Flavoring Chocolate Peach Ch. 02

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From the Chronicles of Darius Flesher:

Twenty-four hours later, she lingered. The scent of Avanyah’s womanliness left him restless. Cunnilingus alone would not be enough to satiate Darius’ fix for anal indulgence. Compelled, he yearned to have fill of her fluidity and savored fruit.

He continued to unravel before her, unveiling naked, his vulnerability. She devoured every bit of his conscious. Every crevice of her image remained indelibly linked to his mind’s sex chamber.

Darius spent most of the night drowning in a marathon of OZ on HBO. He broke into Sunday morning and had hardly the time to scoop up the Sunday paper. He picked up a dozen of Krispy Kremes and a ticket for speeding along the way.

***The Message***

“Hey Avanyah, I just had to hit you up. I’m here at work, organizing the leads. I’ll be here for a couple of hours. Don’t ask me how I copped your digits. Just wanted to a leave a…”

“Hello?” Her morning tone broke.

“Whoa! I wasn’t expecting you to pick up. Good, I’m glad I got you! Sorry, if I woke you up though, you sound sleepy.”

“Hold on, I have to turn the answering machine off.” She cleared her throat and returned. “Umm…no, it’s cool.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry about it. So, who taught you how to access the phone system, Deb?”

“How did you—”

“Ohhh, I taught her how to manipulate the files?”

“Must say, it’s crafty and definitely grounds for getting fired.”

“Fuck ’em!” She ghettoed.

“Which reminds me, what happened to you last night?” Darius mumbled.

“I had a hard time getting home, that’s what happened to me. My legs kept shaking and I was praying that the cops wouldn’t pull me over.”

“Yeah, it would be shitty having to bail you out for DUI.”

“I’ll tell you this much, it wasn’t the liquor that made me drive crazy.”

“It was just dirty deeds done in the dark of dark. What was a brutha supposed to do? You tease me with all that talk about having your backside plunged. Why would you not expect some cause and effects?”

“Stop blowing up your spot. You’re good, but not that terrific.” Avanyah laughs. “It’s just that your licker is mighty potent. I’ll give you that.”

“Well I try,” he feigned modesty, “I do try.”

“Thank God my sister answered the door last night cuz I couldn’t find my keys. I had to put up with her asking me questions all night.”

“My bad, I didn’t mean to stir up shit.” Darius could no longer hold back laughter. “What an accomplishment. I feel honored. What did she question?”

“She wanted to know where I was.”

“You’re a grown woman.” He defended.

“No doubt, it’s just she wasn’t trying to hear all that. ‘Sides, it was too late for that shit.”

“Let me guess, she knows your man.”

“You can say that. He’s her brother-in-law, but you don’t have to worry about her.”

“Why’s that?”

“Who do you think taught me to be so freaky?” She lingered into a laugh.

“So what you’re telling me is that it’s a family trait.”

“Yeah, you should hear my mama talk.”

“Ever thought of starting your own documentary, pitching it to Playboy TV?

“Yeah. We can call it The Confessions of Chocolate Peach.”

“Tastes perfect.”

“That’s because it was grown right.” Avanyah chuckled. “My mom’s straight up Baptist but she’ll have you told about yourself in a heartbeat. She doesn’t hold tongue. She’s got a good man but she constantly says, ‘if it wasn’t for good sex old folks would dry to dust…sex keeps a woman young, wet and hard to forget.’”

“Sounds like southern folk-talk.”

“Yeah, but don’t get it twisted, she’s a kitty. I wish I could spend more time with her but she works too damn hard.”

“What does she do?”


“What about your sister?”

“Please, she doesn’t have much of a profession working up at the Starcross Motel, or much to say about anything, especially when she’s caught out there with a dick in her mouth or in her coochie… everyday. I swear she fucks a daily dose of vitamin dick. That’s why sometimes I have to leave the house just so I don’t catch them moaning or screaming. And would you believe she’ll come out of the room ass naked just to tell me how good it was?”

“Even with your mom in the house?”

“Well, they use to do it a lot when she was around but one day she snapped. We were at the beach and when we got back to the car, they left behind a cum-soaked towel in the backseat. My mom said it smelled like beach feet and leaking cooch up in the car.” Avanyah laughs.

“Anywho,” she continues, “she embarrassed them in front of my nana, threatened to dump the icy cooler water at them. Now they just wait until she’s gone to carry out loud. Nothing stops those two from fucking.”

“God bless!”

“Hey, I gotta flavor to ask of you. Tell me, what are you doing later on, like in about an hour or so?”


