Friday Night in Seattle

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“What is that guy wearing?” Ava asks, looking at a man walking up Royal Brougham Way, on his way to the Alaskan-Way Viaduct. “Were those jeans at one point?”

“Maybe it’s a new fashion trend. Jeans meets skirt meets redneck shorts,” I reply.

Ava and I have two passions in this life. Baseball and people watching. Luckily, we live in Seattle, where we have all the weirdos we could ever look at, and baseball from March to September. It has become our own tradition to walk down to the Pyramid Alehouse before a home game, sip on a couple beers, and watch all the different people living life while we wait for the Left field gate to open up.

“How about that guy, huh?” I ask, nodding in the direction of a younger man who, unbeknownst to me, was wearing a bright green pair of short shorts and a neon green sleeveless shirt with matching hat.

“Oh, he’s totally going to a rave. Wants to stand out among the crowd of ecstasy-filled kids, providing a glowing surface for them to grind up on and ‘trip balls, man’.”

I looked over at Ava. “That was an interesting conclusion. Maybe he just likes pink.”

“I think most guys like pink. Especially the straight ones.” She replied.

“True. Us straight guys do like pink.” I told her, slipping my hand around her waist and pulling her in close.

“Mmm, well I know you do.” Ava told me, looking me in the eyes. I love the way she looks me in the eyes.

I took another swig of my beer, my eyes gazing down Ava’s body. Her long, flowy blonde hair, rustling in the light breeze blowing between the buildings. Her dep blue eyes and perfect complexion, glowing in the afternoon sun, heightened by the blood flowing to her face from the two beers already consumed. Her curvy figure, 36-27-37, accentuated by the tight-fitting Griffey t-shirt and a pair of low-rise, tight-fit skinny jeans, accompanied by a pair of blue running shoes. God, I love her body.

“Take a picture. It lasts longer.” Ava said as she sipped her beer, eyes gazing into the crowd of sports fans waiting for their team to play.

“Wouldn’t mind if I do,” I said, motioning toward my phone and taking a step back. Ava smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me back into her.

“Not here, goofball. Just wait until later. Now, excuse me. I need to use the ladies room.”

“Would you like another beer?” I ask, finishing mine off.

“Yes, please. Another Blonde would be great.” She replied, heading to the ladies room.

I was standing in line to order when I get a text message. I pull my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, and open my messenger. A text from Ava. I click on it, and a photo of her in the ladies room appears, with a caption of “Here’s your picture. This will last longer.”

I look closer at the picture and realize what I’m looking at. Ava is in the stall, her shirt pulled off, bra unclasped. She is looking directly into the camera, directly into my eyes. At first, I look back into her eyes, but my eyes wander down, peeking at her pink nipples. I fixate on her areolas, pulling into her nipples the more aroused she gets. I get rudely interrupted of my thoughts by the bartender.

“Sir, what can I get you?” The young lady asks.

“How about two blondes?”

“Well, I hope you are talking about the beer,” She quips back, catching me off-guard.

“Okay, well, yeah. Wow. I got nothing for that,” I reply.

The young (and very cute) bartender pours me two beers, a slight smile on her face. She knew she won that round. I pay, and then head back to the table Ava and I were sharing. Once I arrived, I get another text message. I open my phone and am pleasantly surprised with another picture from Ava, this one featuring a body part that I am quite fond of. Ava has the camera on her phone behind her, her pants pulled below her ass cheeks, her baby blue thong my main focus of attention.

“Damn, baby.” I think to myself. I took a sip from my beer. “Think of a response… Think of a smart and sexy response…” I must have taken too long, as by the time I had come up with a (rather weak, but passable) comeback, Ava had returned back to the table, grabbed her beer, and took a big pull.

“What’s the matter, baby,” Ava asks, “Cat got your tongue?”

“Well, you say cat, I say your fine ass has my tongue.”

“Later, baby.”

We continued to people watch while we drank our beers, and by the time we finished, the gates to T-Mobile park opened. We walked across Dave Neihaus Way, and up to the gates, where our tickets were scanned, Ava’s bag was searched, and we walked up the cement steps to the main level. “I love it here,” I thought to myself. The sight of the baseball diamond, surrounded by 47 thousand seats, and the retractable roof open on this beautiful July day. What a day for baseball. We walk up another flight of stairs and find our seats, front row in the left-filed bleachers, just above the bullpens.

“I love these seats,” Ava says, looking around the stadium.

“Me too. Better than a dinner and movie any day,” I reply.

