For Whom the Girl Moans

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This is an unofficial sequel to my other story, “Backstage Banging.” Most of the same characters are in this. Like the first story, this gig really happened but all the erotic stuff is made up. Enjoy!


I had arranged for my band, unnamed for privacy reasons, to perform at a party at my college. You know, a typical college party. Girls, beer, all that shit. I was the only one who actually went to the college but all my friends, and more importantly, all the smoking hot girls, were pretty excited. I was nervous but also, like them, very excited. I thought the gig I played in the other story was intimidating, but this was something else! We had hundreds of people, most of them drunk but still banging hot college girls, watching and listening to us play! Holy shit.

Anyway, the rest of the band drove to my college, following directions I had given them. The one problem was transporting all our equipment. I had mine with me already, so I was set. So Zach, our singer and rhythm guitarist, borrowed his dad’s old, beat-up, piece of shit Chevy “child molester” van. It was nicknamed “the shaggin’ wagon” because Zach supposedly railed his at-the-time girlfriend in it. The kicker was that he refused to say which seat he came on, so we never rode with him when he drove it, for fear of sitting on dried cum. But the other 2 band members, Matt and Chris, bassist and drummer respectively, had no choice this time.

They drove to the campus after classes ended on Friday for Matt and Chris, who were also attending college. Matt was at a local community college near our hometown studying to become a mechanic and Chris went to a 4 year university like me, and I’m pretty sure he wanted to be a music producer. Zach didn’t go to college and instead worked full time.

My name is also Matt. I was attending college several hours away from my hometown, thinking of becoming either an accountant or a detective, or perhaps combining them and going into forensic accounting. I played lead guitar in the band and occasionally sang backup vocals, along with the other Matt. I stood about 5’9″ and had dark hair and gray eyes. I did have a rather large, hooked nose, broken when I was 14. I also played baseball and golfed frequently. I had decided to focus on academics in college over sports. I simply didn’t give a shit in high school, and my 2.8 GPA reflected that.

Anyway, they arrived at about 7 Friday night. The gig was tomorrow night. My college has a whole building dedicated to music and performing arts, with a perfect stage for our performance. The venue looked like something a professional band would play at, with stage lights and even room for a mosh pit! I met the rest of the band in the parking lot, helping them unload all the equipment and carry it to the stage. Then I showed them my dorm room and they left all their sleeping stuff there. It would be cramped in there with 5 of us, my roommate Cade included.

Next we went to the cafeteria for dinner. It was crowded, being a Friday night. Most people knew me already so I introduced the rest of the band to them. It sounded like pretty much the whole school was going to the gig!

My girlfriend Liv, a year older than me but also attending this college, texted me asking where I was. I responded that I was in the cafeteria with my bandmates. Then so they couldn’t see my phone, I added that there were 3 of them and they were all looking to score. She responded with, “Gotcha. I’ll fix that ;)”

She showed up about 5 minutes later, but not alone. All of our jaws dropped. She had brought 3 of her hottest friends with her. They looked at us, waving and smiling. I’m pretty sure we all had to fix our pants to hide our boners too. Liv laughed at our faces and introduced them. The first, a sexy brunette chick with piercing blue eyes, was named Bridget. The second, a blonde haired, blue eyed girl, was called Brooke. The last girl was a knockout redhead with amazing eyes, a brilliant bright green, named Mackenzie, usually shortened to Kenz. They all waved and eyed each of us. It’s likely they were fighting over Matt, who was probably the best looking out of the three with light brown hair and bluish-green eyes. He was also a decent height, at around 5’11.” Chris and Zach were both around my height, but looked very different. Chris had long brown hair and dark eyes to match. Zach was not a good looking guy. Even my mother had commented on his looks! He had really long, curly brown hair and blue eyes, and was covered in acne scars and other weird shit on his skin. Not to mention he wasn’t exactly slim. It’s safe to say he wouldn’t get his pick of girls, if he got any to begin with!

Anyway, dinner went by fast. The 8 of us all sat at a huge table, enjoying ourselves. Me especially, with Liv constantly playing footsies with me and rubbing my leg under the table throughout the entire meal and winking at me. Cade showed up after about 10 minutes and joined us, bitching out a teacher (as he was notorious in high school for) for assigning a 25 page paper canlı bahis on the history of the 13 British colonies. I didn’t have that class, thank god. The 4 of us left soon after and I took them on a night tour of the campus. They all seemed impressed, even Zach, who wasn’t in college. We returned at about 10 and went to bed, deciding to practice the next day.