“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. See, I can flavor you, baby.” He proceeded to affect a smooth DJ voice. “See, I got this taste just sticking to my palate and on my lips…

I can almost taste canlı bahis the peachy tang of your pussy. And, it’s strong because I brushed twice, hold up…I just put my finger up to my nose and sure enough, I can still smell your flavor! Sweet Georgia Peach.” He pops his lips for added measure.

Avanyah’s laughter was more of disbelief. “It’s chocolate peach, but, for real, Darius, last night was the bomb! I’ll be truthful I’m sort of mixed up about all this. That’s why I was kinda hoping we’d talk, which brings me back to the FAVOR!”

“Yes, the favor. What is it?”

“I just gotta change this dress over at Macy’s. My brother-in-law is working on my brakes so it won’t be ready for a while. I figured maybe you can scoop me up.”

“Where you at?”

I’m right off of Clemmens Young Hwy on 60 Derby Ave. You down?”



“No baby,” he flicked on his naughty mode, “I was referring to whether you wanted me to head down south and work a lil’ summin’!”

“Thought you meant South on Clemmens…no, that’s not happening today. Is that your only reason for wanting to help a sistah out?”

“No, I can be there inside an hour. Just let me sort out the leads. I actually know my way through that area. You’re like, past the intersection from Admiral Young Highway.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll be waiting.”

“See you then.” Darius released his breath.

***Sunday’s Afternoon Lewd Session***

Darius knew all ends of Southern-town heights, an infamous locale for herb peddlers. It was the very section he used to re-hydrate his herbal spells.

Admiral Young districts earned reputations for the many accidents caused along the intersections. Traffickers, in an attempt to avoid red-light hijackers, made up a high percentage of fatal wrecks.

However, on this Sunday afternoon things were quiet. He pulled into the Piney Hill subdivision. It was easy to spot the suburban, one-family dwelling. The lavender shade stuck out. He curbed up before the garage entrance.

Upon exiting his car, he noticed a pair of Timberland boots sticking out of Avanyah’s cherry-red Coupe De Ville. The husky brutha wheeled himself from beneath the car, stood up and stretched his back.

“What’s up? I’m Antonio.” He started to wipe his arms with a rag that extended from his back pocket. He offered an elbow. “Don’t mind me, hands dirty.”

“That’s a’ight, I’m Darius.” He returned the elbow shake.

“Alright, Vanyah told me about you. But, I think I know you from somewhere else. Bernard’s crib, right?”

“Yeah, but this subdivision looks familiar. I know I was out here once. I was riding shotgun with Bernard.”

“That’s right. I hit you up with summin’…okay. So, I heard you here to see Ginny, right?”

“It’s something like that.” He lied, knowing nothing, figuring Avanyah covered up somehow.

“You look like you have a lot more to do.” Darius redirected.

“You mean to fix these here breaks…not long, ‘cept I think we got ourselves a new problem, the axle is slightly cracked. I’m not trying to have my sister-in-law killed out there. The sooner I can fix it is tomorrow.”

“Hey boo who we got out here?” She interrupted as she walked in through the back of the garage. Sunlight carved out her thickness and deep-hazelnut brown complexion.

She appeared braless beneath an oversized Pac T-shirt. Her forty-something breasts held firm and Darius suspected that she wore no panties.

He removed his eyes away so as not to disrespect Antonio. The seconds Darius scanned her image into his mental-photo shop was good enough.

“Don’t mind me, I’m Lillian, ‘Vanyah’s sister. You here to meet with Ginny, right?”

“Ummm, yeah,” Darius reflected back to the image of her slope hips and horse-thick thighs, sticking out of the shirt. They were proportioned near perfectly.

She boasted a southern ripeness that was obviously passed onto her younger sister, shades lighter. Of the two, Lillian had more of a self-sensual awareness.

, while sipping on a mason cup filled with homemade iced coffee.

“Look, I’m trying to be hospitable and what not, see to it that we get some smokes out here.” Antonio commanded.

“Negro…don’t!” She sashayed closer to her husband, while fisting a cup of iced-coffee in a mason jar. She stuck her hand up to his face.

“Anyway…” She returned to Darius. “‘Vanyah’s talking to her finance. She’ll be out in a moment…”

“Bitch…did I say about the smokes?”

“Already got it, calm your sacks!” Lillian sashayed away from him and kicked off her pink sandals.

Antonio grabbed her by the elbow. “Don’t grab me like that!” She started off loudly and then trailed into a discussion they quickly moved into the corner of the garage.

It reminded Darius of animal aggression born out of sex and climate. A struggle faced between love, control and the need to control love.

“Excuse us!” Antonio shouted.

They returned seconds later. “Got you out here carrying about in front of some company, come on now!” Antonio’s chuckled to conceal the tension that had been transparent.

