Five Minute Fantasies: The Ride

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Five-Minute Fantasies for Women: The Ride

*Initializing fantasy program…setting parameters…activating pleasure stimulators…begin simulation in 3…2…1…*

You feel a crisp tingle on your legs as you step out of the car and into the chilly autumn evening. Dinner was superb with a delicious meal and subtle flirting both above and below the table, while the show was fantastic, holding him close as you were shrouded in the majesty of the music and awed by the grand spectacle. Now, it seems he has something else in mind to add a final crescendo to an already wonderful evening. The gleam in his eye and the warm smile on his face indicates that there is much more in store for you.

You walk hand in hand up the walk to his house, catching him stealing a glance at you, briefly taking in your beauty, closely clad in a rich, black velvet dress, your feet caressed by strappy high heals, and topped off by a simple strand of pearls, your silky hair done up just so. You smile secretly, as he’s been taking peeks all night, but never quite drinking you in, as if fearful of intoxication. He deftly unlocks the door, still holding your hand, and opens the door with a flourish, letting the warm air from the hallway pour out over your body. He steps inside, leading you in, then twirling you before him and shutting the door behind him. So strong and firm, yet so graceful. He holds you now, his hands sliding over your bare shoulders, his eyes now taking in the deep drink that he had held off for so long. His gaze locks onto your eyes, falling into their mysterious depths, then trails away, admiring the soft curve of your cheek, the slender lines of your neck, and the tantalizing hint of cleavage held up firmly by your tight dress. You begin to sway your hips ever so slightly, knowing he will be transfixed as he watches you move, your hem swishing seductively, both relaxed and ready at the same time, like the tail of a lounging panther.

With much hesitation, his eyes return to yours, searching, looking for a sign. You smile, as does he, and then he leans forward, pressing a soft kiss on your lips, his hands sliding slowly down to your still gyrating hips. His lips brush your cheek, your jaw line, your neck, pulling you slightly closer with each delicate buzz. The slight roughness on your cheek and his heady musk assail your delicate flesh, and you press against him, both powerful in your effect and helpless to his ministrations. Your push away slightly, your hands meandering up his chest, his lips and tongue finding that sweet spot at your collarbone, gently, nibbling, eating you up for what would be all eternity.

He pushes you away slightly, his eyes returning to yours once again.

“I have something special to show you,” he says, gesturing upstairs. You turn, following his hand, seeing the staircase, and realize that you are before the point of no return. He offers his outstretched hand to you, his eyes both tantalizing and begging you. Your heart pounds in your chest and the first hint of warmth wells up between your legs, the wine, the heat of his house and his presence weaving their magic into you. You take his hand, and he guides you upstairs into the warm darkness.

Without a word or a sliver of light, he walks you expertly to the bedroom, opens the door, and sits you on the bed. Instinctively, you slip out of your shoes and curl your toes beneath you, sitting like Sheba on her thrown. You hear him move with expert delicacy through the room, pick something up, and then in a flash of light, you see him holding a long-stemmed match, his eyes gleaming in the soft glow. One light becomes two as he lights a candle on the dresser; two become three, and then more, on the nightstand, and on the long wooden backing of his sumptuous king-sized bed. Six, Ten, Twelve, Twenty, you lose count as the room is bathed in the myriad tiny flickers of dancing candlelight.

You smile, now feeling a little vulnerable as he watched you lounging on his bed. He removes his tie, and you watch in rapture as he opens his shirt, his firm muscles gleaming in the sheen that his own hopes and fantasies have produced. The dim light dances over his rippling flesh, and he begins to unbuckle his slacks. You signal him to stop, shaking a teasing finger at him, and kneel at the end of the bed. canlı bahis You reach out with skilled fingers, slipping his belt from the loops, and then unhooking and unzipping his pants. The bulge beneath his thin shorts is painfully close, and you resist the urge to run your palm over his throbbing hardness. You let his pants slip to the floor, which he steps out of, and you hesitate before pulling down his shorts. The tension is palpable as you finally slip your fingers into the waistband, and with an unconscious wetting of your lips, you slide the flimsy fabric past his thighs, his bulge taking on the unmistakable glistening form of the strong, quaking member that until now you only dreamed about. With hands that now seem numb, you let the shorts drop the rest of the way, and he steps out again. You look up into his eyes. He looks both relieved at the release, and pleased by your appreciation.