The ball game starts. The Mariners bahis firmaları are playing the Houston Astros, the division leaders. The very first inning, we give up two runs off a double to the gap in right center, then another to the far-left corner. The bottom of the first inning and the following five was rather unexciting, with only a few pop flies and one hit, followed by a strikeout.

“Baby, let’s go get another drink,” Ava says, standing up. We wander back down to the main concourse, and stroll over to center field and enter the ‘Pen. We order a couple beers and move to a table, finding one right against the railing in center field.

“You know I can’t get those photos you sent me out of my head, right?” I said to Ava.

“Good. That was the idea.” Ava moved closer to me, place her hand on mine, and moved my hand under the table, placing my hand on her ass. “Does this help?”

“It helps raise my blood pressure.”

“Well, can you prove it?” she inquires.

She then slid her hand down my chest, past my belt, and squeezed at my crotch, grabbing a handful of my cock. She immediately released and brought her hand back to the table, grabbed her beer, and took another drink.

“You should have your answer,” I said.

“Yes, I do.” I peeked down her shirt and see a lot of cleavage. Clearly, she had removed her bra. Probably when she went to the bathroom at the alehouse. My cock grows harder, straining itself against my jeans.

Suddenly, the crowd started cheering. We look up to see a baseball hit high in the air, and deep to left field. We see the ball clear the bullpen and hit an open spot in the left field bleachers, right where Ava and I were sitting.

“Wow. At least we got a run back.” I said.

Ava smiles, then frowns (playfully), realizing the ball was hit exactly where we were sitting. “Bummer, baby! I would have loved to have that ball!”

A few more innings go by with no action. The 7th inning stretch comes, and Ava and I cheer on our choice of hydroplanes, the 7th inning stretch entertainment. She always chooses the blue boat. I go for the green. This time, the red one won, with green in second, yellow in third, and blue coming in last.

“Dang it, baby! I have two strikes now!” Ava said.

We head into the 9th inning. Our team is down by one run. The Astro third baseman gets up to bat and blasts a shot into right field and hits the plexiglass protecting the fans in the club seats, bouncing down to the 100 level. The next two batters were struck out, adding a little bit of energy to the stadium.

The bottom of the ninth. Last chance. Our center fielder gets up to the plate, swings at a fastball, and we hear the crack of the bat. The ball swerves past the first baseman, plotting a course to the right field corner. Ava and I jump and high-five each other, cheering on our team. The next batter comes to the plate. On the first pitch, he smacks the ball up the middle, skipping over second base. Ava grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze, the tension building.

“Ooh! We are back in it!” Ava states. “Only need a solid hit, and the game is tied!”

The next batter comes up to the plate. Once again, our designated hitter. First pitch: Strike one. Second pitch: Strike two. Third pitch: foul ball down the third baseline.

“Oh, come on… come on…” I cheer on under my breath.

The pitcher throws the next pitch. The batter swings. The ball leaves the bat and soars through the sky, clearing the infield. The center fielder runs back, tracking the ball in flight. He hits the warning track. The center fielder makes a leap but is a foot short. I take my hat off and lean over the railing. The ball lands perfectly in my hat. The sold-out crowd goes crazy, as we just had a walk-off home run, giving us the victory.

“Woo!! Yeah!” Ava and I cheer, joining in the celebrations with the fans around us. I give out several high-fives to the people around me.

“Wow, baby! You caught the game-winning ball!”

“We won!” I cheer.

Ava pulled me in close to her and plants a kiss on my lips. We are both excited in the moment, and I kiss her back with reckless abandon.

After much more cheering and celebration, the crowds start to leave the park. Ava and I join the crowd, making our way down to the street. We walk together, hand in hand, making our way to a local restaurant, where we sit down in a booth and order dinner and drinks. While we wait for the food, we sip on our beers and reminisce about the game we just attended. While I was talking about the last play of the night, I felt some pressure on my thigh. Ava had moved her hand to me.

I looked in Ava’s eyes and saw intent. I saw arousal. I saw the sexiest blue eyes I had ever seen before. Ava slid her hand up my thigh, and gripped my cock, giving a good squeeze. I slide my hand under the table and place it on her thigh, sliding it between her legs.

“Mmm… yes, baby,” Ava whispers to me, “please…”

I slide my hand a bit higher and pressed my fingers to her jean-covered mound. kaçak iddaa Ava loves it when I press there. I change the pressure to soft, then harder, rapidly. This causes the blood to rush to Ava’s face, her cheeks turn red. Ava then unbuttoned her jeans and slides the zipper down. I slide my hand up, then back down, this time under the fabrics she was wearing.