“Darius, you smoke out, right?” bahis siteleri Antonio’s words seemed to reverberate off the porcelain sink where he washed his hands.

“Depends on the moment…now seems about right.”

“Well good! We fittin’ to do this then. Baby…fire up some breakfast!” Antonio cried.

Lillian pulled the front of her shirt down to remove a beefy sized blunt that had once fit snugly between her pillowed breasts. “Gotta lighter?”

“There you go.” Antonio tossed it over.

As Lillian turned around to face the garage door, Darius momentarily scoped out her curvaceous body, right up until she leaned up against the built-in cabinet rack. She sported a healthy dumper.

“So, is it Daryll?” She queried.

“It’s Darius!” He corrected.

“Sorry sweetie. How long you been knowing Avanyah?” She played with the translucent-white lighter.

“We work together that’s all.”

“Nothing else there partner?” Lillian smiled.

“No, I just helped train her. She’s been doing fine in racking up sales and what not.” Darius affirmed.

“I’m sure she told you that she has a man.” She warned igniting a cherry’s red at the tip of the blunt.

“I already know about all that.” Darius nodded, slightly wavered.

“Yeah,” Antonio interrupted, “she goes with my baby brother.”

“You guys grilling me?” Darius defended.

“Ain’t nothing like that bro,” Antonio retrieved the blunt from Lillian. “You a trustworthy guy and I happen to know you and Ginny will get along just fine.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” Darius looked at his watch half-anxiously.

“Good job with the roll, boo-boo!” Antonio spoke with the air still trapped in his lungs. He passed the blunt to Darius and leaned over to where Lillian stood. They exchanged a shotgun blow and passed it on.

Darius drew in the piney smoke for a moment. He watched as they transitioned into a mouthy kiss.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Ginny!” Darius spoke as he released the smoke from the corners of his lips, knowing nothing of this woman’s identity.

“Can’t wait til we head to Jamaica.” Antonio pulled away from Lillian.

“Heard its beautiful.”

“He just wants to fuck out by that sex place. I keep telling his ass that this ain’t no Sodom and Gomorrah shit!” Lillian inhaled the blunt.

“It doesn’t have to be about Hedonism.” Darius laughed, sensing the affects of the herbal enlightenment.

“The fuck you talkin’ bout…last thing I’m gonna be a part of is some white girl sucking on your dick. Yeah, you looking at me strange, but, Darius…” She turned to face him with bloodshot eyes.

“He into all kinds of crazy shit like that. It’s all them pornos he be watching.” Lillian, having inhaled half of the blunt, passed to Darius.

“Look, I ain’t trying to have you ruin my high, woman. Slow your roll down, Lill.” Antonio closed.

“Ya know what, I know what this is about, I’ma check on Avanyah. She got company holed up here and, baby…” she fell distracted, “let me holla at you for a minute.” Lillian grabbed Antonio’s hand.

“Hey brah, you go ahead and finish this up. We got some sexin’ to tend to.”

“Damn right,” Lillian assured. “Daryll, I’ll let her know you’re waiting.”

Twenty minutes passed and Darius became fidgety. He tried to enter the home through the garage’s entrance but the door was locked. He rang the bell but there was no answer.

He took two more swats of the blunt roach before he noticed a video camera resting on a top cabinet shelf. He removed it and pressed play.

The video’s entry read: Saturday, May 22, 1:35 a.m. It was close to the moment where Darius had ravaged Avanyah’s pussy outdoors.

The first sequence showed Lillian positioned on all fours. The lens zoomed closer to capture the image of her pussy. Thick fleshy lips dangled from her bush. She stood in the same position until the angle pulled back.

Antonio’s twin digits immersed Lillian’s ass, deeply. He then guided his pulsating lance, cautiously embedding himself deeper into her ass.

He squatted onto a lip portion of the footboard. Nothing detracted from the pounding Lillian was about to receive.

“Go on and take it!” Antonio slowly increased.

“Baby, EASY!” She grimaced.

“WHAT?” He ignored.


“Thought so!” Antonio’s hands filled of her enormous breasts. “I KNOW YOU DON’T WANNA BE NO DEAD FUCK…MOVE THAT SHIT!!!!” He hollered.


The camera shook with volatility. Antonio plowed without relent. His cock plunged rapidly in and deep. Lillian’s anus sucked up all of his eight inches plus.

He removed himself, shot a load that filled up her crack, sleeking down to her buttocks and thighs. The camera angle zoomed in as he rubbed his thumb over the slightly, gaping anus. He paused to admire the sticky glob…”YEAH, THAT WAS THE SHIT!”

He then reinserted himself. “I’m ready to fill you up some more.”

