Flea Market of Lust Ch. 02

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It was a hot as hell summer day and I was at the Nimitz Road Flea market, just walking up and down the long section of open tables. There weren’t even any stalls here, just a long metal roof that that covered about 47 dealers. There were the standard socks, cheap shirts and jeans, sun glasses and knock off purses sold by the Thai and Vietnamese families. A few people had collectibles; comic books and such, which is why I went. The rest of the tables offered a hodge podge of knick knacks and bric a brac and, well, crap. These tables I called ‘Garage Sale Deluxe’.

One table had three boxes of comics, and no one around. I started looking through them, figuring someone would show up eventually. And indeed, someone did. A woman about my age, 21 or so came shuffling up, looking bored as hell. She had a huge tumbler of something cold and was sucking away at the straw. She had jean shorts she had made herself, a white Lynyrd Skynyrd T-Shirt with a black bra underneath. She was close to skinny, but she had a decent figure. She had freckles across her small nose and her mouth had a wicked little curve to it, with thick lips that were hard not to stare at, like Jayne Mansfield’s.

She didn’t even shoot me a glance as she flopped in a chair behind the table. I kept going through the comics and found a few I liked. I looked at the woman to pay, and she was looking off into the ether, leaving me free to stare at her chest and her long slender legs, that when stretched out in front of her looked rather enticing. I waved my hand to get her attention and held up the comics.

“Three.” was all she said.

I paid her three bucks and was about to leave when I saw Sheila walk by in the distance. She was the woman who had screwed me in her stall the other day. Suddenly, I got a little brave.

“Miss, I gotta say you looked bored as hell.” I told the freckled girl in front of me.

“Well now, that must be because I am.”

“What would you rather be doing?”

“Why do you care?” she said finally looking up at me. She had dark eyebrows which made her green eyes look even more intense.

“Maybe because I’m bored too. Shit, I got nothing better to do than buy comic books, and that’s sadder than hell.” She laughed at that, and we started talking. Her name was Valerie, and she was visiting from Oklahoma, and had to watch the table for her Aunt and Uncle for a while. She didn’t get along with them at all, and we bonded over family troubles for a while. When she dropped the fact she was done with the sale at 5, I asked her if I could come by and pick her up. She peered at me for a bit, like she was trying to look through my skin with X-ray vision.

“What? Are you trying to read my aura?” I joked.

“Kinda, yeah.” She had the cutest redneck accent. “Um, do you have a wife or a girlfriend?” She asked, which somehow made my cock stir in my pants.

“Nope. You?”

“Nope. Hey, tell you what, do me a favor and I’ll let you have that whole box of comics.”

“Do I have to kill someone?”

“Nope. Come on, can’t you just do a girl a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Damn, just say yes, don’t be a pussy!” She swatted my arm.

“Fine, fine. What do I do?”

She squealed a little and threw a tarp over the table. “Come on!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the employee’s area of the flea market, which was just a couple acres of fields with a bunch of mobile homes and trailers with a tree here and there. We came to a brown double-wide trailer that had seen better days in the very back part of the area. She stopped at the front door and turned to face me.

“Allright, I need to get back to Oklahoma, and there’s only one way to get my Aunt and Uncle mad enough to kick me out. So, we’re going to go in, and start making out and stuff, and when they get back, they’ll find me kissing a man, and they’ll scream, you’ll run away and I’ll get to go home.”

“Uh…and your Uncle? Is he a large man? Or more importantly, is he an armed man?”

“Nope güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on both counts. Now, don’t worry! This is going to be fun, and it will get you that whole box of comics.”

“Well, I…”

“Great!” She said, and opened the door and pulled me in. It was pretty nice inside actually, with good furniture and some nice art on the walls. Valerie saw my look of surprise. “Oh yeah, they got great taste in decor, but they are total prudes.” She had retrieved a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon from the kitchen and two glasses. She poured, served, and toasted. “Here’s to getting the fuck out of here!” We drank, slammed the shot gasses down and she threw her arms around my neck. “They’ll be home any minute now, let’s get to sinning!”

She kissed me flat lipped hard on the mouth, like black and white movie stars kiss. I gave what a got, and then pulled her a little closer, and gave her a semi-chaste kiss of my own. And then two quick little kisses on her neck which made her coo a bit.

“Hey, I gotta make it look good.”, I said, nuzzling her neck.

“Yeah, I get you, if you’re gonna do something then do it right.” I kissed her again and this time she kissed back. Damn! This girl could kiss like nobody’s business! Granted, I was only 20 had hadn’t had a lot of experience, but I had kissed a few girls, and this was way different! I think she felt it too, as she started running her hands up and down my back.