We all woke up at about 8 the following morning. The 4 of us went back to the cafeteria for a breakfast buffet, while Cade stayed in bed. The girls didn’t join us this time, probably because they were all still asleep. The other 3 guys were all rather disappointed when they didn’t show up. Anyway, after breakfast, we walked over to the performing arts building and set up our equipment. The next step was to decide on our set list, which would last about 2 hours, including breaks between songs. We decided to play only cover songs this time, so the audience, would probably know the songs. We selected 14 songs, covering a wide range of rock sub-genres. We agreed on playing them in this order:

Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2- Pink Floyd

Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5

Chalk Outline- Three Days Grace

Beat It- Michael Jackson

Holiday- Green Day

Sex Type Thing- Stone Temple Pilots

Indestructible- Disturbed

Porn Star Dancing- My Darkest Days

Day Tripper- The Beatles

I Disappear- Metallica

Time of Your Life- Green Day

For Whom the Bell Tolls- Metallica

The practice took us until lunch. We tried to balance the list to include as many artists as possible, but still wound up with multiple Metallica and Green Day songs. Zach and I agreed that I would act as the frontman, being the person that the audience knew best, but he would still sing vocals. Lunch was pretty quiet, despite the cafeteria being packed again.

The rest of the day passed quickly. The 4 of us went to the cafeteria for dinner, but none of us ate anything. It’s kind of a pre-concert ritual for us not to eat before a gig, but no one knows where it came from. People kept wishing us luck, including some I hadn’t even met. Cade came over and patted me on the back. Then Liv and all her friends, the 3 sexy ones included. They said how excited they all were, and said to look for them in the mosh pit. Liv then proceeded to give me a long wet kiss for good luck, in front of everyone, causing some to wolf whistle and cheer. She was really turning me on, particularly how she was dressed. She was wearing a tank top and shorts, despite it being October. She winked and walked away, blowing me a kiss.

We arrived backstage about an hour before the show. We all changed into our stage clothes, before making a last minute decision to play shirtless. Thank god I was in shape! I proceeded to start my pre-show warmups, jogging in place and doing pushups. You can’t just be sitting on the couch playing playstation and then go out and play a huge venue. You’ve gotta be pumped!

We finally walked on stage to thunderous applause. I saw a lot of kids I knew. I was pleasantly surprised to see what appeared to be the majority of all the girls attending the show in the mosh pit, laughing and drinking and grinding the guys.

Holy shit, I thought. It wasn’t that I was nervous, I was just dumbstruck by how popular my band apparently was. And they hadn’t even heard us play yet! I had played multiple gigs and after a while, there aren’t any pre-show nerves. Once you’ve played one performance, you’ve played them all, regardless of crowd size.

The applause only got louder as we waved and got set up. Zach, Matt, and I all had wireless transmitters for our instruments, so we could walk around while playing. Chris, of course, had a drum set, so he was stuck where he was. The sound finally died away as I approached the mic. “Hi, everyone. We’d like to thank you all for coming. We’re going to play cover songs tonight, so you all have something to sing along too. Alright? I don’t even need to introduce this first one. I expect all of you to know it. Here it it is. Let’s go!” I turned away, strumming the iconic Teen Spirit riff.

Cheers went up instantly. The only down side to this song is the lack of guitar after the intro. The lights dimmed as the verse started, focusing on Matt as he played the famous bass line. The rest of the song was simple but effective nonetheless. Zach sang with a whiny, nasally voice remarkably like Kurt Cobain’s. I got to break out my wah pedal for the solo, which I hadn’t done for a long time. The song finally ended with cheers and more applause.

The next song, Purple Haze, was pretty uneventful, but was pretty well known. But the song after that, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, my favorite Pink Floyd tune, was met with the loudest applause yet. We extended the intro, and I tried to get the crowd involved. I grabbed my mic and asked, “Do you need a fucking education or not?! Come on! This is my favorite Pink bahis siteleri Floyd song. It’s called, Another. Brick. In the Fucking Wall! This is dedicated to all the victimized school kids out there, and all the stuck-up teachers who shit on them. Let me hear you!” The crowd screamed and started singing along as Zach entered with the vocals. The crowd noise never let up, and got louder as the song ended.

