First Time For Everything

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PT. One: ~ Interesting Beginning~

“I’ll just ignore it,” I thought to myself.

Just 5 minutes ago, I never imagined that this could be happening. I have always been a thoughtful person. I try to help anyone I can. So, when my husband’s cousin and his family needed a place to stay, I offered them our spare room. Although it wasn’t the biggest room in the house, I knew that it could hold Dillan, his wife, Vickie, and their girlfriend, Jessica. Their three children would have to share my children’s room. They had brought their own mattress to sleep on, but in order to save room, they didn’t bring the box springs or the frame. During the day, they would lean the mattress against the wall to gain more space in their small room.

Vickie wasn’t a bad looking woman. She was a taller woman than I am, by almost 3 inches. She weighed a bit more than I do as well. She’s not the “Barbie” type woman, but after having three children, who would be? Even with her out-of-shape body, she still looked quite good when she dressed and fixed herself up. She had long, medium brown colored hair, which she kept fixed. And, she always wore make-up, just enough to enhance her facial features. We became semi-close after she moved in, which made Jessica pretty jealous.

Jessica, being this couple’s girlfriend for sexual pleasures, was beginning to think I was trying to steal them away from her. And even though I wasn’t, the thought still tickled me. Only because I could- if I wanted. Jessica was shorter than me, and she also weighed more. But for her height, it didn’t look good on her. She had medium length, dark brown hair that she never fixed up. She always wore T-shirts and jeans, which did not flatter her at all. Her body shape was the classic “tear drop” shape. To me, I could not see any reason why they would choose her for a mutual girlfriend.

Now, even though I have Jessica beat, I don’t think of myself as a “Beauty Queen” either. I stand an average 5 foot 5 inches. I weigh about 160 pounds. I have long light brown hair that I keep permed and at the time I also had a very intense blonde frost. I have hazel eyes with small frame glasses. I dress slouchy around the home, but when I go out, I wear “painted on” jeans and blouses. And, in my own opinion, when I am all dressed up, with my make-up on, I don’t look that bad at all. I definitely look better than either of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think I am gorgeous or anything, I have always thought of myself as ugly or merely pretty.

At the time, my husband and I were separated due to his insane jealousy. He accused me of sleeping with Dillan, which I had not done. I’m the type that doesn’t handle false accusations very well. So, when Vickie complained about her back hurting from sleeping on the floor, I offered her to sleep in my queen size bed along with me since there was so much room. She thanked me for the offer, but totally refused, since she didn’t want to sleep without her husband. Dillan wasn’t a hunk of any sort. But, in his own way, he was still sexy. He had long, dark brown, natural wavy hair. He was about 5 foot 8 and weighed about 190 pounds. He appeared to be a cuddly teddy bear with beautiful blue, “bedroom” eyes. So, when he jokingly mentioned that he would join us so she could help her back, I said that was fine. Vickie asked me again if it was OK, and I reassured her that it was.

So thus began the most interesting time of my life. Jessica was very jealous about the whole thing. She was used to being the “third wheel” in their life. And even though they were only going to sleep in the same bed with me, she was acting as if I had already engaged in sex with them. That night, we all settled down for sleep. Dillan settled into the middle of the bed, with me on his right and Vickie on his left side. I was pretty tired and was close to dream land when the bed starting rocking slowly. I knew immediately what was happening, but since it was between them, I decided to ignore it.

“I’ll just ignore it,” I thought to myself.

But, after the rhythm started speeding up, it was getting kind of hard to ignore. It had been a while since I had any type of sexual activity. And the motion of the bed and the quiet moaning from Vickie was beginning to turn me on. So, I pretended that I was asleep, hoping they couldn’t tell otherwise. Finally, I heard a low moan from Dillan and was relieved that it was over. But was I surprised! Dillan turned on his side, facing my back. The noise and motion was soon gone. So I moved just a bit to get comfortable.