“Hey, it would look even more salacious if we were on the couch.” I said while coming up for air.

“What’s salacious mean?” she asked me.


She gave me a big smile. “Yeah, allright!” We sat next to each other on the couch and started to kiss again. I got a little braver and put my hands on her thighs, which she allowed, in fact a few seconds after I touched her leg, she hopped up, threw a leg over my lap and straddled me, face to face.

“I’d bet this is even more salacious!” She giggled.

“And you would win that bet!” I agreed, and we started making out heavily now. I reached under her shirt to massage one of her breasts and she leaned into me, softly moaning into my mouth as I did. I was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, which did nothing to hide my erection, especially as Valerie was rubbing her jean covered crotch on mine. I got both hands under her shirt and rubbed her tits harder, squeezing them in my large hands. We were both breathing hard now, our hands all over each other.

“So…”, I said coming up for air. “They should be here…anytime now, right…?”

“Oh hell I don’t give a fuck anymore about no playactin’!” She plopped down between my knees and almost ripped my sweat pants as she yanked them down to my ankles. She pulled my 8″ cock out of my shorts and started going down on it immediately. She was eager, almost too eager. I saw her hand sneak down into her shorts and start playing with herself, and her ass began to twitch in response. Looking over her ass, I noticed the faces of a man and a woman looking through the window, I almost yelled, but the faces saw me notice them, and hushed me to silence. Why I obeyed them, I don’t know. Maybe it the was blowjob I was getting from this white trash cutie, ya think?

The heads disappeared from the window, and I was able to get back to Valerie, as she sat up and took of her t-shirt, and then unhooked her bra, revealing a damn nice set of B-cup titties! She cupped them in her hands and smiled as I stared at them. Then I stood up and pulled her up with me. Because she was skinny I could almost throw her over my shoulder, instead I laid her down on the couch and tore off her jean shorts along with her G-String underwear and started lapping at her pussy, which was shaved bare as a cue ball! Her pussy lips were large and thick so they gave me lots to play with as I fondled then with my teeth and tongue. When I looked up to see her face, just beyond the couch attached to the roof I saw a blinking red light, like the kind on a video güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri camera’s lens. I went back down on Valerie’s pussy with a vengeance, giving extra attention to her clit which made her thrash about on the sofa. I then stood up from between her legs.

“I’ll be right back, I need to take my medication!” It was a terrible excuse, but I was new when it came to lying to Trailer Park Nancys. I went down the small hallway to the bathroom, but passed it and kept going to the back bedroom. I could see shadows moving under the door. Someone was in there. I softly opened the door and saw a middle-aged guy, with a deep tan on a bed, being rode by a naked equally tanned and middle-aged woman, and they were both watching a wall of TV screens reflecting several camera angles of images from the living room where I had just been going down on Valerie’s sweet pussy. They were the faces I had seen in the window.

The woman had a medium build had a ball-gag in her mouth and her C-cup tits were jiggling as she bounced on what must have been a good size cock by the suppressed grunts coming from her throat. The man turned away from the screens to see me there at the door.

“Oh shit.” He said, and then his companion turned and saw me as well, and to her credit, she didn’t stop fucking her man, she only slowed down.

“Let me guess, you’re the Aunt and Uncle.”

The man smiled.

“And y’all were the ones in the window?

He smiled broader.

“And you snuck by that back door over there.” There was a door in their room that led to the outside.

He winked.

“So I take it you don’t mind Valerie fucking around.”

“Hell no!”, the old perv whispered. “We’ve been watching and taping her dirty habits since she got down here. I blur out the men’s faces on the recordings. Here now, keep it up, woman!” The guy reached up and took a hold of her nipples, squeezed them and held onto them, making her gasp through her gag and pick up the pace of the fucking. “Say, son, if you go back in there, keep your trap shut and fuck her real good, I’ll get you a copy of the tape.”

“VHS or Beta?”

“I prefer Beta, as they last longer, but I can get you VHS since most people have that.” While saying that mundane little sentence he let go of his wife’s nipples as she shuddered with pleasure.

“That’s a deal. VHS.”

“Allright! Go get ‘er, boy!” His wife gave me a thumbs up, and kept rocking on her husband’s cock.

I went back out to Valerie who was butt naked on the couch, and eager to fuck. I looked around the room for a bit and figured out where the cameras were based on the scenes I saw in the bedroom. Now, I knew I was no prize, but Aunt and Uncle Pervy in there were just regular looking folks, and they were getting off and watching us do it…the thought of it was extra hot, and I wanted to do those nasty old folks in the back proper porn justice by at least making sure they weren’t getting an hour of hairy- bobbing-man-ass.