Matt and I sang backup vocals on the next 3 songs. Then we started the last song before intermission, and one of my all time favorite songs, Holiday by Green Day. One of the first songs I ever learned on guitar. This was our most acclaimed song yet. The whole venue shook as I entered with the guitar intro. I yelled into the mic, just like Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day’s frontman) does with live performances, “This song is not anti-American. It’s anti…..WWAAAARRRRRR!!!!!” This was probably our most energetic song. Then Zach decided to kill the lights as the bridge started (if you know the song, it’s the part with just the bass line and drums, when he rants about the war in Iraq and George Bush). The spotlight focused on Matt, cranking out that killer bass line. The crowd cheered more and clapped enthusiastically. Zach and Chris eventually entered, followed by me about a minute later, and we ended the song with thundering applause.

We walked off stage covered in sweat and grinning from ear to ear. Chris said, “They love us! I wanna play here again!”

Matt spoke with a grin. “You got that right! When can we come back?”

I laughed. “Anytime. I just have to clear it with the administration.”

Zach was about to say something, but stopped. We all followed his gaze. And gasped. The 4 girls were standing there. Liv, Bridget, Kenz, and Brooke. All dressed in skintight yoga shorts and cutoff shirts.

Liv spoke up, with a glint in her hazel eyes, “Hello boys. We just came to congratulate you and help get rid of some possible stage fright you might have. Interested?”

We all nodded instantly, trying to hide our boners.

Liv smiled. “Excellent. Follow us.” They led us into the bathroom. None of us were quite sure what to expect. Liv turned around and asked, “How long do we have?”

I replied, “Fifteen minutes.”

She thought for a minute. “Ok. That’s enough time.” She turned to the 3 girls, gesturing to us, “Take them.”

They smiled and gestured to each of my bandmates, leading them into a stall. Chris got Brooke. Matt got Kenz. And Zach got Bridget, who apparently must’ve drawn the short straw, and looked disgusted. And of course, I got my girlfriend. She grabbed my hand and took me into a stall, locking the door. Talk about confined quarters! We were so close, I could see flecks of light in her eyes and count the freckles across her nose. She kissed me hard and quickly ripped off her yoga shorts, and proceeded to drop my jeans around my knees. Unsurprisingly, knowing her, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I could hear moans and rather disturbing slapping and slurping noises coming from the other stalls, and thought for a second the walls were shaking. Without a word, Liv dropped to her knees and stuck my cock in her mouth, as she’d done a million times before. But it still felt as good as ever. I groaned and started fucking her orally. Sliding in and out of her wet and warm mouth felt fucking mind blowing. She kept that up for a while and stopped suddenly, remembering we had a time limit. She stood up and backed up against the wall with a smile, and beckoned me closer. I obliged, picking her up and holding her against the wall. She wrapped her long, toned legs around my waist and guided me in. I grabbed her amazing ass and went to town. It felt amazing, better than her mouth. She moaned and dug her nails into my back, wrapping her legs even tighter around me. What I remember the most about it was how quiet it was. I was having sex with the only girl I’ve ever loved, but not a word was said, apart from all the moaning. Not a word when we went into the stall, or when she took off her shorts and started blowing me. Or when I penetrated her. Not a word.

Anyway, I was getting close by this point. My muscles and joints all over my body were twitching and contracting involuntarily. I gave one final thrust and blew inside her, never breaking eye contact, even as Liv came, arching her back and moaning softly and kissing me fiercely. I set her down gently.

She finally spoke, “Thanks. We’ll continue this later. Somewhere more private where I can unleash my libido. Go hit the stage. And have fun! I sure as fuck am! I’ll see you after the show. Love ya. Bye! She attacked my lips yet again, throwing in some tongue, before leaving.

The other band members gradually came out of the stalls over the next 5 minutes. None of them looked like they were quite sure what just happened. They were all smiles though. Then the girls emerged, partially dressed, wishing us luck in the second half of the gig, before leaving too.

Zach finally said, “Dude!”

Matt bahis şirketleri said, “I definitely wanna come back now! That was the best 15 seconds of my life!” We all turned to look at him, not sure if he was joking. He grinned and said, “I’m kidding about that last part. But damn, that chick was an animal in the sack!”