Just as I was resettling myself, I felt a hand on my left breast. I knew immediately it was Dillan. I turned my head towards him and he gave me a silent sign to remain quiet. He then began to gently rub and fondle my, by then, very hot pussy. He let out a very quiet snicker when he realized that I was damp. He then moved the crotch of my panties to the side and slowly began fingering me. By then, my built up desire was very evident. I started rocking to canlı bahis his rhythm so he removed his fingers and slowly slid his cock into my pussy and began to slowly gyrate his hips. I have always been the type that enjoyed hard, fast and deep sexual intercourse. But this change in speed was mystifying. And the desire I had inside caused me to cum very quickly. Not to mention that he was a lot bigger in length and width than I had been used to. He felt my body tense up from my orgasm and began filling me up himself. Once it all was finished, he fell asleep with his arm around me and his now slippery and softening cock still inside of me. I spent the next ten or so minutes praying that Vickie wouldn’t wake up and see this sight.

The next morning, I kept getting dagger stares from Jessica and very weird looks from Vickie. I knew Jessica’s reason, and I just knew that Vickie found out what had happened the night before. So, once Vickie went to work, I caught Dillan by himself and questioned him about Vickie’s looks. All he done was snicker devilishly and told me that he’d explain it later. I was in true suspense after his reply. But I knew I had to wait.

PT. Two: ~ Shocking Surprise ~

After quite a few hours of intense suspense, Dillan sent Jessica out to the store. Just as she pulled out of the drive way, he called me into their bedroom and asked me to sit down.

“Are you still wondering why Vickie was looking at you strangely this morning?” he asked with a smirk.

Wondering what the smirk was for, I told him of course I was.

“Well, Vickie told me that she really enjoyed sleeping in a bed again. She wanted me to ask if she- well- we could sleep in there again tonight.” He paused a moment and lit a cigarette. In this pause, I began to answer him, thinking he was through, but he interrupted.

“And she asked me to tell you that she likes you.” he interrupted.

“Well, Dillan, I like her, too. She’s a very nice…”

“No, she really likes you. And she wants to share me with you.” he interrupted again.

“Do you mean me and her on you?” I asked. Sharing a man with a woman was one of my unfulfilled fantasies. So, the thought of maybe getting this chance, aroused me. I could never have even imagined what he really meant. So what he said next, literally took me by surprise.

“No,” he replied, “Us all over each other. Her and you on me, You and her together- everything.”

“What??!” I was totally taken aback. I never in a million years expected that. I did have that fantasy, but I never even thought of being with another woman. I had always thought of it as being sick. What could a woman even have to offer another woman? While I was still lost in my thoughts, he spoke again.

“From your reaction, I can tell your answer. I honestly think that she won’t be able to sleep in there again if you can’t or won’t accept her offer. It would just feel too awkward to her. But I will tell her your answer when she comes home.”

“I-I’m sorry, Dillan. It’s just that I’ve never- never…” I stammered.

He then snickered and calmly said, “Once a tongue starts working on you, it doesn’t matter who the tongue belongs to- male or female- as long as they’re good.”

At that response, all I could muster was that I’d think about it. Then I went into the living room to play around on my computer. My mind was going in circles. I knew that I didn’t want to be with another woman. But on the other hand, after my tiny “taste” of his thick rod last night, I hungrily wanted more. Soon after, Jessica came back from the store and shot me another one of her evil looks. I laughed to my self thinking that if she knew what had happened last night, she would surely be jealous. And not too long afterwards, Vickie came back through the door and handed me a rose she had picked up for me. This embarrassed me just a tad. I hoped she didn’t think that I had agreed to anything. But I never said a word. I just thanked her for the surprise gift and left it up to Dillan to explain things to her.

About 20 minutes later, Vickie and Jessica came through the living room headed out the door, saying that they were going to get something for supper. Again, as soon as the vehicle left the drive, Dillan called me back into the bedroom. I went in there not knowing what to expect at this point.

“She said that she understands your hesitation, and was wondering if we can sleep in there with you again. Her back has just been hurting her so.” He explained.

I saw his cute little devilish grin again and began thinking of our little sneaky fun we had the night before. And hoping that he had plans to do the same tonight, I told him sure.

“I have back problems myself so I can understand her situation” I replied.

“Great,” he said, “she’ll be thrilled to hear this.” Then he shot me another one of his cute devil grins.

When the ladies returned, Dillan gave Vickie a quick wink and she looked over at me and smiled. I was eagerly awaiting bahis siteleri for bed time. It was the first time since my husband and I had separated. That big bed was just too empty with only me.