I got on my knees in front of the couch and pulled Valerie’s skinny little bod to me. I held her legs up and spread them wide with both hands and started giving her a good thorough fucking. I leaned to the left a little to make room for the the camera, and Valerie squealed a little.

“Oh shit, there big guy, you gonna do some angles on me? That feels delicious!”

I was surprised. I had no intent towards her vagina whatsoever, I was just getting out of the way of the camera. I started trying other angles, seeing if she liked them, while always thrusting with a steady even pace. Valerie liked some better than others, but she was definitely getting more turned on in general and more eager to fuck by the second.

“Oh Jesus, yes! That’s fucking good! God, when they see you fucking me like this, they’re gonna have a fit!” She was grinning like The Joker on the comic books. It was clear the idea of her getting caught was a turn on for her. So. . .

“You. . . really . . güvenilir bahis şirketleri . want . . . them . . . to . . . freak . . . out . . . Valerie? Huh?” I gave her a little hard thrust on every word.Her eyes got wide, and she nodded hard.

“Then get on your hands and knees.”

She scrambled to lay herself on the thick Harvest Gold shag carpet, sticking her firm, muscular ass up in the air. She was almost writhing with desire as I placed her in the best position, I hoped, for the camera. It just so happened that she was facing the front door.

“That’s right . . .if you turn that way, your sweet face will be the the first thing the see when they walk in, and then me behind you fucking you like a dog.”

“Oooh, hell yes, do it! Show them what a nasty niece I am!” I gabbed her ass and slid my cock into her. I went as deep as i could, and then stirred my dick inside her pussy, grinding my pelvis against her ass as she moaned incomprehensibly into the carpet. I pulled out super quick, which made her gasp, and involuntarily sit up. I started again, fucking her with an actual stoke now, deep and long. She sighed and put her head back down, happy to let me firmly grip her supple ass cheeks while fucking her from behind. I stopped trying to show off for a bit and just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of fucked this wonderful girl. Her body was gorgeous! Her skin was pale like milk with a band of freckles across her shoulders. Her auburn-brown hair was hanging loose now, fanning out across her back in the most beautiful of ways. Oh, and her pussy felt fucking amazing! Even with the condom I was using she felt tight and firm. Damn, I was one lucky son of a bitch!

Even though I could have finished right there, I felt I had a responsibility to the Aunt and Uncle, not to mention the lovely Valerie who was being so kind as to let me fornicate with her so freely, to provide a quality experience. So I got a hand full of her hair and gently pulled her head up to face the door.

“There you you go Valerie, keep your face up for your family, make sure they see you.” As she faced the front door, her hips started to buck against mine. “Any second now, little Valerie…here they come…?”

“Oh…Oh. . . Oh…fuuuucccckkk.” Instead, she came like a freight train! I felt a small gush all over my dick, a thing I had never felt before. It unleashed a bit of the beast in me, and I started fucking her hard and fast, holding her hair in one hand and her ass in the other, banging and slamming into her. She came at least two more time as I pummeled her from behind. She was gripping the thick shag carpet like handles with both hands, and I swear I felt the trailer shake a bit as I fucked her. I got a little winded at last, and got up, staggering back. Valerie, however, rolled over and got to her knees.

“Come here. Maybe they’d like to see me making you come all over my face.” Valerie said. I thought it was a good idea, and so I complied. I turned my body for a good angle, and Valerie rolled off the condom, wiped my dick clean clean with my own shirt, grabbed my cock with both hands and began to suck me off with a business like earnestness that almost made me come right away. Hot damn! She kept kept bobbing on my cock with a furious pace. I could feel myself start to come, and pulled her off. She leaned back on her calves, displaying her body to me holding out her sweet tits.

“Oh hell yeah, come on me, come all over my tits and face!” She cheated her body out towards the door, still hoping to get caught in the act. I came hard on her tits, mostly, and staggered to collapse on the couch. Valerie stayed right where she was facing the front door, covered in my cum, and playing with nipples and clit. After about five minutes, she gave up.

“Well, shit. All that fucking for nothing. They said they would be back way before now.”

“Well I hope it wasn’t a total waste of time for you.” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, hell sugar, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you down. You gave me a real good fucking, thank you kindly. But I still want to get home to my friends.”

“I guess we’ll just have to try again tomorrow.” I looked at the camera, and gave a huge cheesy wink and a thumbs up. I thought it would make a good last shot for the tape.

And I was right, it did.

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