Forced suck V

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Forced suck V
Forced black suck Chapter V

I went to sleep with a smile on my face, imagining how it looked to have Daddy’s (yes I could call him Daddy now) big manly cock sliding in and out of my boi pussy as he called it.

I imagined his sperm and essence becoming part of my body in an even more intimate way than through my belly. I slept like a baby that night and for the weeks that followed all I could think about was how I could please my Daddy.

I even bought new oversized t-shirts in cute colors so that I would look good in my “pajamas” for him. I felt like his boi wife and loved it.

I really didn’t even care if anyone at work knew or whispered or whatever, he was my Daddy and I didn’t care.

I looked forward to the times when he would pat my ass at work. it always made me squeal if I didn’t see it coming or giggle when I did.

I think he did it where the Black guys could see sometimes and they would laugh or snicker but I didn’t care at all. I think the white guys knew because they looked at me in disgust sometimes. Anyway I didn’t care.

The next few weeks were wonderful! He would come over 2 or 3 times a week during the week, sometime after work, sometimes after the bar and I was always ready to please him when he did. I think he liked the times when I heard him coming and was waiting for him on my knees.

Anyway, he knew I was there for his pleasure and he could use me whatever way he felt fit, if he was tired from work I would give him a nice relaxing blow job, if he was frisky and wanted to fuck me I got in a head down ass up position and offered my boi pussy for him. Most of the times he was frisky when he came after the bar and he fucked me a lot!

He was really good to me, praising me when I did good, calling me his bitch in a nice tone, he even let me hold his big meaty cock when he had to pee sometimes.

It was amazing to be on my knees holding it and pointing it waiting for the stream to start, I always jumped a little when it started because it always surprised me. He would tell me to put my fingers in the stream while he was pissing and it felt so warm it was nice. One time he told me to put my fingers in my mouth to taste it. It tasted so warm and salty I liked it.

You might think that it would gross kaçak bahis me out but really, I eat his ass, swallow his cum, why wouldn’t I want to taste another one of his man essences.

That’s why when one day he said open my mouth and he started pissing in it I felt honored. His warm salty piss filled my mouth, flowed down my chin and all over me. I took his pissing cock into my mouth and sucked it with his warm piss surrounding it.

That first time I did that, when he was done pissing I just continued to suck it until he came and I swallowed the mixture of cum and piss. Life was good for me.

Like I said it was hardly ever on the weekends that he would come over so I would get to sleep not expecting him to come, but one night I heard a knock at around 11PM and I figured it was him, I was happy I had picked out a red t-shirt to wear to bed and not a plain old gray one. But when I got to the door I heard another voice and when I let him in he was with a sexy looking black girl.

I was a little shocked but of course I would never object to what Daddy wanted. He told me her name was Tanisha and she was his cousin and they were going to the club together and wanted to smoke in comfort before they left.

Well, Daddy was dressed to the max with coco colored expensive looking slacks, that when he stood or walked a certain way showed off his package, with a black silk short sleeved shirt that showed off his muscles.

She was about my size, wearing a red very tight, stretch one piece dress that hugged her plump but not too big butt and just was long enough to cover her butt but not long enough to cover the lace of her thigh highs. I could see the outline of a thong under it because the dress was soooo tight. He boobs were popping out of the top showing lots of cleavage.

He said, say hello to my cousin Tanisha, we’re going to the club and we wanted to do a blunt in a comfortable place before we went and they both sat down on the couch.

I said hello Tanisha but then I didn’t know what to do. When he comes over I know that I’m supposed to start to please him and I wanted to of course but with his cousin sitting there I was totally confused.

He ended my confusion fast by saying, Well what are you waiting for take it out kaçak iddaa and get to work! And don’t slobber on my pants.

As I started to get between his legs on the floor I glanced embarrassingly at Tanisha and she said, Oh don’t worry baby, I’ve seen his boi toys sucking him before, it don’t bother me.

She saw the look of surprise on my face as I unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock out. She noticed the look and laughed and said, Oh baby you didn’t think you were the first and only did you? Derrick has been fucking anything he can get his cock into since he was around 10 years old, including boys, ain’t that right Derrick.

Daddy lit the blunt, took a toke and handed it to her, breathed out and said, Yep! But I didn’t bitch out my first boi until I was in High School, but he was different than you bitch, this boi knew he wanted it, I didn’t have to turn him out like I did you.

I played football in HS and the word must have gotten out to the cheerleaders that I had a big cock, so I ended up fucking a few of those white girls. One night after a game we were hanging out at the field and I took one of them under the stands and fucked her, then when it was time to go this Cheer Squad gymnastics guy, drove me and her home.

After he dropped her off and was heading to my house, I could see him catching glimpses of my package in my pants. I smiled and figured let me break his balls a little and I asked him, if he ever tasted pussy before.

He blushed and said no, so I pulled down my running shorts and waggled my cock and said, I just fucked Cathy and her pussy juice is all over my dick want to taste it?

His eyes almost bugged out and said omg yes! So I made him pull over in a dark spot, and said here you go!

He smiled at me and I winked at him and of course we both know he didn’t want the pussy juice he wanted my cock, as he went down on me.

He gave me a nice blow job that night, and every chance he got he was asking if I needed a ride home and if I had any pussy juice on my cock. It was a little game he played and I went along with it. It wasn’t long before I was fucking the fag.

I was looking up at him with his cock head in my mouth sucking and using my tongue on it while he told the story, still in shock. güvenilir bahis

Tanisha laughed and said that’s nothing, as daddy pushed my head down and up on his cock, he was about 10 years old when his little sister, my cousin Shaquira, caught him fucking his big sister. Remember she followed you around after that trying to get some too.

He laughed as he took the blunt, took a hit and said, yea I knew what she was after but I made her wait for it just to tease her, then I pulled it out one night while we were watching TV and said here, you can suck it. She used to give me lots of blow jobs but I waited until she was 13 before I fucked her.

Yep, she used to tell me about how she would suck your cock and how great it was, then one night on a sleep over, she started playing with his cock, took it out and asked if I wanted some, he just sat back and enjoyed us both sucking him. Then he fucked us both! Derrick was and still is such a dog!

Then she looked at me on the floor and said to Daddy, this one is a cute one Derrick, and lifted my t-shirt and patted my ass, he does have a girly ass for sure. Stand up baby and let me look at you.

I looked up at Daddy for permission and he just nodded yes so I stood up in front of her, and she stroked my buns and then lifted the front and laughed and said, and look at this little pee pee and took it between her two fingers. I always get a little erection when I’m with Daddy but even then it was small.

Tanisha said, I bet this pretty boi would look cute in panties, and quickly lifted her skirt and pulled off her lace thong and said, put these on baby, let me see you in them. I put them on while she tied my t-shirt in the back so it was just under my chest. The lace and thong in my crack felt really nice as she adjusted the front part over my penis and little balls, she turned me to face Daddy and said doesn’t he look cute!

Daddy laughed and said, yea like a cute little sissy. Then he said, come on Tanisha we need to get going.

She said to me, keep them on baby, I don’t need them tonight at the club, I’m going to give them all a show anyway and make sure your wearing them in case we come back here after the club, oh and while we’re out shave those pubes that are sticking out of the panties.

They left me and I looked at myself in the mirror and they were right! I looked cute but I saw what she said about my pubes and shaved the excess so no pubes were sticking out and I went to bed. Not knowing what to expect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20