They didn’t even breathe a word to Jessica that they were once again sleeping with me until they started taking their pillows into my bedroom at bed time. This surely got me a very evil glance from her as she turned and gave Dillan a disapproving look. “We’ll see you in the morning, Jessica.” He teased her as we shut my bedroom door.

At this point, I received a very strange look from Vickie. And just as I was feeling uneasy about it, Dillan came up behind me and cupped my breasts in his hands. I turned my head to look at him and another hand stooped my face from turning. At that point, it hit me that it was Vickie’s hand. She then laid a very long and passionate kiss onto my lips. She used her tongue to explore every inch of my mouth. I had never received a kiss like this before. Dillan’s hands had moved over my body until one was rubbing the outline of my pussy through my shorts. The other hand had moved to the back of my head and the fingers of this hand were entangled in my hair. He had my head forcibly tilted back to allow Vickie easy access to my mouth. Vickie pulled her lips away from mine with a quick little nibble to my bottom lip as she stopped. Dillan had my shorts and panties removed before I knew it, and Vickie was leading me to my own bed. I laid down onto the same side of the bed I had slept on the night before. Vickie undid Dillan’s pants and removed them. She then proceeded to remove his shirt. Once fully unclothed, Dillan laid down in the middle of the bed. Vickie disrobed herself and positioned herself on top of him. She held his enormous cock in position as she slid her wet pussy onto him.

I remember thinking, “She got wet just from kissing me.” I then realized with a hint of horror that somewhere between her kiss and his touch, I was also wet. She started moving up and down in a slow motion. Keeping a steady rhythm, she reached over and began tweaking my left nipple. I instinctively flinched at her touch. I was just not used to the feel of a woman touching me in places that only men should touch and kissing me so passionately. She sped her pace up on his cock, growing faster and faster on each stroke. She was determined to keep hold of my nipple, though. As she got faster and faster with her ride, her hold on my nipple got harder and harder. I had never had my nipple tweaked in that manner and had never had any type of hard stimulation on them either. The pain shot in little spurts from my nipple. It was painful, yet pleasurable all at the same time. By the time her speed got to full force, my poor bed was rocking and shaking more than it had ever done. And my poor nipple was pulled and twisted until I thought it would lose it’s shape. At about the time I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, Vickie squealed with a very intense orgasm while pulling my nipple to it’s breaking point. She let go of my nipple and in one sudden movement, she was bent over kissing me once again. My passion was very high at this point and I actually caught myself kissing her in return. She pulled away from me, and again nibbled my bottom lip as she left. She then slid off of Dillan, removing his cock from her very moist pussy. I then realized that he had not cum yet.

He raised up from the bed and in one smooth motion, he had my knees to my chest and was below me. I glanced to my left to see Vickie lying in the bed. She had a very evil-looking grin on her face. A sudden touch at my pussy had me looking towards Dillan again. He was studying my pussy.

“Hey Sweetheart, she’s wet. She must have liked something you done.” he teased.

The thought of me enjoying something a woman did to me embarrassed me. But before I could respond, he had two fingers inside my pussy. He instantly started finger fucking me fast and hard. With the tweaking and kisses earlier, I was very excited. The fingering was the firecracker to my bottled up desire. I began a very intense orgasm that I thought would never end.

“She’s not a squirter like you, Hun.” He informed Vickie.

“We’ll just have to work on that, won’t we.” was her reply.

Once my orgasm was over and I was starting a second wave, he stopped. With one glance over to Vickie, he placed his cock to the entrance of my pussy and pushed it in. My body tensed up at the new feeling. His cock was so big. It wasn’t too big, to the point of discomfort, but it was just big enough to produce a feeling of being full. I loved it. I almost came right at penetration. But just as I was getting over the shock of him entering me, Vickie leaned over and was kissing me once again. At this point, I didn’t even think. I began kissing her back instantly. Dillan snickered and whispered that I was finally playing along. With this, he began thrusting. He would pull his monster almost all the way out, then just ram it down to the very depths bahis şirketleri of my cunt. I was really enjoying this experience. Then, with slow movements, Vickie moved from my lips to my left breast. She began licking and sucking on the tender nipple and tweaking the right one with her free hand. I just got lost in all the pleasure and enjoyed every second to the fullest. The sensation of being fucked so vigorously and having my nipples stimulated at the same time, caused me to have three more orgasms before Dillan finally shot his load with one last hard thrust. He pulled out and collapsed between me & his wife. She found the covers from the once made bed and covered us all up. With a kiss goodnight to Dillan and a wink and a “Thanks” to me, she rolled over and quickly fell to sleep. I wasn’t far behind her, having had the most fulfilling and interesting night of my life thus far.

