all over. His body felt hotter than usual too. He quickly shoved my legs apart and drove his cock into me hard, pounding as deeply as he could, again and again and again. My lips were still very swollen from cumming and it wasn’t long before I began cumming again. Wave after wave of orgasm slammed into me so quickly that I could barely catch my breath.

I held onto his shoulders güvenilir bahis şirketleri and pushed my hips up into his, forcing me to have even stronger orgasms. I could see the strain on his face. He was trying to hold back for me. But he could take no more. He exploded into me, and said, “Damn!” I loved to hear him say that word with his cute southern accent.

We both reclined on our backs, looking over at each other and barely letting our fingers touch. We were both so hot and sweaty by then, that was all the contact we could take. He looked so sweet and content. I probably looked like a sweaty mess but at least I felt sweet and content. And thirsty! Very thirsty!

I told him to stay there as I slipped off into the kitchen for refreshments. I brought back tall glasses of ice water and some cheese and crackers. We sat together on the badly soaked sheets, sipping and nibbling and intermittently dribbling icy water on each other in an attempt to cool off.

He looked extremely content then but I felt myself craving his cock once again. I looked deeply into his eyes and told him that I was going to suck him again. This time he not only protested but curled himself up into a ball, shielding his cock from me and giggling as I tried to pry him apart to get to the prize.

“Damn! How could you be so horny? I think you need to feel my cock up your ass! Yep. That’s what I think.” He gave me a sexy grin and reached for the basket of goodies that I kept beside the bed. I shuddered and rolled onto my stomach, eager for what was going to happen next. Ah… I’d had the appetizers, the main course and now dessert!

The lube felt cold at first as he separated my butt cheeks and worked his finger around and around the opening at the back. He certainly knew what he was doing. He was definitely taking his sweet and somewhat tortured time to get me fully opened up and relaxed before diving in.

All of a sudden, I felt a sharp smack to my right butt cheek. This made me twitch and giggle. He moaned rather loudly and I felt his cock pressing against me back there as his hands slithered around and underneath me so that his fingers could invade my pussy and torment my clit at the same time.

I cried out loudly as his cock thrust deeply up my ass. Anal sex always gives me instant orgasms that are so strong and frenetic that I can barely stand it. They come at me so fast and furious that I can’t catch my breath. All I can do is stay pinned and helpless, clawing at the sheets with my hands and toes in a useless fashion as though I think this will somehow help me. And all the while, I make guttural sounds mixed with screaming and gulping for air. If a neighbor were to hear me, I’m sure they might think I needed medical attention.

This went on and on for I don’t know how long. I lost all sense of time and felt like I was on some other plane of some other universe. I knew I was in my bed in my own bedroom but the atmosphere was unreal. I just let all the pleasure and joy wash over me and swoop through me like rainbows and prisms colliding. I felt myself being drawn up higher and higher to I don’t know where. Just floating there, somewhere in a state of suspended animation. It was as though I had left my body and was looking down on myself engulfed in sheer bliss.

And then he let out a loud moan. I felt what was left of his hot cum, flooding deeply into me and he whimpered slightly as his now limp cock sort of plopped out of me. We were both drenched in sweat and having trouble breathing. And ignoring our sweat soaked bodies, we turned to face each other, clinging onto each other as if for dear life and falling into a deep and restful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20