“The fuck you are.” She moved away and up towards the top of the bed. She then lied onto her back. The camera panned in on her face. bahis şirketleri Her eyes watered black-eyeliner streaks.

She took a slight breath and then returned. “Time for you to start jawing down there, brutha man!”

Antonio spun her around. “Bitch, you gonna take this shit. We can get to all the pussy eating you want later. I’m not finished with your ass!”

Again, Antonio rubbed his cock along her puckered anus. He rubbed a bit more and decided to turn the camera’s focus on his face. He narrates:

“We been doing this her for a little while but now we fittin to get back into this. By the time your done looking at this…baby back here will have an open tunnel fit for this here traveler.”

“That’s right, cuz it’s my dick so never mind all that talking…GO ON AND FUCK MY ASS! STOP TALKIN’ YO SHIT TO THE CAMERA!”

Lillian cut her eyes savagely and offered up her tender hole. She continued to lie missionary. Antonio obliged her where she stretched. He slid his thickly cock back into her much more yielding ass.

He threw her legs up with one hand so that he could work a bottom’s grind. He removed most of his body, while still immersed in her ass.

The camera wobbled briefly, Antonio managed to secure the missionary footage. He sped up his thrusts and pulled her body closer to him so as to accommodate his cock’s fill of her ass.

Darius set the camera onto a face-level shelf. This image alone sent Darius reeling his fingers before his zipper, wondering if he should release his repressed cock.

“DARIUS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Avanyah walked in to find him rubbing the tip of his cock through his jeans. “Put that back up on the shelf. I have some things to talk to you about!”

“Ohhh…” Darius was startled into humility.

“I was about to ask you what you thought of my sister and her husband until I got out here to find you almost jacking off to their private home video. A minute later and you would’ve been shooting your sperm all over my garage.” She laughed, redirected her feelings.

“It’s okay. I’ve already seen the tape this morning. Lillian showed it to me.”

“I don’t know what to say…I was about to leave.” He walked away from the shelf.

“Yeah, after you shot up…no, I don’t want you to go! I was just on the phone with Caesar. We had a big blow out. I was trying to get things squashed. I think you better get some spray or put that joint away.”

“Hold up, I want you to see what you’ve done to me.” He closed his body space inches away from her and closed the door behind them. He jerked her body towards him, closer, so that she could feel the engorged cock pressed flatly against her belly.

“I just wanted you to eat my pussy.” She seemed mildly affected. “You’re making too much out of it. I was straight with you from the beginning.”

“Alright, well now that I’ve made you climax repeatedly, when am I gonna get mine?”

“When I got in last night, I still trembled. I set my bags on the table and was ready to hit the fridge when I noticed that I had cum stains on my sleeves. I think you got yours. However, I would like to see it again. I was, let’s say, too disoriented and happened to miss it.”

“Hold up. I end up flavoring you and now you’re telling me all you want to do is watch?”

“Why, is it because that’s what’s safest for you?”

“Darius, never mind. It just gets me off. I may not be ready but…I don’t know. I just want to see you masturbate for me. It would excite me.”

“Let me just have you. It would be one fuck and that’s it! You can go back to your man and we’re cool.” Darius promised.

“No, I just want you to do that for me.” She unzipped his pants, reached down for his swollen dick and fisted it. She then guided his own hand and tongued his mouth gently and stepped away from him.

The erratic seeds swam in his sacks, promising near eruption.

He flashed back to the home video. He ventured back to reality. His hands felt up her lime green stretch-blouse. Her breasts, ever taut and sweet, he noted, were slightly smaller than Lillian’s.

Avanyah rubbed Darius’ back, coupled the sensation with soft kisses over his top lip. He sensed his thickest vein starting to throb. He hadn’t the luxury of time any longer.

Swiftly, Darius’ pushed her shoulders down and offered his cock into her awesome mouth.

She opened up half-heartedly but all it took was one quick stroke before he shot a heavy glob that coated slightly above her upper lip. The rest of his fiery shots coated her face. Her hair, straightened slightly to the side, matted with pearly beads embedded in her nappy roots. Massage for the scalp.

He trembled. “Damn that was like a river!”

“Mmmmm, I know, hand me that towel over by the sink.” Avanyah squinted. “I got some in my eyes.”

“So what about the phone call?” He throws hands the towel over.

“Thanks…I spoke with Caesar like I told you.” She titled her head to the side. “Do you know you got cum in my ear?” She wiped.


“He wants me to move out over to West Virginia. He promises that we’ll get married and all that but I’m not trying to get into it since he and I can’t stop fighting. I don’t want to get things started because I can tell that if we were to hook up our feelings would be very strong. You don’t deserve this. You know what I mean? SHIT!” Avanyah jumped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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