Not taking your eyes from his, you reach out with trembling hands, ready to caress his bulging cock, to roll it between your palms, and then close your eyes only to lean further forward so as to press your lips to its magnificent head, slip your tongue out and twirl luxuriously over the vein and around the shaft. You anticipate his hands taking the carefully arranged chopsticks from your hair and tangling his fingers deep within your tresses to pull you closer to him, to slide his hardness deeper between your lips and reach for the velvet caress of your throat, but instead his hands press against your shoulders, pushing you back. You look up at him, curious, surprised, your hands still lovingly entwined around his stiff member. He smiles, removing your hands from him, and guiding you to your feet. You stand before him, a little self conscious despite his lack of clothing, or possibly because of it, this Adonis appraising you in your little black dress. His hands move up to your shoulders again, and your eyes close as his fingers caress your bare arms, and then slide the straps of your dress over your tender flesh. The straps hold briefly at the top of your arms and then nature has its unstoppable way as the simple weight of the dress races down your sides, pooling in a black velvet puddle at your feet. A wicked grin crosses his face as he sees the evening’s secret: Your panties were left at home. He marvels at the fact that you had both come to the same conclusion, even before casting your eyes on each other. You open your eyes and can’t help but blush in the near darkness at his obvious gratitude.

“Very well,” he says, huskily, as if his voice is catching despite his suaveness to this point. “Join me.”

He walks by you, moving to one side of the bed, slipping his fingers over your bare hip as he passes. With a practiced flourish he slides onto the bed, his taut body outstretched, his proud hard-on beckoning, his flesh dazzlingly lit from the candles glow and his own excited sheen. Now he looks as if he is the royalty, lounging sumptuously atop his satin sheets, the king, eagerly awaiting his queen.

You slide back onto the bed, crawling languidly towards him, defrocked of your midnight skin, but no less the stalking panther. You kneel over him, your breasts dangling for his outstretched hand. He cups them in his palm, his thumb rolling over your engorged nipple. Taking a cue, you lean down and peck at his strong chest, tonguing and teasing his own erect nipples and breathing in his dark musk. His other hands slips down your back, over your hips and caresses the silky smoothness of your buttock, down your firm thigh, and back up to your buttock. You tense as his big strong fingers tickle your belly, and then slide further, coming tantalizingly close to your soft pink well. You gasp as they press into the soft folds, already slippery with wild anticipation. He explores deeper, his knuckles disappearing between the petals of your hot flower, the firmness of his fingers pressing inside you, as you squeeze back on them hungrily. The stimulation on your nipples as his hand dances back and forth glides down your spine, crashing into your clitoris. The heel of his other hand adds to your squirming as it brushes your already sensitive nub. Then, as soon as it began, his hands withdraw, forcing a whimper from your throat. He brings his glistening hand to his lips and slowly partakes of your secret bahis siteleri elixir. You look at him, silently begging for more, and he simply smiles.

“Are you ready to take ‘the ride’?” You look at him with a moment’s confusion, but then nod dreamily. Yes…’the ride’…that would be lovely, you think, as you gaze instinctively at his rock-hard penis, bobbing with pent up desire.

He guides you again, his hands on your hips, and steadies you onto your knees astride him, your undulating hips and steamy slit hovering over his throbbing manhood like a hapless victim dangled over a ravenous shark. You smirk, knowing that you are in fact the hungry mouth, ready to swallow his little man whole. His palms slide to the tops of your thighs as you bob up and down a few times, pressing his hardness between your legs, not to penetrate but to rest it between your lips like a hot dog in a bun. His eyes close briefly in bliss and you settle down on him, rocking backward and forward, his meat spreading your buns, the head of his cock brushing your clitoris and then sliding away, pushing up to crash into it, and then sliding away towards his heavily-laden balls. You own eyes close as you develop a pleasant rhythm, his hardness sliding beneath you, feeling him throb between your legs, his firm thighs pushing up against your buttocks, his chest soft and hard beneath your hands. You start to slip away as the slippery rhythm relaxes you, but you feel his hands slither up your hips, and as you slide forward, the head nuzzling your aching clit, he pulls you further forward.

As if it were a rocket ready to blast off, his shuddering hardness lines up before your wet pussy and then he pulls back on your hips, plunging deep inside you. Your eyes open with a start, but instinctively you rock back on his cock. He moans, his own eyes opening and a smile spreading across his face. You grin too, but have to concentrate on the burning muscle within you, its girth a little startling as you rock forward and back, his beefy manhood crashing deeper and deeper with every motion. Getting comfortable with him inside you, you lean back, your hands grasping your upturned feet, and dangle your hair onto his tensing thighs. He groans as you pull him forward, his cock straining inside you. The whole scene is delightful, being filled by your scrumptious man, but so far the ride is purely his. You start to wonder what he had in mind, or were you simply to be the cowgirl of his dreams, and he your bucking stud. No complaints, mind you…but still.