“Yes, baby. Just like that.” Ava moans quietly.

I slide my finger down her lips, parting them slightly. Her wetness had already soaked into her panties. I slid my finger back up, brushing it across her clit. Ava takes a sharp breath in, then pulls my hand out just as our food arrives. We scarf down our meals, the both of us too hungry, drunk and horny to do anything else.

We finish our meal, head out of the restaurant, and walk through Pioneer Square towards our condo. On the way, we run into Cowgirls, Inc., a southern-themed bar that usually grows quite a crowd on the weekends. We show our ID’s to the bouncer and head on inside to grab another drink.

“Sure is packed tonight.” I said to Ava, pulling her in closer to me.

“Yeah. I like it. Lots to look at.” She told me, her eyes scanning the crowd. She catches sight of a lovely young lady, dark brown hair with matching eyes, dancing to the country music playing.

“Ooh, she’s cute,” Ava said, “I want to dance. Baby, can you order me a drink? You know what I like.”

“Sure, hon.” I walk up to the bar and order two blondes. Once poured and paid for, I walk over to the edge of the dance floor and watch as Ava dances with the brunette she was checking out. Now, Ava is drop-dead gorgeous, but this lady she is dancing with is nothing to shake a stick at. Standing about 5’7″ tall, with long slender legs being revealed by a short gray skirt, a tight-fitting shirt accentuating her well-formed breasts. She had the top two buttons of her shirt undone, revealing a deep chasm of cleavage that I swear Ava never took her eyes off of. I leaned against the railing and watched the two ladies dance with each other, their hips swaying to the music, their bodies pressing together.

I couldn’t help but to get a little hard watching these two dance together. I would occasionally see the brunette lean down, allowing Ava to whisper something in her ear. The brunette would always smile afterwards. A couple songs later, I see Ava walking over to me, the brunette’s hand in hers.

“Hey, baby. This is Zoe,” Ava told me, pulling her new friend in closer to her, “what do you think?”

“Hello, Zoe. Pleasure to meet you.” I say, reaching my hand out to shake hers. Zoe’s skin was soft and supple, clearly well taken care of.


“Now, baby, you got my beer?” Ava asks. I slide the beer over to her and ask Zoe if she would like a drink.

“Oh, I’m okay. If I have another, I see myself making some bad decisions tonight.”

Ava’s eyes open wide. She looks at Zoe, and slides her beer to her, saying, “Well, here. Let’s share.”

Zoe takes a pull from Ava’s beer, locking eyes with her. Zoe then looks over at me, her eyes scanning up and down my body. We finished our drinks and the three of us stepped out of the bar, walking up the street towards Pioneer Square.

Ava and Zoe walk in front of me, their hips swaying as they move along. I stare at their cute little asses as we continue, and occasionally get a peek at Zoe’s underwear, her skirt being a little too short to ensure her body is covered.

“Like what you see back there?” Zoe asks, looking back at me over her shoulder.

“Yes, ma’am. I do.” I tell her.

“How about now?” she asks, stopping in her tracks and bending over, exposing her bright pink thong to me. I could see the outline of her lips pressing against the fabric, and a slightly dark spot exactly where I wanted to see one. Her figure was fantastic, the way her legs met her ass cheeks, her hips hugged the skirt she was wearing. My cock once again strained against the jeans containing it.

“I think I like that very much.” I told her.

Ava then turned around to face me and placed her hands on Zoe’s ass. She then slid her thumbs up to Zoe’s hips, hooked her panties, and pulled down, dropping them to the ground.

“I think I like this view even more.” Ava said, dropping to the ground and picking up Zoe’s thong. She raised back to standing and pulled the panties to her mouth, taking a deep breath in. Ava’s eyes rolled back, her mind racing to the gutter.

Zoe stood back up and pulled herself into Ava, planting a kiss on her lips. Zoe slid her hand around Ava’s waist and down, grabbing a handful of her ass. Ava slid her hand between the two of them, rubbing her fingers aver Zoe’s exposed mound. Her fingers, now covered in Zoe’s wetness, slid around with ease. Ava removed her hand from between her legs and lifted them to her mouth, tasting Zoe’s pussy.

Ava grabbed Zoe’s hand and pulled her up the street towards our condo. We found our building, opened the front door, and pressed the up button, calling the elevator. Once inside, Zoe and Ava found each other’s kaçak bahis lips, and kissed each other with reckless abandon. We reached our floor a short time later and exited the elevator. On our way to the room, Ava began pulling off her shirt, exposing her naked breasts to us and skipping down the hall. We reach the door, I unlock it, and we enter the home.