If I only knew what was to come, I probably wouldn’t have slept so soundly.

PT. Three: ~ Jessica’s Treat ~

I awoke the next morning to find Vickie already gone to work and Dillan back in their room on his computer. I stepped into their room to say good morning to Dillan. Jessica was sitting beside him at the computer and she gave me the most disturbing evil eye that I had received from her yet. I had the sense that they had told her what happened last night. So, when Jessica peeled herself from his side to go to the bathroom, I asked him if they had told her.

“No,” he laughed, “She heard you moaning and squealing last night and figured it out for herself.”

“Well, I just don’t like the looks she has been giving me since the first night you guys stayed in there. And now it’s even worse. Is she mad at me about this?”

“No, she’s not mad,” he explained, “She’s very jealous. She thinks that she should be our only girlfriend. She can’t stand the thought of us having two girlfriends.”

“Girlfriend? I’m your girlfriend now?!” I asked. I was surprised to be thought of in this way. It gave me a little thrill of excitement. After last night, I would gladly be their girlfriend for life!

“Well,” he explained, “You aren’t exactly a ‘girlfriend’ yet. You have to prove yourself to Vickie. She has to see if you’re good. But you are our “Play Toy” at the moment. We both enjoyed last night. That’s all she was talking about this morning before she went in to work.”

Me, a “Play Toy”??! I was disgusted at the thought. I am not some toy to be played with. I was a little angry at his remark. And wondered what he meant by ‘prove myself to Vickie”. While I was lost in my thoughts, he had came over to me and before I knew it, he was giving me the most sensual kiss. We stood there exploring each other’s mouth for it seemed like hours. Then, as we were pulling away from each other, we were shocked to see Jessica standing in the doorway.

He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “I know a way for her to stop being jealous of you.” I gave him a questioning expression, then he leaned in and whispered, “You can let her have a chance at you.”

‘A chance at me’???? I was feeling those mixed emotions again. What exactly did he mean? What did she want a chance at? That sensual kiss was still burning inside me. I was becoming hungry for sex. Which was something I had never done before. Before these last few days, I could really do without sex. It didn’t matter to me. I glanced over at Jessica. She had a different expression this time. She actually had a smile. I think she knew what he was saying. I heard myself say, “Sure, why not? It sounds like fun.” Where did that come from? Before I had a chance to even think about it twice, Jessica was kissing me.

I expected her kiss to be just as good as Vickie’s, but after a bit, I realized that she wasn’t even close. It seemed that Vickie’s had more ‘feeling’ in it. Jessica was kissing like she wasn’t enjoying it at all. During the kiss, Dillan was slowly taking our clothes off. By the time she was through kissing me, we were both naked from the waist down. Dillan motioned over to their mattress and asked me to lie down. I obediently positioned myself on my back.

Then, Dillan was laying beside me. And I got another passionate kiss from him. While I was getting lost in this kiss, I felt my legs being gently opened. And all of a sudden, I felt warm breath on my shaved pussy. At the same second I realized that it was Jessica, she was licking and sucking on my pussy lips. Then she moved her hot tongue to my opening. She gave a few teasing licks and then darted her tongue inside my pussy. I had never had a woman to perform oral sex on me before. She had a style that was definitely different from any man I had been with. As she continued to tease my pussy hole with her tongue, Dillan reached down and began playing with my clit. In an instant, I felt a burning in my stomach. My pussy was getting hotter and hotter. It wasn’t long until I was having my first orgasm. This also made Jessica excited, as she started lapping up my juices like crazy. Dillan had stopped kissing me and was finger fucking Jessica while my orgasm was happening. He whispered something to Jessica, and she obediently went to the rest room and returned with a damp washcloth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20