He leans forward, sitting up with you in his lap, splayed back over his legs in all your glory. He tenderly holds your shoulders and pulls upright until you are deeply eye gazing, his hardness firmly embedded between your grasping lips. He kisses you gently on the lips, his tongue searching between them and you answer, caressing his tongue with yours. You taste yourself on his palate and your passion grows faster, as you rock against him, trying to envelop him deeper inside your hot wet box. He pulls away from you, leaning back onto the soft pillows behind him, and beckons you forward. His hands crawl to your hips and push your legs on top of his, while he tugs at your shoulders, pulling you on to his strong chest and firm abs. You are prone on top of him, with his body pressing up on you and his member still deeply pressed inside. You look up at him as best you can, you face pressed against his chest. He just tells you to relax, and enjoy the ride.

His hands run over your back, wandering down to your buttocks, and after a few playful squeezes that inch him deeper into your tight wetness, he pushes your legs closer together, now falling between his. The tightness increases as your thighs close together, and you can feel his racing heartbeat hammering through his long shaft and into you. He tenses, and so do you, awaiting that final pulse and the splash of hot wet completion within you, fearing he is finished, but the moment doesn’t come. You realize he has only just begun.

Now his arms wrap around you, clutching him to you. You throw your arms over your heads for balance, you legs pinned between his. Your head is pinned to his chest and you can hear the thudding of his heartbeat as a rhythm to his grunts of exertion and pleasure. He sets his feet flat on the bahis şirketleri bed, raising his hips and lifting your feet off the bed, your thighs resting on his. You are now suspended, touching only him, your face on his chest, your breasts rubbing against his taut belly, and his pulsing cock buried deep inside your devouring slit. You have enveloped him, and yet he has enveloped you…and then the thrusting begins. With his left arm wrapped over your back, his right arm snakes down to your lower back, his strong hands clutching your side and quivering buttocks for purchase. Thus wrapped, like a python swallowing its prey, he slides your body forward, downward towards his face, his cock sliding out of you, and then, in one deft, powerful motion, pulls you back uphill, impaling you on his member. He grunts and moans, as your loveflesh connects and caresses each other, and you feel his muscles dancing beneath his skin as he lifts and thrusts, and withdraws and pushes and dives and squeezes.

You relax in his grasp, letting your body be taken backwards and forwards, up and down as he manipulates you with his powerful arms and legs. You no longer seem in control of your body, riding as if on a cloud made of muscle as you fly over him, demanding your body to ride him, to squeeze him and for him to pound away at your slippery pink flesh from beneath. Normally, you love being on top, to feel the control and finesse of your body making music with another, but here you are his toy, his instrument, and he plays you like a master, your voice rising over his as he brings you to new heights.

After an eternity he is still pushing and pulling, squeezing your buttocks and plunging into you from beneath, the sensation of freefall and fabulous fucking is becoming too much. Besides the wonderful pounding from his tireless prick, his hard abs play a washboard rhythm over your clit as are pulled off him and then back down again. In and out his hardness goes, up and down his legs you go, his motions like a frenzied animal as he pulls you and pushes you, all of your technique and knowledge and ministrations reduced to him using you to masturbate himself…but not just for himself.

The rubbing on your clit and his jackhammer pounding, and the newness of his technique has you singing, until you can take it no more. You thrash wildly in his powerful arms, but he holds you fast. You grit your teeth, moaning, keening, your hands tearing at the pillows and sheets, his hair, anything you can grab hold of as he thrusts and pulls and lifts and groans beneath you in exhausted ecstasy. The wetness pours from your tortured slit and you clench your thighs and buttocks around him, pulling in before the final release…and finally, your orgasm comes, the crescendo to his performance, your shrieks and laughter erupting from you as he drives and drives into you like a machine. He slows his pace as you catch your breath, still stroking you and him. You get enough purchase to lean on one elbow while he holds you, your faces drenched in sweat, a satisfied smile on his face. You grin at him, flushed as you continue to bob up and down, forward and back on his tireless shaft. You marvel as his muscles ripple as he struggles to hold you and move you at the same time. It’s only fair to put him out of his misery.

You lean forward enough to find his taut nipples, pinching one with your lips and the other between your fingers. He groans as the sensations deep inside you and atop his chest meld together, and with a few more pushes and pulls he settles into you with one last push, driving himself deep inside you. You tense, awaiting the real outcome this time, and he doesn’t disappoint. He arches his back, his cock bulges and then pumps and explodes with wave after wave of burning satisfaction. You squeeze your thighs again, milking him and mercilessly finishing him with tweaks to his nipples. When the flow subsides, his thighs fall back to the mattress and you push his legs apart. You crawl over him, knees on either side, his plump cock slips out of you, leaving you empty and a little cold. You slither up on top of him, resting your head over his shoulder, and he murmurs into your hair:

“So, how did you like the ride?”

-*-Insert clever comment here-*-…*Boop*

*…Time limit exceeded…*

*…..Exiting fantasy…shutting down pleasure stimulators…activating cleaning units…*

“Hey, get up already! Some of us want our turn, too,” says the lady at the head of the line.

…Ah well, there’s always next week…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20