Chris looked at his watch and spoke, “Oh shit. Guys we’re on in 90 seconds. We gotta move!”

We hauled ass back to where we left our instruments, walking out on stage just in time. I saw the girls in the mosh pit, waving at us and blowing kisses.

The next song, called Sex Type Thing by the Stone Temple Pilots, I picked because I knew Liv would like it. In the past, she had done stripteases and stripper dancing for me to this song. Sure enough, I saw her belting the lyrics, beer in hand, and grinding her fabulous butt into some lucky guy. She looked rather disappointed when we ended the song.

The next song, Indestructible by Disturbed, after that was uneventful, apart from being one of my favorite guitar solos to play. Some solos, I just improvised, but others, like this one, I actually took the time to learn note for note.

But the next song, called Porn Star Dancing by the band My Darkest Days, I happened to hear on the radio and instantly bought the song, I liked it that much. With a name like that, my parents didn’t appreciate me blasting it all over the house. Anyway, I stopped the song and asked for a female volunteer to come up on stage. A sexy brunette college chick with amazing ice blue eyes stepped up. She introduced herself as Taylor into the mic. I whispered to her, “If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll find someone else. But I’d like you to do some erotic dancing for the duration of the song. Fully clothed, of course. You up for it?”

She looked at me and nodded. “I had a feeling that’s why you asked for someone.”

I smiled and said, “Good. Get ready.” I turned to the crowd and said, “Taylor here is going to put on a show for you. You can guess what it is from the name of the song. You ready?” The crowd screamed in anticipation and we jumped right back into the song. She was a great dancer, presumably with a smoking body to match. About 30 seconds before it ended, I motioned to Taylor to stop and come over. I put my arm around her shoulder and said into the mic, “Thank you. The exit’s over there.” She smiled and started walking in that direction. I stopped her and said, “No. Sorry, it’s the other way,” and turned her in the other direction.

She started walking again when I stopped her and said, “Look, there’s only one way out of here. You’re gonna stage dive.” The crowd went nuts. She hesitated and said, “Do I have to?”

I laughed and said, “You don’t have a choice, Taylor. Get ready. On three. Ready? 1…..2…..3!” I pushed her off the stage into the crowd, who instantly caught her. She seemed hesitant at first, but now she was smiling and laughing, crowd surfing back to her friends.

The next song, Day Tripper, was uneventful. But the following song, named I Disappear by Metallica, is another one of my all time favorite songs. I introduced the song, yelling into the mic, “This is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s called, I…….Disappear!” I yelled the last word right as the lights went out. The whole venue went dark for the intro, but the lights came back on when Zach entered with the vocals. The rest of the song proceeded normally.

Then it was time for our encore. Zach and I walked back on stage 5 minutes later and played Time of Your Life normally.

Our last song was my favorite to perform, which is why we saved it for last. It’s possibly one of the heaviest metal songs ever written. Chris got the crowd going with his bass drum, just like Metallica do for live performances of this song. Matt started playing an improvised bass solo too.

I yelled into the mic to pump them up. “Come on, is that the best you can do?! Let me hear you get loud! Everyone! Way in the goddamn back there, where you can’t even see us! This is our last song. Thanks a lot for coming out! Sing along with us, alright? It’s entitled, For Whom the fucking Bell Tolls!” I turned away as Chris stopped with the bass drum and hit a cymbal 4 times, before Zach’s and my guitar kicked in, along with Matt and that iconic distorted bass intro.

Zach put on a very good impersonation of old Metallica vocals, and nailed it with this song. We really dragged this song out, seeing as it was the finale. Zach even sang the iconic line, “Take a look to the sky, just before you die. It’s the last time you will!” and waved his arm, killing the lights yet again. The band crashed for a few seconds, the amplifiers ringing, before jumping back in, the lights coming back on. He proceeded to end the song with “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLLLLLSSSSSS!!!!” before the song began fading out.

The crowd went ballistic, screaming and cheering. We met at the center of the stage and did a rock star bow before walking off stage, the applause following us. We packed up our instruments and walked outside to put them back in Zach’s van. I left mine inside, as I kept it on campus. We came back in to yet more applause and cheering and accepted beers handed to us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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