As soon as we get in, Ava removes her shoes and shorts, exposing herself to Zoe and I. I take in the sight before me, realizing I am one lucky man. Zoe approaches Ava and pulls her in, kissing her on the lips and grabbing her ass with both hands. Zoe then lowers her body down, kissing Ava’s body along the way. She spends a brief moment licking and biting Ava’s nipple, then continues on her path down south. Pulling Ava into her, Zoe pressed her lips to Ava’s mound, sliding her tongue south.

“Ohh… Right there.” Ava says, exhaling, “that’s the spot.”

Zoe slides her tongue across Ava’s clit and down her folds, reveling in her taste. She presses her tongue harder, parting her lips and lapping up the juices.

“Mmm… Yes, Zo. Right there. Right there.”

I watch as Zoe eats out my Ava while Ava grabbed the back of Zoe’s head, puling her in tighter. Ava’s orgasm was fast approaching, and to spur it on faster, I leaned in, kissed Ava on the lips, and pushed Ava’s hips into Zoe. Ava peaked at that moment, her own orgasm passing through her body. The waves of pleasure coursing through her caused her knees to give way, but I caught her before she collapsed to the floor. I helped Ava to the couch, set her down, and turned around to see Zoe pulling her top off, exposing her double-d breasts. Her areolas, maybe the size of a quarter, surrounded her tiny nipples, which were poking out from her chest. Zoe walked over to me, sliding her skirt off her curvy hips and down to the floor. Zoe stood right in front of me, completely naked, then looked over to Ava, who was recovering from her orgasm.

“May I?” Asked Zoe.

“You may.” Responded Ava.

Zoe then grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. On their way back down, Zoe’s hands slid across my chest and abdomen, coming to a stop at my jeans. She unbuttoned them, pulled the zipper down, then pulled the jeans down, taking my boxers with them. Zoe helped me out of them, lifting my legs up one at a time to remove the denim from my body. Zoe knelt in front of me, my cock just inches from her face.

“Take what you want, honey.” Ava says, her own hand tracking down to her mound.

Zoe then placed her hands on my hips and pulled me into her, her mouth opening to accept my member. She passed her tongue across the tip of my cock, licking up the drop of pre-cum escaping me.

“Mmm. That tastes good.”

Ava started rubbing her clit again, watching as this new woman pulled my cock into her mouth. Ava’s second orgasm was fast approaching, her pace increasing. My eyes kept moving from Zoe’s mouth taking my cock, to Ava rubbing her pussy, and back.

“Oh, fuck.” I said, my own orgasm building up.

Zoe wrapped her lips around my cock and pulled it into her mouth. She took in half of my shaft before pulling back. Zoe pulled me in again, going just as deep. As she worked on my cock, Ava’s second orgasm had peaked, her body convulsing, her legs pulling together, pinching her hand between her thighs.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I’m coming again!” Ava announced.

This sent me to the edge, my own body starting to convulse. To avoid coming so soon, I pulled my cock from Zoe’s mouth, denying her my seed for the time being. I reached down and pulled Zoe to her feet, then guided her to the couch next to Ava. I dropped to my knees in front of the two of them and spread their legs to take in the view.

“Taste her pussy, baby. It is so sweet.” Ava said, directing me between Zoe’s legs.

I kissed my way up Zoe’s thigh, taking my time, and landed between her legs. I pressed my tongue onto her folds, separating them, and moved up to focus on her clit. I traced small circles around her nub, giving an occasional flick at the center.

“Oh, shit! That’s it! Right there!” Zoe cries, her first orgasm of the night fast approaching.

Ava decided to join in, leaning over and grabbing a handful of Zoe’s tits. She brought Zoe’s breast to her mouth, pulling her nipple in, pinching it between her teeth. Zoe let out a serious moan, her body being assaulted on two fronts. Zoe didn’t last much longer and came in my face, her juices flowing from her pussy and down my chin.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” Zoe said. “I haven’t come that hard in a long time!”

“Well, there’s more if you want it.” I told her, leaning back and taking in the view in front of me.

“Oh, I want more,” Zoe says, “but I can’t move right now. How about you two have some fun while I watch.”

On that note, I look over at Ava, who is turned on again, wanting more. I move myself to between her legs and lean over to kiss her. Ava accepts my kiss, then slides her hand down and grabs my cock, gripping tightly. She pulls me in closer, directing my dick to her opening. I press my hips forward to her folds and slide my cock up and down, covering it in her fluids. Once sufficiently slick, I press again, parting her lips and sliding inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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